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Offtco 215. Editor's Residence 221.
THOS. J. WOOD - - - Editor
Our Motto: “Tell the truth -No
matter whom it helps or hurts. '
Entered the Post Office at Starkville.
Mississippi, as second class mail mattei
Published every Friday. Subscrip
ton price SI.OO per year
We are outhorized to announce
as a candidate for moyor, subject to the
action of the Democratic voters.
We are authorized to announce
as a candidate for reelection as Aider
man from Ward 3, subject to the action
of the Democratic voters.
Tne bribering, giving and tak
tng investigation is being con
tinned in Jackson, before the
Senate and House, and the
Hinds County grand jury. It is
not a sweet scented investiga
tion, but the News will not ren
der a verdict until all the evi
dence is in. One thing is very
clear that the nomination of a
U. S. Senator should be directly
from the people and had such
been the case in the present in
stance the Legislature would not
be in session now and likely to
be for a month or more.
W. I. Swain Show Cos.
Starkville is being entertained
this week by the W. I. Swain
Show Cos., in a repertoire of high
class comedy and melodramatic
productions under a huge can
vas pavilion capable of seating
upward of two thousand persons.
The Swain shows are clean, up
to-date, and surpass in point of
detail and artistic excellence any
thing of the kind ever presented
in the city. The Swain compa
ny, from canvassmen to manage
ment, is composed of ladies and
gentlemen, whose courteous de
portment is a subject of general
comment. The company is the
same that recently closed a suc
cessful engagement at the Lyric
Theatre, New Orleans, and is
worthy of patronage by our best
Saturday night closes the Swain
week in Starkville, with a spec
tacular production of Jesse James
showing the exploits of this ne
ed bandit. A Saturday matinee
for women and children at 15
and 25 cents, when Peck’s Bad
Boy will be the attraction.
Unprecedented Proposition.
Read our proposition with the
Atlanta Constitution. It is an
unusual proposition. It is no
fake proposition. Under this
proposition every subscriber
draws a prize that is of vast im
portance to every member of the
family. Besides you get read
ing matter from the east, in fact
from everywhere. The Atlanta
Constitution gets to this Post
office as soon as the papers,
printed in New Orleans. There
is ho paper superior to the great
Atlanta Constitution. To think
that for 11.75 you can get The
Starkville News and The Atlan
ta Constitution, a tn-weekly and
either of the other papers or
magazines for twelve months,
Read the proposition carefully,
and favor us with your subscrip
SBSO Piano, Oak Case. A
beauty. Cheap for Cash.
The News,
■ nflH’T 4IIFHR WHEN YOU CAN get relief I
■ 1 •Wifcnit Cures When All Others Fail ■
■ Salisbury, Sub Station, No. 2, Aug. 16, 1908 H
■ North Carolina, Rowan County B
B 1, J. L. Rufty, the Deputy Sheriff of Rowan County B
■ have been suffering with Rheumatism for ten years, have B
B been confined to my bed part of the time, could not sleep B
B at nights and went to Hot Springs, Ark., for six weeks but B
B still got no relief. I have used five bottles of Breeden's B
B Rheumatic Cure and after taking same I can sleep at nights, B
B walk as good as ever and do all my work. B
B J. L. Rufty, Deputy Sheriff. B
■ Sold Evtrywhtro. Ask Your Doalor for a Samplo BoHle I
■ For farther information, write Information Dept. H
I BBEEPM MIDICIIiE CO., ChaWanenga, Tnn |
m w
m w
m ■ m
s Is
# __ , _ _ _ #
t fertilizer |
For Sale By 1>
# #
m #
ik #
m w
The program of the Woman’s
Missionary Union was carried
out in every particular most ele
gantly at the Presbyterian
Church, beginning Wednesday
evening at 3 o’clock. A large
number of delegates and visitors
from all the churches present.
The opening services were
conducted by the pastor, Dr. H.
