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“How I Made My Best Crop Last Year.”-V.
Our “Best Crop” Reports Prizes.
This is th< < >nrlu line Installment T« • r . ar.d th< third to M V Shet
of our H* st Crop" reports; and we le> !(• ... hut City. N c.
believe ever} r<:,d«r w ill acre*. with Those pri7*-s were given, of course.
B* that the reports submitted have no- ip,,*. •» , r for the best crops, but
Peer, full of lt-ter. st and, better still, f. r h » . • a: n:os? Instructive r<*
genuinely helpful ports < f the bent crops
The award!* s of the i rlres f r V. * wish *<> thank each and ever*
the best r* , *r's was by no n.eans r’: : ;| 'r *° spl .d d * r e
,, w# ,;r»* only sorrv we c. :t:i t i v •
■* Mf\ ta* > •
* pr.7e to nil of you : n J v. .• hope ;hat
papers It w.-uld have beer. easy to r< i un o:.. „f }OJ «;;; Vl.
find * dor.- r. por'h w « 11 worthy of an . .♦ n bet*. r report to niah * th;:
the Sri' p * t tf b,‘ We had t. (tfv !de ' " ! S Kc ' > ‘ h « k 11 IP,
i . Hoqthi ri» lartii < «. tt<
ir.d * * Orsl pri*
i t O make ! h e g *0 ( 7 ( . S. ?i I v «
to H N . ■ - r,. HIckory MSs , th<
jiecotd 'o \\ ( Crook, Huron. • * • • •• >u? friends.
$115 for an Acre and a Qu u tc-.
H*J »r»<! I'Mltirt' Tin* tu ( wOi \ .iJu< », Imt in^
\ Imjiniwil '*.< 1
I'ditor* My c'< p
till year w " • * •** c p 0 ) ‘he
aatre 5and
On the Tlrd of 5a*? Sep'orni. * I
hr: ».<* up < :,«• and one f ;r*h a r «• *
of aar.d> \r land w *. h h i !>«••
weh tranured with * * a' ! <» r:..ir, *•
and fer 1 d li« d with ; h *;•*.'«* ,v. !
p©!A*h and * •»e.J one ! sahej f *t*
and tfc'.rtj pound* of !n ryla’.-d h •'
tetfh. oiltif one tbou*ar.d ; >ur* I* ?
pbc«; hate and 5><>ta»h < :i the ’ 11
aorea I put in the r?e w *h a 4
plow and harrowed in the t.'rh 5
C >*. a it O'd ttar.d of \ * h ' i* th« • i
proTrd to br* Northern or Uo'crr
»t». and « »• a f All # '
n1 - b ft • ant r: *.
\ \ * ft r» frtii or* 1*. 'hr* n'
Jantjar* »:! 'hr*. »» ».: • < ! <*n
crarlT t«o t. f r/h* *» « » h« *s I
tboafht it tor. ft < •. J • ».. it *' < r- ft **
t bft flrat of II a r > h • 1 ‘ * 1 *«
b f ||
bat 1 am t.at .*£* d th-t I *.r*h**r«*d
tfaff* lor» of at f.*.< ’ * . * I ro r
a* ■ I thrts ; .•>.#' ; * r* * *.r { A r. d t!l
thft f*tb of .• * <■ thr-n i l 1 ;
buah*>l* * c'.r \r> -» .4* - *
tbftOJ lr * ' *. t ft ‘ " ' .r: ft
U»!r.** t • V‘ * ’ J ' f«- < f I ’ *ft!'hatr
and J>Ota»h V »rd ' hr- t •*•*!'. a thr
!• at t t h * or* tof.: < t» ' h c 1 h *
bftar. bar {* no* «<) r j* ’ * *»o'■{ a'
tbft tfttf h bat t: a * o a f af f
A» * or, T. as ! f * ' h»' 1
tbft lard. I ; .* in l»» ! .»hr-!»
Bo at birr »«•< ! ?.c *h 2 * • ; at !r
ba!ry Tf'rh It »-*• la'r- to »■ » th»
ro'rh f !* e ' • ij h * * <erj nia Je
rich » i. h t h*- ’ * «» if t hi- retch nr. 1
«• r. cr ; • . r. ’ 4h 1.4 i I pound of
ff-rtll re; : • . • i* a tv *;f .1 •'/?;t
• • ,* V. t>» rev ", < 1 4 ‘ h
f« * 1 ' • *.i f l.i i f Ke' r : . r >
! can 1 . * tun r o»• on thin • n * h.
nnl it »:!! k« * p t‘em 5n >1 i>1
The Soil is Not Yours to Impoverish.
n»r Bible trll* of thr men to whom various talents
were left, nod the u*r they made of them Doe* it ever
occur to you that God w ill hold U* responsible for the use we rnnke
of the *< ti he ha* formed and placed in our hand* > Are > ou go
ing to rob it from posterity, of are you going to leave it to your
children more productive than when you got it Are you going
to me rea»e your talent* or are you going to hide them m n napkin'
1 belie\ r r\n\ land to* ner is responsible for hi* stewardship of
the inheritance he ha* W. F. Massey.
