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The Gubernatorial Campaign.
Men who are observant, who are
watching the present contest of candi
dates for State office before the people,
profess the belief, based on previous
campaign years, that there is more of
good feeling and pood nature existing
among the candidates and their friends
than can be recalled. There seems to
be less of rank partisanship and fac
tionalism; in fact it is doubtful if a
critical examination and analysis of the
situation were made, one would detect
anything that could be strictly classed
as a partisan alignment. Each guber
natorial candidate is a gentleman of
splendid ability and counts many warm,
ardent friends and admirers. The
records of each are unblemished and
honorable, and each has had his taste
of the rough and seamy side of exist
ence. All are sympathetic, and in their
public utterances appeal to the judg
ment and sympathies of the people be
fore whom they appear.
Naval Stores Operators.
The naval stores operators of nearly
all the Southern States met at Hatties
burg to perfect an organization of a
selling company with a capital of $20,-
000,000. The first step was taken when
the Mississippi operators formed the
nucleus of the company, and the idea
met with such favor from the operators
of other States that the scope was en
arged to let them in. They complain
of the treatment accorded them by the
commission men. and hope by the
formation of this gigantic company le
eliminate the middlemen entirely.

Booze Destroyed.
Ninety-eight cases of whisky, in bot
tles and casks by the officers
at Jackson, and wliile the chief of po
lice, with a detail of officers, stood
guard, hired hands and and members
of the chain gang proceeded to turn
the contents out upon the ground. In
addition to this three casks of bottled
beer were also destroyed. It was the
largest lot of wet goods ever destroyed
in this manner at one time,' and the
operations continued for two hours.
Petition for Pardon.
A petition has been presented to the
governor asking the pardon of Mike
Eldridge, who was sentenced from Har
rison county for two years. Eldridge
was out under bond at the time the su
preme court affirmed the sentence in
Ids case, and as soon as he learned of
the court's finding he stood not on the
order of his going, but. proceeded at
once to the Rankin farm and surren
dered to the sergeant, even paying his
own transportation.
Two Citizens Drop Dead.
Two Newton county citizens dropped
dead last week. One was A. J. Rayner
of the Wickvvare community, who. while
in apparently good health, fell out of
his chair and expired in a few moments.
The other, Mr. Henderson, who lived
near Hickory, while endeavoring to
catch his horse toppled over and died
Episcopal Council.
More than usually interesting will be
the annual council of the bishop, clergy
and lay delegates of the Protestant
Episcopal diocese of Mississippi to be
held at Yazoo City on May 8 and 9 next,
marking the fourth council held under
the leadership of the present bishop
and the sixty-fifth in the history of the
Much Replanting to Be Done.
Continued rains and cold weather
in the Yazoo City section played havoc
with farming operations and planting is
far behind. Much of the corn and
cotton that had been planted will have
to be replanted, and good planting cot
ton seed is scarce. It is doubtful if
there will be enough to supply the de
mand for replanting.
Good Teachers Demanded.
The fact that the people are demand
ing the highest quality of teachers is
demonstrated by the action of the
Smith county examining board at its
recent session. Fifty-odd applicants
appeared and took the examinations,
and of that number only eleven success
fully passed. This has been the expe
rience with other beards.
Special Judge.
Gov. Vardaman appointed Hon. E.
V. Houston of Carrollton to hold cir
cuit court for Carroll county in place of
Judge J. T. Dunn, who is unable to
preside because of illness.
May Indict Lottery Agents.
’ A number of persons in the State are
threatened with indictment on the
charge of acting as agents of the Hon
duras lottery. It is a matter of almost
common knowledge that lottery tickets
have been scCd in the southern district,
y tid in goodly quantities*
more good*, per package, than others, and
the colors are brighter and faster.
Usually a woman of uncertain age
•mains at a certain age for a long
For more reasons lu'n one, Garfield Tea
is the best choice when n laxative is
needed: it is Pure, Peasant to take. Mild
and Potent. Guaranteed under the Food
and Drugs Law.
The archdiocese of Cologne, Ger
many, is the largest in the world,
with a Catholic population of more
than 2,000,000.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen’s Foot-Ease. It cures painful,swollen,
smarting, sweating feet. Makes new shoes
easy. Bold by all Druggists and Shoe Stores.
Don’t accept any substitute. SampleFßEE.
Address A. S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Queen Alexandra, after a residence
of 45 years in England, has visited the
tower of London. She is said to have
been “much interested in what she
That Bald Spot
does show when your hair is dressed,
but it worries you just the same. Bar
ry’s Tricopherous grows hair on bald
spots. 50 cents per bottle at your
druggist’s or by mail postpaid. Bar
clay & Cos., 45 Stone Street, N. Y.
The men and women nurses in the
Paris hospitals have issued a notice
demanding better pay and treatment,
and indicating that they will strike
if their demands are not met.
There Ip more Catarrh in this section of (he country
than ah other diseases put together, and until the last
few years was supposed tube Incurable. For a {treat
many years doctors pronounced U a local disease and
prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling
to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable.
Science has proven Catarrh to be a constitutional dis
ease and therefore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
A Cos., Toledo, Ohio, Is the only Constitutional cure on
the market. It Is taken Internally In doses from 10
drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any
for circulars and testimonials.
Address: F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists. 75c.
Take Hall’s Family pula for constipation.
