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Why That Lame Back?
Morning lamene**, sharp twinge*
when bending and an all day back
ache; each i* cauae enough to suipcet
kidney complaint. If you (cel tired all
the time and are annoyed by diny
■pell*, headache* and irregular kidney
action, you hare additional proof and
should act quickly to prevent more **•
rioua kidney trouble. Ue Doan'*
Kidney Pill*, the remedy that ta rec
ommended everywhere by grateful
u*er*. Ask your neighbor!
A Mississippi Casa
J. M. Dodson. farm
er, 307 Railroad Av*., jfy
Winona, Ml**,, say*:
"I had sharp pain* In M 'e' f&S
the small of my back', gj-g* *
At times these pain*
changed to a dull, % a vViS
grinding ache. Other pir'jf)
symptoms of kidney v I
trouble developed and 3-r7 vh
my kidney* acted ir- 3-r-v ■JB JSr£
regularly. 1 used nfi ' yj[ lp
Doan’* Kidney Pills W. IffL
and the trouble en- fj f
tlrely left I haven’t
had a return of it
Get Doan** al Any Store, 60c a Boa
IW* lee, nsrely wphU*S7in
CUdna’a taoklar, laisSm mwy UUL I
GatnurttMl M'Biralk* mb ilnhißf. m
Ik* Uuu’ ui CWliraa’t K**akUr j|
Children crow healthy and free ti, „ I
tram ealtc, diarrhoea, flatulency, MpaaM ■
eoDitlpaUan and other trouble U Bail B
gtren It at teething Uma. W
Safa pleaaant—aiwaye brings re- ■
markable and gratifying results. J K
For Grip, Colds and
7-11 OlllllfUGE
kills the Malaria germ and
regulates the liver#
25 CENTS c
Life is a burden when the body
is racked with pain. Everything
worries and the victim becomes
despondent and downhearted. Tp
bring hack the sunshine take
Ths national remedy of Holland for ovar
JOO years; it ia an enemy of all paina re
sulting from kidney, liver and uric acid
troubles. All druggists, three sizes.
Leak fee the name Cold Medal oa every baa
aad accept no Imitation
For over hall a century DR.
sold for the Liver.
Read the following front a woman
el forty-eight: “I have used DR.
TUTTS PILLS for Bowel regula
tion many years. lam now con
vinced that they are also the best
known regulator for other retard
ed female functions. I have told
many of my friends and now none
would be without them. A few
days before, and you are all right.”
“w. N. U., MEMPHIS. NO. 39-1920.
New Army Corps Areas and Commanders
WASHINGTON. —The war depart
ment has announced the state
groups composing the army corps
areas and the headquarters of each:
First corps to embrace Maine, New
Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts,
Rhode Island and Connecticut; head
quarters at Boston.
Second corps to embrace New York,
New Jersey and Delaware; headquar
ters at Governor’s Island, N. Y.’
Third corps to embrace Pennsyl
vania, Maryland, Virginia and the Dis
trict of Columbia; headquarters at
Fort McHenry, Md., but temporarily
at Baltimore.
Fourth corps to embrace North and
South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ala
bama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkan
sas and Louisiana; headquarters at
Marine Corps Is Popular—Other Items
RECRUITING for the marine corps
Is rapidly increasing. Before the
i war 500 men a month was considered
a fair average; uow it is double that
number. The marine corps is now re
cruited to about 60 per cent of Its au
thorized strength of 27,400, and at the
present rate or progress will reach the
maximum number within a few
months. Recruiting officers believe
that the educational advantages now
offered to marines are leading large
j numbers to enlist.
REQUEST that the senate commit
tee on reconstruction and production
hold a hearing In Chicago and conduct
| a thorough investigation of the pres
| ent building, housing and high rents
! crisis, was received by United States
Senator William N. Calder. chairman
of the committee from the Chicago As
| Bociatlon of Commerce. Benjamin
j Rosenthal, director of the Chicago
Reorganization of the Secret Service
PLANS for n reorganization of the
bureau of investigation, the Ameri
-1 can secret service, have been perfect
| ed. The country will be divided Into
i nine divisions, each under a superin
tendent, who will have headquarters
In a principal city.
E. J. Brennan, who has been In
| charge of the Chicago district, has
j been designated as superintendent In
| charge of the fifth division, to Include
i Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North
j Dakota east Missouri and western
1 Michigan, with headquarters In Chi
j cage.
