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Mr. J. J. Henry spent a por%
tlon of Saturday and Sunday at
home with his family. The N.
M. & C., the railroad with which
he is connected, is planning for
greater things and will be. In the
near future, one of the greatest
trunk lines in the railroad world,
being a part of the great system
of the Frisco. Since the taking
over of the N. M. C. connection
with the latter at New Albany,
the traffic has increased marvel,
ously. Whenever the short gap
is tilled in from Jackson, Tenn.,
and thence to some point in Ken
tucky to connect with a road of
the Frisco system that goes into
Chicago, it will be the shortest
route from the lakes to New Or
leans and Mobile of any railroad
system in existence. It now en
ters New Orleans over the New
Orleans & Northeastern from
Hattiesburg. We are reliably in
formed that on account of the
great increase in business the
New Orleans & Northeastern will
soon build double tracks from
Meridian to New Orleans.
The Man Who Does.
It is cot the man who talks
and criticises who does things.
It is not the man who points out
the way to success that is success
ful, nor the man who knows it
all who wins wealth and fame in
the great nowadays battle of life.
The credit of accomplishment
belongs to the man who is in the
arena doing things. He whose
face is wet with the sweat of
honest effort he who strives val
iantly and who bravely faces ev
ery condition, he who makes
mistakes but who corrects them
in time, he who puts every bit of
strength and energy he possesses
into the project he is working
on, who gains the goal and
wears the victors laurels. Such a
man knows no such thing as dis
couragement or defeat, and in
yaribly wins out because he de
serves to do so. He tackles the
problems of life deliberately, in
yaribly accomplishes what he
starts out to do.—Bx.
Glendoline-‘Tm saddest when
1 sing.”
Husband—“So am I.” Well
there’s no accounting for tastes;
some are saddest when they
wait too long, and fail to pass
the doctor.
726 So. 3rd St, Waco, Texas. Ii
March 7th, 1912. [
Mr. Thos. J. Wood,
Starkville, Miss.
Dear Sir:
As my subscription to your
newsy little paper has expired,
I will write a few lines and en
close SI.OO money order. I still
enjoy its colums; yet it makes
my heart sad to read of old-time
friends passing into the “Great
Beyond.” I realize more fully,
as we move along with the years,
that each year brings us nearer
our Heavenly home.
We are getting along in our
Western home just fine. This
winter has been a severe one
tho rather dry. Heavy rains
have fallen witiiiß the past two
weeks, which means much to the
farmers. Monday night almost
a cloud-burst fell —the best rain
in fiye yeans.
We trust times wont be so
pressing in the future. Some
predict that the presidential cam-*
paign will cause times to be
harder. It is to be hoped that
those predictions will prove un
' Waoohas experienced an epi
demic of menengitis this
For a while things looked very
gloomy. The schools, churches,
picture shows and all public
meetings were closed and bush
BMS was almost at a standstill,
but the disease has been almost
stamped out now and everything
is looming up considerably.
With best wishes to yourself
and family, and success to the
News, I am
Truly your friend,
Mrs, J. D. Loftin.
We take the liberty of publish
mg the above letter, . which is
interesting and entertaining, and
besides is from a former Stark
ville girl, who will be remem
bered as Miss Eula Copper, by
her many girlhood friends here
In her old home. Wo never have
to remind this excellent lady
about the time her subscription
falls due, tor she remits with the
regularity of the approaching
day and month roll ’round. We
appreciate such promptness
more than we can express and
return thanks sincerely to bur
fair subscriber.
Convicts Being Flogged.
Washington—The convict la
bor conditions that prevails in
the operation of subsidiary
plants of the United States Steel
Company, paticularly in Ala
bama were recently probed by
the House steel trust investiga
ing committee. Shelby M. Har
rison of New York, a magazine
writer, testified that h e had
made an exhaustive investigation
of these conditions. Mr. Harrison
told of the large number of state
and county convicts in the camps
of Alabama and of minor offenses
for which some of these men
had been convicted and as penal
ty made to work in the mines.
Ile'stated that men who created
no other offense than walking on
the right of way of railroads had
been arrested for misdemeanor,
convicted and ordered to work in
the mines. Mr. Harrison said that
the state of Alabama derived an
annual revenue of about $400,000
from convict labor leases, and
that the wardens in the labor
camps, who frequently flog the
convicts, are employes of the
steel company. Mr. Harrison al
so stated that he once saw a
prisoner flogged with a threeply
leather strap. Mr. Stanley,
chairman of the investigating
committee, inquired particularly
if the men convicted of misde
meanors were walking on rail
road rights of way, playing golf
on Sunday and similar offences,
were subject to floggings as pun
ishment in the camps, and Mr.
Harrison replied affirmatively,
Mr. Harrison said that the con
vict laborers are forced to lie flat
on their faces to be flogged, a
strap five feet long usually be
ing the instrument of torture,
with fifteen lashes the usual tor
Hon. H. V. Watkins, of the law firm
of Watkins & Watkins, of Jackson, was
in attendance upon the Chancery Court
Hon. Money Adams, a prominent at
torney, af Ackerman, was a professional
visitor here Tuesday, attending Chan
cery court.
Another arrival. Mr. and Mrs.
George C. Gunn are the proud parents
of a bouncing hoy that took up his a
bode in the Gunn home Monday morn
ing. We wlah the youth much happi
ness and that he will be $n entertaining
chap, of which we haye no misgivings
Mother and babe are doing nicely.
Prof, and Mrs. Sam Moore, too, of the
A. &M. College community are happy
parents. It is a fine, 10 pounder,,
bouncing boy who arriyed Monday
ayeoing and, no doubt, that he will
make himself heard on all occasions.
