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W. I. Swain Shows.
Spring, gentle spring has come
and with it the advance heralds
of the famous W. I. Swain Shows,
Men and women are but grown
up boys and girls at best and who
among us, large or small but
feels the glow of pleasurable an
ticipaliou when the coming of a
big tent show is announced?
Traditions, dear to the hearts
of all, are inseparately associa
ted in our minds with all tented
axlnhitions and the Swain Shows

vary in no essential particular
from our glittering dream of
childhood. The brass bands,
the alluring aroma of saw dust,
the übiquitous peanut seller, are
all in evidence and the desire to
get a “free peek” under the can
vas sidewalls is as strong now as
in days of yore. The Swain
Shows will erect their huge can
vas pavilion next Monday, Apr.
4th. The opening play Monday
night will he that greatest of all
cowboy plays “The Arizona
Mass Meeting.
At the Co’jrt House next Mon
day evening at 7:30 p. m. con
cerning good roads. It is un
necessary to say more. Every
body is invited and especially
the ladies. This is an important
meeting, come out and know
what is going on. The road is
going to be built from town to
the college and we believe that
everybody will cooperate in this
all important work and that it
blazes the way for good roads
throughout the County, some
thing most devoutly desired.
Oktibbeha county ought to be
the most progressive of any in
the state. Let us join hands as
county men and pull together.
For the occasion there will be
speakers who will entertain and
instruct every one. Music will
he discoursed by the College
band. We feel assured in prom
ising one and all a most profitable
and pleasant evening. Tell your
neighbors and triends and invite
them to accompany you to the
Court House.
Under and by virtue of an execu
tion issued by L. Peterson, a .Justice of
the Peace of Beat No. 4, of the County
of Oktibbeha and State of Mississippi
March 25th., 1910, commanding me that
of the Real and Personal Estate of L.
V. Eiland to cause to be made the sum
$182.41 adjudged by said Justice of the
. Peace of Beat No. 4 of the County of
Oktibbeha on the 12th day of March,
A. D. 1910 to Gibson Grocery Cos., also
interest on said sum at six per cent
from said date ana costs to the amount
of $3.40 as taxed and costs to accrue
,under this Execution, said Writ return
able before said Justice of the Peace,
L. Peterson, on the 14th day of May,
1910, at his oltice in Sturgis in said
State, I will on Monday, the 2nd day of
May, 1910, within legal hours as requir
ed by law, between the hours of 11
o’clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ex
pose for sale, at Public Auction, to the
highest bidder for cash, in front of the
South door of the Court House in the
town of Starkville in Oktibbeha County,
Mississippi, the following described
lands in said County and State, to-wit:-
The N. 1-2 of the S. E. 1-4 and the S.
W. 1-4 of the S. E. 1-4 of Section 17,
Township 17, Range 12 East.
I will sell said lands to satisfy said
Execution and costs and expenses of
J. H. McKenzie,
Constable of Beat 4.
A Brand New One.
i i
Agents Say: “Good Bye to Competition.”
Farmers Say: “Good Bye to all other forms of
Poultry, Garden and Field Fence.”
Because the VERY BEST value ev-
TnE r** er offered in the VERY BEST grade of
T/fArnEtMm iw i Fence on the market is in the “Pitts
\ j burg Perfect** SPECIAL Poultry and
stock; top” and bottom wires No. 11,
Jg jft °^ er w i r ©s No. 14. All galvanized
wires, and cheaper than poultry netting.
KKjS&m It is the neatest, prettiest, strongest,
. best cheap. Poultry Fence on the market.
1 lb of No. 14 wire will measure about 60 feat.
1 lb of No. 19 wire will measure about 225 feet.
* 7 . . 7 7 „ n . 7 * T 7 ~ Most of the hexagon poultry netting sold is made
Ask to see the Pittsburg Field Jbenee - out of No { 9 wire>
The “Pittsburg Perfect*' Special Poultry and Garden Pence has for the smallest wires
in it No. 14, and you can buy it fur less per spuare foot than you can buy the light, flimsy
hexagon netting, SEE TtlE POINT.
We also carry a full line of “Pittsburg Perfect” Field Fence—all heights.
The “Pittsburg Perfect" Fences weigh less per rod than any other fencing made out of similar sizes of
wires, because in every other fence the stays are wrapped or clamped to the strands, thus adding weight, to
the detriment of strength and lasting qualities. The “Pittsbnrg Perfect" Fences, on account of the stays and
strands being welded together by electricity, have no waste wire in them to add weight, and are conceded to
be the strongest on the market. We simply can’t explain the many superior advantages this fencing has over
all other nettings, so invite you to call in and see for yourself.
The Hardware Man.
To Mobile Ala. and Return
Mobile & Ohio Railroad.
United Confederate Veterans
Reunion, April 26th —28th, 1910
Tickets on sale April 24th to 27th
inb., also on April 28th for trains
scheduled to arrive in Mobile
before 2p. m. that date. Tick
ets will be limited for return
trip to reach original starting
point up to and incluning May
2nd, 1910, except that extension
of return limit to and including
May 19, 1910, may be secured by
deposit of ticket and payment of
fee of 50c. Stopovers. For fur
ther information, apply to near
est Agent, Mobile and Ohio
Railroad, or write, C. Rudolph,
General Agent, Mobile, Ala
We spent between trains at
Sturgis Monday morning.
Sturgis is quite a cotton mark
et it seems, for we heard a party
say that the firm of R. L. Han
nah & Cos. purchased ten bales of
cotton last Saturday and we pre
sume that there were other sales
to other merchants.
