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The Southern farm gazette. (Starkville, Miss.) 1895-1909, May 01, 1906, Image 14

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! iilht-fcct Cotton Kmvs
! K M< trinr. N.if’.i i. Aii
I ;u mv (,.vt- i n :
_1 or the purpi-rsio of jirmnk
C'ouphl I 111.1 i • the lAllosvin^
•'fat c m e ti e A t»_ w la r m ei:s in
Ccen'sftaw f-liiatv, Alabama, a
*<umtv acl'iininir Montgomery
luuntv. tried < yht fo >t rows
..'t vear for rot ton. usiny the
" m* amount <>: rt; r on the
wide rows as they would base
U‘-od with foiir-ti ot raw*.
<*r.i Amur reported the re*
*■* t ,i' to y ( He made l<an>
rounds o’ v<ed eotton to the
a re. and s.i rd h»’i t ii<* hornuj.
: so’ ro r'V.san whs tie rould
U H Itiv ! i r v t n !h< . nHnfl
'• 4vc nuili a ..top o; p.av :n the
tmddV of the wide ru.vs, Ho
\ mt. Mr„ Kditoi #
Lav the matter in *»umc form
before vonr rt .»< • '■*., <*o .t*, to yet
an expre4-" on from them hav*
ny hoe my is att item farmer*
.■.re mtu'h mu rotrd in. ami.
v htic they '•tve homny. i! pea**
.an be mace m the rnnitbe** with
out to nry to the eoften, all the
mtroyen needed for fin next
rop mav be *-tored in the noil,
• ns von well kn< w peas have
the power of extra-tiny the
free miroip n from the air
'1'heorv atub pr.u IP ■ to f4l we
f o S m u ** l a y rue.
1 , tor ).*. N"t<- It c i .* Ii t*f <M'»t
rows ;re r. - <!. t <o tain v seems
:h ,i it woo'd b< .hi opportunity
.f st si iii top to improve tin*
■h‘ s not ;;rmvn iir'Wicij the
11 i rr ton s pj,*n ol
Urowing i ’ I '* ith x‘«itton, as
piVfii "1 the A to i 1 ' ssilf ii( tbr
‘•arette. «U a s ve.th :* rather
Mm I i< i’ll" r> mi1 th«i« i an
• ■ no douM .io or«tmi» to tutor*
niation !>< n *• be sources,
that Mr. Hamilton •» p an i>> sue*
. esstul. it should b. r. mem
, red. however, that owm** to
iiis jir, jiiar < mli. 11 ion s be uses
i.o plan .o- an ob i<. |^i oivui^
i u'lt'Mi on tu< S4111C uni vear
tei ' i'.ii lu nth* 1 .mi its. his
I) s* M< i ' .1 Ml ■» l
t . i t *• |<ij' rotation nt~cr"|<*».
I lie Ijlll-S'.IMII '>1 il<ON sill ( CMS
., \ ]k*.is . .in !»«• if Town In*.
1 vein < olJotl ru'A ' is of jfr»;,it
rr por t a n«.e, a”d anv one who
. an make .« report on a< tual i*v
• , i n< ■ with i * v\ itl tie iloinjr
• ..i e4to readers a {food turn
1 opinion o» Mr. Hamilton
Ik inti restnitf, t •» s.t \ tin
;ni’ uia v ne that be .. ,ic
"vo experience i>! his own or f I
• fliers with p rowing \ eas in cot
\V hoi w r may pive su h ex
perience will please be ws deii
lite as possible concerning flu*
vidlh of rows and the off eel the
leas h.»d on the void the first
.'cat ant! ollu r vears.
>1 Bargain
Three new subneriptions lor
nit' Year will be j;iven to the <> »•
'ette for sd, «>r the paper w ,be
sent three teats to tine address
for '1 it .til the lime is in .«<1
van e. No one owin^ h.o k m:'>
seripti'Ui tan have three % eats
fort*] til. the arrearage <* pa.il,
I oiiisui tin (loti \ cut 11 * it
1 he Louisiana 'state Ayrs.
tliral Sr>c etv aOO the l.ou;«: na
s{<>v ;.r 11 «iers Asmh iattoil v\ i
no ii an annua! joint conwnt'op
tt Marksviilc, La.. May 1. 2 ami
i.cncra agricultural s i .
lefts vvi l !>c <1 iscushcit i<v .1 num
ber of rt presentatm spcakirs.
ami ea. h t»»nu will hr ati-r ii s.
cusscd \>y whoever desires • <>
take part in the work ot the e n
>cntton. The gailint i
mo* arc making a speru c*Sut
{»< su lire tile attendance •>!
adics. The T ex.is »Y I’a ■
and i.< nnect.nsr railroad* ar» < 1
ferine rt«lis cd rales 'nr th< s«
ilcsis irs^’ to attend .