Friends wHI be glad to know that
mother and baby are doing well.
Hate jour Job Work aone at
ttye News jrißea} .
I It Helps! I
Mrs. J. F. Daniels, of H
Sip, Ky., writes: "I was i|
so sick for 3 or 4 years, B
I had to hire my work ||
done, most of the time. B|
I had given up hope. When m
I began to hike Cardui, 1 B
knew, right away. It was fl
helping me. Now, I am E
better than ever before in wm
my life, and Cardui did it *• fl
The Woman's Tonic
B Cardui has helped thous- li
B ands of weak, tired, worn- B
fl out women, back to health, m
I It has a gentle, tonic ac- K|
fl tion on the womanly sys- gr
I tern. It goes to the cause p|
U of the trouble. It helps, it B
fl helps quickly, surely, safe- il
I ly. It has helped others. B
Why not you? It will L#
|| Try it. Get a bottle today! R
Plant none but the best Seed —
the Triumph—second crop. Now
is the time to plant them and you
will find them at
tf. D. A. CLARDY’S.
The Best Proof
Starkville Citizens Cannot Doubt If-
Doan’s Kidney Pills were used
they cured.
The story was told to Starkville
Time has strengthened the evi
Has proven the cure the perma
The testimony is from this
The proof convincing.
Mrs. A. S. Payne, Sol S. Third Ave.,
Columbus, Mist., says: have not had
a sympton of kidney complaint since
Doan’s Kidney Pills cured me some
years ago and lam only too glad to
again speak in their praise. In 1903,
I began to have trouble from my back
and kidneys and it was not long before
I found that my condition was getting
worse. The pain in my back was almost
unbearable and often I could not stand
for more than an hour at a time. My
back was weak and my bladder became
inflamed. The kidney secretions were
a source of annoyance and I rested so
poorly that when I got up in the morn
ing, I was ail tired out. I was treated
by physicians here and finding no
relief sought help from a physi
cian in Memphis. The result of
his treatment was the same and
I was discouraged. Having heard of
Doan's Kidney Pills highly spoken of
1 procured a supply and the contents of
a few boxes completely cured me. I
consider them a Godsend to kidney suf
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster-Milburn Cos., Buffalo, New York
sole agents for the United Skates.
Remember the name- Doan’s-and take
no other.
Repeals Attack Of Death.
•‘Five years ago two doctors told me
1 had only two years to live.” This
startling statement was made by Still
man Green, Malachite, Col. “They
told me I would die with consumption.
It was up to me then to try the best
lung medicine and I began to use Dr.
King's New Discovery. It was well I
did, for today I am working .and believe
I owe my life to this great throat and
lung cure that has cheated the grave of
another victim.” Its folly to suffer with
coughs, colds or other throat and lung
troubles now. Take the cure that’s
safest. Price 50 cents and SI.OO. Trial
bottle free at All Druggist.
Subscribe for and read the
comes from Dr. J. T. Curtiss, Dwight,
Kan. He writes:**! not only have cured
bad cases of eczema in my patients with
Electric Bitters, but also cured myself
by them of the same disease. I feel sure
they will benefit any case of eczema”
This shows what thousands haveproved,
that Electric Bitters la a most effective
blood purifier. Its an excellent remedy
for eczema, tetter, salt rheum, ulcers,
boils and running sores. It stimulates
liver, kidneys and bowels, expels poisons
helps digestion, builds up the strength.
Price Suets. Satisfaction guaranteed by
All Druggists.
For Sale.
All of my household furniture
at private sale at a bargain. For
prices or further information,
see me at my store.
M. Rossoff.
Legal Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the Mayor
and Board of Aldermen of the City of
Starkville, Mississippi, will, at the
April 2nd, 1912, meeting of said Mayor
and Board of Aldermen, receive bids
for the establishment of a city deposi
tory for the city of Starkville, Missis
sippi. The term of said depository to
expire Jan. Ist, 1913. Said depository
to be established and to qualify accord
ing to law.
City Clerk.
Spanish Mackerel, Trout and Red Snapper
Home-made Candy eyery day. Everything
to eat at reasonable prices. Prompt and
courteous attention.
. .. - g ' .1 . ! —°= I
| Your patronage appreciated.
v -
{inpkiis Praliße
(Brown in Worth Carolina*
Best 801 l Weevil Variety
SI.OO a busliel of 3o lbs.
I- 0- B.
j . q % Page Starkville , Mis
smmaamasßaaa mm—M
| Garden Plants and |
S I vers |
without heat 100 1000 |g|
Earliest .65 500 81
Thompson.. .30 2.50
-plants ready in season, Si
ns, Salvia, Heliotrope, Ganna m
In# plants. |||
I to our fine line of Ferns,
3, which are going at very &
Greenhouse early and select g
>ns to 18
College, Miss. p
Send for price list g|
For all circulars distributed,
call 215.
without a jar, shock or disturbance, Is
the awful speed of our earth through
space. We wonder at such ease of nature
movement, and so do those who take
Dr. King’s New Life Pills. No griping,
no distress, just through work that
brings good health and fine feelings. 2sc
On Improved Farm Lands.
Low Rate of Interest and Easy
H, T. Saunders, Inspector.
\ r Vvn-is. V *nd Alabama, to
’ ■ Jgj
Km/ rhnt prom'tef
• ■ th
" >-f Low Pri-rw *yr
,Oi;e ot 'he Weevil;
- 'i ur Writ, rvnatal quick %Wi
ii ‘j> ‘h* otoo; now in hand ■’
n. ■ ioi i -s't hev win tmxr voti

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