Ill of At whrn I
< i <• •<» j ’.ar.: < ?!<»n on thr UnJ
1 hr two fro; * *■*' worth thrrr
t t | . '
1 af ■«- * < it1It.?, |1‘) '.'O tr.»kI0|£ A lotal
• J I
j I
•, • • «« i* vii owrbilii
r l , thr hrttrr tl*« r:t of t hr land
r D CWlMlt'HAKI.
> | la !r C*f» Ala
How a Bif{ Corn Crop Wa* Made.
Tltnnrmgti l*rr,,*/»!*<>» «.f Ilir Hoil li.forc I'Unllntf <•*»•*
IlH u ri»*
• . . - > 1* . • * /' r . ■ *1 ,1 1 ft I 1 V l*<1
r.arori Mi !«»•
corn waft mad* hy tracing * ft* .d *
*Uj lofc!:. *hj*: had : « n p.»•■••.:«• !
7**T. tlx f **\ th*n ! r*.»klng out 'ho
xS.eit ».*h a turn plow as do* i » as
»**WMh!* and ■ubfttdllng l hr al'ov
*l'h Mrlnd> - plow R V' t' r
•Up th* to;,* of th* b«-d• fttood t wo
***f »b< '},«• bottom* of th* ft!'1 **
1 tb*n t *n a !><*r* d4< riding * u '
T*tor ftft’rld* ih* b*d rutting and
Pul»*r!*!ng th* aodn Th* n*xt work
*** to r!r,i£ d * Ji th* b*dft. and r*
?*ru&g th* Vft<ft on t h* I >**«• r* t fi r <1 j*
’hr b*d> «(< th* an whll*
hr*•»k• ?.i 1 j tlv*rIcing th* wodi I
throw »h* h*dft on th* aH*>»
%*'h tur: ; . wp plowing d**l'l>. and
•tlbioiUtjif a/ i,*f >r* ! tti•-n apr*i»d a
mii,ut* ..f , )ttun»**d m*al murlat*
at.il nMrat*' of *«'«1.I. in
Hom • ;»:▼•*« • ' 4 * -lf !?1'
r.,-r . f ,i!,■ • it 1 400 pound* o»»r t)M
• lira harrow In*; it In wl'h * dra*
c ultb itor
Ml .if 1 hif murk wa» «l"t»r at In
trnaU durJnis lhr wlnU-r Thr rorn
»it„ plantrd two f.*«» m thr rom on.
prain to tii.* hill, dropprd In n tail!
, .... f • w and cotrrrnd »l*b i
^j.riiiK l.-.th • jltlvator drawn to *h#
.hapr of a V Thr crop »»•
.III, <tr ..ie ' MltlvatorH. Kra’onlh
■A i r IU"i •- . ••••.
v» ith widr »*» ■ “i: 1 •* 1 ;,t ;1‘*
< ii vator run on ea< h side of the al- bushels per acre. When it started
I- ; f'erwnrd t • - .-ling, I went through the field
I he corn wa» as fine as an> I ever and cut out all -.talks deficient in ear
saw, t; e ears in many rases round-d development, crippled or unpromls
o-r at the end. so as to show be ing in general appearance.
' : 1 the «;h irk I HI! not measure. All farmers should mix their own
^ ■> d * not know wh »t the yield per fertilizers after proper study of the
- * was, but the result was a reve- condition of their lands, the needs
’ t on t » ?: -‘ 1 ha 1 never made be- of the different rrop planted, and the
re n )*"e ‘h n one h If as much per properties < f materials used,
ere ! judge that It made over 100 T. J. HAMLIN
Brief Reports of Good Crops.
i I’liti to II \\r a Seed ('urn l‘*tch. <
Mi . r K I t >rv: My ««*«» I corn
h w •* r:-.!<i'.! < tt branch bottom
.nil th t I a l -on in cultivation
'•> ; . r . without any fertilizer 1
- (. pt f a |oa 1>* * * f n’ablo manure
1 • 1 1 t. 1 r > ov* r ore fifth of St.
