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| Remarkable Sale of Summer Goods! 8
8 Beginning Thursday, July 20th, Ending Saturday, July 29th. H
g Our Summer Stock will undergo a regular Democretic Revision ot Pices Down- Q
8 ward. Tlie Greatest Bargin Event ever pulled otF in Starkville. Every article in 0
X the house will POSITIVELY BE REDUED. Don’t get the wrong impression of this X
o offering, as we carry the very best grades of Merchandise. Our mind is fully made 0
8 up not to carry over a dollar’s worth of Summer Stock for next year if possible, but x
8 all must be disposed ot during this remarkable Sale. For Prices see ircular. jJ
W. C. T. U.
The following replies have
been received to a letter addres
sed to the candidates for repre
sentatives and senatorial homes
of this district in reference to
certain bills in which the Stark
ville and State W.C. T. U. is in
terested. Other replies will be
printed so soon as received.
The Woman’s Christian Tem
perance Union is deeply inter
ested in knowing how you stand
on Sate-wide Prohibition, the
enactment of a Juvenile Refor
matory law and raising . the
age of consent from twelve to
eighteen years the legal age of
A prompt reply will bo appre
ciated as the answer is intended
for publication,
Very Respectfully
Miss M. L. Montgomery,Pres.
Mrs. Paul Castles, Cor. Sec.
Stark ville, M iss., J uly 3rd, 1911.
Mrs, Paul Castles, Cor. Secy,
W. C. T. U.
Dear Mrs. Castles
I Beg leave to acknowledge
receipt of your favor of 20th
prox. containing certain ques
tions upon which the Union you
represent wants expression from
the various legislative canidates.
For the sake of convenience, I
will take these questions up in
the order in which they are ask
ed; and I state here, that I think
that no man, aspiring to public
office should hesitate to define
his position with referance to
matters of public and general in
Your first question reads;-
• “How do you stand upon the sub
ject of State Wide Prohibition?’*
,To this, I answer;- lam heart
and soul in favor of this schem.
If these laws, already in force,
"can be re-inforced so as to be bet
ter the prohibition of the sale of
intoxicating liquors in this state,
I am unalterably in favor of such
be done, I am pledging to the
•purpose of fighting any relaxa
tion of our present laws upon this
My position upon the enact
ment of a Juvenile Reformatory
1 To this question I answer:-I
have always believed that it was
not consistent with the reforma
•tory purposes of the law to per
mit the erring youth to be incar
cerated and associated with the
*more mature criminals who find
lodgement in our common jails.
If it is dangerous to the mortal
development of the youth to per
mit them to associate with the
vulgar and profane who are free
to form apart of common society,
I believe it to bo infinitely mere
detrimental to permit the young,
though they may have erred, to
suffer an enforced and constant
association with the grown up
criminal. lam in favor of a dif
ferent arrangement.
My position on the proposition
of raisin the age of consent from
12, to 18 years. I believe the pres
ent age of consent is entirely too
low and I shall do all I can to get
materially raised.
yours very truly,
H. H. Sikes.
Starkville, Miss.,June 20,1911.
Miss Madge Montgomery,
Pres. W. C. T. U.,
Dear Miss Madge:-
lam much in favor of the
enforcement of and state wide
prohibition law and a law raising
the age of consent.
The home, the church and the
function all belong to you and
they should be protected.
Frank S. Puller.
St ark ville. Miss., June 20, 1911.
Miss Madge Montgomery,
Pres. W. C. T. U.
Dear Miss Madge:-
Replying to your enquiry, I
beg to say: That I did all that 1
could for the passage of our
state-wide prohibition law, pro
bably one of the best and most
skillfully drafted of any in U. S.
To educate, to live up to, the
wise and wholesome provisions
of this law, should be a labor of
love for all good citizens.
As to the age of consent: The
last Legislature, raised it from
ten to twelve years. I believe
the next Legislature will raised
it higher, which I am in favor of,
and I am truly glad that the good
women of the state are agitating
this most important subject,
1 am in favor of a separate in
stitution for boy crimnals.
Your Truly,
John H. Welboukn.
Hon, Wiley N. Nash, of Stark
ville candidate for lieutenant
governor, is a quest in the city
today, stopping at the Cowan.
Greenville Democrat. July 14.
The friends of M, P. Jurney of
Longview was glad to see him
upon our streets, Monday.
Mrs. J. W. Edwards returned
home tliis week.
Mr. Virgil Hunt is visiting
relatives here.
Mr. P. A. Sullivan departed
Sunday for Cordova Ala. where
he will visit his son Mr. E. D.
Miss Eliza Hunt left Sunday
to visit Miss pearl Webb at
Laurel. Miss Hunt will also
visit Hattiesburg, Meridian, and
Gulfport before returning.
Miss. Edyth Sullivan is sales
lady in the mercantile establish
ment during Miss Hunts absence.
Miss Hattie Ellard of West
Miss is the fair guest of Miss
Tommie Atkins.
Miss Rosa Livingston of Craig
is spending a few days with Mrs.
Allye Green.
Dr. C. R. Dodds has been sick
this week.
Hon. G. R. Hightower ad
dressed the citizens of this place
Saturday in behalf of the Ware
house soon to be erected here.
