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The Southern farm gazette. (Starkville, Miss.) 1895-1909, October 15, 1904, Image 3

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|| registered .
Poland China Hogs.
not rt’i'intci wl,
By car hud or loss M. R.
Turkeys II. R. Rocks Rlack
LtOgsbans and Kino I*it <iames.
Will apprco itc your order*.
Trout i ltiio«
loutr N \ . Water*. «n. Tr-.ii
Celebrate 1
for its use
in hulltn#
peas from the ix>d
Hand I 'otter, runs light.'Ter*
fcct»on !l•-c 1C material the best,
•uilt by skilled workman
Over in isst- which hull
an average of bushels
of peas each reason.
Write n*r prices and booklet
!v.4c Vjiki-r* 4fi4 tL't-iO'-* *,
1 Li ton, *».v
BKhKsttlhK s\v IM - 1
ItOX/K T!'KK!.V- M.s •*.
t*h K PLY Mot' ns K Ks,
T* ,.ii"Uwr Wli.it • th
T«tf v». w ijttc (.tom i*, ISirpIe
ftem*-**. H4 c th< tii) 4 <4 11:•
h» the s, uvh in v» -
■u t l*. i -A l l I u .
J. D. Stodghill & Co,
Hr<' t * kl)>' »t ■ , «•* » li c}’
AtJ.’Uk HM«f1 I’ltn,
AftC K--.! l*u|l * all C, J- '? A 1 » .
Pidan: ( • jtt.» 4l)i! tf f; , « ' »
tooiv’.k f<'» (trricf k, ’f 4th J '■» -m l
toll «J> > * ilai r* «| 4«s4 » t< I* , .
Afc't H » is |,< glvifCk « .*t 3* »i!
Jc tjirtlrf*. I»fi1 >•*
**«l 3' ulr Al Sk'.ltiJ \
So. 3*‘h < l,lr ,il<- i( \ .(| ik Mu!»
to •»«*«'■ i«t ji b<-, f, »>
!) l><» it. I, 1,1 hr I :<> i. K
1 h«i< i! bx.-Iil 'i ./ - f
I .fr/* I’.Uill.l f ?«$»».» ,tr*f
(pm I ! » *<-!*»>.}} Ilril In fi! pijf»
M thr i‘jt) k it j* r» >t •» l*s!«
'**|’Jf.l!r IlMcr* J< (u!| 4fr lull rckt
t4 Off!,- 'J ,,>> * t! I SfOKI .
.1 3i kwjii. M I *.»
K,vc m<- Lull t a 1 \<*% l't»r S»ilr
c.thaha Lit*.
J. ii. M am i l.V
,'\t’AuOd, 111.
Km rnK OA/j
1 'lease permit me to ask a f, A
questions „bout the planting ami
growing of At {.ilia, as I a!„ anx.
tons to try it m I>,ke county.
1 What kind <d land is best
adapted to the growth of Aif.il.a/
i me Und or ri h bottom land.'
- How and when should it b<
; What* kind of a l e r t i!. > r ss
best to us, **
4 Where can the m ed be had '
About what will the seed Uwt
per bushel, and ho a manv seed
should be p anted to an acre of
g<s*d bottom land '
I! 'A* ,ong alter it is planted
•cto.'e i cm *eg11 to pasture m v
bogs *»n itr
* 1 lit l ilt! Il .n 1 n to « o l ....
\c.iror will a v«*;ne the second
vtar itoru the roots hkc “John*
«u*n gr,is).v‘
• Is *t a fcjrass that von s.»n
kill out and get ri i <*} l>y j»A»w**t^
and ctwiitA'.injg other crops it
r<*u v. !t»{j to do s> *
* Hon many hoj/s should pas
*.urc on an a. re of A h fa for
lb cm to do u e.I>
I*!«*asc .mou r these ouestions
•n the neat »**uc of \our \.Ch...
hie paper and oblige
J. i . Lt 11 if,
Ptl,e County.
1 Rich bottom land A .Jeep
•o t ts ijtiessa'v; a porous su!„
*oil is ins*. Prepare -the land
for cabbage and then plant A3
fa ;fa. Hitch '* «»r ** Urge muir*
or horsr* t«» tuc sutmoji plow ait>.
break the land !»>• b* or Is inch
es deep. l*h» r. use a dis, bar*
ft."', a*ecti*>n Hie* 1 barrow. and
virci rower n you nave tnem.
to»th harrow nl 2\12 in h pusiU
.*;»}• d by weather b-'aiding ».au
!je o*r»! to ad \ ant,n». as a
puheruer Hr sure that there
*rc ih» cl'ois in the so;' bef rt
V oti plan l t He seed.
2 lies! time in September or
t h tuber. In the spring lebrua
ry is the oest month
' Barm ard m mu \
• I'Vmn an\ HI r ; I; ills*- th i ad
vertises 111 this paper, ah *ut ?!•',
about 2S pounds.
