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You have seen much in the papers lately about the
marvelous benefits received by sick and suffering by the
use of the noted all-vegetable prescription known as YIN
HEPATICA [pronounced Yin He Pat-i-Ka.]
We have at last been able to induce the owners of
this remarkable prescription to let us have the sale
of it in this community. And now we have it.
We went after this great nature prescription YIN HEPATICA be
cause we know what it will do in cases of catarrh and indigestion,
biliousness, headache, sleeplessness, nervousness, weak and run down
condition and other ailments arising from a disordered stomach, liver,
kidneys or bowels.
Some of the most noted medical experts in this
country have pronounced YIN HEPATXCA a medi
cine of the highest merit. The prescription is com
posed of eight of the finest herbal remedies known
to medical science—remedies that have been prescribed by the medical profession for
cep We stand right back of it with all our years of reputation for the handling
of reliable medicines. We recommend only what we know to be good. We know
that VIN HEPATICA is thoroughly reliable and so recommend it.
VIN HEPATICA will start your torpid liver to wosk; relieve your indigestion; regu
late your bowels; correct your disordered kidneys; soothe your aching back; renew
your appetite; cleanse and tone your entire system, and strengthen your vitality against
the taking of colds, catarrh and other maladies so prevalent this time of ttae year.
It is the UNIVERSAL PRECRIPTION AND TONIC for the restoring of health and
renewing of vitality. Come in and get a bottle and take it on our recommendation.
It is pronounced Vin He-Pat-i-ka.
.GILL Co3iv£:E=^.:LT“2’,
grille, IL/£iss.
“I wouldn’t take SI,OOO for what one
1)ottle of Vin Hepatica has done for
me,” says Mr. L. A. Cantrell, aged 75,
chair worker of Miller avenue, Chatta
nooga, Tenn. - #
“It is worth SI,OOO a bottle. I have
t>een troubled with kidneys for years.
Catarrh of the head and stomach.
After eating a few bites my stomach
would swell up like a pumpkin. I had
the cramps, was fluxy, had to be up al
most every hour of the night on ac
count of the condition of my bowels.
“But Vin Hepatica has changed all
that. I don’t have to get up at all in
the night. 1 now eat potatoes, beans,
onions—anything. I had about decided
I could not nor would not live another
week, but after I saw in papers
what Vin Hepatica had done for others
In the same fix, I thought I would try
it and now feel better than I have felt
in forty years. Have put in 2% days
eolid work this week and am going to
atari in for inll time Monday.
Greatest Medicine Ever Made
Says Tennessee Man.
South-Pitsburg Man Takes
Vin Hepatica
(Reprint from Tennessean-Amerlcan)
“Money could not buy the benefit I
have gotten from Vin Hepatica,” says
Mr. J. T. Gillespie, stone mounder of
of South Pittsburg, Tenn.
“I was in such condition that my
energy had left me, I suffered with my
stomach and had no appetite. Via Me
patlca cured me. It is the greatest
medicine that was ever made.”
mu HEPimi
“I have passed my 75th yeai* and I
could not have held up much longer
the way I was troubled. But Vin He
patica was certainly a life-saver to me
and I heartily recommend it to my
The fact is, Vin Hepatica is a Na
ture medicine and not a patent nos
trum. It is a combination of eight of
the finest herbal remedies known to
medical science, remedies which are
prescribed nearly every day by the
leading physicians of the world, and
they are all combined into one great
Nature medicine for the kidneys, liver,
stomach and bowels, and for toning up
the system. Nothing is finer for any
one who is troubled with the stomach
or weak and run down condition.
We strongly recommend this great
Nature remedy. Come and get a bottle
and try it, on our recommendation.
You will like it and it will do you good.
No More Calomel For This
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Mule Had Run Away With Law
rence County Farmer —Com-
plications Arose That Baf
fled All Remedies Till Doc
tor Gave Vin Hepatica
W. W. Kelley, aged IS, well-known
farmer, of Route No. 3, Leona, Tenu.,
and former merchant, who was so bad
ly hurt several years ago by a mule
running away with him, and for a long
while in such a serious conditiou as a
result of his injuries, has recovered
and is at his work again.
Mr. Kelley says: “If anybody ever
was in a terrible condition, I was, until
my doctor discovered the right medi
cine for me. I had to quit farming and
go into the merchandising business,
but my injuries were/such that I broke
down in my kidneys and Buffered great
ly from rheumatism. I got so run
down that I could not sleep. Had to
get up a dozen times a night on ac
count of my kidneys. I tried all sorts
of tonics and remedies without any
help at all. Had to quit business.
