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Adventure With A Cat.
On Monday afternoon Mr. C
F. Montgomery had an adven
lure with a cat which he will
long remember. It appears he
•had a cat which slept in the same
room he did, and was thought
to be harmless. He had intend
ed sending It to I)is sister, and
rwhen a negro boy came in tlie
room with a box to place the cat
in, it sprang at Mr. Montgomery
biting and scratching his arm*
and legs to such an extent that
he had to get medical attention
Notwithstanding that he fought
the cat off. it attacked him sev
eral times. It is not thought
that the animal was mad.
FOR awhile we offer some real
bargains in groceries, etc. A
dollar will buy 10 lbs green cof
fee, or 18 lbs white sugar, or 20
lbs good rice: a quarter will buy
a 85c broom, or a 35c lamp, or
six sacks of smoking tobacco.
See our line of lamps. We have
them from 15c up. We deliver
notnlng, we sell for spot cash
only and that is why we can af
ford to give such bargains.
Shearer’s Old Stand.
At the residence of Mr. Duff
Norris in the Double Springs
community on last Sunday, Mr
W. C. Kirksey and Miss Sadie
i&rtpidge were united in mar
riage. The couple are well
thought ot and are receiving
congratulations from choir many
The Board of Supervisors, met
Monday and after transacting a
days work, adjourned for Tues
day’s election until Wednesday.
As usual people from all sections
of thewunty were present.look
ing- after business before the
2 Carloads 2
I and
. GEE S E ; ;
NOV. 11 and 12.
f Will load at I. C.
r Depot,rain or shine
[ Watson Grocery Cos.
On last Sunday at the residence
of the bride’s parents in the Self
Creek community, a pretty wed
ding was solemnized, the eon
trading parties being Mr. Roy
Ricks and Miss El ner Templeton,
.ludge Baynham performed tin*
ceremony Quite a number of
friends and relatives witnessed
the ceremony. The groom is tl o
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ricks
and is a young man of fine char
actor. He is a brother of Prof.
J. R Kicks of the A, & M. Col.
logo. The bride is the daughter
of Mr. J. O. Templeton, who is
wo.ll known throughout thecoun
ty, ana is a young lady with
many beautiful trails of cnarac
ter, and she will make the man
of her choice a wife that he will
be proud of.
Honor Roll Sikes Chapel
Lena Buford,
Lillie Catledge,
Leland Cat’edge,
Hassan Catledge,
Herris Hall,
Noel Hall,
Mamie Sanders,
Hattie Mae Sanders.
George Sanders.
An Unsual Treat in Store
for Everybody.
Robert Owen Smith, the well
known Southern humorist, °
senger of Mirth,” will be with
us m the Court House Auditori
um Thursday night, November
the eleventh, eight o’clock P. M.
Master of the art of Reading and
Impersonation, “Bob’* Smith
promises an evening with South
ern writers, full of laughter and
tears, humor and pathos. Ad
mission, 35 and 20 cents.
An Earnest Appeal.
The following is a loiter whicl
the W. (1 T. U has sen! out to
the Citv Officials and which was
mailed to our worthy Mayor in
time for consideration at tin
Board meeting on la-i Tuesda
evening, Nov 2nd. 1915. L -
Mayor Suudinh. Marshal Max
we 1 ! and Board of Aldeimen.
Dear Sirs:.
It is a in hi lei* of public know,
ledge that resorts of evil are be
mg mami amen in this communi
ty where vice in various forms
flaunis itself with little if any
Wo believe that proper dih
genc ,j on the part of Municipal
officers would stop I his situation
The racetrack here is lenown
to be a gambling den, where
games run from Saturday even
ing till Monday morning.
There are houses here occu
pied by men who do not work,
and whose record is known to
the officers of the town. They
ought to be broken up. and can
he broken up, if the officers of
tlit- law will do their duty.
Cheap shews, whose every in
fluence is for evil, are allowed to
come here to exercise their de
bauching and corrupting devices
upon the young men of the com
The women of tne comm unity I
are powerless 10 protect their
sons from these evil inflaences
without the aid of the law and
its officers.
