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| New Advertisements.
Improved farm implements
cannot be us-^d unless the stumps
and roots are removed from the
land, nor can the farmer be very
prosperous unless he use improv
ed la. n> machinery. The Milne
Mfg . Co., advertises a stump
.,ul!. r in this issue that will aid
• he :armcr in clearing his field of
\\ e v tli special attention to the
t a<< large advertisements of the
Ccnttirv Mfg .Co., It our readers
need anvthing in their line we
advise them to write to this com
panv for a catalog and be convinc
ed of what it means to deal with
factorics direct.
It i- bolishncss forour readers
to buy peach trees from agents.
T.ie best southern grown trees
an be secured from J. C. Hale
Winchester. Tenn. for little mon
Devon bulls, angora bucks and
u’.iie pups arc offered as a spec
al in this issue by H.S. Withers,
Jackson. M IMS.
Vherdccn Angus (beef cattle)
, an be secured of C Foreman
West Point very cheap at the
The great root crop. Cassava,
is advertised by K. S. Middleton
of Pocahuntus, Miss.
A standard bred Prairie Hell
Stallion for sale by C. k\ Smith,
Artesia, Mis**.
Mr. J. K. Young is known as
one of the leading poultrvmcn of
the country. He keeps the best
write him for prices.
The McNeill Branch experi
m.-nl station has asparagus roots
and strawberry plants fo- saie
Wc lake pleasure in commending
the*c goods.
Out advertisers areal! reliable.
The class of advertisements in
this Journal compared with the
advertisements inutber Journals,
we have the v rybest that can pos
$30 to California $30
Mobile & Ohio K. K. Coupon
ageots Meridian to St. Louis, in
clusive, will sell one way second
class colonist tickets to California
at above rate daily to November
to, 1903. Proportionaly low rates
from Mobile, Montgomery and
other points in Alabama. Ask
agent for particulars.
Market Gardening. ]
The truck farmer is rapidly'
becoming a prime factor in the
economics of a great city, and'
the nearer he comes to under
standing the art of gardening
the greater his profits and
more extended the benefits de
rived by the community from his
It is not all of truck farming to
plow and plant, to hoc and weed,
but the farmer must know how
to maintain the fertility of the
soil To this end. a good gener
al knowledge of the use of cither
natural or artificial manures is
essential, and then be must have;
full appreciation of the rotation
of crops and of the benefits to be
derived from an occasional green ;
manuring to put the soil in good
tilth, and he would be a poor op
erator, indeed, did he not know
something of the relation that
water holds to the plant creation
and of the best means of conserv
ing that relation.
In market gardening we first
have man himself as the most
imjH>:tant factor, for upon him
rests the responsibility of select*
| ion of a suitable site, the prepar
ation of the soil, seeding, grow
ing and care of the coming crop,
and finally of its marketing, with
• the hundred and -nc details that
enter into these operations.
The field for market gardening
is a Urge one, and ;s as yet hut
partially occupied; this to the
: man who is equipped w ith a good
knowledge cij plants and their re
' quiremeitls, of soils and what is
needed to keep them abundantly
‘supplied with plant food with the
-lightest outlay of capital, the
field is a very inviting one.
The agricultural colleges of the
: land are now equipped to impart
this information, and their facili-j
lies for teaching arcconstantly in
creasing. It is corning to be
i recognized more that theory
and practice, science and art,
must go hand in hand if we would
haw strong all-round men; there
fore the prospective gardener
should supplement his pactical
iexperience with the scientific
training afforded by a good agri
j cultural college.—Mississippi
| Journal- I
No More Blind Horses.—For
Specific Optbalmia, Moon Blind
ness and other Sore Kyca, Barry
Co., Iowa City,Iowa. Have Sure
Cotton States Commissioners
of Agriculture to Meet.
" 11 "■ t
'1 bev will hold their fourth an-!
uel meeting in Montgomery. Ala. (
Oct. 7, 8, and
Many of the leading agricultur-.
alistsfrom every part of the south
will be there. *
Headquarters will he the Kx
change Hotel.
A rate of one and one third fare
for the round trip has been gran
ted by the rairoad*.
A Good opening.
The A. tNr M. College opened
the present session under the [
Host TTattcrng auspices. The ;
enrollment on the 14th of Sept
showed an attendance of live |
Hundred and seventy live stu
dents. the largest number ever j
present at the beginning ofa ses
sion. and each day. brings a few
more to swell the number. Last 1
week whs taken up in examina
tions, etc. Regular and routin< |
work was begun at one, and j
it is nova busy place for students
and faculty, and it wiil without
doubt prove to be the most pros
perous session that this grand
institution has ever enjoyed.
The Southern Farm ti.w'ctte
suggests tUccstablishmcntat the
A. iY M. College of a “good roads
department.” The idea is worth
considering. If we educate our
boys on that line the State will
soon pull out of the mud.—Aber
deen Kxatnincr.
4000.000 PEACH TREES,
rm, jt* ititiM KMi t *»«
Nuiirwilt tr *•< !«! I««t ■*•:! <lifr» t lo (■Im
!«-». a I *|Ki)euW Al-.-utc!) llw Irun,
,» I t»n„ I„ tunic. IVtllr lor r«Ul,^(ur,
an,* jit*.*** licOr Jf-nit uf«lrf , riw » ht-rr.
W, .'.if.ntw ,n»r *t »k l„ i»- itur to ujau-.l.iifv
>•*1 oar.-f) m is*- ■ il l V*! )t,» * j
J. C. HALE,; WlnchoHtor, Venn, j
10<) Blue Barred Plymouth
Kock FOR SALK Richly mark*
ed and highly penciled.
W W. BOYD. Osborn. Miss.
Golf & Ship Island Railroad
The >hortest line from the Interior
The Newest Deep Water Port on
the tiulf Coast
Through Buffet Sleeping Car Ser
vice Just Inaugurated between
. and..
Illinois Central R. R., Jackson
and Gulf & Ship Island
No 5 No J No 1
I.t. Ja«'kvw JfcO* |* in 4:k ,1 ni 500 a m
I.i.H«Uk*twra<>:.<Oi> m M:15 a m 7:42 am
Ar. tlulfport 1».< 0 ni 11:14 am »:50» m
No 2 No 4 Nob
Ar Jack%*> tUASpnt J:15|>m 1i>;00ptn
I.* liallu-*t»tirit *>;I2 ;> in K»i'.»m 7:25 pm
I.» l»uHj«ort ’»> p m b:55 a m 4.00 pm
Gulfdort and the w.iters of the
tiulf hut twelve I our* from Mem- I
Clone connections with Illinois
Central at Memphis to all jKiints
Ka t. Nurthwc.t and Southwest.
tiulf A Ship Island trains are
arranged to m.ikcconncction* with
the I,. A N K K at Gulfport,
Mi**.. N C. »v N. K. at Hatics
burg. Laurel and Lmnlierton, and
A. »v V., and \ S. A I*., and
the I. C. at Jack.*on.
S. 0. Boylston 6cn*l P«$. Agt-,
(iul(|<urt, Mi**.
No. 41. (daily) 10:05 a. m
No. 45. •* 4:25 a. m
No. 42 (daily) 12:15 p. m.
No. 44 “ f>:25 p- m.
Onml tT.MVU.
liat IW> Aj»nl. A«1UM !rui'rA|.lt,
A Fancy Driving and Saddle
marc, 4 years old-medium size.
Gentle and easily bandied.
Also four solid lawn, fancily
Bred Registered Jerseyjheifers
Exile of St. Lamberts, Breeding,
J. II. Pkkkiks Stark ville Miss*

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