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jf=iri Miller’s Mammoth try floods ou e "r3f j
I: IXXISSmZXmt. VBBLESA1S aad EBTAXL. ^iflSiiSiSati» |
: The New Fall Goods are Arriving Daily. :
• Summer stocks in this store have been reduced until the lots are small but the values are unquestionably the greatest ever offered in the city. •
• Not a thing that has even a summer look to it shall remain at the end of ext week if price concessions will clear it out. Every department in this 2
• store is fast filling up with things for fail wear. If you would keep in tuUch with what is to be correct for the coming season visit this store often. •
r Twenty pieces 27 inch silk and
! wool stripe Novelty waist cloth,
i [ the most stylish materials for early
~ [ fall waistiugs. A large assortment
'!: of styles in all the newest shades
: [ at ynly 24c. per yard.
V Owing to the unusual large j
W sales in all departments quite an
w unusual large line of Remnants has
W accumulated. The stocks have now
9 been cleared of them and you will
w tind them on our our center tables
W at about one-half of regular prices,
w They consist of remuAnts of table
V linens, figured lawns, white lawns,
swisses, linings, dress goods, do
mestics, etc. You will undoubtedly
profit by glancing over these rem
New dress skirts for early fall
wear are arriving daily and we will
be pleased to show them to you.
Not only correct in style but cor
rect in make; the hang is right and
the finish is all that first-class tail
oring could contribute. Our $4.50
leader is made of extra quality all
wool kersey cloth, in dark gray and
black, five-gored felled seams,
heavy stitched bottom, would be
worth all of $6.50, our price $4 50.
A little beauty of a skirt is made
of Kersey cloth, five gore and tail
ored seams, circular flounce, heavi
ly stitched, in light gray, dark
gray, and tans. This would make
a good skirt for $1C, our price $7.75
We are also showing a large line
of walking and full length top
skirts in all the newest styles at
$2 50, $2 75, $3.50, $5.25, $5.50 up
to $10
New walking skirts that are re
markable good values, $4 skirt for
Nicely tailored perfect hanging
skirts, seyeral styles, assorted col
ors, this week $2.95.
Take a look at those black very
day skirts, our pries $1.20.
If it’s from
It’s All Right.
If not
We will make
It so.
We shall offer tomorrow 10 doz.
ladies fast black double, lace open
Hose that were manufactured to
sell at 35c. a pair. Your choice
tomorrow 19c. any size.
Made of best bleached drilling,
any size, on sale Monday at a pair,
only 39c.
Men’s garland night robes, of
good muslin, reinforced seams, col
lar and pocket, we offer now at 40c
Cast-off buckle non-elastic mer
cerized web suspenders, large se
lection of colorings, on sale tomor
row at a pair 21c.
Men’s Pants.
All lines of men’s pants farmer,
ly selling at $3.50 and $3.98, neat
patterns in well made garments;
they fit perfectly, special price a
pair $3.75, most any size.
Men’s Shoes
Men’s $2.50 shoes, in vici, velour
au.l bos calf stock, made on neat
and stylish lasts, light or heavy
soles at a pair $1.89.
A special drive in fine worsted
trousers, knee style, worth 75c.
and $1, special odds and ends,
price 50 cents.
There is no place ®
like MILLER’S for •
Values. •
Mail Orders for sam= •
pies or Goods receive •
prompt and careful •
attention here. •
No order too small *
for our best attention. {
* MILLER MERCANTILE COMPANY, Birth Place of Low Prices. *
John M. Lumpkin. George C. Lumpkin.
, Hardware
Stoves and Sewing Machines.
Mattresses and Springs.
Guns and Pistols.
Ql u sens ware and Chinaware. !
Right Quality, Right price in everything.
Give us a trial.
Yours to please,
Lumpkin Brothers.
Directors; | d ^ U P © l C) »
S. T. Hurke.v, *
.F. J. Rogers, 5 Transacts a General Banking Bnsiuess.
,1. Q. Robins, o
R. S. Thomas. J> -— >
•I. II Long. „ . &,
r..Johnson, % Capital and Surplus $60,000.
W. W. Trice. £
Collections given PromptAttention and Quick Returns. We want your Business
Insured ^gainst Burglars.
