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Starkville, Mips.. Mar. 25, ’ll.
Whereas on Monday night.
March 20, a few of the people of
Starkyille met at the Com t
House for the purpose of arrang
ing for the entertainment of the
Honorable Jas. K. Vardaman on
this date and that said meeting
became so enthuiastic that a
Vardaman Club was then and
there organized with over 25
members, which Club has now
grown to the numerous proper
tions of 362 members, and
Whereas, we being a voters of
Oktibbeha County, having known
Jas. K Vardaman first as a coun
try editor, fighting the peoples
battles, then as a member of the
State Legislature, then as speak
er of the Body, next as a soldier,
going forth as a living sacrifice
to the honor and integrity of the
Nation, and finally as a great,
noble and capable Governor ot
our State; and having at all times
found him a bold, fearless and
uncompromising champion of the
peoples cause, kind, honest and
fair with all and fully competent
and sufficiently wise to adminis
ter the affairs of what ever of
fice he filled; a man of the most
extraordinary personality in our
State and in some repsects the
whole Nation, hated by some,
loved by others, and by his ene
mies feared, though respected,
and by all analized and declared
to be honest and brave, and be
lieving him to be the most
worthy and capable of any in
the race to serve the masses in
the Senate of the United States;
therefore be it.
Resolved, That as members of
the Central Oktibbeha County
Vardaman Club, we pledge our
selves to use every honorable
means within our power to se
cure his election, stamp out
crookedness in elections and as
far as possible retrieve for the
Honor end fair name of Missis
sippi and Mississippians our
prestige and self respect sacri
ficed in the late secret caucus.
And be it further,
Resolved, That these resolu
tions be entered upon the minutes
of this Vardaman Club and that
NEWS be furuished with a copy
of same.
R. Q. Gibson Dies
Mr. Robert G Gibson, for ma
ny years a resident of Columbus,
died Thursday at Ethelville. Ala.,
where he has lived for some time
after a lingering illness.
Several months ago Mr, Gib
son was brought to Columbus for
a surgical operation. He is sur
vived by a son, Mr. Robert Gib
son, and two daughters, Misses
Bettie Will and Estelle, who now
live in Indian Territory.—Colum
bus Commercial.
Mr. Gibson’s many friends in
this county will learn with pain
of his demise.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hamer are
the proud parents of a rosy, lus
ty-lunged boy, who, on Saturday
the 25tb, came into their abode.
He weighs ten pounds, and gives
promise of making a great and
gort IBM.
Mr. Wallis Erwin, of Lake
Providence, La., is visiting his
sister, Mrs. J, H. Critz, and oth
er relatives in Adaton.
Mr. J. S. Johnson’s little son,
Orian, has been very sick, but
glad to say is better at this writ
Miss Myrtis Crumpton spent
Saturday and Sunday in Maben
and Mathiston and returned to
her school at Christophers Mon
It is with profound sorrow
that we report the death of Miss
Mary Hammond, which oocured
in the home oi her parents, last
Friday morning. She was a
bright Christian girl, just bloom,
ing into womanhood, and our
hearts go out in sympathy to the
bereft family.
Miss Ethel Lee Clardy and sis
ter Mrs. Fowler, visited their
sister Miss Roxie, at the I. I. &
C. in Columbus, last week and
returned home Sunday afternoon.
Miss Linnie Richey closed the
Steel Mill School, after the most
successful term which she has
taught at this place, and this
was her fifth session.
Miss Minnie Lee Harris attend
ed the Teachers’ Meeting at
Starkville last Saturday.
Mrs. Buckanan returned home
Tuesday, after a three weeks
stay with relatives in Pontotoc
County and her sister, Mrs.
Hobbs, whom she accompanied
as far as Verona, has returned to
her home in Cooper Texas.
Neudorfer Park.
The Civic League met at the
Court House Tuesday afternoon
and among other things done
named the park for Mr. J. G.
