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Meeting Now Going On
Attend the big meeting at the
Cotton Warehouse now in full
blast. This place was secured
so that there would be room for
everybody, the town and country
people will have plenty of room.
Rev. R. H. B. Gladney says that
a place has been set apart for
the colored people. We regard
this a good feature. Let every
body hear the gospel.
Quite a number of the members
of the New Odd Fellows at Stur
gis attended the Odd Fellows'
celebrtaion here last Friday even
ing and was royally entertained
by their host. Ridgely Lodge
No. 23 here. All of them express
ed themselves highly pleased
that we heard say anything.
Everybody had a pleasant time
on the occasion. A most excel
lent address from P. G, M. W.
N. Nash and a most sumptions
feast of good things we are
A New Enterprise.
Mr. Geo. D. Hart ness lias es
tablished an industry that of our
opinion and that many of our most
thoughtful and fore-seeing citi
zens, would hvve been a paying
one twenty years ago. He has
established a diary and put in vo
gue and milk wagon Many a
house wife need be any longer
disturbed about a little sweet or
butter milk or butter so essential
in cuhmary purposes. We re
gard Mr. Hart ness as a public
benefactor and at the same time
deserves success if which we no
doubt believe will achieve. See
ad in this issue of the News and
remember it should it acci
dentally or oterwise fail to ap
The A. Gressett Music House
Road the* 0 inch display ad. of
of the A. Gressett Music House
of Meridian. The instrument
is new and one of the best made.
It would have never been
placed where it is had it not been
of the best extant. The house is
one of the best and most reliable
in the South and almost as old as
Meridian itself. It lias kept pace
with the city, which is the larg
est and most prosperous city,
probably, within the borders of
the State. It sells thousands of
instruments the State
in competition to such cities as
Memphis, Mobile and New Or
leans close by.
As above indicated and a fact
this Music House is one of the
largest in the South and home
people, responsible, reliable and
honorable in all their their deal
ings. This good name and rep
utation is known throughout the
State and with all their custom
ers. Give this house a trial if
you need anything in the musical
It seems to have become an op
en issue now that any man who
is a cigarette smoker is not an
eligible candidate for popular
faroi. A word to the wise is suf
ficient, and we would suggest to
any cigarette smoking candidate
if any, and were we in the sug
gestion business, we would go a
step or two further to advise al
such to “cut it out. ” There is
no joke about this, some only
smoke one now and then so as to
run all the gates. If you don't
smoke’em, don't do it.
w— — >*
Mr. Frank E. Gottseelig after
spending several days at home
took his grip in hand Tuesday
morning and departed for his
territory southward.
i- I
j .... AND TH9 t
| Farmers’ News Scimitar?
j J
For Sale.
Sugar Cane Seed Stalks, sev
eral thousand, Ribbon Cane. 1
cent per stalk. At my home on
Whites Road, Starkville, Miss.
H. A. Martin.
Reeky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Medicine for Busy People.
Brines Golden Health and Renewed Visor.
A specific for Constipation. IndiffestKm. "Liver
and Kidney troubles. Pimples, Kc 'ema. Impure
Blood. Bad Breath. Sluggish Bowels. Headache
and Backache. Its Kooky Mountain Tea in tab
let form. 35 cents a box. Genuine made by
Hollister Drug Company. Madison. Wis.
Rural Free Deli very.
Nothing adds more to the ma
terial welfare embracing the many
advantages that many suggest
themselves to every mind than
this ser\ice above mentioned.
When the routes are permanent
ly established people will erect
their houses upon these highways
We will not attempt to enumer
atethe many, many advantages.
Property is worth more for its
location, making a contineous
string town for miles. The edi
tor heard a man, a farmer, and
not a rich man, either, say that
lie would rather pay 525 per year
than to do without this service
now. It is such a comfort that
brings contentment, consequent
ly happiness. We must consider
that this service is oniy in its in
fancy. If anybody is entitled to
good things it is the farmer. Let
them have more of them.
We stopped over in Longview
a short while Monday morning.
The merchants seemed to be do
ing a good and satisfactory busi
ness. With two good saw mills,
a plaining plant and a large cross
tie merket all naturally tend to
good business . Longview is a
a good active village and com
posed of good business and en
terprising men.
From Longview we went to
dSturgis an spent several hours
there. Our stay would not have
been so protracted had the east
bound accommodation train have
been on time and not a little more
two hours late. There was
a tremendious shower for an
hour’s time and some h ail
about 2 o’clock in the afternoon.
Sturgis has developed into a
great lumber and timber market.
The planing mill expects to be
gin operation about the 15th day
of May. That concern has on
hand now about 175,000 feet of
lumber to be used. The merch
ants seem satisfied and all inter
ests prospering. We have
great county of which all ought
to feel pround of and no doubt
Mr. G. B. Hutchinson, of
Bradley, passed through here
Tuesday morning for West
Mr. T. W. Woodward, who
spent several days with his fami
ly took to the road again Tues
It is said that the Amercan
Individual uses 76 pounds of su
gar per year.
Read the NEWS.
Si ark vi lie, Miss.
