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local and personal
Remember that we send for
one year for 2 dollars, The News
and The Issue. Cash down Ex-
Gov. James K. Vardaman is Ed
itor of The Issue Send now
$2,00 for. the two papers or $1.50
for The Issue, if both are not
Pork Sausage Casings at
Arnold's Meat Market.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Quinn, of
near Sturgis, came up yesterday
morning to visit her mother, Mrs.
Deanes, who is quite ill of which
we made mention elsewhere.
Mr J. D. Gaston, of Ok toe,
was a Tuesday visitor to our
City. ______
Mr. Joseph Erwin was a visi
tor here Tuesday.
Mr. Eugene Erwin was a busi
ness visitor here '1 uesday.
—, ..
Mr. H. H. Pearson was a visi
tor here Tuesday. He returned
to his Atlanta home Wednesday.
Lawyer B. P. Bell made Stur
gis a pop visit Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Cox visit
ed relatives and friends at Ack
erman Sunday.
Messrs Ed, Hale, of Columbus,
James Hale of Jackson, and
Hodge Hale, of Aberdeen, were
here Tuesday at the funeral and
burial of their venerable father,
Mr. W. A. Hale.
Monday was a veritable spring
day in the lap of winter.
Dr. Duncan, a prominent phy
sician, of Alliceville, Ala., was a
pleasant visitor in the home of
his uncle, Mr. R. A. Cox
last Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Fannie Williams, north
of Longview, spent several days
this week visiting her daughters,
Mesdames W. W. and John Ram
Judge O. A, Green, of Blue
ffeld, was looking after business
here Tuesday. Our old friend
the older he grows the more spry
and more handsome. Well,
there is no use being otherwise
if you can help the cause.
Dr. H. R. Raymond will not
preach here next Sunday. He
will be in Grenada and will preach
the dedicactory sermon of the
new, magniticient church edifice
recently erected there.
Mr. R. 13. Neal has been ex
periencing the pangs of rheuma
tism this week that impeded lo
comotion entirely.
Sympathy is a poor remedy,
but all wish restoration to his
former good health.
Mrs. Maggie Hall, of near
Sturgis, was shopping here
Mr. C. P. Eads, the efficient
former superintendent of the
water and light plant here, now
of Jackson, was a pleasant visit
or to our town the latter part of
last and the first part of this
week. Friends are glad to know
that he has a fine position in
Jackson. Mr. Eads is a first
class man and passes upon his
merits. He is what he is and
makes no pretentions—a prac
tical and scientific electrician.
Mr. H. M. Rossoff, of the Fire
Store, departed for St. Louis,
Sunday and will visit New York
and other eastern markets be
fore he returns, purchasing his
spring and summer goods. He
will probably be absent three or
lour weeks.
Pork Sausage Casings at
Arnold’s Meat Market.
Life, Pi re, Tornado, Accident,
Indemnity , Some of the world’s
best companies represented.
\o u r patronage appreciated
Phones 143-212
Geo. D. Hartness, Agt.
Miss Willie Drake, of Colum
bus, who has been visiting in
the home of her uncle, Mr. Wil
ley Pearson, returned home yes
terday morning.
Mrs. Jno. W. Drake, of Colum
bus, arrived Wednesday evening
to visit in the home of Mr. Wil
ley Pearson and visit her sister
in law, Mrs. Neely Deanes, who
is reported seriously sick.
Priend wish a change for the bet
ter and that Mrs. Deanes will be
speedily restored to her usually
good health.
Dr. and Mrs. Hunter Scales
are the Happy parents of a little
queen who arrived Tuesday ev
ening to reign supreme in their
home. We are pleased to report
that at this writing, mother and
babe are doing nicely.
Mr. H. E. W. Nance, of Ma
ben, was a visitor here Wednes
day mingling with and greeting
old friends who are always glad
to see* him.
Mrs. Hamilton Ellis, of Ellis
Store, shopped here Wednesday.
Misses Bertha Jordan and May
Guinn, two bright and attractive
young ladies of Kosciusko, were
cherished visitors to Mrs. Willie
C. Hale last week. Miss Guinn
is a sister to Mrs. Hale.
