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The Starkville news. (Starkville, Miss.) 1902-1960, October 01, 1920, Image 5

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Doctors’ Favorite Medicine Now
Purified and Refined from All
Objectionable Effects. “Oalo
tabs”—the New Name.
1 What will human ingenuity do nxtl
Smokeless powder, wireless telegraphy,
horseless carriages, colorless iodine, taste
less qpininc,—now comes nausealess calo
mel. The new improvement called “Calo
tabs” is now on sale at drugstores.
For biliousness, constipation and indi
gestion the new calomel tablet is a prac
tically perfect remedy, as evidenced by
the fact that the manufacturers have au
thorized all druggists to refund the pries
If the customer is not “perfectly delighted”
with Calotabs. One tablet at bodtime with
a swallow of water—that’s all. No taste,
no nausea, no griping, no salts. By morn
ing your liver is thoroughly cleansed and
you are feeling fine, with a hearty appe
tite. Eat what you please—no danger—go
about your business.
Calotabs are not sold in bulk. Get aa
original package, sealed. Price, thirty*
flve cents.—(adv.)
A man is as old as his organs; ha
can be as vigorous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if he aids hie organs in
performing their functions. Keep
your vital organs healthy with
The world’* standard remedy for tddn*y,
liver, bladder and ,aric acid trouble*
skies 1696; corrects disorders; stimulates
vital organa. All druggists, three sizes.
Leek fee the IUI Geld Made] mm event bos
ttsd icnjt mo InhttiMi
It Cleans the Teeth, Disinfects the Mouth
and Keeps the Gums Firm and Healthy
“I wish,” said Senator Sorghum,
"that you would not refer to me as ‘a
sphinx.’ ’’
“What’s (he objection?”
“The only sphinx I ever saw In my
travels had Its nose badly out of joint
and was unable to assemble an audi
ence large enough to justify any re
The Troublesome Experts.
“Know anything about an automo
“Not a thing.”
"Just the man I want. Tell me
what you think might be the matter
with ray car. The experts that have
come along have all guessed wrong,
and I thought perhaps you might be
able to guess right.”
Sweet Innocence.
' "Don’t you know there is a rumor
that the racing In which your husband
Is Interested Is crooked?”
"Not a bit of truth in It,” said
young Mrs. Torklns. “They can’t be
crooked. Charley show'ed me the
track and it’s a perfect aval.”
All Incentive Gone.
“So you are going back to the old
country, my man?”
“Sure I am. Who wants to live In
a country that’s got nothing left with
a kick in It but an army mule?”
High Toned.
First Moth —Is your brother In so
Second Moth—l should say so; he
won’t eat anything but evening
clothes after G P. M.
Wetmore: Gee! I stopped just
In time to avoid smashing that bot
His Wife: It would have been too
bad if we had cut anew tire.
Wetmore: Tire! I wasn’t think
ing of the tire. But there might be
something In the bottle.
Nothing to Talk About.
If all who hate would love ua
And all oar friends were true—
Good gracious! kindly tell us
What would the gossips do?
“Is that consequential-looking star
actor supported by his wife on his
“I don’t know how ho feeds three
times a day if he Isn’t.”
Contradictory Puzzle.
“There is one thing which has al
ways puzzled me In military matters.”
“What Is thntr
“How a standing array can be kept
In good running order.”
The Progress.
“He went to court and sued her for
her love.”
“Then she went to court and sued
him for breach of promise.”
Natural Conclusion.
“What are you in here for?" in
quired the visitor of the convict.
“For the simple reason,” replied the
convict, “that I can’t get out.”
Another Way of It.
"Well, I’ve got to go today and
face the music.”
“Why, are you In trouble?"
“No; I conduct a band."
A Now Discovery.
"Someone has discovered that
snakes have sentiment.”
“Well, they certainly do have a way
of winding themselves around one.”
Easily Hidden.
“We are afraid young Mr. Sllllboy
is losing his mind."
“Jost keep It quiet and noboijj; will
ever know the difference,”
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Doubles Its Beauty.
A few cents buys "Danderlne."
After an application of “Danderlne”
you can not find a fallen hair or any
dandruff, besides every hair shows new
life, vigor, brightness, more color and
thickness. —Adv.
Its Nature.
“My brother has a good money
making job.”
“Where is it?”
“At the mint.”
If your eyes smart or feel scalded. Roman
Bye Balsam applied upon going to bed la
Just the thing to relieve them.—Adv.
Verbal Golf.
Black—What kind of golf does
Brown play?
White—Worst I ever listened to.—
London Answers.
Watch Cuticura Improve Your Skin.
On rising and retiring gently smear
the face with Cuticura Ointment.
