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Making the Country More Attractive.
There I* no greater work. In our opinio., nnj flrI<| of ^
tion than that of making the country *o attractive to our y<n.ng
people that they will not wi*h to go to the town* .ml cJtlea to
live. There I* nothing more hurt/ul to the yo„ng of thl* gener
ation «han the dcmoraltxtng Influence* and disintegrating foive*
of a great city. To keep the country people from moving ,nfo
the rllle*. to ivtaln them In the country, much ha* to he done
. thc work of wh,ch b" ®«*Jr »- beginning, hut In thl* a
gootl *»art ha* been made. Intellectually, materially, ami tmlu*
trUlly. An Intellectual transformation |. certainly taking place
among the rural people. Nothing Indicate* thl* more clearly
than the rapid *pmad of rural free delivery of mall and of tele
phone *jstem*. A very Intelligent man wlto travel* over a large
•rope of country aaya that telephone* are found In. at leant. 7.%
per rent of the country home* where he goe*. For the rearing
°f front n,rn *"Hsrt-l* there |« no place on earth tlu»t even ap
proximate* the advantage* of the Christian country home, ami
there are three great movement* which are rapidly revolution
hliiC the country and making It attractive to thousand* who
hitherto have been turning their face* toward tho city—rural
' route*, telephone* and good road*.—I Jit ]«•< <>«i lirmw-Hemld.
Happy Indeed 1* the lot of the young men ami young women
who have the good fortune to be reared In One country home*.
The country 1* the flneat place for an Ideal life on earth, and
making the country attractive |» coming more into the thought
of the people generally.-—Scotland Neck Commonwealth.
How to Can Fruits in the Common
iWr Aunt Mary: Hare you for
gotten "roily** who wrote to you
over a year ago? 1 did not knowr
until recently that my letter had
been published. 1 am nowr a house
keper of a few months' experience
—or. rather, I should say, Inexperi
ence—wnd come to you for advice
I want to preserve a good deal of
fruit and some vegetables to use
next winter. fa a canning outd*
necessary and can vegetable* be can
ned Jn glass Jars? Also I* aallrvUe
acid safe to use In putting up fruit
and vegetables? t have direction*
for Its use. How are cucumbers kept
until pickling time, and how are the
•wee! and sour pickle* made? Also
kraut? ! want to put up corn, snap
bean*, dry apple* and peaches, and
would appreciate any advice; but
please be explicit. Most recipe* give
only the proportion*, and suppose
that one know# nil the detail*
Le« Co , Miss.
(Answer by Aunt Mary)
A regular rannlng outfit I* not
■ere**ary for rannlng fruit or vege
table*. wheth'-r tin ran* or glaa* jar*
are mud Getting out all Imperfect
portion* of what I* to be ranned and
aterlliring the ran* and the fruit »»r
Vegetable* thoroughly, are the main
point* to olim-rt* for »urre*»ful ran
nlng den nil newt and the u*o of
heat are all that are nereaaary for
*U»rllltatJon After that tho e*r|t>
alon of air beconn* the main thing
8alir>llr arid will help to pr«*w»rvr
canned stuff. but 1* unwholesome and
one might get into trouble If selling
canned gotel* preserved by the u»e
of the arid.
The common kltrhen method of
canning fruit t» to ntcrllite th* ran*
hy rinsing them out thoroughly and
keeping them trnmerited In boiling
w»ier Ul| th.- rati* art* a* hot a* the
water p would be nufer to apply
he heat for home ijn,e longer, »lr>re
•0®e germs will endure the boiling
•tnperatnre Rome time and Rurvlve;
but It cannot be denied that in the
very large majority of case* sucre**
1* attained merely by getting the
can* a* hot a* the boiling water If
fruit la Intended principally for ex
hibition purpose*. It will make a
bet ter appearance if it la put Into
the cana before Wing cooked. Mnre
It will not bo broken by being put in
to cana after cooking Hut many
prefer to cook aome thing*. tOtnatoe*
for Instance. In a larger ve**el flrat;
and to aklm off thoroughly all acutn
that may rlae in the vfc**el. after
which the tomntoea are put Into the
cana and scaled while hot When
glams Jars are used, one should not
neglect to screw down the rap* tight
er after they hare stood «lx or twelve
hour* The reason for thl* I* that
when the heat ha* p»**ed out of the
Jar, the rap can be tightened better

He sure that the cans are In good
rondltlon to begin with; and if glass
Jars are used, used equal rare to See
that tho covers and the rubber ring*
are in perfect condition, and do not
neglect to sterilize the r ip* ns ** «-l 1
as the jars If the rubber rings are
not somewhat soft and elastic the
sealing will not be perfect Much
fruit Is lost by those doing the can
ning trying to sate a pittance by the
use of old rubber rings. Instead of
using those that have not lost their
softness and elasticity lluv new
onea every year If necessary It will
usually be necessary It will be best
to wash and sterilize the rings, but
rare and observation are needed not
tO apply So much heat to the rings
as to Injure then). When a cap is
set on a smooth table right side up
the edge of the cap that will flf over
the rubber when on the can should
touch the table dear around the cir
cle. If It does not do this. It will not
press on the can rubber firmly
enough at all points to exclude the
air totally.

