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Hon. Mayor protain and Hoard of Al
donnon met in regular session, in tho
Mayor's Hall on this thu 3rd day of .Inly
1906 at 7 o'clock p. m. Members pros
(*ni:'.l. .1. Dennis, H. (.
Martin and \V. F. Fierce. Aldenuan,
and F. G. Sudd nth. Mayor Deanes, 11.
A Heatlie, Alderman and ,1. S, Sami
dors, Marshall, being absent.
The Minutes of the previous meeting
was read and adopted and the following
business was transacted.
Mayor’s report for the month of .lnn*
J 11106.
Fines Assessed ft F) on
Fines Collected D) on
Fine Outstanding None.
] Inspect f til I y Submitted,
,1. D. Dkaxks, Mayor.
Ordered b\ the Hoard that said report
be received and spread upon Minutes.
Water and Light Collector’s
report for the month of June, F.HI6.
Ain't col. for Water service.... 368 3S
Ain't col for Light service... 4#4 30
Total 533 4 7
Citv accounts 4 3 ,63
Grand Total s7 *'’ 10
Respectfully Submitted,
F. t(. Sudduth, Col-
Ordered by the Hoard that said report
be received and spread upon Minutes.
Street Tax Collector's report for
month of duly. 1906.
AmT collected I > on
Ain't turned into Treas 4;> on
Hespectfnlly Submitted,
1 *. (i, Srdduth. Col.
Ordered bv the Hoard that said report
lo received and spread upon Minutes.
Privilege Tax Collected for the
month of .1 nne, 1906.
Ain't Collected 48 3:.*
Ain't turned into Treas 413 07
Respectfully Submitted,
F. U. Suddi tii. Col.
Ordered by the Hoard that said report
be recieved and spraad upon Minnies.
Reports of Street Commissioner and
Snpt. Water and Light Flant read re
ceived and ordered spread upon Mmutes.
The Hoard ordered that W. W. Scales,
.Tr. be allowed a rebate of £3 dO being
1-3 the amount paid for Water it Lights
for the three months hi* l family was ab
sent from home.
It was ordered by the Hoard that Lib
el Richey and N. W. Fuller be and are
hereby appointed a committee to audit
the City Hoops from January 1, to July
1, 100(5, and report at the next regular
meeting of the Hoard: that said commit
tee to be paid £l3 50, each, lor their
Moved and so ordered bv the Hoard
that the clerk collect from the person
in charge of the Opera House, amount
due the City for Light service to July
S. 1006. and the Snpt. Water and Light
Flant be instructed to cut out lights of
said, hail and when parties desire to
use tin* said Opera ilall after July •*, |
1006. that they be required to pay for
the lights in advance, and that no
charge be made for cutting same on.
To the lion. Mayor and Hoard of Aider
men, of the City of Stark\il!e, Miss,
I submit below a statement of all
funds received and paid out bv the Citv ;
Treasurer during the second quarter i
1006. showing the total cash on hand at
I lie close of business June 30, 1006.
Matl king Host) and Ixtekkst Find.
Hal. from last quarter 3311 35
Received during quarter 33 .3;
3344 50
Faid for coupons >*(.3 60
Hal on hand this dale • • 1980 57
Schooe Find.
Hal. from last quarter 170 09
Received during quarter 350 11
50b 20
Paid for warrants 507 ISO
Hal. on hand this date 1 50
QitNKKAL. Fund.
Hal. last quarter 66 33
Received during quarter Ib*-0 16
1095 40
Paid for warrants 1819 53
Hal. on hand this date 175 87
Water and Light Rents.
Over draw n last quarter . 65 34
Paid for warrants. 2693 18
. 2757 42
Received during quarter 3687 68
Overdrawn this date bO .4
Oenkkal Improvement Fund.
Sal. last quarter 1734 92
Received during quarter L r > 03
1749 95
Paid for warrants 1645 85
Hal. on hand this date . 304 09
Total 2361 93
Less overdraft W. & L. rents. 65 94
Total cash on hand this date... 3303 10
Respect,l nil} siilimited,
W. J. Rousseau, Treas.
There beiinr .no other business the
tourd adjourned.
