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local and [personal
Rev. W. A. Jordan was in at
tendance at the Sunday oSchool
Convention, at Columbus, this
Mr. Zeno Yeates returned from
Memphis Tuesday he
been on business.
Hon. W. W. Magruder spent a
portion of this week in attend
ance on the Supreme Court.
Capt. W. W. McLeod, treasurer
of Noxubee county, heard Varda
man at West Point Tuesday and
was a visitor here Wednesday.
Mrs. Nannie Nason left for Wa
ter Valley yesterday where she
will yisit in the homes of her sons
Messrs John and Guy Nason.
FOR SALE— Cabbage an#
other Garden plants. Apply to,
Thomas Gillespie.
Mrs. Julia W. Dille spent sev
era! days in West Point, this
week, in behalf of the W. C. T.
U., of which she is State Treas
Mrs. Dille is an ardent worker
in this cause, always active and
efficient in everything she es
Circuit Clerk Pulghain is con
fined at home this week with
DonJ despise the day of small
things. Your father and mother
were once tiny babies. Even
Moses, who led the children of
Israel from bondage, was once
but an atom of humanity floating
on the bosom of the Nile in a tiny
willow basket.
For Sale.
Barred Plymouth Rock eggs,
at SI.OO for setting of 15.
J. H. Stillman,
Starkville. Miss.
• |
People from all parts of the
county are sending in their names
to join the County Central Var
daman Club.
Gen'l Nash is out this week in
behalf of his candidacy for Lt.
Better to be a barking cur,
And at the moon each night go
Than enmity ’mongst men to in
By sitting in a corner and
War, war, seems to be the pre
dominant and inevitable spirit ot
many of our neighbor, countries.
Our sentiments are strictly a
gainst the policy—for it is a poor
one at best— its methods, for
ithey are inhuman and cruel, and
its principles, because they are
unfair and expensive.
Mr. Colcloygh Welborn,who is
employed by the Rhodes Drug
Cos., Jackson, spennt a few days
at home this week.
I, Rev. W. E. M. Brogan and
Hon. J. H. Welborn attended the
Sunday School Convention at Cos
Jumbus, Tuesday.
Mr. Jno. Quinn was a Monday
[visitor and remembered the News
substantially. 'Thanks, friend
Kills A Murderer.
* A merciless murderer is Appendicitis
many victims, but Dr. King New
fedfe Pills kill it by prevention. They
feently stimulate stomach, liver and
Kowels,'preventing that clogging that
invites appendicitis,curing Constipation,
Headache, Biillousness, Chills, 26c at
Attacks School Principal.
A severe attack on school principal,
Chas. B. Allen, of Sylvanla, Ga., Is thus
told by him. “For more than three
years,” he writes, I suffered indescrlble
torture from rheumatism, liver and
stomach trouble and diseased kidneys.
All remadies failed till I used Electric
Bitters, but four bottles of this wonder
ful remedy cured cured me completely.”
Such results are common. Thousands
bless them from curing stomach trouble,
female complaints, kidney disorders,
billiousness, and for new health and
vigor. Try them. Only soc at all
Hon. Wiley N. Nash
There are many people who
are making reputations from
something that they are the or.
iginatorof or claiming to be.
We do not know who started tin
Peanut Club, or the Sweet Pota
to Club, but all agree that both
are great industries now, and
destined to be two of the South’s
greatest factors from an origi
nal stand point.
Gen. Nash has always been a
fore seeing man and we might
say that he lived somewhat in
advance of his day and genera
tiou, as will appear from a law
that we publish here below when
he was a member of the Logisla*
ture from this County in 1884
drafted and introduced by him
Gen. Nash has always been in
sympathy with the farmers re
cognizing that the happiness and
prosperity of a country depend
ed upon their success.
We need such wholesome laws
now upon our statute books and
trust that our solons will utilize
the light diffused by Gen. Nash
as far back as 1884.
To say more would be useless,
for the minds of the people are
peculiarly receptive for such pro
We quote the act:
“An Act to encourage the
raising of hogs in the State of
Mississippi. Whereas the pro
duction of meat at home in quan
titles sufficient to supply the peo
ple at large, and especially our
farming and laboring classes, is
deemed a matter of great public
importance and should be en
couraged by legislative favor.
Now therefore in order to en
courage the raising of hogs in
the Slate of Mississippi and to
make secure in advance all fu
ture investments made and all
additional care, skill aud atten
tion expended and bestowed in
this direction.
Section Ist. be it enacted by
the legislature of the State of
Mississippi that from and after
this date all hogs in the State of
Mississippi shall be exempt from
any and all taxes whatever eith
er State, County, or Municipal
and shall also be exempt from
seizure and sale under execution
or attachment.
Section 2nd. Be it further en
acted.' That this law shall be in
force and take efiect from and af
ter its passage the public wel
fare requiring it.”
One Woman’s Scheme.
The thrifty wife of an officer in our
army saw no reason why the big
sheets of linen paper covered with tig
ares and calculations should be
thrown away. She begged all she could
get, soaked them, and for her reward
had enough fine linen to make frocks
and blouses for the family. The ink
does not go through the surface finish
and so a perfect treasure lies under
neath to he had for a t>lt of bot watef
and the asking.