Regular meetings of the Board of Directors 1st Tuesday in each month.
Marble and Stone Yard Co.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in
Art Monuments
Foreign and Domestic Marbles and Granites.
Statute Work a Specialty.
ROGERS & SON, Prop ’rs. Grand Junction, Tenn.
The Standard Rotary runs as silent as
the ticking of a watch. Makes 800
stitches while other machines make 200.
We guarantee the Standard to have
every good point found in other ma
chines and several superior advantages
peculiar to the Standard only, and this
is they are used by nearly all State in
stitutions. The 1.1. & C. at Columbus,
Miss., uses them. For sale on easy terms
---. -i——
For Infants and Children.
Die Kind You Have Always Bought
The Memphis
Evening Scimitar
It is just ns easy and much more pleas
ng to read fresh news, as printed in The
Memphis Kveniug Scimitar, than to
wait ten to sixteen hours and read tlie
same news in the morning papers.
Closing quotations of the Markets of
The World. The Scimitar owns exclu
sive day Associated Press dispatches;
has 150 correspondents in three States;
uses a battery of six type-setting
machines; runs the fastest and finest
press in the South: employs a large
corps of experienced editors and report
ers, and in general acknowledges no
superior in this section.
Agents wanted in every town, no mat
ter how small the place. If there is no
agent in your town, send amount for
the time desired, and the Scimitar will
be mailed direct.
Subscription rate by mail:
One month.§ .50
Three months.. 1.50
Six months. 2.50
One year. 5.00
A special rate will be made on order of
five or more in one town. Send for in
formation about this Special Kate.
Sample ci py sent on application.
rtiempiJiH, leim.
Cheap Rat^s To Texas.
On tlie first nn<l third Tuesdays of
each month, the Cotton Belt "ill sell
round trip tickets to Texas, Arkansas,
I.ousiana Oklahoma and Indian Perri
torvat. one fare plus $2 00 for the
round trip. Tickets will he limited to
three weeks for return and will he allow
stop overs on tin* going trip. For full
particulars and for handsome illustrat
ed pamphlets “Homes in the South
west-’ and ‘through Texas with a
Camera’’ write to
\V. C. Peeper, Dint, Prhh. Agt.
307 Alain Street,
Memohis, Tenn
Questions Answered.
Yes. August Flower still has the
largest sale of anv medicine in the civi
lized world. Your mothers’ and grand
! mothers' never thought of using any
thing else for Indigestion or Billious
ness. Doctors were scarce, and they
seldem heard of Appendicitis, Nerveous
Prostration or HPHat failure, etc. They
used August Flower to clean out the
system and stop fermentation of un
digested food, regulate the action of the
liver .’stimulate the nervous and organic
action of the system, and that is all
Ihey took when feeling dull and bad
with heat} aches and other aches. You
only need a few doses of Green’s
August Flatter, in liquid form, to make
you satisfied -there, is nothing serious
the matter with ,Vt)U. .You can get i
-tfrralrHable remedy at Pound, Kincan-j
non & Flkin.
Get Green’s Suecial Almanac.
* ■ , .. ...
* 1
Next Session Opens Sept. 18.
Twknty-i ive schools in
Departments of Science, Liter
ature and the Arts; Profes
sional courses in Law, Electtical
Engineering, Civil Engineering,
Mining Engineering, Pedagogy.
to men and women, except in Law
School. All expenses very low.
Attractive location. Complete wa
ter. sewer, lighting and heating
systems. Perfect sanitation. Purest
deep well water. Enlarged scien
tific equipment in new buildings.
Special accommodations for women
students. Special opportunities for
students of limited means.
Session of 1902-03 opens Sep
tember 18, 1902; Summer Term,
1903, opens June 16th.
For catalogue or special infor
mation regarding courses or ex
penses, address,
R. B. Fulton, Chancellor,
University, Miss.
Take a Bachelors
Advice, and
Get a home of your own
with a nice, sweet wife to
make it happy.
Why be a Renter
All of your life? A home
of your ow n will put new
life into your eyes and
plasticity to your step.
Procure one of time
Choice Residence Lots
Recently surveyed, on the
Gardner estate oefore it
is everlastingly too late.
