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Common County Fund.
Rec’d during qr 21299.28
Overdrawn lat report 6967.43
Paid warrants 5636 68 12594.11
Ba) on baud 8706.19
School Fund.
Overdrawn 6417.86
Paid warrants 11691.30 1810916
Hec'd during qr 16799.(53
Overdrawn 1309.53
Drainage Dist. No. 1.
Balance 7212.34
Rec’d during qr 1981.81 9194.15
Paid warrants 5165.58
Bal. on hand 4028.57
Dial, No. 4 Road Fund.
Balanee 16508.01
Rec’d during qr 1258.73 17776.76
Paid warrants 2442 78
Balance on hand 15323.96
Sixteenth Section Fund.
Ba) on hand (no change) 3608.50
School Institute Fund.
Ba) on hand 214.55
Rec’d during qr 2.55 217.10
Pension Fund.
Bai 268.10
Rec’d during qr 11.55 279,65
Paid warrants 62 5o
Bal on hand 217.15
Public Boad fund.
Bal 922.39
Bec’d during qr 57.00 579 39
Paid warrants 28.00
Baf on hand 951.39
Central Drainage Dist.
Rec’d during qr 3000.00
Paid warrants 272,41
Bal. on hand 5727.50
Court House Bond Fund.
Balance 746 13
Rec’d during qr 1250.59
Bal on hand 1996.72
Dist. No. 3 Road Fund.
Bal. last report 1073.64
RecM during qr 313.81 1387.45
Paid warrants 15.00
Ba). on hand 1372.45
Forest and Game Fund.
Bal. on hand 96.05
Rec’d during qr 29.40
Bal. on hand 125.45
Dist. No. 1 Road Fund.
Bec’d during qr 2581.21
Overdrawn 1275.40
Paid warrants 786.10 5061.50
Bai. on hand 519.71
Agricultural High bchooi.
Overdrawn 2746,11
Paid warrants 5006.02 7752.13
Rec’d during qr 6671.21
Overdrawn 980.81
Dist. No. 2 Road Fund,
Ba). last report 4486 64
Rec’during qr 546 4o 5033.04
Paid warrants 870.59
Bal on hand this date 4163.45
Total credtis all funds ....40377.71
Less overdrafts 2290.34
Total cash on band 38057.47
Respectfully submitted.
Security State Bank Depository.
Wirt Carpenter, Cashier.
It was certified by the cashier
of the Security State Bank that
County Treasurer Hull had on
deposit at close of business
March 81st, 1914, $38057.47. The
report was approved.
The road commissioners of
Dist, 1 were notified to work Ar
nolds and Nichols road commenc
ing at corporation line near J.
M. Arnold’s, and south near Dr.
Crumpton’s, and west to Page
The following overseers were
appointed lo serve till January,
Lower Crawford road. Sec. 3,
commencing at Noxubee road
and ending at county line, Wal
ter Crigler. overseer. Hands on
the Fiourney, Smith, Crigler.
Holbrooks and other places not
otherwise assigned.
Robinson Road. No. 20, Sec. 2.
Dan Rogers, overseer. Hands
on Kavanah. Hollinshead, Me
llwain places.
Robinson Road, Sec. 3. Com
mencing at Vernon church. end.
Ing at Noubee bridge. Daniel
Williams, overseer. Hands on
Nichols, Self, Perkins, McCann,
Stern Goodman and hands east
of Noxubee on Daniels place.
Zuber Road, No. 11. Commenc
ing at beat line, ending at Cedar
Orove, Doss Hollinshead, over
seer. All bands on said road not
living in beat 1*
Harpole Road, Commencing
at. Jack Harpole’s to Douglass
Road. Rose Lewis, overseer.
Hands on Boss Lewis Mike
Fulgham, Dink O’Brien. Tom
Harpole and Maj. O’Brien places.
Reed road. Commencing at
Wade Road, ending at Bell
School House. Overseer. Ray
mond Reed. Hands on Raymond,
and Fay Reed Muldrow John
son, Will Sudduth and Barry
On motion board adjourned
until first Monday of May, 1914.