Neudorfer, Superintendent of
the I, C. R. R. Cos. with head
quarters at Water Valley. It is
quite a nice and merited compli
ment. Mr. Neudorfer has been
with the I. C. R. R. Cos, for thir
ty years, the long period of ser
vice implies much more than
words can express. He was pre
sent and agreeably surprised and
acknowledged the compliment
most gracefully stating, that it
could be named for others more
worthy than himself. The
I. C. R. R. Cos., has expended
quite a sum of money within the
last few weeks through the in
fluence of the Civic League,
whose active membership is com.
posed of our dear, sweet women,
to whom we are indebted for the
Park. Mr. Neudorfer made
some splendid suggestions upon
which the League will act. One
was to get the park in shape be
fore the Commencement exer
cises at the A, & M. C. That
was a good suggestion. It will
be nice for all visitors to see itj.
It will be nice for the next
President of the United States,
Governor Judson Harmon, of
Ohio, who will deliver the An
nual address at the College.
Take notice that at 10 o’clock
next Tuesday morning, April
4th., will be Field day upon the
ground of the Park, for every
body to take trees, flowers and
shrubs to be planted. This is
a work of mutual love and Civic
Let’s all. join hands walk, to
gether in the beautiful park
BY Brown Eyes.
G-whizzamarino, how the wind
do whistle and the weather stick
his cold nose in our Spring ar
rangements. It puts us to pin
ing for our winter sox. Howsom
ever, alas and alack, they are
gone—they went out at the heel.
Our Sunday School and prayer
meeting are progressing nicely.
The concert at the Seitz school
on Friday night was qnite a suc
Mr. Calvin McGreigst ahd his
pretty daughter Louise,attended
the concert Friday evening and
visited in the Taylor home.
Mr. Melvin Heflin and wife
visited the Misses Heflin Friday
Miss Viola Fondren and little
Pellie were with Miss Viola Tay
lor Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Lofton Scrog
gins are the proud parents of a
boy. who,though without a name
or speech, is an embodiment of
the physical qualities of his par
ents and is destined to be a great
Ernest Roberson still hangs his
hat in the pleasant part of the
Taylor home.
Mr, J. K. Y. of Longview,
made his usual Sunday.
Mrs. Emma Huffman spent
Saturday and Mrs.
Bell Edmunds.
Miss Viola Quinn spent a few
days in the home of her sister,
Mrs. Ed Thompson.
A crowd of young people went
fishing Saturday p. m. They
ketched 2 sun perches a Sadday
evenin cat bout half big as my
foot, a young cooter, and some
of the couples making love. Q. i
J. N. and his dumplin saw a craw
fish backing down the road, but
did’nt overtake him. Will go a
gain soon and let you hear of it.
Looking for an invite to the
wedbing Sunday.
Misses Fannie and Nora Heflin
entertained a fe w friends Sunday
We are going to town soon.
A beautiful marriage was sol
emnizen in Columbus, on Tues
day p. m., when Rev. W. E. M.
Brogan of the M. E. Church, in
Ihe horns of the lovely bride, con
summated the hopes of Mr. J, T.
Kirk, and Miss Margie West
moreland, by uniting their hands
and hearts in an impressive vow
of wedlock.
A number of friends and rela
tives of the couple were present
as a seal of their approval, while
numerous expensive presents at
tested further, their popularity.
The gioom, a native of West
Point, has formed a staunch
friendship with our populace that
bespeaks true manhood.
The bride, a daughter of Dr.
W. W. Westmoreland, is a lady
of personal charm and high at
tainments, and will indeed be a
true help-meet to her life part
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk are at home
to their friends in the Chambers
Mr. J. H. McKenzie is in Gulf
port this week.
Rev. Bess Wallace preached at
the Baptist Church Snnday
Mev. R. L. Wallace, Messrs A.
E. Greene, Arthur Livingston,
and J. J. Cutts spent Saturday
in Starkville.
Mr. L. J. Hanks and littls
Miss Bessie, of Kosciusko, spent
Friday here,
MessrsT. J. Wood, H. H. Sikes
S. J. Wallace, Otho Mcllwam,
Clarence West, and Dr. T. W.
McKell of Starkville, came down
for the speaking. Friday.
