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220 2-3 Bushels of Corn on One Acre.
>lr. liatt* Tell* 11<>w He MjmIo It—4.<m>«I Seril, I.iImm.iI lerlili/a
tion, Peep Plowing and Conntaut Cultivation Dili th«« W.uk_
Hope* to Keport on Twenty A ere* Next Tear.
Messrs. Fditora: As 1 am receiv
ing many inquiries concerning my
acre on which i produced 22b 2-2
bushels of corn, I gladly accept your
imitation to write a short article
about it.
in the first place, as many seem to
doubt that 1 made so much, let me
say that the acre and the yield were
measured under the rule* of the
Wake County corn contest by disin
terested and well-known freehold
ers, and that the evidence w a* heard
under oath before the judge*, name
ly: Major W A Graham. Commis
sioner of Agriculture, Mr T. H Far
ker, and Col. Fred A Oids. Tl.es©
judges after hearing the «v idence
confirmed the report of the local
Judges w ho measured the land and
the yield 1 hi* miil settle the doubt*
of «ome, I think.
Now, as t< how I made the yield
1 did ail 1 ci'U.d do with th« land
and the cultivation. I cultivated a»
much as 1 th< .ght the land would
star. ! I manure 1 as generously as
I thought necessary 1 have made a
full report to the State Hoard of
Agriculture on the d<-ta;i» of cultiva
tion an 1 fertilizing, and I understand
that this rep rl w,.i be printed la tb ©
Hullelin. I thought I bad the seed
corn that would wm. if 1 gave it a
fair chance, and I spared nothing to
g;\e it that chance
The acre »»* r.ol ail that 1 could
have wished for K:ght years ago It
produced only five bushels 1j»si
year it produced r- i *c 1* t bushels of
wheat. It .t l began preparing It last
year by planting peas, from which
I cut the l;ay On the 12th of March.
2j 2-hors» loads of cow manure
were applied It was then plowed
12 lnrl.es deep and suhsolied 6 Inch
es deeper. (>n the tib of April. 2*
ni'-re load" of n.an ir«* were spread
and the field was plowed and sub
soiled again this time 20 Inches
deep Three days later *»u0 pounds
of add phosphate arid 2,uo0 pound*
of cottonseed n.eal were spread ami
harrowed in i he corn was planted
K inches apart with the row*
4 1 Inches apart. And 600 pounds of
an K-3-2 fertilizer put in the row
May 20th. 4‘> • pounds of cottonseed
rneal, 4 10 pounds acid plsosphate
h00 pounds kalnlt and 200 pound*
nitrate of soda were put along the
rows. On the 2 7th, 200 pounds cot
tons* ed rneal, 200 pounds acid pho*
phate, 4 0 pounds kainll and 20*
pounds nitrate of soda were broad
casted iiii'i harrowed In June 8lh.
200 pounds cottonseed rneal, 20t
pounds a< Id phosphate, 4oo pounds
kalnlt and 2"0 pounds nitrate were
applied The yield was 22C2-3
bushels. *1 ho manure applied was
worth f • . the fertilizer coet $58
h0, end the total cost of the crop
w a a $12 0 0 2.
1 attribute much of my success t«
seed selection. 1 have kept a seed
patch seven years, and on this patch
I have year hy year planted my best
Mod, selecting the seed from the
best ears with u view to good Sl*e
and quality and prolific type. I do
tw t be|ie\e that more than four ears
c; n he safe!) made on it stalk, arid
t! Is raj hi* done only under the most
favorable conditions Hut If we make
four cars In the seed patch, and
breed the seed to that type, the aver
age In the main field will tend x
run above two ear a. This wan the
plan l worked on, and it has c< me
out all right. 1 belie' e l had 11.•
benefit of the moat prolific se< d t*.
be had. And 1 know the 1 had
all the cham e that l could g.ve
I am now making plans to show
what can be done profit a! . y < .
acre*. 1 will make no prom. ••*., *, ,
next year ! hope to !• ahie t*> i«*( r
on a yield of k'o or 3'* a re* j , .
iie\e that we < an do a great dr .1 !
