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Go toDlCvL’s for Clothing.
Hr. .1. L. Crigler was hero yes
Block’s line of Dress Goods,
they will suit you.
We regret to report Mr. J. B.
Hogan on the sick list this week.
When in need of clothing see
Block about it.
Mr. Hampton Young was here
yesterday selling cotton.
Clothing that fit and give sat
isfaction at Block’s.
We have had most beautiful
and lovely weather this week.
Silk Plaid Waist Patterns at
Col. and Mrs. J. A. Wiggs
Were shopping here v’esterday,
their first visit in three weeks.
Latest style in Dress Goods
will be found at Block's.
Cotton sold for 10.80 here yes
terday. It is safe to sell at and
above 10 cts.
Block sells the famous W. L.
Douglas shoes.
From the way cotton is selling
our cotton buyers must be offer
ing inducements.
Peter Pan Pocket Books at
Block’s, the latest.
Cotton is king. The spinners
need the lint and the oil mills
the seed.
It will pay you to see Block's
Hon. R. P. Washington was
in town yesterday not looking so
blue as the last time he was here.
Silks of all kind will be found
at Block’s.
Mrs. G. C. Utz who was visit
ing friends at West- Point re
turned home Monday evening.
Call and let us show you our
shoes, they can not be excelled.
Mr. C. C. Furguson was here
yesterday and seemed well pleas
ed with the cool spell of weather.
Mrs. Regina Bishop, of Co
lumbus, is visiting relatives and
friends here this week. This
was her home for many years.
Try a pair of our Waterproof
shoes, “Water King" Best shoe
made for hard service.
Goodman Bros*
Capt. G. T. Turner, of Hick
ory Grove, was in town yester
day and says that the cotton
crop is good in his section.
Mr. and Mrs. Randle Carpen
ters’ boy, Randle Burt, has been
quite sick this w T eek, but his con
dition is improved though slowly.
New School Books a r . Gill’s in
full supply. We are County De
positors for the State Agents.
Mr. T. W. Woodward spent
several days at home with his
family this week having been on
the road for quite a while.
Prof. J. W. Pox, of Greenville,
spent several days here with his
family, at the home of Capt. C.
E. Gay.
Kodaks and Brownie Cameras,
$1 00 to $20.00, and a full line of
supplies tor amateur photogra
phelS‘ R. K. &F. L. Wier.
Mr. Earl Dav.s, of Birming
ham. came over Sunday and
spent several days with relatives
most pleasantly.
Mr. T. C. Vaughn, a promi
nent merchant of Bradley, was
transacting business here Wed
Fapcy Ginghams at Block’s.
One horse or mare. For in
formation apply to
Hugh Critz.
Hon. Wiley N. Nash departed
for Yazoo City Thursday, where
he will attend the Carnival and
address the people in his behalf
for Lt. Governor.
Mr. I. B. Henry came in Tues
day to attend the Fair and did
not hear of the pretermittiug un
til he arrived here. He spent
the night with relatives.
Watch for the new Souvenir
Postals with choice local and
College views, at Wier’s Drug
Mrs. W. H. Chiles returned
from Vicksburg Tuesday. Her
daughter, Mrs. L. D. Powell,
was sick with fever for five
weeks, and she has been with
Get your School Books, Tab
lets, Ink, Pencils, Lunch
kets etc. from the big stock at
Wier’s Drug Store.
Miss Cleramie Halbert a most
charming and interesting young
lady, of Birmingham, Ala., was
a delightful guest in the hospit
able home of Mr. and Mrs. R. C.
Bridges for several days this
Messrs. Yeales and Wallace
have during the week been ex
hibiting their ranges. They
cook most delightfully and most
sumptions lunches served. The
oeauty the lunches good as well
as free. The range perfect
marvels in beauty, convenience
and durability.
Mr. J. Knlb, of Sturgis went
up to West Point Monday where
he met Mrs. Kolb and children
who had been visiting relatives
at Maben and accompanied by
them returned home. (
Mr. Henry Sealy, of Long
view, anticipates selling out his
mercantile interests there and
moving to our town. Mr. Sealy
is a good man and we welcome
him and his family.