Messrs Dennis Frazier and Ru
dy Ethridge visited in the Bevill
home Friday.
Prof. W.D. Frazier, of Webster
was in town last week.
Miss Lillian Steadman was call
ed home last week to the bedside
of her brother, who is ill.
Miss Ida Carr visited Acker
man Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Joe B- Carlisle and chil
dren, of Strongs, spent Suuday
with Mr. and Mrs. B, F. Tumlin
Mrs. Lelia Richardson visited
Starkville, Friday.
Mrs. Ella Dean visited rela
tives here last week.
Messrs J. D. Barron and Lester
Hunt represented Ackerman last
Miss Maggie Sullivan returned
home Monday.
The Sturgis School closed last
There were about seven hun
dred and fifty or eight hundred
people here Friday to hear an ex*
cellent speech from Ex Governor
Jas. K. Vardaman.
Past generations of Mississip
pians have bad Prentiss, Wal
thall, Lamar and George but we
of the liying present have the il
lustrious Vardaman whose soul
is fired with zeal for the welfare
of our sunny southland.
His time wes not spent in mud
slinging but in discussing prob
lems of vital interest to every
loyal,liberty loying citizen of the
old magnolia state.
Let the demagogues howl and
the fanatics rave but we are go
ing to see the White Chief placed
in the ranks where he belongs
in the near future.
Like the beloved J. Z. George,
he is fearless in his fight for the
right and will live and die by his
Hurrah for Vardaman!
We desire to thank the mem
bers of the Fire department, our
neighbors and others who so
promptly responded to the a
larm and worked so effectually
on last Friday, when our home
and entire premises were threat
ened, Wishing you all health,
happiness and prosperity, we are
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Reynolds.
For State Senator.
The name of Mr. J. A. Me-
Reynolds was handed in too late
last week to appear in the an
nouncement collumn of the News,
but is in proper position and due
form this week.
Mr Mcßeynolds was born and
reared in Western Oktibbeha
County, where he has ever
lived, excepting the years that
he attended and taught in Col-
in Virginia and three years
that he taught school in the
Philipine Islands.
He is a thorough gentleman
and a finished scholar; an up
right citizen and a Christian
He.too,intimates that he would
prefer meeting the people at
public places instead of house to
house canvass, but will endeaver
to see every citizen of the Coun
ty. The many friends who have
been instrumental in bringing
Mr. Mcßeynolds out feel and be
lieve that he would be the right
man in the right place in the
Senate chamber, representing
the 23rd Senatorial District,
composed of the Counties of Ok
tibbeha and Choctaw.
As between the gentlemen as
piring to a seat in the United
States, Hons, Jas. K. Vardaman,
Leßoy Percy and C. H. Alexan
der, his decided preference is for
Jas. K. Vardaman “first, last and
all the time, 7 ’ that he will stand
to the Vardaman post “with
out hitching from start to finish.”
We with his friends believe
that if elected he would make a
good representative that would
honor the district and one that
we would not be ashamed of un
der any circumstances.
He asks that the good people
of the District investigate and if
found worthy to give him their
support and influence for which
he thanks one and all most kind
ly in advance.
He is before you for your con.
sideration and his request is en
tirely fair and reasonable.
Communion Service.
The observance of the Lord’s
Supper will be celebrated at the
United Presbyterian Church, on
next Sabbath morning, April the
2nd, at 11 o’clock. Preparatory
services will be held on Satur
day at t o’clock.
Remember the special collec
tion for Sunday a. m.
K. E, Wilkin, Pastor.
Americam Citizen at Opera
House Tuesday Night,
April 7, at 8:00 P. M.
This play will be presented by
the young ladies of the freshman
class from the 1.1. & C., Colum
bus, in behalf of the Starkville
Order of Eastern Star. It has
been played with great success
in Columbus and will be the best
amateur performances to be seen
in Starkville this season. Ev
erybody come and give the ladies
a full house, and help this be
nevolent order.
Popular Prices.
Mr. J. B. Logan, of Cedar
Bluff, was looking after busiuass
bfcre '
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