Increasing our average yields
along the line, and that tie way •
do It la by the use of pr i.fir *.•*
• to* k. good manur.ng a;.d fa.XX.
and Intelligent cultl»at. :i
darner. N C . It K l» 1
V d< h »|» t !to|* 11| 11:t^11 imi \ l. is
MU." I*r«fl( on an \iir of Irish
l*ot a tors,
Vessr* X i t r * h< *.
this >«’.*r was I r i s ?i tat < a ‘. th
Is how and why < an «•,*-. : . ,
.rej lore of ground, hot *e
1 sowej oats, and in Ma>. th i
I hats eate.J three g <*d . u !« f l..»«
Then I turned this a re with a t*
horse Oliver chill plow e g!,l .: In *
deep right a»ay It com •• e{
raining aft* r J plowed it. »<> i .*•• u
lie until in July About the i th 1
bmadrji*t«*d nine li .* *• of lot f<
irer on It. plowed agi !j a! .t f
inches Harrow*4 [ » 1m> w th a t >
hnra* iron harrow Then niarv*'! >***.
row* t h r eo fee! apart Pro; , «• S ::
eleven bu» ' e|a of 1 » .! V ■*
•otaioe*. that cost f 1 - per t <
"o v e r etj them w.th a hoard at*» < .
0 a * t or k . like hoard.! K off .
T h I ■ » a » July IT. 1 > o!» A ,p . * t
10th t Cultivated them the f. r ! ‘ «•
iiatl on K«ptember 2nd !
this wan nil the work they g t. a I
ill t lie fert Hirer wan what ! «*» p 1
from the row pen, wh.rh < ! f: e very
■ lttle The potato** ro*t me f «.
We ijm- ! off t he -<e po' a • • « f :u t '.<
line they were l g a* 1 a • p J
.ml Mon ;ay l finish* ! d kk ng *.1 •
and had k J bunhcia In ftplto of t.'.e
Now I can l»eJJ there p. 'a'on f r
fl SO, which would bet toe J 1 .. I. or
1 but profit over all lal . r and > <• 5
. f 11 OS. My po'ii' er < j;.:..ar. ! a
premium l>oaui« I plab'ed *<■;. t
eed , other wipe | would have to take
S or by cent a ;er bushel
A 11 Mut »ll MAN
Krultdale, Ala
IiihmI Cotton In Holt Weevil lei
1 Kory.
MeHprn Kdltori! I am t ; •• 'a!
ig<*nt at llahtrop. l.a , of t *.<* I •> 5
State,1 I lep.it f Jbelit of \gt
md nlho a demount rotor I > :
<>d 3*> in r«‘H In cotton, follow it a den
onutrat ton plan llroke ground,
tiroadcaat, November, l nos, h< ! ! \
flmt of April; Incorporated 2 1
pound* 1 t» per cent n< Id ph' phate
per acre In center of lied 1! It 1 in
deep, ten dityH liefoie plant lip
Planted Ifith April, Toole in
llurro.veil three tltnen before ch ;
plug. Hwept every ten d t v * v? 11 It
Inch heel HweepH, until l Mb Vug 1 t
1 picked 30,000 pound* »eed cot
ton, or twenty bitlcH, average Sol!
pu .: Is per bale. I picked tho
• >; ..ii' < an 1 weevils every w<t*k from
. J’.d * f May until l*t of September.
II. « :«* f imply department methods
ll felted boll
I A. K0S3
H.ut rop. La.
i ntsi \i \ii with mi: ipn.i.
w i i \ ll..
I .tt no rw Were Not Prepared mid
» I) Mu«li Ihitnnge Wits
I S 'lie,
M* L>!;; >r* I atn sending
< . a fe.v reports on Home crops that
• * re made in my parish, although
. « an t, t say much f< r our crop* this
• ' if .i.t i»e i ad a very 5*1 seas, n and
* ,i l n g.ve fre<; .etil cultivation
H< P> rt <n ' i.e acre of corn planted
• •• <>rd,:.ar;. land I lie land was br«>*
.< n ., ai '.ut J ebruary l dim it ua
. . g}..,' harrowed and pulverised
at t;::*e of planting April i:>. was
, i • i in iia tug * I'roi.flc seed It
a i ..' • 4 ‘ <• 1 '.: ee t. ■; e .1. ■••■J 4>;.< #,
el* of < * t) A n
it:,er farmer planted common seed.
g < . 1 t. nave hi* lan ! «•.I
, « f < , f a .' ‘ " same .' .