Ilr-ihi' i• with twohorne plow and
h rr uu,| we)! _ I’l.»* ,1 in check1*
an l cuP \at«d whallow without a
; li j nt meamir*- r. but think
e; go* i | t •!(» over th ru b per
• i g.-.od < rop ■ t * *. * hlch
l e*. : > h >R« Rather.
! ra. «'d tun«*t v three t ‘U*h» Is of
to n ij !r *h potato*** on one-half
, : of land, lined *U nick* <"t’on
• < i: . il. and filled the furr a up
%'r.tA and tr >*h af‘> r I drop
; «<<1 the potatoes to hold the ground
loose, also made a nlre crop of corn
and pea« after the were
dug 7b:s land »»s «" old as the;
, 'trr t# M S1.K1MJK
Montgomery t'*» . Mias
\ line < n«p of swirt INKalin*.
Messrs Kditor* In the spring of j
1 uo7 | Heated one fifth of an acre,
which had been cultivated years ago
;t »hb h had gr>>wti up In briers
and bushes After Hearing, broke
with a turning plow fenced anil put
a bunch of cattle ot». to suit the sir.**
f< *
a . fel Iwd R®
broke with turn plow and tramped
i wt 11 a $ tin pkiwi-d again and bar*
I n.wed m v. ral times, then sowed tur* j
i nips and rutabaga* which made a
njce Meld l-»st fall and winter
When they were cleaned off 1
broke with a turn plow one-inch
deeper than before, laid off row* 3 »*
1 fe«-t apart, using add phosphate, j
■ot'onsoed rm-al and k a! n 11. mixed
t. th*» proportl *n of J. 1 *3 and 2. at
he rat** <>f TO') pounds to the acre.
[ h**n thr* w up a he l with a turn
• low and set my slips In the usual
i ay. ah« u; twelv** Inch' s apart.
The pr* ; .'ration, cultivation, fer
i!'.?* r nr ! harvesting r -st f*! r.o I
lug * I bushels of th** finest potatoes
I »*.*r saw. Figuring at T»0 cntH
, • r b'.'l.el. would 1< tv** mo ;i net
Toft* on one-fifth of an acre of
$ • * igh I sold part of them
t J : «"» I . r bushel.
M> land Is a poor sandy land, with
r < * to **\. . «*d 3 Inch*•*> of top soil.
»h**n first put in cultivation.
Ask me If penning cattle on land
pi>H aid I will *ell you "yes." and if
you will come I ran prove it to you
by land penned eight years ag"
Pearl lltver Co . MIm
Ih<i Hale'* of t **<t«*n on an \crr an«l
n Half.
V. • > IMP r* In March I cor
**r«vl up the corn stalk# on one and
•n«- half .o'. * *c of bottom land with
two furrow# t > each row In about
•hr*' c>r four week# plowed the mld
ut with four furrows with a
No 2 1 I/One Star plow drawn by two
‘I he land #’»>ed this way until
cbout ’h** middle of April when the
nw* were split open with a disc cul
’ 1 v a t o r
On the l 'h of May I ran a single*
cultivator twice to th»* row and plant
•■d th.» « «.•' >nse.»,1 The burr* were
in the ti !<!!• ■* r.e.ir!} knee high In
a little >\er a week I bore off the
cotton .»t ! it < to >1 for a few days
long. - 1 re I chopped to a stand.
Then I r.m a cultivator In the middle,
and worked It as often us I could get
time I laid it by the second week
in Xugu-t and did not do any more
work in It until I went to picking it.
The fir t time I picked It l did not
get a hundred pounds, but by going
over it l made it open, and the sec
ond picking 1 got si l pounds ! got
off of the acre and a half 3.07 1
pounds of seed cotton. The cotton
was King's Improved short staple.
It has not been sold yet. but Is as
pretty and white as any you can find.
Ibis I* the best crop made on the
place considering the land and work.
II VinU'KI.l. IV HA It It IS.
Warren (\v. Miss.
A Three Acre Corn PatcH.
It krpf till llogs Two Months. l,,urnUhn1 a I.«»t of Pasture for
wfo « p nml (iiml*. and Was l.eft in lletter Condition Than at
I irsf.
M. Klltorn We had a three rain prevented planting ami the
j . , M.n( ,,f which we broke ground was not In condition to work
,,, \j i: }, *Ph a disc plow with again until the 11th of May. We
t |, . ,n,,|* breaking from S to again double disked and harrowed
I , | and following plow with \cme harrow and planted corn
j ,j)V with drag harrow Karly and peas May 13th
(i) I 4j, uhlo disked at) I We furrowed off land with single
f h rro 'id with \cine harrow, shovel plow, rows 3 «v feet apart, and
, ,ri UM> to i lanting. but heavy- (Continued on Page 14.)

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