Dear Sir; We should like lo
print your opinion ot this £uar
antes in this paper, whore ah
your neighbors will sec it:
We’ll furnish the paint to
paint half the house ot any tail
man on, these terms: Lie shaM
paint the othej half with what,
ever other paint he likes; sann
painter (any fair man) same way
(the way of kill fair painters, to
make a fair job). If our half
doesn’t take less gallon of paint
by one-tenth to seven-tenths,
we’ll give him the paint. If our
half isn't sounder six years lienee
we’ll give him the paint. Any
We say one tenth, because
there are two or three paints
with about that difliercnce; we
say seven—there are dozens of
paints with about that differ
ence — we say tme to seven, be
cause there’s a hundred that
waste one-third of the
paid for both paint and labor.
Is there a paint we have’nt
Yours truly
33. F W DEVOE & CO,
Mr. Wallace Phillips, of Oko
lona, is on a visit to the home of
his mother, Mrs. J. 8. Lander.
Wallace is a conductor on the M.
Sc O. R. R, and his run is from
Okolona to Cairo, 111. We are
glad to know that he is an effic
ient and popular employee, and
hope that his visit in his old
home will be most pleasant.
Master Melvin, the son of Prof,
and Mrs. Hugh Critz, was quite
sick Sunday. We are glad to re
port that the change in his con
dition is a decided improvement
and lie is now up and about.
Mrs. L. D. McDowell returned
from Meridian yesterday evening
where she was called last Sat
urday on account of the serious
sickness of her sister, Mrs.
Buchanan. Mrs. Buchanan is yet
in a precarious condition, has
pneemonia. It is to be hoped
that she will be fully restored to
A Mineral Water that Defies Drags j
Nature’s Great Blood Tonic I
The recent drug exposures in this Country have proven to all that deadly poisons w
and stimulants lurk in many Patent Medicines. You never know when you might be tak- J
ing some of that class.
Nature has made ample provision for restoring vigor and vitality to humanity, and f|
the public, as well as doctors, resort to Natural Remedies, when all others have failed.
Are you troubled with Dyspepsia, Nervousness, Malaria, Kidney or B
Bladder Trouble, Chronic Diarrhoea or Dysentery, and above all, that
dreadful disease Scrofula, which has almost baffled human skill, or Diseases pecu a
liar to Females?
Piedmont-Bedford Concentrated |
I Iron 1 Alum Water j
Is Nature’s Remedy for Nature’s Ills. Yes, when you consider that disease comes }
from impoverished or run down conditions of the system, this Natural Mineral Water
furnishes the system what it needs.
The analysis of this Water, shown on the bottle, tells you what Nature thinKs
you should talle when sicK, and the doctor who reads it will agree.
Do you think the grouping together in this Water of 17 different minerals, which
are recognized by medical writers as most powerful blood tonics, could have been B
accidental? Reason answers, NO !
An 18-oz bottle of Piedmont-Bedford Concentrated Iron and Alum water contains
all the minerals of 25 gallons of the average natural water —Then why buy a barrel I
of water when you can get a bottle of minerals at the trivial cost of
one dollar. The dose is a teaspoonful in a glass of your own spring water. p
How this Water acts upon the system is not clearl *r known. It is judged mainly
by its works. It has cured all the diseases above, and many more, evidently ||
through its action as a powerful BI*OOD TONIC.
We have many valuable certificates, which we will be glad to enail, if you are B
interested. ECHOLS CO., Lynchburg, Va. |
Sold and Recommended by Jackson & Son, Druggists,
CCIIT FRPC Booklet entitled “Draugh- Bookkeeping in THREE fjBgSSLI
OCIII mLL on’s Eye Opener.” It will months than others can in We
convince yon that Draughou’s Colleges SIX, and that Draughon s
can, by their SUPERIOR and COPY- Colleges teach only the ======
RIGHTED methods, teach you more BEST systems of SHORi lIAND.
$300,000.00 capital; 28 Colleges in 16 States; 17 year? success.
secured or money refund- I CADM Law, Bookkeeping, Shorthand
rJOllibllO e< i Written contract giv- LXMnW Penmanship,Drawing, llV|l All
on. For ('atalog and “Eye Opener,” Arithmetic, Bus. English, Etc._.
call, ’phone, or write Jao. F. Draughon, Satisfaction guaranteed. Write tor
President, either place below mentioned, prices on HOME STLDx.
Shreveport, Tyler, Dallas, Galveston, Little Rock, St. Louis, Memphis,
JACKSON (Miss.), or Nashville. Tcnn.
West point Marble Works
2). 18. Stinson, proprietor
Manufacturer of Granite and Marble Monuments.
Head-stones and all kinds of stone work; also dealer in
Iron Fencing.
All wort; sold at reasonable prices and guaranteed.
Forty years experience.
This year in connection with my market, I am
making a specialty of dtabng in Green Hides,
Wool, Feathers, Furs, Tr.l ow, Bee’s Wax, etc. I
can and do pay a better cash price for anything in
this line than anyone ci.se in Starkville. Bring
your stuff to me and get what it is actually worth
in cash. Dealers in surrounding towns and coun
try are invited to write me for prices. I pay
freight charges on all shipments and make prom
pt returns.
j. m:.
The only house in Starkville making a specialty
of this line of business.
1 Long distance lines and telephones of
this Company enable you to talk almost
anywhere in Southern Indiana, Southern
JSI Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi J?|L
j and Louisiana, We can put you in quick
and satisfactory communication with the |jf|L
people of this great section of the country.
We solicit your patronage. Rates reason- **
able. Equipments and facilities unsur
President* General Manager. Treasurer

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