As daylight can be seen through
very small holes, so little things will
Illustrate a person's character. In
deed, character consists in little acts
well and honorably performed, daily
life being the quarry from which we
build it up, and round-hew the habita
which form it—Ruakin.
9| C'nlr Mr3. Nevada Hensley, cf Lorenzo, Tenn., writes : W
5 WJien MCK .‘I have been using Wine of Cardul for sixteen (16) months, nnd havo g|
E you Will like Cardul, for the good it does you/ ■ received much relief. 1 had suffered from womanly weakness and the
I Made from purely vegetable ingredients; it con- I
1 tainS Actog especially thf womanly organs. It Is a good It has done me, and wish you every success In “ and l
■ medicine for women, not men. selling such a good medicine for the relief c. suffering women. p
ffi Girls and women need it, when suffering from any sold everywhere m$ i .00 bottles. Try it m
I ofthe a men p naturally, relieves pain and dis- oqOK y o <Ta B
I -p “*" laKS l,reßUlar "■ I
Worth More Money.
“Do you consider a chauffeur worth
S2OO a month?”
“Weil, the last one I had ran, away
with my wife, and you knew my wife,
old man.” —Life.
WANTED—For TJ. S. Army, able
bodied, unmarried men, between ages
of 21 and 35; citizens of United States,
of good character and temperate hab
its, who can speak, read and write
English; for information apply to re
cruiting officer, 126 N. Court, Mem
phis, Tenn.; 236 Main, Jonesboro,
Ark.; Union City, Tenn.; Caruthers
ville, Mo.; Corinth, Miss.; Dyersburg,
Tenn., or Humboldt. Tenlw
Cereal Crop Worth $2,000,000,000.
The United States cereal crop of
1906 aggregated 5,000,000,000 bushels,
valued at $2,000,000,000.
Mrs. Winilow’a Soothing Syrup.
For children teething, softens the gums, reduces lilr
flammatlon, allays pain, cures wind coiiu. 25c a bottle
A bad imitation is often better than
the real thing.
BCTI |>Ha3igiiEiiiiß HU PI
HA.R RESTORER. Prlco, 51.00., retail.
Jrjfr jjjjj Personal knowledge is the winning factor in the culminating contests of
tM this competitive age and when of ample character it places its fortunate
The Well Informed of the World.
A vast fund of personal knowledge is really essential to the achievement of the
(Mir highest excellence in any field of human effort. \*6
fi A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and Knowl
]W edge of Products are all of the utmost value and in questions of life and health p/ It
ml when a true and wholesome remedy is desired it should be remembered that Syrup
w of Figs and Elixir of Senna, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Cos., is an
n ethical product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians and
R gives universal satisfaction, because it is a remedy of 11
w Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Component (ffllffl!
Sk Parts and has won the valuable patronage of millions of the Well Informed of the IjlJ /y #
nl world, who know oT their own personal knowledge and from actual use that it is the nrst /Jl /; / / /
m and best of family laxatives, for which no extravagant or unreasonable claims are flhj' /
This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known
vi under the name of —Syrup of Figs —and has attained to world
ffk wide acceptance as the most excellent family laxative. As its pure
laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well known to physicians I
jK a nd the Well Informed of the world to be the best we have
adopted the more elaborate name of —Syrup of Figs and ~7i
Elixir of Senna —as more fully descriptive of the remedy, -V\km . . •r=^/n^i
but doubtless it will always be called for by the shorter ( lj) \ \ \[w iftt PwWfeS
name of— Syrup of Figs —and to get its beneficial |jW ll w Vv V\ If W'r
when the full
The reward for a good deed done is
in having done it. —Emerson.
Itch cured in 30 minutes by W oolford a
Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. At druggists.
The deepest sympathy man can
show to man is to help him do his
FITS, St, Vitus Dance and all Nervous
Diseases permanently cured by Dr. Klinefs
Great Nerve Restorer, Send for Free $2.00
trial l>ottle and treatise. Dr. R. H. Kline,
Ld., 931 Arch St., Philadelphia. Pa.
Prince Fond of Boxing.
Prince Waldemar of Denmark is 8
capital boxer and is ever ready to put
on the gloves.
It is a pity to be ill! Take Garfield Tea,
the laxative exactly suited to the needs o*.
men, women and children; it is made
wholly of herbs; it purifies the blood,
eradicates disease, overcomes constipation,
brings Good Health.
A pretty girl is as fond of drawing
attention as a political officeholder is
T drawing a salary.
ISMARD gp-Tal SOVmls
• LARD ;
c a pum N E
| PA It removes the cause.
g x, U ww soothes the nerves and
relieves the aches and
headaches and Neuralgia also. No bad
effects. 10c. 25c and SOc bottles. (InQUiD.)
Thompson’s Eye Water
A. N.K.—F (1907—18) 2176.
tDon’t scratch.) is sold by all druggists*
MU on a positive guarantee.
W tn. to cure Tetter,
jm Itch of all kinds, Sfcio
Eruptions, Ring
Dew Poison, Cbappeo.
Face and Hands, Pirn
flHß pies, Dandruff and ath
■V Scalp Troubles, Corns.
Bunions, Sore anci \
Sweaty Feet, Etc. Sol&>
JHB everywhere, two sizes*
50c and $ 1.00 Bottles
■HDH Mail ad. to
\Rand we will send you
trial bottle free.
Harmless to v*-
BHra Br e rs, f?it prV*BB
(or Me. UaKuLD tU)UKB, liß JMUBt

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