5 tt is mil advisable t<» pasture
it the t;r*»t y« .»r. but it should be
Ut tiCVr fa I linns With t tl«. UlOW*
•r **ii» make it spread
• . i
11 ut e
7 You • ait easily *jrt n<l o< it
(*ut th • i i o*% nh ntf yy 11h a }» wv
just beioyy the surhne ul the
tfround and it will be killed out
nn 11 r t 1 v .
s lo to 2«i head
1 ’’ h st titn when first b.os
1|S ,l! l* st rn t u* |..st time in
November or Ih.ceniber.
if will vivid from d to *> toils of
na v p v r v v , t
0 i. vn id about two bushels (>|
seed }>er * ittin„r per .if re. Save
set cl fr«»m stv >;id or tmrd t ut
1 he h.tv is worth ap ml sj-, no
p- r t»>n: t:.e sen! about jlo per
i Jure s n o< tier forage crop
in the world. 1'he dry hay fias
never in ared ail) animal. When
it is fjrven and wet with dew or
ram. it sometimes injures cattle
and sheep.
1 he h huts arc g *od for bees.
I he plant transfers nitrogen
r«»:n the air to the soil,
it sends its roots dou n deot*
H > the hoi:. The ro »ts have
been Known to go down for 12^
! t t.
Kory farmer in this Stale
His'ht to try. sav one acre and
tiho tint a ht tiu r it w i!l grow on
{os Sand Ki>p«».
*• • mm • •»
< >1 dlH i ds.
The planting of • >r« bards
sh -»;d n«> engage our alt* ntion.
W e should sei< s l tile land lu st a*
dap-.cd to si nil trees and puher*
i • it thoroughU* as deep as we
i an o ith .» pb* a .in-! su'isni! plow
Mellow the sop fur at least tif.
let n inches deep. t heck the
atld oboiit 2 * fe» t and make the
.soies three or four feet Ml Ula n*
eter. Prune ti»e trees vert
lose. Plant til.iil the same
doptb that thev were in the nut's*
erv dii*! face th« ;n the same'
v .»v. Spread tMe roots out c\cn*
and * . with a fertile s.*d.
Mi.lJ: With barnw rd manure.
I ’ 1. ni til*- *> * hard til peas and
• ' m. d phosphate
! 11 i 1 * . Aw d breaking the I 'kits
hi * u'iti ating t**t* trees ..ml be
a re I ul ii i !*• skm them with
the singh tr*. • .
h i nit i** hr.tpet' than doctor
till s
I to not nuv trees from agents.
The ad.ei tis rs in tf.is paper
will seT \*>n in* best trees lor
.iboul ten cents per tree.
•* •« ♦
()ue man can do m**re than
twice the work and do much
.u tter work with a two mule
plow than a nun with a one mule
plow. The mule will soon pay
tor him.se11 M ile labor is much
* hi a pci tk.«n human labor. ^ 1
’ i
Red Rust Prool Oats very
i n e -
Hue Registered Red Poll
hull, 4 yeans old.
High grade Red Poll hull
Lespede/a Striata Seed.
Mules and fine horses.
Several farms and timher
J. !i. MeGEHEE,
Laurel Hill, La.
i stored
.. Stock ..
Breeder of Registered l*oi and
Chin \ Hogs, most fashionatdc
Registered Sotihdown Sheep
vith imported ram at head of
Registered Knglish and Ken
tucky 1* ox ifounds.
Also Registered Trotting Stal
;>>n Ro\a; tV»at .vs,r*52. 2.I.V,:.
*Vi* it writing u> it.i/v'ttv ado ftim-rs
He Sure -u\ «lu re voti saw (he
»«lv. It w !l «o*t you noth
t g an.*. Will do von £«n«d,
T*' Red Ripper "££»,
* >»-tve» Time. l.iKii’anil
! 1»‘ »! T ‘ It t I'!‘! ‘ :i» lli«| «I rollers I,
**5 '! " .'I ni’ 1 <!».»:»! }■• tun prm nil
j ! : mi »i : . until'* milv o • I] .rvi In
4 "I" .if .i I--. tn i 'nil ■ .. .*
j f ’ ■ » J :>i (► - ! nr. »• ,•* |. ,h
i nil'ii *«»'■ 1 i i mul iJ«•• s nmr(»
4 •»" i «"i s iluii iinikt |)ri‘'«'K ooit'
5 ■ I ' < tliin * »> mui'li.
Ail!? tor frve I'ltulivp BnokiM.
*1 H F% MKG. CO.. Hclrnn.Gw.
/ j
i t
i >
t •*« ml lm»lm-oa dlrril ti» IVunliInclon, i1
( rm-i llmi , unit lint, tirltrr m n j|
f My ell.« Mom MV.I Pittr.l 0S.« TRIE prollntn-''
f try inAlu'l.ni 111le At v • (e# nat da# until patont i1
‘ 'IK. ir-i !■. R ■ » I 1. ATT!. NTI.)N I.IVU » YEAR*€
f ACtl/At. EXPIM’. <Ti: y,i Hew to obtain Fatcota." <’
J taut I'm t <■■■.! plot Arad Ihn iwh 8 0. Slf£«r*
III > p >. i i t, without chargo. to tfca [
v ...oitiu'.T 1 cucb a y £!•%<»&:*» yi«r trriu». $1. a y«ar.

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