(}. Sudduth, J. J. Denkis,
Clerk. Mayor Protein.
- ■ - -
q v i ' ~
Miss Laura Barron has been
tiie guest of Mrs. J. B. Woodson
Miss Stella Quinn is a pleasant
inmate of the Harrell home this
Miss Jennie Jackson, Miss
Grace Wood and Mr. Erskine
Green returned from the normal
Sunday to lake up their respec
tive schools Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Coleman
visited their parents Sunday.
Mrs. A led a Mcllvancy spent
a few days with Mr. G. R. Me-
Heaney's family. Master Robert
accompanied her.
Mrs. D. M. Conner, of Pickens,
has joined Mrs. Armstrong at
their sister’s, Mrs. Bevil'ls.
Miss Ola Page spent a few
days of this week on a fishing
expedition with the family of
Mr. Cox of Stark*vilie.
Mr. James Ivosseau was a vis
itor in the home of Dr. J. W.
Edwards Sunday.
Little Miss Bessie Scarborough
has been • visiting her papa, but
returned to West Point Sunday
night, Mr. Scarborough accom
panied her.
Miss. Gene Scarborough spent
several days with friends last
Short Lay Sermons By Two
Mississippi Editors.
The Hazle hurst Courier reads
the following good lecture to one
of the young men of that city:
“We beard one of our young
men making sport of religion in
front of our office the other day.
His mustache had just begun
to sprout and judging from his
talk his menial faculties were
not as well developed as his
mustache. During our brief stay
upon eart h we have seen many
just such young men cold in
death. We have seen the atheist
at rest in Ins casket, but belore
being consigned to their last
resting place they have been car
ried through the doors of a
church and had prayers said over
them. This young man could
scoff at religion in his strength
and beauty of health, but if tlie
dark angel should get after him
he would instinctively regret
what lie said and look into the
future with fear and trembling.
When one stands before the
open door of eternity his desire
to scoff at religion vanishes.
We admit there are bad men
in the church, but even these
| black sheep in the flock might
be blacker if they were outside
No young man, or old one
either, should condemn the no
ble effort the army of Christian
i men and women are making to
wards bettering the condition
|of things, and whether we at
tend church or not but few of
ius would desire to live in a com
munity where there is no church.
You a# man, in the future, if
you must scoff at religion, please
get a little further Iroin our of
fice if you do not want to see
your name in print.
Making fun of religion is a
mighty poor business. Then'
are plenty of us in this world
who make no pretense to having
any religion, hut who neverthe
less recogni/e the great and
lasting good that religion has
done the human race. Even it
religion was a myth, as the athe
ists claim, it is a mighty pleas
ant one, and one which has don"
a great deal of good in this world
It cannot be a myth in the
light of its good works. We
can only judge a tree by its fruit.
Talking about blaspheming
God and reviling religion, this
writer, when a boy once heard
a young man do this very thing.
To his young mind it was
something terrible. This writer
has watched this man in aftei
life and the fact is that he ha'>
hardly had a well day since.
He has been greatly atUicted
with a malady which has filled
his body with pains. The fact
that lie reviled religion and made
fun of sacred things may noi
have had anything to do with it.
but the fact remains that since
that day he made that speech he
has hardly seen a well day, pro
duced upon the mind of this
writer an impression that will
be everlasting. Young men, be
ing unthoughtful, are apt' to
think that it is smart to display
their antipathy towards religion,
but there is nothing smart in it.
—Jackson Evening News.
Starkville, Mississippi.
Dear Sir: Now, may be, you
can’t get the goods; if you can,
your fortune is made.
Cotton cloth —they call it mus
lin in some parts—at about the
usual price per yard, hut wider,
twice as wide as some and better,
wears better, keeps white and
whole a surprising time in aii
sorts of wear.
You could sell that cloth for
hundreds of miles; there’d be no
A yard goes further; one buys
less yards. Wears longer; one
buys less often. It always looks
right till well worn-out. No one
customer buys so much of it, but
th ink of the number of customers!
