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The Southern farm gazette. (Starkville, Miss.) 1895-1909, December 25, 1909, Image 1

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- _founded^ I89S, at Starkcille. Miss., by Dr. Tait Butler, Editor-in-Chief.
Volume XIV. No^ 57,._ SATURDAY. DECEMBER 25. 1909. Weekly: $1 a Year*
HF. <»| 1> F I I N|»s and the < tirl*t maftddc |* F, rrc—tt,r time
when. Iratlng f«>r a no*merit • ur Work »t*rlf. our attention l« g»»
rn rather to tin* aplrit ttlilfh al* tic rttak< t all lal*or »n rt h
while. V*t iiflftltlnjl|. therefore. may no n<«\t turn a*l "c fr»>ttt tfic
arterciy pr.icd«al r» ii*ldrr»tl n» • » tl«c farmer'* dally t.i*k* to tlic *j«IHt
tn wtipli mc would liatc rtn j mrinher of our Southern farm I.arctic
Family go ab ut t!>r*e fa*k* luttrr irr<!, I<rttrr t«»o|*, tiettrr »Iih k.
better cultivation. letter marketing—fmn» year’* end to year’* end we
%rgt tlir*e fundamental pfltl'lpir* of m>te pr<-Ml aide farming. and yet
we hate fa|fe»| mi»er.it»ly If our tyi»l«ai Southern I arm t.arrtfc* reader
haa tto| gone ’ a« k of all the **> tiling* and rauglit lire «ler|»rr
iplrll wr would hate liiiti lintillie.
We would hate rtcry farmer lore __ __
hi* work nrti n* thr art|*t l«nr* hi*
work, and In tliia *|»lrU, !<»«•, nrrj
firmer ahnuld ln*r Id* farui H*rlf a*
hr would loir a fainrltr |i«>r*o «*r
Hr almuhl knmi r » r r) r» *! «>f
Ihr ground. *lioul<l kn<*« Ju*t iihal
rath »< rr 1* l*r*t adajdrd t»>, *li"uhl
frr| a J«.j and |>ridr in haling rirrj
hill ami tallrj l<« k |t* |ir*l, and
•l»ould l*r a* intnli atluinr'l I" hair
• fir Id *< arrr<| \«|lh guild* a* hr
Would h* hair a laauttful t«»|| mark*
^ with l.ialm, a* mil'll ailwnnnl t• •
hair a liir< c* i f if r«in rift u m ti «*tif
fniiij HI treatment mi t«» hate a lo>r»r gaunt and fftini m*glr«t;
A* tnu< It hurl at arc ing hi* aiiri *l< k front ttfelihrd manage mrnt a*
hr M<>uhl Ik* at *rrlng hi* kiui half starting from the ftailir «a»l*r*.
Ia<\r )oiir ground—that pin r of (»<>d * <r«'al|ofi hIiIiIi ) oil hold In
frr *1 injilr. I .«t (r n It • |hm >r r r pa r t * a * « a i » f ti 11) AH ) «»U M oil 111 It Ilf t Ule all
• lltng I o| I ir. Ural thr u nthrtl, torn plait* III thr hlli*ld«' a* ) oil would
tJir ha, l>.*« a r * on jour jn-n) | ro| tilth legume* and polling imp* and
Iftlllln n tlir gallri) and h.irrrn patrli that iirrd* *pr« lal attrntloli,
bur»r It hai k to ||fr and Itraul) and f Mill f ulnr**. Make a inrudott of
Uir hoi toll) that I* Im lined to ttukh, ttalih II and t Mir for II until lilt*
^indl) root iiu**«-« he it I rtrry gaping wound, and In *»lir unbroken
Atlifatr thr “tide* of gra*« hrrak lido foam of flutter*'’ upon tin*
*»Ulrr rdgr*. I loll! forget r%r|j thr fof«-*t laud*. Srr lhal rtri) a*,»
‘d woodland ha* tree* enough on It to uialtr It profitable: "a good
Aland of the liinhrf crop a* ttrll a* of f trr) olfirr t fo|». Ilatr an
to (hr h. aullf III III I.) lug off llhr lirntrd Held*- a tree hrrn and
hu rt-, hul no ttrriihrd l»rggar’**r«.at mingling of litth* pati hr* and III
hr r• ,»* * fallirr broad field* full) tended and of a* lieal I) uniform
rrtlhtj j,, po*»|hlc, making of )oi,r gtottlng • top*, ,,,, h tteie, ea« h
• he it u 11 f 141 gai iiirul, tt hole and unbrokrll, to ilotlic thr fruitful **t rt**
"hi* h <.*m1 ha* gltrn you to keep and tend r\m a* He gave the Kind
tiiifilc n Inf** the keeping of our flt*( parent*.