Mr. Moore Moore, a splendid
gentleman, a past master of the
grip, was transacting business
here Wednesday. Mr, Moore re
sides at Grenada and is one of
the most popular and obliging
salesmen that travels this terri
The Session of the Presbyte
rian Church convened Wednes
day morning, and received, on
examination, Mr. M. C. Rose, of
A. & M. C., into the congrega
tion here. Mr. Rose is a splen
did young man and most desir
able accession to the church.
The session also authorized the
pastor at some convenient time
to call a congregational meeting
for the purpose of electing ad
ditional officers for the church.
Mr. W. M. West, saw mill man
and farmer, near Sturgis, was a
business visitor here Wednesday
Mayor Veazey was a beusiness
visitor here Wednesday, from
Mr. A. F. Young, of Sessums
neighborhood, was a visitor here
Hon. W. W. Magruder and
Dr. H. L. Noel, of the A. & M.
College, departed for Jackson
Wednesday morning.
| Chas. C. Bader Edward E. Bader '
I Buder Bros. I
| Manufacturers Of
1 Watch Inspectors for Id. &0.
| and Southern Railroads.
tior>toMaoa>nM<ioM •— 1
For beadaobo Dr* MUoa* Nl
Saunders Opera House.
♦ Mr. Joseph Thonet Presents The Laughing Success
Miss Elsie Edna Garnella.
t *
POPULAR PRICES 75, 50, 35.
McMillan-J ames.
The parlor in the home of
Sheriff and Mrs. T. G. James
was the scene of a quiet but
pretty wedding last Sunday
evening, the 24th instant, when
their oldest daughter, Miss An
nie Louise, was given in mar
riage to Mr. Sterling Payne Me
Millan of Aberdeen.
The ceremony was performed
about 6:80 o’clock by the Rev.
R. H. B. Gladney, pastor of the
First Methodist church of this
city, and was witnessed by only
a few of the bride’s most intimate
friends and relatives.
Miss James was considered
as one of Starkville’s prettiest
and most lovable girls, possess
ing a particular charm and grace
that won the admiration of all
who came in contact with her.
Mr. McMillan was for a short
while a telegraph operator here,
during which time he made
many friends in our city. He is
now in the mercantile business
in Aberdeen, for which place he
and his fair bride departed im
mediately after the ceremony,
accompanied by every good wish
of the News and other friends
for a long and happy life.
• i. ■■■—-
The spriug-like weather we
have had this week makes us
think of gardening, and turns
the minds of youths to thoughts
of love.
Madam Rumor has it that wed
ding bells will ring again soon.
A. & M, College President
J. C. Hardy was conveyed to
Jackson for medical treatment,
last week. His friends thnough
out the State are solicitous for
his recovery. The State needs
the service of such men as Har
dy. at this time.—Aberdeen
President J. 0. Hardy is re
ceiving many kind expressions
from the press wishing him a
speedy restoration to good
health. He is recognized as a
good man of great worth. The
State needs such men as J. C.
Mr. J. R. Davis, ofTrirhCrne,
was 8 visitor here Wednesday.
Mr. Y, A. Pearson was a bus
iness visitor here Tuesday.
Mr. W. J. Rosseau spent Mon
day at Ackerman and the night
at Sturgis, returned home the
following morning.
On and after Monday, February
1, Blumenfeid & Pried will carry
a full line of Ladies Home Jour
nal patterns. They invite your
Something Good Below
The public, especially the
young people, are cordially in
vited to attend an entertainment
given under the auspices of the
Y. M. C. A. at the Methodist
Church Saturday evening Jan.
30th. beginning promptly at 7:80.
A special program has been pre
pared, the best learned talent will
be used, and a real treat is pro
raised to those who will attend.
Mrs. A. A. Montgomery, of
Osborn, accompanied by her
beautiful and attractive niece,
Miss Muldrow, shopped in our
city Tuesday.
Craig Spring Dots.
After a long silence of our
Craig Spring correspondent, she
has now come out again.