R. Raymond. Splendid reports
were made from all branches of
the work. The brilliant recep
tion in honor of the delegates at
the lovely home of Mrs. C. R.
Montgomery was most delight
ful, affording an opportunity for
every member of the church to
meet and form acquaintances
that may prove a source of pleas
ure and profit through life.
After electing officers the Un
ion adjourned at 9:45 o’clock last
night. We are very grateful to
know that our visitors were so
favorably impressed with our
people, and town and hope that
the opportunity may present it
self for them to visit us again
Following are the names the
delegates present:
Mrs. Holberg and Miss Dins
more, Macon; Mrs. John Goff,
Pontotoc; Mrs Janie Willis,
Hamilton; Mrs. J. T. Parish, Col
umbus; Miss H. L. Hood and
Mrs. Booker, Tupelo; Miss Lau
ra Stout and Mrs. Geo. Cox,
Corinth; Miss Ida Miller, Oko
lona; Mesdames Beown and New
ell, Tupelo; Mesdames G, W.
Cox and Warren Cox, Columbus;
Mrs. Lindamood, Columbus:
Mrs. Unger and Miss Ada Wat
son. West Point; Mrs. Morrison
McFarland, Okolona; Mrs. Sy*
den Strieker, West Point; Mrs.
J. W. Allen, Booneville; Mrs. D.
D. Stevenson, Columbus; Miss
Carrie Humphreys. Columbus;
Mrs. Geo. Ezell and Kitty Ezell,
Columbus; Misses M. B, Smith,
Anderson. Ruth Brown and Miss
Rouderbush, I. I. C., Columbus;
Mrs. L, T. Carlisle, of West P’t.
and two returned Missionaries
from Africa.
Mr. John Oladnay.
In this issue of the News Mr.
John Gladney announces his
name for reelection. He has
served you well and faithfully
and will continue same if reelect
ed. All of his material interests
are identified with that of yours.
He contemplated at one time
making the race for Mayor, but
upon mature consideration, de
clines to do so, for the reason
that his business is such that he
could not discharge the duties
satisfactorily to himself as it
would require his entire time and
that he could not give this ex
cept to the neglect of his person
al affairs and those entrusted to
him. We make these statements
voluntary m behalf of Mr. Glad
oey. No man is better and more
favorably known in our town and
county than he and you know
his official acts and doings; and
nothing that we could say would
add to his record or commenda
CiTROitELLE, Ala., March 12-26, 1910.
Reduced fares for this occasion via
Mobile & Ohio Railroad. Tickets on
sale March 10 to 26, inclusive, limited,
returning, to reach original starting
point on or before March 28th. For
further information apply to nearest
Agent, M. & O. Railroad.
C. RUDOLPH, Gen. Agent,
Mobile, Ala.
The peopls in the Western por
tion of the County are in favor
of good roads. To be otherwise
would be a reflection upon their
intelligence and progressiveness.
A man that don’t believe in good
things and progress is the dead
man. No living man wants to
be dead. See!
Election Notice.
There will be held a special election
in the village of Longview, in the Coun
ty of Oktibbeha, State of Mississippi on
the Itith day of April, A. D. 1910, for
the pnrposoof electing an Alderman to
till the vacancy caused by the resigna
tion of C, R. Sanders, by order of the
Mayor and Hoard of Alderman, of
Longview, Mississippi this April 7th,
A. D. 1910.
J. E. Veazv,
F. W. Shropshire
Election Commissioners
There will be an ice cream
supper at the school house to
night for the benefit of the pub
lie school library.
The lecture and stereopic
views at the Presbyterian church
last night of the people, con
ditions and scenes of dark Afri
ca was simply grand beyond ex
pression. Let no man say that
he is opposed io foreign mis
sions. The progress made and
being made daily is sufficient
proof to convince one that the
spirit of giving is correct.