No matter what kind of cans are
used, sterilize all the cups, dippers.
spoons, and funnels, or anything else
that may come In contact with what
is to be canned. Immersing these
articles in boiling water a few min
utes will sterilize them. This matter
of sterilization is dwelt on for the
reason that so many do not under
stand the necessity of destroying all
germs of decay. These germs are
like a crop of corn. They must have
seed to get a start. If no germs en
ter the can and the air Is excluded,
there will he no decay. For steriliz
ing cans and their covers and such
other things ns need sterilizing, they
may ho put in a pan containing cold
water, laying the Jars on their sides
The covers may bo put in another
pan. Place these pans over the dro.
let them come to the boiling point,
and let the water boll at least ten or
fifteen minutes. A piece of cloth or
iath may always be put under glass
'.easels when over a Are. to keep
them from being heated more rapid
ly at the bottom and therefore
Any proportion of sugar may be
used in canning, or the canning may
tw* done without the use of any sugar.
\\ hat is intended to be used as a
sauce should have the sugar cooked
with it. Fruit Intended for cooking
purpose* need not have sugar add
ed. Strawberries are better if t.o
water I* added to them, uni*-** It is
desired to cook them In a heavy
sirup. Other Juicy fruits, such a«
berries and cherries require little or
no water
There are two bulletins that every
thrifty housewife who take* an In
terest in good housekeeping should
have One is farmers* bulletin No.
203. on "Canned Fruit. Preserves,
and Jellies’*, the other Is No 291
on "{Evaporation of Apples," The
last will give general ideas about
drying other thing*, if one is Intelli
gent enough to apply the methods tr
other us*** Hoth these bulletin* can
be had from the Department of \gri
culture, at Washington, for the
Polly's other questions wtll be an
swered in a future number. Her
letter of several months ago Is well
remembered, and I hope she will let
our renders know something of her
experience and trial* a* a new house
\ flay for an Entertainment.
Messrs. Editors I saw jn yntir
!a*t Issue where the "Young IVople’*
Club" wanted a good play for some
entertainment, and I will give them
the name of a play that will suit well
and I* Inter,'sting and full of laugh
ter. The name Is "Diamonds and
Heart* " I do not have the book
that contain* It. but you can obtain
It from most any book dealer.
The ^S^Lamp
Cuiol be equalled for It* bright sod steady
light. al tuple construction and abaolulr safely
Kqulppcdwllh latest luipiorrd burner. Made
of braoa ihiuughoul and nickel platrd. Every
lamp warranted Write to Beared agency U
aot at your dealer'a.
tUsuAsu OIL COMPANY. lacaryoratsd.
"TKo Rat * Weed (loamy."
-.mail tn sirt*. beautiful in shape n glossv black
color with Just lhr proper trimmings Just lbo
littin dog for you »«!r female and her 3- weeks
olil frnittlr pup for ll.Vtii; on*' female < months
obi (a i.eaut, > I1006; one male l-month-old tu
tw-aut n ) llO UO. tbr above I months old pair for
Ho* 107, Vaipkm. Miss
Graphite I
Axle Grease I
Mak«Mj^ulljw2jJ^jJ2 ■
jJr Many years of experimenting B
w have at last produced a perfect B
— Graphite Axle Grease—Hill B
I Top. It lasts longer and lub- II
■ ricatcs better than any other. I
I We can prove it, sample free. B
I Agents wanted, address, ■
B Dept. D New Orleans, La. J
C ID Clin Aleomplcte 15.0m can capacity
■ vin JSiL. Canning Factory. Never run.
Ponchatoala. La.
Educational Directory.
Where he trill be trained In Body.
Mind and Heart. •
/» the cheaper! Plret-clarr Prepara
tory School In tho Stale.
Iw. F. L McCUi. Principal. Frsacl Caap. Miss.
Clarksville, Teoa.
Thirty-Fourth Session Begins Sept 16.
l.ltcmrjr. ClnMlotl. Scientific Counot. Supe
perlor PncuUjr Student* *t*nd hlgt». Finn
athletic record Intention hmlthful. No *»
locma Kiicok* moderate. Addre** the Uni*
, rerattt.
S6Q UFE scholarship sz,s
Beginning April loth, wa are going to show
our appreciation of the eery, very l iter mi pat
ronage our VmirrrrUp haa afueyi received,
and on account of the recent money panic, and
•ell a limileti number of $60.00 I.ife Sehmimr
•tips att&oa. Buy one before they are sold.
for I hep triil gm fmat mi thU priee. and get
ready for a good position In the early fall. If
you ran t come at once, pay ua 110.00 now. and
pay the balance on entering which will Insure
the reduction
Harris Business University,
Jackson, Mississippi.
A Fir»t-class, Up-to-date Prepara
tory School. Electric Lights, Steam
Heat, Good Water, Good Air.
Rev. M. E. MELVIN. Principal.
roKT uittsoy, miss.
ffcrth year literature, music, srt elocution,
alrnugrsphy. sewing Confers degree of A. B.
Preparatory department. Student* can reduce
cipensM by taking duties. I. B. MNUNS. Prat
We offer uneuualed opportunities for young
men and young women who wish to take a
course in Telegraphy, underan ex ism telegraph
operator- Seven main line railroad wire*.
Position guaranteed. For booklet address
thteni building*, costing $100000 t.legsni «ppomimrnu Refined end ChnitunA
Kutff Ptswt «wl Iwmilucf all new IJr«l loutum near the mountains All college \
anuses l •nseivsiory unsurpassed ItaKm from the best schools of Europe and 11
Ameftse Ojt#n» Sewentliei Itt. I'^VI for handsome catalog, add less M W HA I ION 1/
and O W ANDf.H lON Presidents. Florence. Ala jam <JlP

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