Prof. Wallace had the pleas
ure of being at home with his
family in Statkville Saturday and
Mrs. Bettie Livingston and
family were the pleasant guests
of Mrs. Livingston’s parents
Saturday and Sunday, of Beth
eden. Miss Annie Crnmpton re
turned with them to spend a
week with her brothers and sis
ter. We are glad to have Misa
Annie with us.
Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette Wil
liams and little son, Clide, made
her brothers a visit, of Shady
Grove neighborhood, Messrs.
Rives, Saturday.
We are sad to say Mrs. Lucy
Jackson is on the sick list, but is
Miss Rosa Lee Livingston is
having good success in her
Miss Hettie Rives had the
pleasure of being with her old i
chum. Miss Lecta Jackson, Sat
urday and Sunday. Miss Lecta
will be with us awhile at Craig.
Mrs. Altie Jackson is on the
sick list and has been for some
time. We all hope for her an
early recovery.
Miss May Williams spent Tues
day night with her brother and
sister Mr. J. L. Williams.
The case of Mr. C. R. Smith
will 'be taken up next Monday at
Columbus. He has been indict
ed for murder in the first degree. I
to which he pleads, “not guilty.”
There is great interest in . this
case and no donbt all of next
week will be consumed by the
court in this most marvelous case.
Mrs. Mary Jenkins, of Beth
eden was the pleasant guest of
her brothers, Messrs Will and
Sheppard Crumpton Saturday
and Sunday.
Mr. Hub Jackson has been ab
sent from school last and this
Mrs. Margie Keeton Jmade her
return from McCool Sunday,
after attending the sad burial of
her brother. Mr. Pitt McCullie.
His family and kindred have our
Miss Ada Spiers of Craig ran
away Tuesday with Mr. Dave
Hall of Chestnut Grove neigh
borhood. Miss Ada is the happy
bride of Mr. Hall and we all wish
them a long and prosperous life.
There will be preaching at
Craig Spring Sunday, the 31st
instant, at 11 o’clock, by Rev.
Brother Buck. All are cor
dially invited to attend.
If this misses the waste basket,
I may come again. Wishing you
all pleasant dreams, I now
bid you adieu.
Blue Eyes.
Mrs. Neely Deane who had been
sick quite awhile, died yester
day about noon at the home of
her brother-in-law, Mr. Wiley B.
Pearson, in this city.
Mrs. Deane, relict of the late
James Deane, (a brother of Ex
mayor Deane ) who preceded her
to the last resting place twenty
five or thirty years ago, was a
daughter of the late Mathew B.
and Mrs. Drake, pioneer settlers
of our town and county. One
brother survives her, Mr. John
W. Drake of Columbus; and two
daughters, Mrs. W. T. Norris of
Self Creek, and Mrs. Lee Quinn
of Sturgis; and numerous other
relatives throughout the county*
The funeral services took place
at the home of Mr. Wiley B.
Pearson at ten o'clock this morn
ing and the interment at Fellow
ship cemetery in the presence of
her two daughter, many other
relatives and friends.
Tne deceased was a Christian
woman of deep piety who will
be greatly missed from the walks
of life. She was a loving mother
and a devoted sister.
We unite in sympathy with the
many friends of the grief stricken
family in their irreparable loss.
Mr. E. A. Buckner was a vis
itor here Tuesday and returned
home Wednesday morning.
Dr. J. B. Perkins, traveling
correspondent for the News-
Scimitar, spent yesterday here
in his old home with his sister,
Mrs. T. B. Carroll.
Friends of Dr. J. C. Hardy,
president of the A. & M. C., here
and throughout the State will be
gratified to know of the favora
ble reports that he is improving
snrely, though it may be slowly.
In this all rejoice.
Col. Simon Fried informs us
that Prof. Howard Everette
Weed will lecture here in the
near future, under the auspices
of the Civic League of this city.
All should be greatly interested.
Lecture will be at Saunders’
Opera Hall. Further detailed
notice will be in the city papers.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Norris
spent several days in town this
week visiting Mrs. Norris’
mother, Mrs. Neely Deane.
Mr. J[oe Brown of Bradley was
a business visitor here yester

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