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The Southern farm gazette. (Starkville, Miss.) 1895-1909, March 01, 1907, Image 11

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Riverside Poultry Farm
Orrville, Ala.,
oiers for shipment at once ltk)
very choice MAMMOTH HROHZI
TURKEYS bred from prize win
ners. No better stock anywhere.
Toms $5, pullets #3. trios *10,
eggs $3 for 10.
Barred Hock ‘gg*. pullet
^Hok or cockerel mating, all
from prue winner*. 13 for JO. Buff
Reck eye* S3. Brown Leghorn egg*
|2. Nothing ahipped that I would not
be walling to buy or breed from. Not
oece*»ary to writ* for deacnpttoa.
Tell me what you want aod your
check will get the beat on thw yard.
Satiafaction guaranteed.
Single Comb Vbito Leghorn
Kggs from standard bred,
heavy laying, pure white birds;
$1.50 for 15; $2.5o for 3o.
n. » . onAnr,, itox ii,
Port Gibbon. Miss.
Pure Bred Orpiugteu Eggs
15 frcm pen 1. 92 00: frutn pen 2. 91 90.
Mei Emma Edwards. McCnol. Him.
Rose Comb White Wyan
■OD* dotte egg* at il .5<> a set
ting. Jam&sox C. Jojcks,
Corinth. Miss.
pnill TRY Brown Leghorns, B.
rUULInl Kock#> White Wyan
dotte*. M. I. Pekin Ducks. My en
tire time given to the business.
Catalog free. All letters an
swered the dav received.
W.A KLLIS,Boa 10, Rosa, A;„a.
Cocks, Eggs tef;
fl.5o to#2 00( i5egp*tl.5o. S.C.
Br. Leghorn cocksfl .S4» to#2.00,
15 eggs #1 50.
W. G Mitchki.l, Rikn*i, Ml«.
I Barred Recks, Pure Ringlet*
J yards mated for exhibition
cockerels, 4 for pullets. 15 eggs
id, 3o 15. 45 *7.
J. B. KNZUR, Knaor, Miss.
S. C. White Leghorn*
White Wyandotte*
S C. Bull Orpington*
Corm*h Indian Game*
Black S. C. Minorca*
Mammoth Bronze Turkey torn*
j>atr* $7 5o, trio* $10.
Uammuth White H. Turkey
tom* $4. pair* $*. 50, trio* $*#.
Wjc<y Un if not plca»«*l with «tock
llkir Harrington Starkvllli Miss.
Pont,' of S. C. White Isegb*
orn*. Single and Ko*e
Ccmt> Ifr. Leghorn*. The only
Irish potato that will come in
tall. Southdown lafTtbS* Cab*
Ot|i and tomato plants*
Vickaburg, Mlaa.
other wastage, and the chickens
can't get their heads under the
hatchet while I am busy.
One of my neighbors told cue
that cooked bones are worthless
to chickens Mow about that,
Mr. Kditor?
Reply by editor. Those w-bo
have tested raw meat and bones
in comparison with the same ar
ticles cootffd sometimes claim
that better results arc got from
them when raw. but the state
ment that cooked bones are
ttfAr t K 1 A WW f Ar i* h I « L' .1 « u • a* ^
a v V M ■* • » V O ^
gerating a grain of truth into a
mountain. The packing houses
that put out bits of flesh and
bone under various trade names
for increasing the growth of
poultry and the production of
eggs stale piamiy that their pro
duct has been cooked, and per
sons who raise poultry and con
duct egg farms on a large scale
find these products of the pack
ing houses very helpful.
There is something about
taking up standard bred chick
ens that gets them into the
hands of persons who look to
the feed as well as to the breed,
as shown in this instance by
the letter from Mrs. Kdwards.
The simple block she is using to
crush bones on is so cheap and
elective that any farmer can af
ford to have one. Hanes and the
particles of meat clinging to
them arc wonderful aids fur
producing growth and mcreas*
ing the number of eggs. The
worst objection is that much
work is required and there is
some 'danger of the bones or
meat becoming partly rotten and
causing bowel trouble.
Pleasure and Profit
• .., ..
Jim Cooper, CaUarctu. Mi*»
Editor Gaxettk:
Seeing J. C. Me.’* inquiry an
to standard bred poultry en
courages me to answer him
through your valuable paper,
tod speak in my behalf and m
favor of pure bred chickens on
the farm. I apeak from expe
rience, and when a man tries
anything he knows what he is
talking about. 1 was raised on
the *arm and was left to hit it an
my own bosa at lo years of age.
Have had b years experience,
and with tba aid of good farm
papara have come through vary
well. I am now taking three
- -
P|iB0 D..XX I ffliftrnt The fowls which are unsurpassed 10
ruid Dull L^gnurni world's record on number and size of
rKK'i pro» ucd. The earliest broilers and frier*. 15 $1,50, 30 92.50.
carefully packed. A two-thurds hatch (guaranteed* Some choice birl* foe
sale, to Mammoth Imperial i'ekin duck • 1.00.
E. A. DOWNS. Ft.Oka, Miss.
Eric* tor aale now. No atock for aale. Kifg*, P»'o 1. IS; pen ■!. I.i; pea i.