We need a few more large
stores and more dwelling houses
here. Quite a number of our peo
ple think more favorably of a
wholesale establishment. Here is
the place for idle capital, and
the best town in East Mississip
The Joe Askew farm on the
railroad near Sessums. Good
Johnson grass and pasture land,
also cotton and corn land. For
particulars address.
Miss Mary Askew,
Columbus, Miss.
Starkville is the best town in
East Mississippi to make and ac
cumulate money. Men who com
menced business here without
anything 20 and 25 years
ago are now immensely wealthy,
and some in much less time.
Go down and look at
roofing being used on the new
cotton warehouse. This is the
kind of roofing we need and Mr.
Erwin who is registered at the
Central Hotel represents the
company will spend a week
here and would like to have you
inspect the roof and work. If
you need any rooting or roof
paint we are sure he can inter
est you.
Last year of the exchange
period. Gill makes them all
uow. See him for full supply of
your School needs.
Now that the season of the
year has come so that all persons
indulged by us will please come
and pay back scores. Please re
member us. We must have mon
ey to run our paper.
r Many people have grown
rich as representatives fur trusts
and combines. It was easy but
the time is rapidly coming that
it will not be so easy for compe
tition is getting keener every
dav and the people are more
jealous of their neighbor and
know better how to protect
themselves in business transact
Just received an elegant lins of
Ladies’ Coats and Rain Coats, a
full line of Misses’ Coats and
Goodman Bros.
A rousing Civic Improvement
Mass meeting will be held at the
Court House Friday eveng at
7:30. Everybody is expected to
attend. Splendid speeches will
be made by Starkville and Col
lege representatives an enter
tainment is promised. A perma
nent organization it is hoped
will grow out of this meet
ing. Come everybody.
Mr. L. M. Prichard was in the
city Monday looking after busi
ness. We predict for him that if
he does not make as much cotton
he will make up in prices. He
will make it up in other crops,
for he deversifies his crops. Mr.
Prichard is one of our best farm
ers and a splendid man.
The handsome Souvenir Pos
tals, containing local and Col
lege views, for sale at Wiers,
were all made by an amateur
with a Kodak.
Mr. Joe Bishop, of Columbus,
spent several days here this
week. Joe was born here and the
greater portion of his boyhood
days spent here. He is the son of
the late Dr. W. C. Bishop, who
was Chancery Clerk for many
years prior to the war until de
posed by the military forces.
Joe has many old friends and
relatives here and his visit wel
comed and pleasantly spent by
b i m.
We were in Aberdeen L r a
short while Monday. Federal
Court was in session, but ex
pected to adjourn by Thursday-
Improvements of various kinds
are being made. One of the
tinest cotton seed oil mills with
in tne State will soon be com
pleted and put iu operation.
This will be the second mill of
this kind for Aberdeen. The
prospects for a pretty good crop
of cotton is promising from what
we saw from the train.
Julian J. Gill
The Corner Drugstore
A State Depository,
all the School Books.
Mrs. Sidney Dukemanier and
little son, of Strong, came down
Wednesday to visit her father,
Capt. George Gillespie. The
little man is not much over a
month old and we don’t think he
has been named. Grandpa Gil
lespie bas but one Christian
name, George. As he never had
any boys we would suggest as a
name for the little fellow, George
Gillespie Dukemanier. We think
it very appropriate and it would
please Grandpa too, for he is an
appreciative in and ividual. We
wish the welcome visitors a most
pleasant time among old friends
and relatives.
Read the ad of Miss Mary
Askew in this issue. The As
kew place has all conveniences
desired for a country home.
The home is only 3 or 400 yards
from the Askew Crossing, a flag
station. Here is a splendid
opportunity lor someone.
This year in connection with my market, I am
making a specialty of dealing in Green Hides,
Wool, Feathers, Furs, Tal.ow, Bee’s Wax, etc. I
can and do pay a better cash price for anything in
this line than anyone else in Starkville. Bring
your stuff to mu and gut what it is actually worth
in cash. Dealers in surrounding towns and coun
try are invited to write me for prices. I pay
freight charges on all shipments and make prom
pt returns.