• •• ‘ and }.«. ;■ d 4 » b per
at *e
i'-.o fart: < r in an a !* elnlr.g part»h
an:«>d f rt . a< r«** of spring Irish
I \ f
■< r gn«f t * t datoe* p c planted
‘he same .and in 4 rti which yielded
• a»r ♦•; *, and an immense quan*
:,' v .f ; e a »
l " < tt. n crop did not do much
a* t • ?«■ r.«> fight In lI.e fall be
fore 5. r y tj,«> as,! they
a’j . « arc 5 hi. ::.ci,»o ,u;!>er* osi the
- 11 > a» t > n a • l! w a ■ a r. y •; t e i > , r
4 t r*, ; " mere made by raphl ruitl*
« a • . a J ; • i a g li p o f • j u a re s
b« .e f«’ a far;;.* a verag« I H00
i • 5* *<••• ! t ■ ri | «*r acre No far*
t-Lief* we'e i.«e L Just ordinary land
I ■ j.m the farmers "ill \! > Potter
■ • *1' r !?..*. ft* !;.<■) t.avr learned from
**' I ' ' ••?<«' bow o ftght the weevil
l h«*> ft 1 so o " ’ * e good of t’e adv.ee
g ■ ■ < si » ’ .e I*e; irtmmt of Vgro ul
• >• a ■ ! real.re t !*«» :r,{ T'an* o of
! v v* i r g It* instructions
1 ’ a 11' «• ftr time we had
ever ha l the weevil to do us any
(1 milage. Tl.ey atp*m \ jn ,\uguat
1 90S. GAKNlSi. SMI in,
Alice, La
I Inr Turtii|M cm 1’iior soil.
rain all my gro acl .i < ■ >% • : • \ ^
I . ,[
i. On Mi foul id
24 li la I | • f|.
• 1 under w .! l» a * • ♦ • -1 i • \ _ rs((
plov After fl ed
then cut tip with d.'k harrow. nan
off row# 3 feet apart a:.! drilled |a
200 pound# 10 4 t g ..it, Laid
off and he-lded out with fc.lft.e plow.
I li* n aimoht leveled 1*'!=* w.;.h spike
tooth harrow*. Waited a few daya
for rain to settle soil and sprout the
first crop of gr.t • and %«.«*■<! When
dry er.o gl., mn i n to; of p. j with
light harr ■*. wh. h k. < ! gra i and
w<• *• dh and left top «o ! m* ..*%% Then
plan'd! l pound Purple lop Globe
! .rtiip M«ed w-.'h ve*-1 ; »■ *«r S< *J
• - re
large en gh to see row %%<ii, cultl
v ate 1 with .‘ingle j h >w and sweep;
t-egan ’hlnni: g «U:i larg** enough
• ;u
two weegw Aft‘*r thiru ing gave two
v ; • s . 4 ' • ■ !#
. n r1 w s »i. .«i * g lleg.uv sell
tug greens on fir*' day of Hep'ember,
at. ! *p to v *}; f 1 >e «•*: ‘or have #old
Si f- :n \ v «•. and :.ave fully
J J :: re ithe ; i * h
pefore j began u g the 2 h r#e
pi i* we always had to scratch
;,:h g * . s .4:1 * < -. r e U of!
b«*f re p! .iftt : g . J. r w *» f ‘lean
i f? t ;> of row a * w<* can *•* planter
oaslljr KAKL G DALY.
Ir t.da’e. Ala
I*r.»l*e 1 r*'in Onr \\ !w> Know#.
It 11% f r I he *** nilu rii I arm (*a*
#rtte. M.-r^y ('hr; o tn you
Y« . re in ing the gre.i'et paper.
a »*.. In America Suer*,# to you
liV the wavt we ;' we l 10 In *fcpi
deep cn buckshot • di, ridged up
we!’., rowed alfalfa, g i g 1 o;. u* re
s., 11a. Ma li ft 1 it ... ! i Needed
i.o iftoi Sat it u either A I our catch
if p« < a:: e t » late i :i buckshot
to do any gu« 1 1 fear
joi: WING.
M c#hahh ‘burg. Ohio. Dec It
■•*.*,# a m _ ya J|r* ,***\m,. *4

,.* ^ ** * rf J * •* t l ^ «**•••» *«&-* 'WAP* *
*" ' t
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. from every dollar invested in
t »ne aorr of awamp laud once properly drained will for all time
1 1,111 r TJl *r three acrea *»f Upland. Why not pet huyv no *
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direct the vrry lirat
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