The grand jury in its work of
only a tew days found ample evi
dence of the existence of this
situation, and called upon the
local officers for the enforcement
of the law. WILL YOU DU IT ?
The people of the community
have the right to expect it of
you. Evil ana notorious houses
where sin e.nd shame flourish
can be suppressed, if The officers
of the* mw are willing to do their
At Clarkesdale a lew days ago
a terrible tragedy drove the of
ficers to the performance ol
their duties. Why wait for thL
kind of thing here?
The women of the community
can not enforce the law. We
appeal to you to do it. Shall
our appeal be in vain?
Yours for a good town,
The W. C. T. U.
Pnr Qjila 1 lil 7
Ivl Olilt* year old mules
sound and tine workers. Weight
about 800 pounds each. First
offer of SIOO 00 each buys'them.
J. R. Ricks.
-Agrl. College, Miss.
On last Thursday the 28th of
October the Owen Grocery Cos.
extended an invitation to the
ladies of Stark viile to a demon
stration in the upper part of
itheir buiding. -Music was
nished by a Victrola and the A.
&M. orchestra. A large num
ber of ladies uvaried fefcemselves
of the opportunity. It /'■was a
pleasant occasion.
“I wonder what-bas-become of
tne old-fashioned dime novel?”
remarked the old fogy.
‘‘luhas gone^up to-adollar-aod
a half/’ replied the grouch.—Ex.
Prices For Puffs.
Ittu Bena Tunes:
The editor of an Eastern pa
per has grown peevish. He has
been pestered so much by peopl.*
desiring free puffs that lie face.
Piously refers to himself as the
‘ Peerless Prince of Puff Pnr
vevors.” He thinks he has done
enough for social queens, minis
ters who are looking for free ad
vertising, people who have leg.
islative fads th*v wish to push
and organizations which want
free publicity So In* has evolv
ed ihe following scale of prices
for puff-:
For telling ihe public that a
man is a successful citizen, when
everybody knows tlmi he i-
lazs' as a hired man, $2 70
Rofenbig lo a deceased cinzm
as one who is mourned by ihe
entire community, when he will
only he missed by (he poker cir
cle, $lO 13
Referring to one as a hero and
a man of courage and one who
will stand by his honest convic
tions, win’ll everybody knows,
he is a moral coward and would
sell out tor thirty cents. $0.21.
* Referring to some gallivantin'
female as un i stimab*e lady whom
it is a pleasure to meet and know
when every man in town rather
see Satan coming. $8 10
Calling an ordinary pulpit ora-
Wednesday Nov. 10th
Only Xented Attraction Of* importance Coming This Year
World’s Progressive
V , / 3 1 -'\ K \ , 1 •/'//f / /' y 1
- ■
Okiguter I YOUR DOORS.
tor Jin eminent divine. Phi cents.
Sending a .doughty sinner to
Heaven, $a 00
Referring to a deceased mer.
chant who never advertised in
his life as a progressive citizen,
$4 99
Lambasting the daylights out
of the demon rum at the request
of the local prohibition commit
lee, $6 77.
Ditto for the prohibitionists at
the request of the local wet com
mittee, £0 77.
■ 1 —■——i ■
Mrs. fJ. L Homer, of Helena,
Ark . who visited in the hospi
tal) e home of tier friend, Mrs.
A. H. Ames, for the past fort
night, departed tor her home
Tuesday morning.
* unnecessary
“Dirt you tell Binks I was a
4i No; I thought fie knew it.”
—Harvaid Lampoon.
Mr. F. Z. Jackson, a promi
nent business man of Koscuisko.
relumed home Monday after
having pleasantly visited sever,
ai davs in the home of his
nephew. Rev. F. Z Browne.
Teacher—‘Johnny,spell ‘dried
grass’ in three letters.”
Johnny—"H-A-Y.” —Ex.
>JO. 27

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