The Bachelor Tax in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria’s tax of two dollars a yea?
on bachelors can make no practical
difference. Any man who would marry
in order to save that sum is too poor a
financier to be worth while as i hue
Mr. Morris Meyers, of Selma,
Ala., on his return Sunday morn
ing, from a business trip to Fort
Worth, Texas, joined Mrs. Mey
er and the children here, where
they for some time visited
in the home of Mrs. Meyer’s pa
rents, Col. and Mrs. Simon Fried.
They left Wednesday for their
Alabama home.
'nffilaoWs ‘'
Pastor Russell Points Out More De
ceptive Additions to tha Word of God
Contained In Our Common Version
Bibles, but Shown to Be False Be
cause Not Found In the Oldest Greek
MSS. —One of These “Flies” Has
Moulded Accepted Theology—Dead
Flies Cause the Apothecary’s Oint
ment to Stink. —Ecclesiastes 10i1.
1 1 Not long ago 1
~ - pointed out th a 1
the twelve
A verses of St. Mark’s
Gospel, in our Com
mon Version, are
spurious—so recog
nlzed by all schol
fSSSj&M ars, because these
verses are not to
ToR , RCSSEt&I be found In any of
the oldest Greek
MSS. and were evidently added to the
Word of God in the Seventh Century
or later. Moreover, we gave proofs
of the untruthfulness of this addition.
Is it true that whoever believes the
Gospel of Christ may handle serpents
with impunity and may drink deadly
poison without harm? Surely not. It
is nothing short of a sin for those who
know better to acknowledge these
verses and to use them to bolster up
theories of Divine Healing. It is as
much a crime to add to the Word of
God as to take away from it.
Today I invite attention to some otb
er “dead flies,” some other additions to
God’s Word, which have had much to
do with twisting the theology once de
livered to the- saints. Take, for in
stance, the closing words of the Lord’s
“Thine is the Kingdom and Power and
These words, if uttered by our Lord,
should be found in the old Greek MSS.
But they are not found therein.
They are, therefore, to be rejected
as additions made by people centuries
after Matthew’s Gospel was written
These words were introduced when the
faith of the Church respecting the
Kingdom of Messiah was changed or
changing from what it was originally.
All through the New Testament the
second coming of Christ In power and
glory to establish His Kingdom and to
glorify the Church, His Bride, is set
for the end of this Gospel Age. But
as the time grew long a change of sen
timent came into the Church. It be
came popular and rich. Its bishops
were respected. Finally the theory
prevailed that God did not intend to
delay the establishment of the King
dom until the second coming of Christ,
but did intend to establish it In the
hands of the Church during this Age
and to use the Church for the con
quering of the world and the fulfilling
of all the promises of the past
In line with this the most prominent
bishop of the time was recognized as
Divinely appointed to represent Christ
In the world and to reign over the na
tions in his stead and to bring about
the Messianic reign, etc. This was the
Bishop of Rome, who subsequently
was styled the Pope and who claimed
and was accorded the honorable title,
“ Vice-gerent of the Son of Qod .” It is
said that the equivalent of this title
is worn to this day by the Pope on his
tiara, or three-crowned hat— Vicarius
Dei Filli.
“Thy Kingdom Como on Earth.”
The Lord’s prayer was already in the
Scriptures, and was known to many.
It could not be eliminated! But some
zealous person, fully believing that
God’s Kingdom had come, felt justified
in amending the prayer to correspond
to what he were the facts.
the prayer which begins, “Thy
Kingdom come,” is made to end by
saying, “Thy Kingdom has come in its
glory and power.”
How glad w© are to see the Truth on
this subject; that the Kingdom of
God’s dear Son has not yet been set up
in any sense of the word —that It is still
future. It cannot be set up until this
Gospel Age ends and the ‘'elect” saint
ly few of every nation, Jew and Gen
tile, shall be changed from earthly to
heavenly nature by the First Resurrec
tion, which will qualify them to be
kings and priests unto Qod and unto
Christ and to reign with Him a thou
sand years (Revelation xx, 5).
It is well that all Bible students
should mark this “fly” and extract it
from the precious Ointment and notice
how much sweeter and fresher the
Lord’s prayer Is to them forever.
“Oh, Whopper!” Jj
Who avmpflth’ze with jtjf
Mobile & Ohio Railroad
• _ •
No. 41. daily, leaves at 7:00 a.m.
No. 43. dally, leaves at 10:45 a.m.
No. 45. daily, leaves at 8:40 p.m.
No. 41. arrives at Artesia.... 7:40 a.m.
No. 43. arrives at Artesia.. .10:40 a.m.
No. 45. arrives at Artesia... 4:15 p.m.
twtins leave Artesia.
No. 2. leaves daily 8:02 a.m.
No. 4, leaves daily 4:40 pjn.
No. 6. leaves daily 10:50 sjzl
No. 1, leaves daily 12:23 a.m.