Miss Bruce of Ackerman spent
last week with her cousin, Miss
Moss at the Barron Hotel.
Mr. Clarence Massey joined
his parents here last week.
The protracted meeting at
Wake Forest began Sunday.
Revs. Bess and Bob Wallace are
conducting the services.
We are glad to learn that Mrs.
Frances Williams has recoverd
from the sudden attact of rheu,
matism with which she was strick
en while on a visit to Mr. G. R.
McElvaney and family.
We are m receipt of a card and
take the liberty of publishing
same: Pradox Essex County,
N. Y.
Pine weather and good time
here-Enjoying good health.
With best regards to you and
the readers of the News.
Yours Sincerely
Simon Pried.
We, our readers and other friends
are glad to hear from our friends
Col. Pried and that he is in good
health and reciprocate his kind
ly expression and sentiments vis
iting him and his a continuously
pleasant time and a safe return
Mr. Dock Sanders, a hustling
candidate, for county Treasurer
was a Monday visitor.
Messrs. J. O. Thomas and C.
P. Critz attended the picnic at
Sessions Wednesday.
Messrs. B. V. Jones F. W.
Arnold, R. E. Josey, J. O.
Thomas, J. H. Thomas and
J. H Harris spent Tuesday in
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Poole of
Caledonia are visiting the laters
parents Mr. and Mrs, B. V.
Miss Ethel Lee Clardy is visit
ing her brothers Messrs W. M.
and D. A. Clardy of Starkville.
Messrs F. A. Clardy and H.
G. Kirby visited friends and rela
tives at Maben last week.
A number of people from
Starkville passed through Thurs
day enroute to Maben for the
Mrs. Bessie Steel, Mr.
Wallace Ervin and Mrs. R. E,
Josey have been on the sick list
this week.
Master Earl Clardy and sister
Little Miss Ruth of Starkville
visited their grand parents Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Clardy.
Mr. Archie Connell visited
relatives in Columbus this week.
Mr. W. H. Hull of Maben
candidate for Treasurer was min
ging with friends here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen, of Ala.,are
visiting their son Mr. Walter
Mr. Frank Logan of Trim Cane
attended services here Sunday
Mrs. Sadie Davis and daughter
Mrs. W. V. Shearer and children
of Moorehead.are visiting in the
home of Mr, T. N. Shearer and
other relatives.
Mr. N, P. Norvell, of Helena
Ark. is visiting his relative,
Mrs. Dora Warren in the home
of Mr. W. A. Ames,
At Sessums.
The beginning of the Grandrounds
started at the prosperous and hospita
ble yiiliage of Sessums Wednesday.
With us words fail to express the good
things prepared for the occasion. The
barbecued meats were simply excellent
and the baskets were filled with all
kinds of good edibles.
More than two hundred people from
town attended. Quite a number from
Lowndes County were present.
All the candidates were present.
Judge T. 15. Carroll acted as Master
of ceremonies. All speeches were nec
essarily short and aimed at the point.
We believe that there were between
six and seven hundred people present.
Everybody had plenty to eat, “and to
spare,” end a generally good time. It
was a grand social gathering,everybody
left in the late afternoon feeling rather
unaer obligations to the good people of
Sessums and vicinity for one of the most
pleasant occasions of their life. Ses
sums was always famous for its hospit
May happiness and prosperity ever
be theirs,
BY Brown Eyks.
The farmers are all busy lay
ing by their crops.
Mr. Jim Sanders of Chickasaw
Cos, is visiting friends in this
part of the countv.
Mr. John and Andrew Rele
ford were the loving guests of
their uncle Mr. Rule Ellis Sun
day. That was the first time
Mr. John has been able to visit
since his attack of typhoid
Mr. Taylor spent Srturday
most pleasantly with her mother
Mrs. Viola Roberson.
Mrs. Emma Huffman went to
Longview Sunday to hear Rev.
Wallace preach and reports a
a fine sermon. If all preachers
were like Bro. Wallace there
would be more Christians than
there are.
Sorry to report Mrs. Viola
Robinson having chills. Hope
she will soon over come the at
Mrs. Bettie Heflin is visiting
her daughter at Longview this
Mr. Walter Ray and Mr. Kebe
Scroggins and the Misses Hef
lins were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Ruby Dawkins Sunday.
Mr. Jack Scroggins spent Sun
day with his brother L. G,
Miss Eula Thompson was the
guest of her cousin, Mrs. Susie
Williams Saturday night.
Friends sympathize with Mr.
Seitz in the loss of his wife.
Rev. Mr. Rosenburg, a Jewish
Christian minister will preach
at the Baptist Church Sunday at
11:00 A. M. and at the Union
Service at the Presbyterian
Church at 8:15 P. M. Mr. Rosen,
burs: is learned in the Scriptures.
He will show as only a Jew can,
how the law and the Prophets
point forward to and center in
the true Messiah. All Jews and
Gentiles, are to come out
and see if these things be true.
—.— #> j
The call for a meeting of the Var
danian club was much larger than
we anticipated for Tuesday. It
was a representative body and
many names were added to the
Club through them.
People who attend political
meeting now make sacrifices.
Good news from every point of
the compass in the County*
NO. 10

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