May be that you can’t get it in
cloth: but you can in paint: Dev
oe Devoe is as if it were wider;
a gallon goes further; you buy
less gallons; you pay for less gal
lons; you pay for painting les*
gallons —as if one paid less for
making a garment of that wide
cloth —and it keeps its fresh
looks and sheds water till you
have forgotten how old it is.
Il isn’t true in cloth, but il is
it paint: the less you pay, the
better it is; for the goodness of
paint is reckoned by gallons; less
gallons, more goodness. Good
ness in paint is strength. The
stronger a paint, the less
it takes for a job and the longer
it wears.
Yours truly
F. W. Devoe &Cos .
New York.
p g Yeates & Wallace sell
our paint.
To the tax pavers of Oktibbe
ha Gouty the Roll book. Land
and personal for 1906 are now on
tile in the Chancery Clerk office
subject to examination. T. he
Boaid of Supervisors will take
up the Book, the first Monday
in August and hear all com
E. A. Buckner.
County Assessor.
For Mayor.
J. T. Chiles 6k’.
J. D. Deanes 91.
J. L. Lucas 69.
For Marshal.
K. B. Neal 91.
J. S. Saunders 90.
A W. Welch ft?.
For Treasurer.
W, J. Rosseau 207.
Alderman at Large.
H. A. Beaty 119.
11. H, Reynolds I*o.
Alderman- Ward No. 1.
J. J. Dennis 0.
Alderman- Ward No. 2.
R. C. Bridges 40.
J. L. Martin 42.
Ward No. H.
H. G. Doxoy 27.
W. J. Valentine 16
Ward No. 4.
J. Gladney 81.
The second Primary will be
held’ to day which will decide fin
al results.
None but Mayor and Marshal
have to run over and will bear
the news in the ‘‘News” next
We are sorry to chronicle the
death of Mr. Alex McCreght
which took place yesterday even
ing at Louisville, where he had
r moved about December last.
He had been confined several
weeks with typhoid fever.
He leaves a young wife and
baby and a large circle of
friends and relatives to mourn
ills untimely loss.
He was a splendid young man
and the youngest son of the late
This year in connection with my market, T am
making* a specialty of dealing in Green Hides,
Wool, Feathers, Furs, Tal.ow, Bee's Wax, etc. I
can and do pay a better cash price for anything in
this line than anyone else in Starkville. Bring
your stuff to me and get what it is actually worth
in cash. Dealers in surrounding towns and coun
try are invited to write me for prices. 1 pay
freight charges on all shipmentsaud make prom
pt returns.
J. Is/L. .A.:FL3SrOHjID,
The only house in Starkville making a specialt\
of this line of business.
cP< 1 1 '
h ft
a )S> "quarts W |
& Good Luck JUL §
bHQ Whiskey BJU |
$3.85 HI
P.0.80x 178, New Orleans. La.
Writ!' A
ing many bargains.
lamented Capt. and Mrs. H. A,
We sincerely sympathize with
the bereft.
L *st we might possibly be
misunderstood or the wrong im
pressioh create*!, vve wish to
"ay that the News has no favor
ites among its subscribers and
we wish to treat each and <v' *j• v r
one, singlely and collectively, as
parents should their children -
lovingly and impartially we ccr
t iinly wish each and every one
food health, happiness and
pi osperity.
We are hard at work in season
and out of season when ym,
subscribers, are taking your ease
and may be cruely criticising us
for not doing better in ev<-y
If so it is not more I Sian many
children do for their natural pa
rents. btit they love them none
the loss. Just a little turn of tie
hand would help the old man
and old woman powerfully.
Lets try it one week; belter
one month. If it don t work we
will yield the suggestion.
Orange Herrington, of Joins
county, a prominent and educa
ted farmer, does not believe that
geese would be worth a grrnit
deal to cotton fields infested
with Johnson grass, from the
fact that it gets tough so soon
that they could not eat it. How
ever. he cites experiences to
show that crab grass can be kept
down in this way. lie cites the
experience of Mr. C. H. Hush,
wh o lives near Laurel. Mr.
Bush planted a piece of land in
cotton; made four bales the first
years, five the next and six the
third, and there was never a hoe
put into it. It was kept clean
by the geese—Laurel Chronicle.

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