To Advertisers.
i v *
i »>jt, t ir advertisrir • nts
*hmiid arrive in the ofti .
the < t \i i in si •. e rat da v s
heiofe the dale i»! issue.
to a tamire to do *.o,
nilHidimh dcsiruijf to .,ii
H'fliM o* drsappcunted
evtrv i*>vwo. Advortis t
in t!li- *. \ / in arc
t; ri^ MONK CIMNKss
'I HAN hVKK l!KI iiKK.
Address all inaTIsioij»T\ to
the Is*ii mi■ hs 1* not ( ,
/i iii and not to imjj
I 'Ica'.c mention t lie <, *
v hen writing to advertiser*.
Soijt hi : I n n’. Itf. i 1 d i d \
till t t Vt ii4 *» rtrf ;H . v » . . .. w “ *
Tin Souttn m Farm < i.«7t-Uc .*••• cts. i f\{\
1‘iit South* rn Cultivator 51.. .i kP' i V/1/
The S< utlicrn 1'arm <id'ettc><» cts. ^ _
Southern I*'r*iii » .rower 5«> ct*». ff Iff 1
Hne<it 'v j!.I *
^lie '■'•"ill t rn Farm tia/etlo 5<hts.
1 %. .j.'. v.1 }',.p jj Monthly . .. ' 0! I /J /\
" lie < t I ar u m^ >d e ts . m + \ J
\\ oinari ** Maya me .■'••cts ...
In S'-ifi f n I .irnti.,1 ette 5a* cts.j gym ^
Nn iht'i n I r mt «. rower S*» v t*,.. ^jJ^ff^ffffffl
'•muthem I**nI♦ ry Journal >«> ct* .
Pear >n s Mat'a'ine 51."o .,
I’m Southern Far-n «Ja/elte 5<» ct*».\ *4^ I
Fruit Trees Fruit Trees
^2()()*()()() Apple*. Plum*. Pear*. Pecans, now
f ' crowing for VOl*. Don't wait for some
•U'i-bt t<> > -■ aionj* to sell you. but write u* for our Wholesale
prnv, *.>> 'i < *! .
n ' fv. S are . ; bmUJrtl from the best type of A Hi vh:n.. tree,
• 'h rrfore not oni\ be true to name, but up to the best of
■ • »fH’, V» e brec«! no scrubs. He sure to write for prices ijuick.
Howerton Bros- Orchard Company,
,' ' * : *** Dewberry^ PLANTS
s.-n.i for |«hh. strawberry nlants an,!--**
* . * ‘ i -«-!**»«. t f \ pUnts. best varieties fot Mississippi.
THUN Lh.HTI our.
* hattanno^a. Trnn
H Kh V'.ish |- «»\ I crnrrs,
ImPrr'*‘ IVkin Ducks. liUck Lungshan*.
Mannar.I Kr< <] Trotters anit pacer*.
_2 ■ ^vrgra...h,i.v.
' JpPLiKi' U 1 *' 111 l,P Ras\ I*» operate Coin
. P’-P K»ok ol instructions, (.\tulojj lice.
i»epi 1 . i ARM CANNIN* i MACHINi; CU . Memiian. Miss.
i.uium ii-tt., It .* worth >s.04t n> a„v onr; h.uml ... cloth .uul w.l.
' c.o'.< • «>f 1 hr ».\/i | i, w ho H'lutk M) CCIiIh tu the
‘ ; .,*.1. Tenu . for .4 year’. k.ub»cri|»
t .1 ♦ ■ ti i'l. u.Jl.t f u -II 1I1.4K .1 1 tie.
... *" '' ■" I. ■ ■ • I II II W

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