52 Woo at Jarkaon. Miaa. l*tand *Jd p*'n, iat and 2d cockerel, 2d and 1U
pullet: .*t Al>erdecn. Miaa., lit and 2d pen, lat cock. 1st and 2d cockerel. 1st.
2«!. .'d and *th pullet a.
MRS. N. E. DBt’PREE. Mayhbw. Miss.
Pen I. cockerel bred, beaded by Black Beauty, eggs *3 a set
tin*, from pen 2, $2. Pen 3, pullet bred, S3 per setting. All pens
ha\e pri2te winners in them. W. W. BOYL). Osbokn, Miss.
farm papers and two poultry
journal*. :.nd will add that it
would be poor living without
them. Kr« ® them, learned the
'good and t c value of pare bred
poultry w o other stock); and
• let me beg every farmer to try
at least one sitting of eggs this
jspring Getting a start with
egg* is the cheapest and best
I would advise trying the S'
C. Ur own Leghorns; as non-sit*
Iters they will fill the egg basket
the year round. Look at the
ads in Garctte, and you will find
I just what you want.
1 1 believe the day is coming
when scrub chickens will be
bard to find on the farm home.
Am glad to say the farmers are
taking more interest in fine
poultry. A hen is a hen in one
sense of the word, but the only
*cqhc is that it spells D-e-n. 1
have kept S C. H. Leghorns for
i two yea*’* and I will tell you,
j brother J. C. Nlc., that they are
|a pleasure to look at, besides
, the protit in them. I easily sell
them at $1 apiece, and nearly
every farm tn my neighborhood
ha-» them, “all from mine.”
The Mortgage Lifter
Mr-* Ciunn, H.*u . MU*
Km i ok Gazkt i k:
My husband subscribed for
the Gazette only s yesr sgc. We
have been married six years,
and I only wish we had been tak
ing it all of the time. I am by
the Gazette like some cotton
planters are bv “Hastings Mort
gage Lifter” (cotton.) I really
| believe the Gazette needs the
title “Mortgage Lifter” lo its
Sure Hatch Books
“fioiag Like Hot Cakes!”
Th© ■nnn«t»c©tn«ot **»»* wr (J r***
vottidbc ••at fd**, brought « flood
of r#qu*«t» from p«opU •)! ov*r tb© coantrr
who ©r© lut#rr«t#«3 In incnb©tor». Brooder© m
Chkk*n Rai*in*.
W© b»d * l«*T© 0«*»•
ttrr of tb««© book • r**dr.
bat ttt©c»I!« for thorn h*v©
Ur th«*Oo] our c*prct©
tlo©« VC* bar* bora maU
taf thorn out by tb© hun- —
4r#d«. ©mi Dot wuf a»c to .
<l.»«PVo;at ©nr ol our frond*. w# ©•’f lofcw *©
|uir« m»f* frlntol In » r»«h. Tb© aeeond
•dltlan I* n’w b*.=w »©Ucd _ bo If »■*«
•Sraa tr wrtt ;r*t n» !■ r a t rrafopl of IhasHUi
HATCH IUH»K. bctur do •« »t oner.
A!t who fcav« read 'V now hook 4r*>«trM*tB*#d.
• On# man write*: "Th# Surr Unlrb Hook U
! Wurth |V.o© In
i Tbi» b'C Soek c« ntaln* th# boilnd-down cap#'
I ©. U.o Oics Who tuaac th«
Sure Hatch B^dm
'b© «i.Ht •n<rr«.(l|l l.ntrhrr* n ft.I l.m«»»l#r*
In Ih. w or 1.1. *> • 4 in nlof •>* •'* »«*'!
!»«rtn n that n-» < t »e* ri'r *»i«4.«,;
cur* ilati h l» the - nr !-.a! run* t«»rlf nn*l t«n»»
Inr liM-lf t» *b irr r .« • U. t .caraatr*d for A
imrt. “tfatr. fioud • o; *# ->ke it bad a Send
p >tal it >i:n: >•■'•• Hatch Book *«J tnU
p« tkuUn «-f « .r ltiirr.il offer*.
•urt Hitcn mcutfltof CcmpiNy
|M •* „ >HWM, •» &»«4. •Mft#MM«?tft,H4
Am booling egg order* (or February
and March delivery, %i tor IS. Heavy
layer*, ideal farm fowls. Send me
your order* I will treat you right.
A. J. 1’axtoh, J*., Indianola, Mia*.
U|jj|o Fine strain pure bred
Rhode Island Red eggs.
IS for $ 1..MX. A. T. Hkklkv,
CllfUmvillc, M1m.
8.6. Br. LuMns 2sr%S
to f2.o0, 15 eggs 51.50. loPckln
DliCk egg* 51.25. No duck*.
I da K. Henry, Corinth, Miss.
wrMUDsrjrv. *
for 12.50. Barred Rock and White
Wyandotte egg*. IS 8l.2.’>, ilO £2.00. 11
Rock pullet* and one cockerel 810.0o.
Room needed. J. W. t’PCiiracB.
Bcnevola, Ala.
I UA LIADNO Pure 8. C. Br Leg
Luununno horn. uneurpa*ecd for
beauty and laying. IS eggs $1.00: 80,
0174 J R Cleveland, Deoatur, Vuea.

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