No. 3, leaves daily 11:33 a.m.
No. 5, leaves daily 4:37 p.m.
R. V. TAYLOR, General Manager,
Mobile, Ala.
INO. M. BEALL, General Passenger
Agent, St. Louis, Mo.
• iJfeSjPr
Mo. 804 leaves 10:13 a.m.
No. 202 leaves 1:17 p.m.
No. 204 leaves 7:26 p.m.
No. 203 leaves 7:50 a.m
No. 201 leaves 8:55 a.m
No. 205 leaves 4:23 p.m.
Southbound trains connect at Du
rant with through trains for North,
South and West. €
Train No. 203 south connects at Do
rant with train No. 134 for Memphi#
and main line trains for South.
R. v. Taylor, jno. M. Beall,
V.-Pres’t and Gen’l Mgr., Geu’l Passenger Agent,
Trade Marks
r f Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Comn nnlca
tions strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents
Bent free. Oldest aaency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn St Cos. receive
special notice, without charge, iu the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any scientific Journal. Terms. $3 a
year; four months, fL Sold by all newsdealers.
MiINN & 0Q a 361 Broadway, New York
SBrancta Office, 626 F BL. Washington. D. C.
great innaei, momas raine, wno wuen
reading the last verse of St. John’s
Gospel, exclaimed, “Oh, what a whop
per!” It reads, “And there are also
many other things which Jesus did, the
which, If they should be written every
one, I suppose that even the world it
self could not contain the books that
should be written” (John xxl, 25).
Surely anyone of reasoning mind
should see the absurdity of such a
statement Surely all Christian minis
ters should have informed the Lord’s
fheep under their care respecting what
js and what is not the Word of God,
the Bible, as it was recognized by the
Apostolic Church and written down
In the original Greek MSS. Why any
phristlan minister should assail me
because I endeavor to do for the peo
ple what he has neglected to do I
cannot understand. I must leave it to
the Lord to Judge between us.
I resent Higher Criticism and accept
the Word of God in full. I reject noth
ing because of my own or other men’s
surmises, but merely go by the facts,
ff the oldest Greek MSS. do not con
tain certain passages of Scripture, how
could they get into later MSS. except
as spurious additions?
Carriers’ Superstition.
A long French nail would appear to
be popular as a mascot at Monte Carlo,
for among the trante a > ad quarante
players it is much in evidence. Others
again place confidence In the posses
sion of a crooked coin. On© man fixes
all his hopes on a mummy’s finger, s
nasty looking bit of brown stick
which he preserves with holy care as
if it were a saint’s relic. —Hearth and
Physician and Surgeon
•Starkviiie, Mis*.,
Phone No. 224. Office East Main Street
Pbysiclaa and Surgaoa
JL. mim. • '(
Phene R4R Qfflee fver Peetefflee.
Attorney at Law
Office upetalre ever Poefteffle*
Starkviiie, Mississippi*
Attorney at Law
Btarkvilie, MlssislppL
Attorney and Counselor at Law
(Same Old Stand)
Starkvllle, Mississippi.
p Attorney at Law *
And Solicitor in Chancery
Starkviiie, Miss.
Practices In all the Courts. Prompt
attention given to all business. Office
over' - Merchants and Farmers’ Bank.
Office Phone 157; residence IST.
Attorney at Law
Starkviiie, Mist.
Attention to collection of claim*.
Wiley N. Nash. H. Bk Mart.
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
and Solicitors in Chancery
Starkviiie • • - • • Mississippi
Low Rate of Interest and Ea*H
H. T. SAUNDERS, Inspector
For a Good, Clean Shave, Hak Gulp
Shampoo and Shine. at
Up-to-date finrfi rnnm in rnnnMtliii
x White btttefa ettgmiiiiik i
It is a well established Southern Re
medy which has achieved a wide repu
tation for its numerous cures of Kidney,
Bladder and Liver troubles. It is harm
less, purely vegetables and the greatest
of all remedies for the cure of the above
diseases. Under its use these troubles
as a rule, soon pass aw*ay, to the great
relief of the sufferer. All persons whose
Kidneys, Bladder or Liver is effected,
should go to the nearest druggist and
get a bottle of this superb remedy.
Druggists sell it a 50 cents and SI.OO a
bottle. If your druggist cannot supply
you write U-RA-CURA, with to the
Granger Medl cin e Cos., Chattanooga,
Better Fanning.
The farm, in Mississippi, will
doubtless be far better tended
this year, than ever before.
There is more energy expended
on it in the way of ditching, ear
lyjand thorough preparation, than
we have ever seen. No doubt
but it will yield up its riches, in
thirty, sixty, and even an hun
dred fold in return.
Too long has the pretensive
farmer been the sluggard, hitting
the few hard licks absolutely nec
essary to eke from the soil a bare
living while hia mind and soul
were lolling beneath the green,
willows overhanging the fish
pond, or were traduced into a
wild speculation of the time when
be might emulate the luxuriant
ease ?of his “town neighbor.”
Judge T. B. Carroll is bolding
court in Kemper, this week.

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