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The Southern farm gazette. (Starkville, Miss.) 1895-1909, January 16, 1909, Image 4

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Ten Reasons Why You Must Rotate
Yout Crops.
Crop rotation tm-an* dlt»r*»ift< at ion
with the following r«**ultiiig
(a; \ complete failure and tin
Iovh of an • ntirc M*a«»on‘* w* rk i** n n
«l«Te<| lew lik< I) to 1*1 (nr Im « hum* it
iv rare that all « ro|»* fail flu* vauie
j ear.
(h| It enable* tin* farmer to *up*
l*«> (<nk| for hi* family and f** «l hi*
lit*- *>tm k and thereby h**** n tin ««»*. t
of running the farm.
Crop rotation m.ik< •> it p«»*«.ihlc to
utilize lain r to the Im vt adt antagi
hy giving it constant employment,
thu* *< rring a* a partial *olutloii o(
tlo- labor problem.
l»ifT)T«’nt rn»|M» hating «1 ■ fT • r • tit
r>»*M *y*tem* feed to a gr> at. r or I* **
extent on diffin-nt |*ortion* or *tral.i
of the »oil. I >*r itut.ilKf. i mi |n .n
r i > I t lid i r tatiil t ! fi! ft k. ti.1 I It. it
r***-t* n «1**» j> into 11>«■ *uli«4>i| am!
hnn^ up mini ral plant t< ml%—pln>*.
pli«»r,*u* Ami |n>u*4lum—to In- put
Into th»» ti p.«M»il m In n tin rr»»p% ar«
turnitl tinfl< r nr fn»1 t«• |i«i kim k anil
fl»«* utalili- tiiAnurr n (urttnl to tin
M'Tii't i r tlif p-n*oti <1 plant* nlu n
rr. »w n nn tlm lam! pn m itiiiuiin r
alilf lu»|i*t in (lir •u!tt4>i| ami tlnr'li)
a* an rin Hi nt anil rlirap unfit*
• *tl of »ulanil|ng
InfTi-ri-tit rrop* taki iJifTinnt pro.
|Mtfi|nn* ai»i| i|iiantiti< * of tin plant
fiMMl*. nltr>>t;i n. pli<i«pl|iiru», ami \«>
tAuluni, from tin- Mill for tin ir uw
m fill* gr"M In*;
No %'»l| I* rIt fu r «t tin n |»c<m|u< -
11\ *• (linn is unlit at«n| !•) Iln> axailalilf
supplx iif ti.i' plant (<mm| I'xisfjn^ m
tin* sjn.iili »t quantity. In utliii
uunls, it uiattiis not ||t»ix a
siippl) tin ti iii.il In* nf alt) tun, u
tin* ntln r is <]< ||. n nt a maximum « r> p
ts iinp *ssihlr,
I tints i j>• atiill) put in rmps that
Illinium alti-r s«-»«|n .
tr- a i . tin w««*i|) ».r fmil.
\ f.
lin M'l ,it i' ii «f i itijis r i in |< r s p< s -
* ' * I«* ill' < I II of tin 'It* I IX < * stock
tn| tl < i. j I* \« ills tin* s:x|«* of plat
•■cl 'i so i j ft rt ill t) .
\ If.
i pip n i it ion |< ss< us tin* p mli.i
• ■ii i»t| .tint of tlfuiiAgi* Ii) lit
s< its a ml iiis( as< s.
\ Ilf
i !• an <ulturv«| i rnp» t« n«l to <|
• »■ - i | | i} 'i mimu- in ii|«’ • i i
»•(. r« .1 jtn*j»«-r crop rotation
which t* n<Js to ai|<l huinii* to thr %oi|
* inmt im| <>rtanl factor in *>o,| f«r
tiliti «r * •111 ttnpr'M rmrot . f<<r the*
l» Ho "Hu r n«**| of our *o(j, iiiai
«r< at or « «.*« ntial a* !!»«> not) ot
rm*rr huinu*.
< »n. k uni of plant growing «*n a
*4il| jcar aft»r Jrar "((' n |*r,,'l»f« » in
that *. || in ir>n». nlal to th«
l»» *t growth of that Ltn.l of plant
t r..p r> t at ton I<*<m n* t h<’ washing
an*I |ra«hing *>f the plant f<<o«l» fro/n
llo *4*i| an.| lint, h) largely rriiHKrt
our gr*alc-»t * an** *.f »<.i| rthaintion
Cleaning Up a Mistreated Farm.