Uncle Jimmie Carlisle was a
great, good man. Many of our
older citizens remember his
quaintness, wit and philosophy.
On one occasion a pious, goody,
goody fellow told him that re
ligion was the cheapest and best
thing in the world. “Why, Un
cle Jimmie.” he said, I have been
a Methodist for forty years, and
it has never cost me but two bits
during all that time.” Uncle
Jimmie said to him “may the
Lord have mercy on your stingy
soul.” The conduct of some of
the business men of McCool re
mind us of the incident just afore
mentioned. Some folks want
other folks to carry the load-
May the Lord have mercy on
such stingy souled people.” —
M:Cool Item.
“Ever thus from childhood's
Mr. W. T. Norris of Self
Creek, was a business visitor to
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas, on the 16th of July,
1909, at his home in Sturges,
after a long and painful illness,
all that was mortal of Dr. J. W.
Edwards lay down in death.
Be it resolved by the Clay-
Oktibbeha Medical Society, that
in the death of Dr. Edwards this
society has lost one of its ablest
and most worthy members; the
profession, one who was always
alive to its best interests; the
people to whom he gave such ar
dent and faithful service for
more than forty years, one of
their best friends; the state an
upright and useful citizen. Dr. j
Edwards was born and reared in |
the neighborhood of where he
died, was a kind husband, a lov
ing father and a loyal and faith
ful friend.
Be it further resolved that a
copy of this resolution be spread
on the Minutes of this Society, a
copy sent to his bereaved fami
ly, and that the county papers |
be requested to publish same, j
Respectfully submitted,
J. W. Crumpton,
J. S. Montgomery,
B. H. Pasley,
(Frank C. Spalding, bee.)
Plants for Sale.
Cabbage, Tomato. Egg. Pep
per and other garden plants,
strong and vigorous. Prices.
cheaper than elsewhere.
T. Gillespie, 1
No. 41, daily, leaves at 7:00 a. m.
No. 43, daily, leaves at. . ..10:05 a. rn.
No. 45, daily, leaves at 3:40 a. m
No. 41, arrives at Artesia.... 7:40 a. m.
No. 43. arrives at Artesia... ,10:40 a. m.
No. 40, arrives at Artesia 4:15 p. m.
Trains leave Artesia:
No. 2, leaves daily 4:19 a. m.
No. 4, leaves daily 4:40 p. rn.
No. 0, leaves daily 10:50 a. m.
No. 1, leaves daily 12:13 a. rn.
No. 3, leaves daily 11:33 a. rn.
No. 5, leaves daily 4:37 p. m.
R. V. Taylor. Jno. m. Beall,
Genera! Manager, General Passenger Agent,
Mr. Guy Nason, of the Miss
issippi Poultryraan, made a bus
iness trip to Columbus Thursday.
The Poultryman is being- highly
favored, but it could not be oth
wise under the able and active
management of its efficient edi
tor. The Poultryman has been
in demand for a long time. The
newspaper fraternity welcomes
the Poultryraan and pi edicts for
it a most bright and successful
For Poultry Ills.
Try it before you apply th
hatchet to a sick fowl. It’i
cheaper and more satisfactory
Poultry raisers have found it
etn unfailing remedy for Roup
Pip, Canker, Gaps, Scaly Leg*
Swelled Head and Eyes, etc.
This testimony proves k.
Cambridge Springs, Pa.
I will tell you of a cure I made lasi
week with Mexican Mustang Lini
ment. Had a hen so bad from a coldthai
her ears were swollen out as large as i
hickory nut and full of matter and thicl
pus. Applied Mexican Mustang Linimenl
tour times and to-day turned her out wit!
the flock a well hen. Last Winter cured I
very bad case of canker with three appli
;ations. 1 use it for nearly everything.
Respectfully yours,
Pol) directions with every bottle.
At druggists.
Three sizes, 25c., 50c. and sl#
ftl-45 South Fifth St.. BROOKLYN. N.V

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