“bne day ray doctor gave me a sam
ple bottle of Vin Hepatica and told me
to try that* And I did. It relieved me
so much that I had my wife to take
some of it, too, and I can safely say
that anybody who is in a rundown con
dition can not miss it if they take Vin
Hepatica. It is certainly a wonderful
medicine, just as my doctor said it
This is just the way thousands and
thousands talk about Vin Hepatica,
because it is Nature’s own remedy for
kidney, liver, stomach and bowel trou
bles; rheumatism, impure blood, nerv
ousness, sleeplessness, rundown, eak
condition, etc. It is not a patent nos
trum, nor a king cure-all, but a com
bination of eight of the finest herbal
remedies known to medical science.
We strongly recommend this great
Nature remedy. Come and get a bottle
and try it* on our recommendation.
You will it and 1* will do you good.
Ends Nervousness With Vin
East Tennessee Lady Almost
Total Wreck Reports Mar
velous Results From Taking
Great Nature Medicine
(Reprint trom Knoxville Tribune)
Mrs. Mattie Lucas, R. F. D. No. St
Haskells, Tenn . who was almost a
nervous wreck, all broken down, weak
and with scarcely any appetite on ac
count of food souring on her stomach
savs: “I could not get anything to do
me anv good. A friend of mine recom
mended that I take Vln Hepatica I
Lave taken throe bottles and feel like
an entirely different person. lam not
the least bit nervond, can eat anything
I want, have gained in strength each
day right along.”
Relieves Indigestion and
Testifies as to the Great Relief the Wonderful Nature Reme.
dy Brought Her
(Iloprfted from Nashville Uannor.)
•‘I only wish every feeble woman and
man would give Nin Hepatica a trial,’ -
declares Mrs. McCaloy Malroy, well
knuwn farmer’s wife of Vanleer, Tenn.
“I shall never forget Ihe drug firm of
W. A. Hell <fe Cos., who recommended it
to me, noi the name Vin Hepatica. for
what this great medicine has done for
Desiring Elclusive Agency for
YIN HEPATICA and Big free
Advertising Campaign for
therr town should write at
once to
Brown Chemical Cos.,
Sole Owners
Police Lieutenant’s Wife
Undergoes Five Operation^
Had Been Sick for Ten Year J-
Without Getting Relived Vm
til She Took Vm Hepatica flj
{Reprint from Tennessan-Amerlcan.)
Mrs R v N. Long, wife of Police Lieu
tenant Long, of 1008 Halcyon uvenue,
Waverly Place, Nashville, Teijm., Is out
and about her work again 'after ten
years of sickness and the effects of five
serious operations.
“If any body ever was in /a bad con
dition I was. Not only hatl I baen sick
for ten years, but In tbatUime 1 bad to
undergo live operations which resulted
in ray being left in a horrlabje condi
tion, greatly troubled with my stomach,
and spine and vorv nervous.
*1 took all sorts of medicines, but mv
husband ssld so uany friends of his bad
gotten such good results from Vin He
patica that he wanted me to try It. I
did and want to say right lure that I
feel better than 1 have In ten years.” d|
Mrs. Long’s experience Is the same as '
thousands of others. Vin Hepatica Is aim.
real medicine, not a patent nostrum. A®
Is composed ol eight of Nature’s li^& ;
herbal remedies, the same as le2u||
physicians the world over prescriill
cases of nerveousness, weak and®
down condition, disorders of the ||w|
a*h, lives and bowels. It Is comp*
ed with all the t-klll an I care of
most particular physician’s prescrip
tion. j
Miss Lancaster Says Vin He- i
patica is Grand Medicine
Was Very Nervous From In- J
digestion and Result of Oper- i
atkn, But'Vin Hepatica Re
stores Her Health Again.
(Rcprent from Chattanooga News,) J
“I was very nervous and greatly %
troubled with indigestion,” writes Miss 1
Hazel Lancaster, Ft. Ogletbrope, Ga.
1 had been operand on for appendlci- J
tis. Was under the constant care of a
doctor, without any results. I was so
nervous I could hardly bear for anyone |
to talk. Seeing in the papers what Vin f
Hepatica had done for eo many others, J '
I thought I would try it. 1 did and I**
was great') 7 relieved in every way. My %
appetite is fine. I can hardgy get
enough to eat. Vin Hepatica is a per- \
fectly grand medicine and I gladley
reccommend it to my friends.
me. I feel much better In every way ”
You see Viu Hepatica goes right to
the very seat of the trouble at the start
because It is a combination of eight of
the finest herbal remedies known to
medical science for weak and run down

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