It) I sin*; llr*%) and I'kni) «d Mink Mr Srtitmdt M *<*
\l*l« t»» (h 1 l(i<l i«l 1 *i• i In *, Hi jj* and llu*l»r*s
I It V \ ItM h t ! ■«* 5 i ar.l . I
f*>r *<.»r» on t h« rrr.'jr.g
I_ *v*teln, *o V'4 HU) g ;!«-%*
what »haj*e jt w.. & in when w* r i n.e
here Juat fco renter* Would pAV
their rent, nothing trio re w a* a«k< 1
of them, and the* were <•** • i
"good and reliable renter* 7l.«
plum orchard*, and willow grot* a
thorn thicket* were r»ot mention* d
or the frog pond all «>»<r the pla « ,
141 at )e.tr we undertook to Open up
and clear all along the main «Jlti h<
The tenant* •< m to plow up t!
dlt< h hank* and cultivate **> a* t<
have corn for themwrlve* and *"!i «
to epare. but there wan no Cf o ;*
T It* re could have b^n. but 1 thlnt
the crop wa* on r< fenced land th
had been handle*! by rent* r* t it
year* and >ear» It wa* plowed and
bedded Iri every dlr«*rtl°n. In th
\ alley, all along the creek, ate! b«
tw<*n ditch#***, grown up In llermu
<1 u »!r#. LOiim fefniill L*r tV«*r at.<l
m* on Ja»»t )•*.,r we had It plowed
up with Sparta plows, 9- and 1"
ln« h <ut, h>' ui»lng three mul»** to
eu< h
dig l*|o%%n and |Mr|i I'P’Mlng Old
\S >■ were advlued that larger pb>w«
would not do here, hut we had
brought along from lillnoln two head
1 1 ln< h rut aulky plow*. We timk
>l»i-iu out. put three good mule* on
ih*- tongue and two good horse* In
the b ad five head hi all and start
ed off satisfactorily The ne*t da)
w •• Htarted the second sulky plow,
also with three muli*« and two horses
to it Then some plowing vum done,
but trouble set In too. As the land
^ had always been scratched. It wa*
■ full of underground root*, BtumpM,
Y u*‘d no telling what all. It took
'to fit. negro** jig -hem out
» *h spade mat to* i a- 1 .< t r • . k r<J>
’•'*«* ;io»# g*>;ng »nrnl|w?j «a»
r;,\rh in turn r«*** hank*, dt'«he»
frog ponds and •* * «»n \Sh*n«'ter
'he plow got to a lo* p'are. th«
1 e t e r r»n the tsulkv Wa* *et li|lo or
two notch*** deeper \ h»att chain
wa* tt*ed a* a drag *>i t * lit nm
•?!ing down in fr*■ ?.t of the Pi o w so
all the growth » »uld he covered
\\ heft the {.lowing w a* iloftp w <
put oft two nig he»t> harrow*
weighted down and pulled h> four to
oil mule# and horses to help let.*!
(he la lid Then we put on A 20
St.rh dl*c harrow weighted down
with heat) log* and pulled h> *!t
head of mules and hor*e» \S *• hat
rowed and di*< *-d In thl* w.t> In
«• vi-ry Uiri«tion t<» rut up «n»| hr-ip
j Cotton Is King, and the
King Of All Cotton Is
The Earliest and Most
Prolific Ever Originated
I 1 fui V (triiit la * tn er-'W thl* < tl*»n i• r*• fit at»l>
aft.- f ral>!>t(r |» •( nt>« * a in t nil . * f I > mal'Kllll
* f • ■ l >* Mill M I. I • ii • v\ ■» jotd tli. ’i i i III *lw*P*
kin* t t •.... I hi-I w •. it >. hii i i w i It w I! I in tt >ir*
j •">11* In ittit. 11 .Ini »
I <inm Two mill n Half tlal.** |*«-r
After Triii k
Nnlhlliir Imt On- •».•*( f.«r I'hinllnir ''"•ad
ni>-t c»»f mil. «<t t>> pit it*. I will *itl*f> >‘>u
with i. I. ii in ! * Ixit h it* I -1 hi> *i-l( ttu t in> m «'>•
, W. A. SIMPKINS. Originator & Introducer.