J. is/L.
The only house in Starkville making a specialty
of this line of business.
West Point Marble Wo^s
D. Kt* Stinson, (proprietor
Manufacturer of Granite and Marble Monuments,
Head-stones and all kinds of stone work; also dealer in
Iron Fencing.
All work sold at reasonable prices and guaranteed.
Forty years experience.
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Turner
and little son, of St Louis, spent
several days with Mr. Turner’s
parents near Hickory Grove,
this week, Mr. and Mrs. G. T.
Turner. Mr. Turner spent Wed
nesday here greeting friends
who were glad to welcome him.
Gid is a capitalist and is promot
ing anew line of railrord in In
diana. Mrs. Turner will spend
the winter at their New Orleans
home, where Mr. Turner ac
companied her.
We spent a few hours each at
Bradly and Sturgis Tuesday.
We were surprised to see so
much cotton being ginned at
Bradley. The merchants there
have good stocks and doing a
nice business. Our Sturgis
merchants all of them have full
stocks also of select goods and
lhe beautiful sunshine and cot
ton plentiful makes them most
pleasant and active. Everybody
seemed busy and happy. We
have a good county and all its
towns are progressive.
Mr. G. W. Sowell is at the
south end now assisting in lay
ing 35 miles of new rails from
Durant in this direction. This is
a compliment to Mr Sowell and
his skill. We hope that the work
will be extended to Aberdeen
and through connection to the
line that will soon be completed
from Corinth to Birmingham.
We will soon have some improve
ments here that are now being
made at West Point. Wait and
see. The 111. Cent, is alright.
The M. & O. should do what the
I. C. will do for depot improve
Latest style Belts at Block’s.
Hon. E. F. Noel, one of the
leading candidates for Governor,
predicts that about 110,000 votes
will be polled in the first primary
next August, and he is absolutly
confident in the belief that it will
be impossible for any candidate
to get a majority on the first
Mr. Noel's view on this subject
is of more than passing interest,
for he has visited sixty-six of the
seventy-seven counties in the
State during tne past eight
months, and ought to be able to
speak with some knowledge of
the situation. —Ex.
The pearl of great price, broth
ers, doesn’t flaunt its beauty in
the market place.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Curry de
parted for Memphis yesterday
moining with their daughter,
Miss Willie, who is quite sick
and will be operated on for ap
pendecitis. Friends best wishes
for success and recovery.
Letter to A. W. REYNOLDS.
Starkville, Miss.
Dear Sir; If you could get the
exclusive sale of a coal that
would give double heat and cost
no more, you’d jump at it,
wouldn't you?
You’d control the trade for a
hundred miles!
Devoe is like that among
paints; a short ton is as good as
a long one of any paint you can
name; a gallon is worth more
than two of many a popular
Suppose you have painted
your house about once in three
years ever since it was new; you
buy the same number of gallons
Devoe, have a third of it left,
and it wears six years. Count
your costs.
$1.75 a gallon for paint; $3.50 a
gallon for putting it on; you sav
ed 5 gallons; $26.25 on this job.
But you save the whole job of
three years hence:' about $75.
Put ’em together: SIOO.
Can‘t reckon so accurately sa
that; but you see how it goes.
Paint isn‘t alike any more than
coal. How much more is coal
worth than 1-4 slate?
Yours truly,
P. W. Devoe &Cos.,
16 New York.’
P. S. Yeates & Wallace sell
our paint.
J. W. Fox SI.OO
Miss Grace Wood takes this
method of informing her frinds
and acquaintances that she will
be with M. SossofPs Unloading
Sale Saturday and will thank all
in advance for their patronage
on this occasion.
1 i m- —..
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
h Busy Medicine for Busy People. *
Brines Bolden Health and Renewed Vigor.
A specific for Constipation, Indigestion, Liver
and Kidney troubles. Pimples. Ecrema, Impure
Blood. Bad Breath. Sluggish Bowels. Headache
and Backache. Its Rocky Mountain Tea in tab
let form, 35 cents a box. Genuine made by
Hollistbb Drug CoirraifT. Madison, Wis.
Any true man is blue blooded
enough to sit as an equal in the
presence of kings.

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