1 William J. Flynn, who became head
I of the bureau several years ago, stays
i In that post and L. J. Baley, who has
Bill for Mammoth Cave National Park
IS MAMMOTH CAVE to he the cen
terpiece of anew national park?
Representative Robert Young Thomas
of Kentucky has a bill on the congres
sional calendar which authorizes the
secretary of the Interior to acquire a
tract of not more than 32,000 acres,
and Including the cave property, at
n cost not to exceed $1,000,000, to-be
set aside as a government reservation
and to be designated as the Mammoth
Cave Notional park.
The Mammoth cove lies near the
head of navigation of Green river,
which has been Improved by the con
struction of locks and affords a means
of transporting coal from the Ken
tucky mines to the industrial centers
of the middle West. Many tourists
reach the cave by way of this river,
which is famous for Its natural beauty,
in the vicinity of the cave the coun
try Is very mountainous and covered
with virgin forests, which, It Is said,
prevent the filling of the channel by
erosion of the hillsides along the
The acquisition of the forest tract
Fort McPherson, Ga., but temporarily
at Charleston, S. C.
Fifth corps to embrace Ohio, West
Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky; head
quarters at Fort Benjamin Harrison,
Sixth corps to embrace Illinois,
Michigan and -Wisconsin; headquar
ters at Fort Sheridan, 111., but temp
rarlly at Chicago.
Seventh corps to embrace Missouri
Kansas, lowa, Nebraska, Minnesota.
North Dakota and South Dakota;
headquarters at Fort Crook, Neb,
Eighth corps to embrace Texas, Ok
lahoma, Colorado, New Mexico and
Arizona; headquarters at Fort Sam
Houston, San Antonio, Tex.
Ninth corps to embrace Washington
Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming,
Utah, Nevada and California; head
quarters at Presidio of San Francisco.
Corps commanders were announced
ns follows: First, Maj. Gen. David C.
Shanks; Second, Maj. Gen. Robert L.
Bullard; Third, Maj. Gen. Adelbert
Cronkhlte; Fourth, Maj. Gen. John F.
Morrison; Fifth, Maj. Gen. George F.
Read; Sixth, Maj. Gen. Leonard
Wood; Seventh, Maj. Gen. Omar Bun
dy ; Eighth, Maj. Gen. Joseph P. Dlck
man; Ninth, Maj. Gen. Hunter Lig
Housing association, makes the state
ment that the housing problem Is of
greater concern than the coal short
ADOPTION* of a liberal policy to
ward licenses under the federal water
power act has been urged on the wa
ter power commission by representa
tives of several New York Investment
houses. The commission is composed
of the secretaries of war, Interior and
boen the agent In charge of the At
lanta (Ga.) office, goes to Washington
to be assistant director and chief of
the bureau.
Under the new plan the first division
will he made up of New England and
the states of New York and New Jer
sey, with headquarters in New York.
The third will take In South Carolina,
Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississip
pi, the western judicial district of
North Carolina and the eastern district
of Louisiana and Porto Rico, with
headquarters at New Orleans. The
fourth will take In Ohio, Indiana, Ken
tucky, Tennessee and eastern Michi
gan, with headquarters at Cincinnati.
The sixth will include lowa, South
Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas,
Oklahoma and Arkansas, and western
Missouri, with headquarters at Kansas
City. The seventh will comprise Tex
as, New Mexico, Arizona and western
Louisiana, headquarters San Antonio,
Tex. The eighth will take In Califor
nia, Nevada, Utah and Hawaii, head
quarters San Francisco; and ninth,
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana
and Alaska, headquarters Portland.
ny the government Is urged, not only
for esthetic reasons, but also ns a
means of protecting a strenm which
has been rendered navigable at* con
siderable expense to the treasury. This
tract would have an area of from 20,-
000 to 30,000 acres, In addition to the
cave property, which contains some 1,-
700 acres.
An Interesting side Issue Is the sug
gestion that the outrush of pure air
at a uniform temperature of 54 de
grees Fahrenheit from the entrance to
the cave be piped Into a government
sanatorium for the treatment of tu
berculous ex-service men.
The Itching and Sting
of Blazing, Fiery Eczema
Seems Like the Skin is on Fire.
There Is a harassing discomfort
caused by Eczema that becomes a tor
ture. The Itching Is almost unbearable,
and the skin seems on Are with th*
burning Irritation. A cure from lo
cal applications of salves and oint
ments Is Impossible, because such
treatment can only allay the pain tem
porarily. The disease can only be
reached by going deep down to its
The source of Eczema Is In the
l (hiixToNic
Sold for 50 years for Malaria and as a
General Tonic. Helps build you up.