It II.till.II. V 1'.
level the land. Then we took plows
and scrapers, op* ning up cross
ditch*’* straight, filling up old ones
tnd low. swampy place*. Surplus
. arth was haul* d to fill up old lakes
and wash* . h» w* could hereafter
plow, harrow, plant and cultivate
!« ar through from one sld'* to the
<>'h<r. Then when the ground was
n fair condition It can hardly all
«* done in on** season we put on a
two-horse, check row planter, plant*
u the corn, cultivated it both ways.
iMil no hoe*, and we got corn
This winter and nest spring we
want to keep on ditching, cutting
nd filling till wo get the entire
ace urd*-r f rntrol So far we
aw* found it take* the heaviest and
•♦Highest kind of plow* to handle
hi* heasv. sticky, waiy prairie soil,
’-♦i harrow* and oth<*r Implement*
■ f the latr.e sort anil for these it
•-.k«« nutnb«r one team*. not the
<» <'alle(J cotton mule*
Flu- t nrrliAhilit) of Tenant I-a!***?-.
Aruj it win not d» to depend on
i* hat i»e hear railed the g«»»d a: 1
reliable tenant and rash renter, a*
ill he watt'* l* to make h!» rent at !
earn a* easy a* posalble lie
doesn't rare for the balance The
share rm'rr •will probably d<< fairly
• <H a« long as you are with him.
1 it a* noon as you are gone he will
to scratching and sc- -’ing a*> >ut
the salt, e a* the cropp<-r ! hao sewn
Hi tin e to time • r * i C ’. > « in The
(isirllr ( • I X g i * A T. d keep be*
' 1 that bet*
I have
also seen where •},. »r,(t built a
very largo barn, pr bubly 40 by 50
1 2-Inch lumber. 7 ho 1 irn cot , ‘
e<l r<mt probably $_.ooQ; and the
tenant took out part <■ f the floor to
use as fuel, while he lived only about
a mile and a half from the woods,
where he rould g* • all the wood he
wanted That Is not very encourag
ing to put up le t*. r arc mmodatlons.
The South Need* 'tore M«*ck
We h*VO put It t
of alfalfa last year and got a fine
stand We want to pu* out fifty to
seventy-five acre* for* tie coming
winter <*ur st< rk have done better
this ye.^ than any other year since
we have boon hero, nd 1 am
the Ide.l that 11s* is 'hn
redemption f thl* ror trj ♦special
ly »h«n *•■ are faclr • th. boll * ,-ertl
• k oar
State ahofil 1 us*’ doubb cjulcfc action
!■> * r-id < ate 'he fir,,. ,tb hare and
enforce .1 sir < * d< ,* ' i law, aa It haa
been prosed th * d >.ts carry Infect*
. u > d • * * t«» !!*• t* k We hare
*housard* and thousands of acre* of
an.5 not tjs* d *1 ■ h ihould be nu>4
by Use stork
Mr IMltor. pb ,• adrlw* me
ho* tnan> ne^r-M with .! .* it tuk.-u
to improve a 1<50 acre farts; *
JOHN’ S<*»lM11fT.
t'hlck .• • a* I'o , Miss
How to Sell Your Stock and Seeds.
• M>«* , !»«■<■ !'«!. Itxis.
^ rn I Arm l.an tlr, MAritlllr, \|l»«
< •< lit |< tin u t in fltii) ilirk In my r AiltrrtUlllt; Min k
I ill*’ Ai|n MM* ill it in, A Mil tin* In.t A^'TII ulfuml |HI|h r
1' if I lie- I liAlr r»«T t<<« II.
\ "ur« truly , J \f. || \| I V.
Ilr* < <li r Ji r*« y l ,*111•*.
\ All \ llVf . >| 1%. , |k i 1 | (NIH.
str* I f' ‘Mi' ••*•%!»' At tn|» nf fmnt |.A|J. nf "tiiurUr" in tiljJ.
l‘i |.l Irtli r», Nn Mi«*r»- ill*;, fur salr until in u HaTi h, tli« ti | Mill
•ilirrtiw> with )*»ti A£Ain | %n|il hirr Slot) ihi M.rih
'•»*ir frlrtuf, S%|fTII A s||\U.
llr«**t!i r nf 1*11^111! t liiMA
lAtif'l Hill. I A. Ill* 1.1, tim.H
Soutlii rn I Afin <»««•((r, surkulli-, \|i%*.
Iii ar sirs II* pi) »t*j{ t«» )«»ur intotrr uttihr «IaI«* of tin*
I rill ||IM’ J o|| I liri k to lull r.
a it a<li< r1|»linj mnUuiii, I unnt to %a> that Ihr ilartuxl
|iA|H-r will hu»t a fi-llnM I'U) (hi; |M»*tA4£r> *tniti|>* in aii»u< r
tin|ulr|i i
I util In- oil h.itnl a^aI ii lull | halt* mmiii-IIiIii^ iih tv to
*•11. ) our* trol). HV. M. si K\\ \IIT, j
J.ip.tn I lnu r Si i*J

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