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h>urs from the time it is set until
tie moment it is taken out of the
oho], for it requires about two hours
to rise e.'ch time and one hour to
bale Tf It is allowed to more than
double Its bulk It will be full of Urge
h«t*and if It rises too short a time
I will be heavy and soggy. If you
'ill brush the top of the loaf with
itilk before putting It In the oven, it
will give It a brown glossy look.
It must be baked in a hot oven:
ot too hot. however, or the crust
ill form before the heat penetrates
* the center of the loaf and pre
*nt further rising Therefore, have
»• oven fairly hot during the first
teen minute* when the bread will
ntinue to brown and also to riw*.
iriug the neit twenty minutes it
oild continue to brown, the oven
ing hotter; but during the last
*<n minutws tha fire may be al*
lowed to die down and the bread wil
finish baking.
Taking Care of the Broad After
When the brend in taken from th<
oven, remove it from the pans a
once and place upside down on th<
odgea of the pans or some plan
where the air can get at It from al
sldoa If you like a crisp crust do no
cover It. but If a soft crust Is prefer
red put a towel over It during th»
cooling. Never keep bread wrapper
n a cloth as It absorbs the molstun
and Imparts an unpleasant mould}
tastn to tho bread.
There nro many nice rolls and nu<
broads and brown breads and Qer
man breads made from the dough, tr
say nothing of tho many appetixinf
dishes stale broad wJH produce, an<
I am sorry I have not space to tall
about them all Just now.
MK8 W. N. HfTT.
A Few Timely Notes.
vipWl * IlH AI** the mod useful series of nrtir|<*« for women ever
printed in Tin- Sotillicrn 1 arm C.arette will b,- Mr*. Mutt's
Ml— “lYnlircl Talks About lAc-ryday Housekeeping" n«*w just
In-ginning. I *. r) woman ought to .tudjr Mr*. Hull's Inter* and
thm flic them away for future reference. There is great Infer*-*!
In bett, r rooking metlnd*. the subject lo which Mrs. Ilutt will glw
*jM-cial ftiteiui. n. and h«*r first letter starts the series splendidly.
• • •
A g«a*d Vew Year's resolution f«»r our ttomen render* would In
to us*- tiie frying pan atul niffor |n»I less In 1909 than r-ver before.
A* Mr*. .Maude Meredith «aj«:
"1 Im- tovlc pmperth-* of tea and coffee and the mil
effects following the bmg.«t• ntitiur-d u*i> of llirac drug Im-v
rrages are n**W so well known that no a(M»|ogy is nc«d«d
for offering a suggestion that for those accustomed to
warm drinks at meal tltiu*. there are several • rreal sub
stitute-* that are wholesome and. after a few days of get
ting "broken m" to the different taste, are jnst s» agrer*
able as tea or coffee."
• • •
Dill Y\Cst there is agitation for fanuses' c*wo|terallve law**
dries. t«s Ik- conducted somewhat u]mid Um prlwlpit of OM^KTslh e
< frame tie*. the objec t being to relieve farwasr*’ wives of tlir heat)
Wo rk of wasfiltig whlrlt *4» often falls to Lhoui. Till* subject was
dlscuss<d In our column* several >.ar* ago. and wa should like now
to have live subject discussed by our Women reader*.
An oil «*!mr I* a great ro«%mlr»cr for wanning lltlle-u*« d
rooms. Im«tli rooms. etc., (hi* cold weather. More of (hem ahotihl I**
used in the farm house*.
• • •
An<>(tier b<mh1 New Year** resolution for farmer** wl%«%
would he: “I will. If |M***lhle, get my husband to Install a tele,
plume s) stem." The isolation of country life falls hra%|e*( on tie
farm w»*man. She has a right to the telephone wheretrr it call
|>e had without too groat oat.
• • •
Don't lose time arranging for anmr Improved poultry this
jear. Head the advertising column* of Th* Aiut^tru Tanu (iajettr
and order a setting of the Inst eKg*. And tlmn mod thr "poultry
HcMnnimt" and )<*u will Irani mow almut how to male mon<)
from thrtn. MAH\ .
“ItHC’H (OTTA(»K."
fh« centennial of the birth of
luar Allan Poe will be celebrated.
Iitheir own mind* at lead, by all
)om of good literature. January 19
}*Mtwa* our mod brilliant, rood
darltf, mod original and moat un
fort ante poet; and our poem thl*
week I* a worthy tribute from a
Southern poet to th* rood con * u ro ■
mat* iterary artlil th« South, or
A merle*, ha* yet produced.
A Certainty.
A lady In n Southern town wa*
approached by her colored roald.
• Well, Jenny?" *h» asked, seeing
that something wan In the air.
"Please, Ml*’ Mary, might I have
the nft'noon off three weeks frtiru
Wednesday?'' Then, noticing an un*
decided look In her mistress's face
■ ho added hastily "I want to go t<
iny finance's fun'rnl.'*
"Goodness tne.'* answered t h'
lady "Your fiance's funeral? Why
you don't know that he's even golni
to die, let alone the date of hi
funeral. That Is something we can*
any of us he sure about when w<
are going to die.**
"YesTil," said the girl doubtfully
Then, with a triumphant note In be
voire "|'**e sure about him, Mis
‘cos he's goln’ ter be hung”' Kv
erybody's Magazine.
This world In all Its activities. 1
nil its relationships. In nil Its prop©
ends. In all its legitimate enjoyment!
I none other than the house of God
and this life, properly Interpreted
properly pursued, properly regard
, ,1. the gate of heaven. George A
i ’ P U f) |J K> C 1 iun *n ,,H' lnd» pi inti ut
toll phono business, have
tried them for H years,
none better. Huy Sumti rfones. sat e tlnu and
* trips to to« n. \ddross
.1. It. shannon.
\«‘U \thanv. Ml**.
i __—______
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