Wash oft Ointment In five minutes
with Cuticura Soap and hot water. It
Is wonderful sometimes what Cuticura
will do for poor complexions, dandruff,
Itching and red rough hands.—Adv.
No one ever heard a pretty girl say
anything about her beauty’s being only
skin deep.
“They Work while you Sleep"
Do you feel all tangled up—bilious,
constipated, headachy, nervous, full ol
cold? Take Cascarets tonight for youi
liver and bowels to straighten you out
by morning. Wake np with head clear,
stomach right, breath sweet and feel
ing fine. No griping, no inconvenience.
Children love Cascarets too. 10, 35,
50 cents. —Adv.
Some surgeons manage to carve out
large fortunes for themselves.
The “Bayer Cross” on tablets is the thumb-print which
positively identifies genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for
over 20 years, and proved safe by millions.
Safety first I Insist upon an unbroken “Bayer package ’ containing propel
directions for Headache, Earache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Colds, Rheumatism
Neuritis, Lumbago and for Pain generally. Made and owned strictly by Americans!
Bayer-Ta blets n
Hndjr tin box a* of 12 tablet. oott bat * few cent*—LarMr package.
Aartfta DtkibKeuikK Barn Vaaataotar. of Uo.oao.UeacldMt.r of BaiiorUoaol* <
Says You Cannot Gripe, Sicken, or Salivate Yourself if
You Take “Dodson’s Liver Tone” Instead
Calomel loses you a day! You know
what calomel Is. It’s mercury; quick
silver. Calomel Is dangerous. It
crashes Into sour bile like dynamite,
cramping and sickening you. Culomel
attacks the bones and should never be
put Into your system.
When you feel bilious, sluggish,
constipated and all knocked out and
believe you need a dose of dangerous
calomel just remember that your drug
gist sells for a few cents a large bot
tle of Dodson’s Liver Tone, which Is
You Can’t Rub It Away;
Rheumatism is in the Blood
Liniments Will Never Cure.
If you are afflicted with Rheumatism,
why waste time with liniments, lotions
and other local applications that never
did cure Rheumatism, and never will?
Do not try to rnb the pain away.
Try the sensible plan of finding the
cause of the pain, and go after that
Remove the cause, and you remove the
You will never be rid of Rheumatism
until you cleanse your blood of the
9 Br
I® *' -Awl
/ y/
Jr “Hurry, Baby Has the Colic” /yj
Don’t take dangerous chances by letting baby ' P
, fret, cry and suffer—use the safest proven remedy - j-__ 7
for colicky or teething babies.
'SYRUP ■■ B| f
Th* Infant*’ and CUdraa’* Regulator ' y
It quickly aid* baby’* stomach to digest food as It should and 'ofCA v >(b|
keep* th* bowel* open, briny* surprisingly quick relief from e
colic, diarrhoea, cuaitlpatian, flatulency and other aimllar fjj
trouble*. SuSft g*
Made ef purely vegetable Ingredients, guaranteed to contain 5>
ne narcotics, opiates, alcohol nor anything harmful. Thia / Jw/.&j
complsts, open published formula appears on every label: V'fVr.'■/ ' (
Ssnnt Sodium Citrate Oil of Anus Caraway Glycerins i
Rhubarb Sodiusi Bicaibosats Fennel Coriander Sugar Syrup I j
VAt All Drugfittt nWißgffi !l!
ANGLO-AMERICAN DRUG CO.. 215-117 FoHon Street. Naw Tsrk B hyi, -ij
General Selling Agents: Harold F. Ritchie & Cos.. Inc. M glSiiitai !|
Near York London XoKwta ami ... ia ,
Its Chief Point.
"The wild goose Is neither beautiful
nor graceful.”
“But It’s game.”
entirely vegetable and pleasant te
take and Is a perfect substitute for
calomel. It Is guaranteed to start your
liver without stirring yoru up Inside,
and can not salivate.
Don’t take calomel 1 It can not be
trusted any more than a leopard or
a wild cat. Take Dodson’s Liver Tone,
which straightens you right up and
makes you feel fine. Give it to the
children because It Is perfectly harm*
less and doesn’t gripe.—Adv.
germs that cause the disease, S. S. S.
has never had an equal as a blood
purifier, and scores of sufferers say
that It has cleansed their blood of
Rheumatism, and removed all trace
of the disease from their system.
S. S, S. Is an excellent system-cleanser;
It Is not sold or recommended for Vena*
real Diseases,
Get a bottle of S. S. S., and get oil
the right treatment to-day. Special
medical advice free. Address Medical
Director, 111 Swift Laboratory, At*
lanta, Ga.
Not His Class.
“That old miser Is sul generis."
“He ain’t neither. Nothin’ generous
about him,”

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