Moderate in price and the only
convenient lots in Tupelo near the
business center.
are the most fatal of all dis
or money refunded* Contains
remedies recognized by emi
nent physicians as the Best lot
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE SOc. as* $1*00.
I: :
Another factory is to l.e added
to our list of enterprises which
will 1>p a great addition to th«t
mniinf.ictarihir indu^Trieis' at ’iim
city. Mr. (i. F. Ilartlv, who is
Superintendent of the Mending
Works of Mancie, Ind., and Mem
phis, Teno., has been here for
several days and lias bought the
lot just east, of the Mobile and
Ohio tank and will at once proceed
to build suitable buildings upon it
for a general handle factory. The
Works above named employ two
thousand hands and the factory
here will be on a similar scale if
it developes that material can be
obtained to supply it. The tim
ber to be used will be chiefly Ash
and the handles made will include
everything iu the shape of a
handle for farm implements ex
cept axes. In addition shafts for
vehicles will be made. It is be
lieved that an abundant supply of
timber can be obtained and that
the demand for the output will be
unlimited. Mr. Hartly speaks
enthusiastically about the pros
pect and seem to think that the
enterprise will prove a big thing
for the city and country. We
welcome it joyfully and hope it
may succeed abuudautly. Every
thing of this kind helps—the big
The government report of the
state of the cotton crop on the 1st
of September placed it at 64.
This is the lowest ever recorded.
Texas has dropped to 53, which is
little over a half crop. This
rneaus higher prices. Don’t be
in too big a hurry to sell this
time. It is now too late for the
crop to improve.
Does It Pay To Buy Cheap?
A cheap remedy for coughs and colds
is all right, but you want something
that will relieve and cure the more
severe and dangerous results of throat
and lung troubles. What shall you do?
(Jo to a warmer and more regular cli
mate? Yes, if possilble; if not possible
for you, then in either case take the
ONLY remedy that lias been introduced
in all civilized countries with success
in severe throat and lung troubles,
‘•fioschee's German Syrup-'1 It not only
heals and stimulates the tissues to de
stroy the germ desease, but allays iuflu
ination, causes easy expectoration,
gives a good night's rest, and chits the
putient. Try one bottle. Kecomended
many years by all druggists in the
world You can get this reliable remedy
at—Pound, Kincnnnon & Elkin.
Get Green’s Special Almanac.
McGee’s Backache and Kid
. ney Cure
Will cure you of backache, Kidney
disease, bladder affections, etc. It is
the best treatment known for these
troubles. You will got the worth Of
your wonts.
Central Christian
Tupelo, flississippi,
Program r -*■ T - " ^ 'i
. T ■•>..»,. - --
Bible School a,t 9:30 a. m,
Song Service 10:30 t> ll a- in.
Preaching by N. B. Hardeman,
Mintder at 11 a. in. and 7;30 p. m.
Song Service from 2 to 5 p. in,
Evervb »dv Invited.
Reduced Rates to A. & M. College.
Students coming to the Agricul
tural & Mechanical College, who
live on either the.Southeru or Mo
bile and Ohio Railroad, can secure
a rate of 2c. per mile to the Col j
lege by making application for
name at ouce- Those desiring re
duced rates should be sure to
state at what point they will take
the train, so that an order can be
issued on that station to grant a
2c. rate. Address,
J. A. Tuhnipseed,
Agricultural College,
Dining Car Service.
The Mobile and Ohio Railroad
will inaugurate dining car service
betvveeu St. Louis and New Or
leans and Mobile, Sunday, August
31st. The headquarters of the
Supei intendeut of Dining Cars
and the Commissary have beeu
located at. Jackson, Tennessee.
In cost, finish and furnishing,
I the cats equal auy that have ytt
beeu built.
i W. H. Ward,
Sewing machine
I ' 'V , 4
Uecommtnded by the Singer,
White, Victor, New Home, Do- 1
lunatic and Wheeler & Wilson
Sewing Machine Companies,
lileOec-'.N Female Tor.-c, 6x0
Cozabir.ad TTKifmeit.
CorsetICag new. l or w ?ck, delicr.i;
romen. A tablet for local use in cou*
teetion with Tonic. Price ca.OQ.

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