J. C. McCreight President
Mr. Norment.
The selection of James W.
Norment as president of the
Chamber of Commerce is a com
mendable one. Mr. Norment
has been a faithful worker for
the Chamber and is a public spir
ited citizen, long identified with
the growth and development of
Santa Fe, a man who will till the
position with ability and who
will have an eye single to the
best interests of his home city.
Every member of the Chamber
should rally loyally to the sup
port of Mr. Norment and co-op
erate enthusiastically in all the
work of the organization during
the coming year. We have a
splendid bunch of business men
here in Santa Pe. who take an
interest in the organized work
for the city far greater than in
the average city for its size. If
they work together and forget
any and all personal differences,
as this paper has said before,
there is nothing that they can
not accomplish for Santa Pe.
The re-election of Mr. Van
Stone replaces an industrious
and efficient man in the secreta
ryship and the unanimity of his
selection shows that his work is
valued at its full worth. The
other officers are well chosen
and with everybody boosting
there is no reason why the Cham
ber of Commerce should not ex
cel in 1914 even the splendid rec.
ord of growth and achievement
of 1913. —Santa Fe New Mexican.
Mr. Norment is a former citi
zen of our town and his numer
ous friends here and throughout
the state are very proud and
gratified to know that the citi
zens of Santa Pe, have recogniz
ed in Mr. Norment what they
did here from his boyhood up to
the time he was forced on ac
count of his failing health to
move to a climate more favora
ble and genial. He is a man of
splendid ability and should he
have been elected to the United
States Senate, we should not
have been surprised, but pleas
ed and gratified. He has legis
lative experience, having repre
sented this county most satisfac
torily and served a term of four
years on the board of trustees of
the A. &M. College, and other
positions of honor and trust.
His many friends throughout
the state will always be glad to
know of his good health, happi
ness and prosperity.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Andrew
Belk announce the engagement
and approaching marriage of
their daughter, Mary Curry to
Mr. Ernest Lee Locke. The
wedding will take place in May.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L McGeorge,
of Meridian, are pleasantly visit
ing in the home of her grand
parents, Judge and Mrs. W. H.
Reynolds. Mr. McGeorge is a
represenative of the Meridian
Fertilizer Cos., and is looking af
ter its interests m this section.
Preaching at Court House.
Sunday morning and night by
W. A. Jordan, pastor Baptist
church. Sunday School at 10:00
A. M. at the same place. Preach
ing at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
All the services of the Baptist
Church will be held here until
future notice. Public invited.
W. A. Jordan.
For Sale*
i One barrel Molasses, Honey
Drip. By the gallon 50 cents.
Guaranteed bright and pure.
Leave orders at News office.
Leb Bell,
Stops Pains, Heals Wounds
Royaline Oil is stronger than the
other antiseptics. That g inside
or outside, man or beast. Also makes
It go further aud give larger value
for the money. That’s why it wins
everywhere, over everything, when
people try it. It Is praised loudest by
those who have used it longest. It’s
different. You’ll like it belter. Try
it now. 10c., 25c., 50c. Money back
Judge T. B. Carroll.
In our announcement column
will be found, this week, the for
mal announcement of Judge T.
B. Carroll for Circuit Judge, for
the 16th Judicial District, com
posed of the counties of Oktibbe
ha, Clay, Lowndes, Noxubee and
Kempei, where he is well and
favorably known for his ability
as a judge, just and fair to all
parties m court. We believe
that the people are with him,
and like the people, “We are
for him first, last and all the
time.” We do not feel that
we could sav any more in the
Judge’s behalf than what has
been said by the good people
throughout the district. who
stand for law, order, and the
He will sincerely thank the
people for their consideration
and votes and will be apprecia
tive to all.
j “Cured’’ |
ft Mrs. Jay McGee, of Steph- M
" envUlc, Texas, writes: * For
I nine (9) years, 1 suffered with £
womanly trouble. 1 had ter- W
rible headaches, and pains in K
my back, etc. It seemed as if ft
1 would die, I suffered so. At
last, 1 decided toby Cardui, ft|
the woman’s tonic, and it w
helped me right away. The 91
I full treatment not only helped K|
I me, but it cured me.” T/M
Cardui I
The Woman’s Tonic ki
Cardui helps women in time 9|
of greatest need, because it Z
contains ingredients which act wl
specifically, yet gently, on the ffl
weakened womanly organs, ftl
So, if you feel discouraged. K|
blue, out-of-sorts, unable to ml
do your household work, on h|
ft account of your condition, stop ftl
W worrying and give Cardui a 9!