Mr. G. R. McElvaney has a
very fine patch of oats adjoining
his home and the livery stable
where every year he makes such
fine corn. It is very rich soil.
He will diversify this year and
after cutting the oats he will sow
it in peas and sorghum.
Our Western friends are ap
preciating the saving of hay
more and more each year. They
too are on the right track.
Don’t Mistake the Cause of
Troubles. A Starkville Citizen
Shows How to Cure Them,
Many people never suspect their kid
neys. If suffering from a lame, weak or
aching back they think that it is only
a muscular weakness; when unrinary
trouble sets in they think it will soon
correct itself. And so it is with all oth
er symptoms of kidnev disorders. That
is just where the danger lies. You must
cure these troubles or they may lead to
diabetes or Brights’s disease. The best
remedy to use is Doan’s Kidney Pills. It
cures all ill which are caused by weak
or diseased kidneys. Starkville people
testify to permanent cures.
J. J. Dennis, Sr., Ames St., Starkville, says:
“I have used Doan’s Kidney Pills with good
results and in return, am pleased to recomend
them. My kidneys troubled me some, evid
enced hy a severe pain in the small of my
back and a weakness across my loins. My
kidney secretions were irregular in passage
and I was forced to arise four or five times
during the night. I seemed to be gradually
growing worse and when I learned of Doan’s
Kidney Pills, I procured a box. The benefit
I derived from their use convinced me of
their great curative powers.”
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cts,
Foster-Milburn Cos., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name —Doan’s —and
take no other.
Mr. W. C. Bridges, of Stark
ville, came Monday to accept a
position as salesman in the Boyd
& Lyon store and judging from
unsolicited recommendations he
will fill the place creditably and
to the entire satisfaction of em
ployers and the public.—Ponto
toc Sentinel.
Mr. Askew Promoted.
Friends’of Mr.-W. H. Askew, a
former Columbian, who for sev
eral years past has been local
agent of the New Orleans, Mo
bile and Chicago railroad at Hat
tiesburg, will be gratified to
know that he has been promoted
to the position of traveling freigt
and passenger agent, with head
quarters at Laurel. Mr. Askew
is a hustler and is one of the
many Columbus boys who have
made good abroad. —Columbus
Friends have congratulated
Mr. Askew who was born and
reared in this county near Ses
sums and a son of our popular
and highly esteemed countyman,
Mr. W. D. Askew.
Our young friend has worked his
way up and the writer feels a
peculiar pride in knowing that
he continues to climb, demonstra
ting his capacity and efficiency
and same being recognized and
appreciated by tnose higher up.
CITRONELLE, AI.A., MARCH 12-26, 1910,
Reduced fares for this occasion via
Mobile & Ohio Railroad. Tickets on
sale March 10 to 26, inclusive, limited,
returning, to reach original starting
point on or before March 28th. For
further information apply to nearest
Agent, M. & O. Railroad.
C. RUDOLPH, Gen. Agent,
Mobile, Ala.
Who Would Have Thought?
Mississippi is now blackened.
She is reaping the harvest of the
legislative secret ballot for the
election of a United States Sen
ator. Hon. L. C. Dulaney, of
Issaquena County is indicted for
giving a bribe, to Senator Bilbo,
of one thousand dollars to vote
for Hon. Leroy Percy for U. S.
Senate. $645 was cash down
before Percy’s election and the
balance upon condition that
Percy was elected. So tar the
Hinds County Grand Jury have
failed to indict Senator Bilbo.
Unless matters change Miss
issippi will out do New York
State and will lead in bribery
and taking of bribes. The way
things now stand is too dirty and
nasty to think of. There is
something very rotten in Den
mark and in Ja-kson. The mat
ter should be probed to the very
bottom and get the facts. A
faithless representative is the
meanest and most despised of
creatures. The people are as
babes, helpless. What can we
do? People have brains, eyes,
ears and mouths. What are they
for? Brains to think for them
selves; eyes to see for themselves;
ears to hear for themselves; and
mouths to speak for themselves.
God certainly endowed them for
use, if abused condign punish
ment is the result. We are re
ceiving the punishment as a no
tion and it is getting close to
ho ne.
Mr. A. D. Cummings and Miss
Hat lie Scroggins, G f Longview,
w re united in the holy bonds of
marriage last Tuesday morning.
Kev. J. A. Ellis saying the beau
tiful and impressive words that
m ide them man and wife, “two
hearts beat as one.”
If there was a secret it was
well kept by the high contract
ing parties, but there is a bright
tinge of romance in this union.
Those closest to them thought
that Mr. Cummins was only ac
companying the fair young la
dy, Miss Scroggins, to town to
shop, but their plans were well
hi id, the road was good and the
weather was fine, all things com
bined and harmonized for the
successful consummation of the
serious and happy occasion.
The services of Rev. Mr. Ellis
were procured by Mr. Cummins
as they came into town. By the
time the license was secured the
good minister arrived at the ap
pointed place, evidently well
pleased at the part he was to
perform. The marriage took
place in the office of The Stark
vilie News. The foreman stop
ped the running of the engine,
the power, presses and other ma
chinery and assisted by the
“devil” put the interior of the
office in such condition that it
never looked so well before and
that on short notice. Had our
friend, the groom, given the ed
itor a little notice there would
have been no lack of beautiful
flowers to decorate the office for
this memorable event. After
the ceremony ail present con
gratulated the bride and groom
most cordially and and sincerely
wishing them good health, hap
piness and prosperity in this life
and a haven of rest in the Great
NO. 4

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