If Not S.M br Your Druggbt. Writ. ARTHUR PETER * CO.. LouUtUU, Kr.
Origin of Slang.
Slang originated from the gypsy
tongue. It used to be a secret lan
guage of that race. It Is by no means
of modern date, being well known In
the classic ages of Greece and Home.
“Cold In the Head**
!■ an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh.
Those subject to frequent "colds In the
head" will find that the use of HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE will build up the
System, cleanse the Blood and render
them less liable to colds. Repeated at
tacks of Acute Catarrh may lead to
Chronic Catarrh.
taken Internally and acts through the
Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the Sys
tem, thus reducing the Inflammation and
restoring normal conditions.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
F. 3. Cheney A Cos.. Toledo, Ohio.
Visitor Bound to Notify Big-Game
Hunter That He Would Not
Accompany Him. •
He was a big-game hunter and he
had Inserted an advertisement In a
morning paper asking If any man
would accompany him to central
Africa to shoot lions, rhinos, hippos,
etc., the said companion to bear half
the cost of the expedition.
Late that night or, rather at two
o’clock the next morning, his house
hold was awakened by n violent ring
ing of the front-door bell and a men
was admitted who,, to put It mildly,
appeared to have been wining.
“Look here,” explained the visitor,
“I read your ’vertisement (his mornln’
and I was bound to come to yon.”
“Well,” queried the hunter, “it’s a
bit late to talk business, but will you
accompany me?”
“’Company you?” retorted the visi
tor. “No, shir. I called to tell you
I’d shee you hanged first.”
In Proportion.
“Why, Is this your full stock of wed
ding rings?” the young man asked In
surprise. “Only half a dozen—-not
enough to permit of any choice at all.
Odd, when you have a couple of hun
dred engagement rings there in the
“Not odd—experience,” the jeweler
replied. “It’ll take nil those diamonds
to work off these plain bands.”
The cost | M
is small ! Instmt
The benefit | ©Dostum 1 !
• ■ 1 of part, ;
IS pX*63LX I *
J toum Cereal Company. (
©anu Cm. MioMtlA. ' *
g* <B i N .?•’ mi6*r tiom outKt*. _U ,
mose who feel
ill results from tea or
coffee drinking soon
profit by a change to
Instant Postom
Its pleasing flavor ease of
preparation, healthfulness
and practical economy com
mend this table beverage.
Sold in 50 and 100 cup tins.
A purchase from your grocer
soon proves
" There's a Reason’*
Made by Postum Cereal Cos., Inc, Battle Creek, Mich.
blood, the disease being caused by an
Infection which breaks out through
the skin. That Is why the most satla
factory treatment for all so-called skin
diseases is S. S. S., for this remedy
so thoroughly cleanses the blood that
no Impurities can remain. Get a bot
tle today, and yon will see results from
the right treatment. S. S. S. Is an ex
cellent system cleanser; It Is not sold
or recommended for Venereal Diseases,
Write for advice. Address Medical Db
rector, 110 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
Skin SeauHflerT
40c, GOc auC fLOO Jara al-unyc
Between you
nd the Sun.
la %n re protccUop
going out
-Toning, ft assure*
ilesb complexion.
■an hll> to pMM too.
>, Memphis.'Bnn
Hopelessly Out of Fashion.
Despite his shabby clothing and
empty pockets, it was evident that he
had seen better days.
A sympathetic soul began to chat
with him, anxious to hear his story.
Over a—er —cup of cocoa he told bis
“Yes,” he said, ‘Tve been quite a
personage In my time; In fact, the
cynosure of all eyes.”
His auditor waited In silence for an
“I was the tattooed man In the cir
cus," he went on.
“And how did you lose your job?”
he was asked.
"Public went crazy on moving pic
tures.” he said, “and mine wouldn't
Washington's Millionaire Colony.
Washington Is becoming a communi
ty of millionaires. According to esti
mates made from income tax returns
—the basis being an Income of $50,000
or more a year—the District of Colum
bia contains no fewer than 150 persons
worth one million dollars or more.
From season to season the number of
wealthy Americans who settle In fhcT
national capital, mainly attracted by
Its social opportunities, Is perceptibly
Walter —Beg pardon, sir, your check
does not Include the waiter!
Patron —I don’t suppose It does. I
didn't eat one.—Baltimore News.

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