K trial. It has helped thousands 9 j
ft of women,—why not you 7ml
n Try Cardui. E-71 Wl
No. 666
Thiu is e prescription prepared especially
Five or six doses will bresk any case, and
if taken then ass tonic the Fever will not
return. It acts on the liver bettei than
Calomel end does not gripe or sicken. 25c
Clears Complexion—Removes
Skin Blemishes.
Why go through life embarrassed and
disfigured with pimples, eruptions,
blackheads, red rough skin, or suffer*
ing the tortures of Eczema, itch, tetter,
salt rheum. Just ask your druggist lor
Dr. Hobson’s Eczema Ointment. Fol
low the simple suggestions and your
skin worries aro over. Mild, soothing,
effective. Excellent for babies and del
icate, tender skin. Stops chapping.
Always helps. Relief or money back.
50c at your Druggist.
Notice to Teachers.
Annual Spring Examinations
will be held in Starkville at the
Courthouse on the following
For While Teachers—April 3rd
4th, 17th and 18th.
For Colored—April 10th and
11th, 24th and 25th.
Superintendent of Education.
Will be in effect to
- O.
Daughters of American Revolution,
Unveiling Arlington Monument,
Annual Meeting of Colonial Dames.
Tickets on sale April 17th to 26th inclusive, and May 3rd
to sth inclusive. Final return limit May 11th, 1914. Please
apply to our Local Ticket Agent for full particulars.
1 Will be in effect to
April sth and 6th. Return limit April 14th. Apply to our
; Local Ticket Agent for particulars.
Illinois Central Railroad.
The Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad.
wnuiwiiitjmin mjm m w_wr mju ir j iivw.rn nm r~i n 1 i
When Your Blood is Right I
Your WMel System is Right.
Formula by a Noted Hot Springs Physician* who has
had years of experience in the treatment of all kinds
Erythema, Erysipelas; Roseola,
Rubeola, Scarlatina, Urticaria,
® Malaria, Eczema, Herpes,
I Scabies, Syphilis, Varicella,
| Pemphigus, Pupia, Variola,
! Vaccinia, Ecthyma, Impetigo,
Acne, Mentagra Porrigo,
Lichen, Prurigo, Vitiligo,
Lepra, Psoriasis, Pityriasis,
Ichthyosis, Elephantiasis, Molluscae,
Framboesia, Fuscedo Cutis, Ephelides,
Naevi, Idinismus, Rheumatism,
nd all other Forms of Blood and Skin Diseases
Full Course Treatment of Six Bottles, $25.00.
Single Bottles, $5 00.
Send Express or Postal Money Order. Address,
Hot Springs Medicine Company,
803 1-2 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, Ark.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Jackson, Mississippi, March
7, 1914.
Notice is hereby given that Berry B.
Davis, of Sturgis, Miss., R. F. D. No,
1, who, on February 27, 1909, made ad
joining farm homestead application, No.
03528, for S, W. 1-4 of S. W. 1-4, Sec
tion 23. Township 18, N., E. 12 E.,
Choctaw Meridian, has tiled notice of
intention to make five year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above de
scribed, before the Chancery Clerk of
Oktibbeha County, at Starkville, Mis
sissippi, on the 25th day of April, 1914,
Claimant names as witnesses; .
John Quinn, of Longview, Miss., R. F.
D. No. 1.
F. N. Sanders, of Longview. Miss.,
R. F. D. No. 1.
G. E. Sanders, of Longview, Mlss.,K.
F. D. No. 1.
K. C. Rainey, of Sturgis. Miss., R. *F.
D. No. 1.
W. F. Cummins, Register.

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