%n<l *•» *g nn «r *.* T. Io%e jour f irm. Make It a place of beauty, a
place «<f joyou* fruit fulnr**. an example for your neighbor*, a heritage
f'>r yonr children. 'I ike improxeinent* on it th it will last beyond your
day. Make an ample y ml about It with all the old-fashioned Mowers
that you grandmother knew; art a great orchard near it. bearing many
manner of fruit*, lay off walk* and road* leading to It and keep them
up. plant hedge* at ng the approaches, and (towering bulb* and shrub*
—c recjM- myrtle, and *plrea and priced and ro*r*—*<» ttiat your grand*
children will »*>ftir day *peik of their gramUIre, who cnred enough
f*»r tfir t*eautifu! and h»trd tlie fai m wi ll enough to plant them.
Name the farm, too; treaauro up
Its li t si or) ; ptTwrvr the traditions
of all the roiuniK e ami tuhniturr ami
humor ami pathos that are in any
«aj toniHMfeil with it; ami if some
of th«' young folks must leave it, let
them look hai k to it with happy
memories of heauty ami of worthy
hle.ils ami of well-ordered industry.
We hare not developed in thin
eouutry, as i\e should, the intense
pride that the Englishman feels 111
being a land-owner. It gives a man
disilmtluu that the homeless man
• lias not. lie Is a better «iti/eti, a
frrrliolilrr, n guardian holding In trust a pietc of creation fresh
from the hand of the \luiighty. And yet how many—alas! how many!
— w ho hn%r »tn h talents in their keeping are indeed unprolitnhle ser
t.int*—nut so nun li as keeping their treasure unhurt (as the one
talent III til in the I It tile did), but wearing out and destroying In one
brief lifi tlme the heritage that the t reaior Intended to remain fertile
mu) fiuitfiil, to feed our humm rare, as long as tlie earth shall last.
I.ote jour farm. If you cannot lie proud of it now, begin to-day
to niake it a thing you ran he proud of. Much dignity lias come to
you In that you are owner and e tie.keeper for a part of (u»d*s foot
sIih.I show ) out self worthy of that dignity . Watt It earnestly over
etei) litre. I,ct no day go |»y th t you do not add something of
lone liness and potential feitility to Its fields. \nd llnally, leave some
spot beneath the shade of some giant tree when* at last, “like as a
sliot k of torn iuuictIt In fils season,” you tan lay tlown your weary
hod), leaving the world a little hettci for your having lived In
it, and earning the approval from the (.teat I atlier (who made
tlu* tare of lie Ids and ganlens the llrst task given limn): “Well
done, thou good and faithful servant; enter into the Joy of thy
HE happiest privilege •>/ Chnstrnastide is tlmt of
giving pleasure to trusting children anil to men
anil women sick or in need We wish that all
who reail these lines may have the j'rtvt lege of giving
joy to one of these arul that is the he.st way trt which
u< can n tsh for every member of 1 he Southern harm
Gazette h'amtly the merriest and haj'juest of all
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