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Of Every Kind 1
iSs w
® And Receiving Others Every Day. 3jJ
yjt 9/othing but the jCatest comes in our Store. \t
fj You are cordially invited to attend our Opening %
as Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, September S}/
T 10, 11 and 12th. Don’t forget the dates. Every- $
4 thing on display for 3 days. W
Every department full of New things. Novelties
as in Pattern Hats in our s’
I 7/fillineri/ Department |
% Ladies Jackets and ready-made Skirts. $
dS Dress Goods of every Description. W
I Ladies Hats is our number to sell this fall. W
) Remember One Thousand is the Number. ^
One Thousand. t
I Cost Sale §
^ Wly entire stock of Summer Millinery will 2E
^ be sold at and BELOW COST. jg
I Trimmed Hats, Flowers, Shapes, Etc. ^
Considerably Below Cost. j|
In my line of Corsets will be found p
the famous Featherbone, Armorside, p
and the C. B. Corset. These will be p
sold at Half Price. p
9//rs. S. Jf. Whitfield. I;
Best Accommodations,
Courteous Treatment,
Is our Motto.
m\u Artists Only Employe!
A lull line of Toilet Articles and Hair Tonics
kept constantly on hand.
Compton * Pound, Prop’rs.
Tupelo’s Merchant Tailor,
Has a full line of Fall and Winter Samples and is better prepaid
than ever to make Clothes in all styles in bis own shop, also to tike
measures aud have them made by Chicago’s best tailoring firm, at
Lowest Possible Prices. Fit Guaranteed.
Give me atrial. Samples ready for inspection. Cleaning, press
ing and lepairing equal to new. Altering clothes at popular prices.
All work guaranteed.
M. GOLDBERG, The Tailor.
Old post office building, Tupelo, Miss.
Lauderdale Springs.
18 miles north of Mridian
On H. & O, R R,
The most wonderful combination of waters on the continent.
v 14 Different kinds of water.
Effects remarkable cures in all disease's of the liver, kidnejs,
•toraach and bowels. Beautiful grounds, fine drives, no dust or mud,
no mosquitoes or insect pests. Excellent fnre and accommodations
Terms reasonable. Address, mmmjpn t>
tf • A. CROOK.ER, Proprietor, i
^ on can get it for leas at Hinds Bros.
<fr. Co.
A :i yard lace Curtain at Ballard’s 50c,
per pair.
It pays to buy your shoes from Hinds
Bros. & Co.
Mrs. E. J. Williams visited .Shannon
First shipment of our Fall dress
One hundred pairs ot lace Curtains
oil sale at—Ballard’s.
New Hoods of all kinds arriving daily
at Hinds Bros. & Co.
Prices on lace Curtains you never
heard of at—Ballard’s.
Mrs. W. It. Whitesides is visiting her
sister, Mrs. E. J. Williams.
If we please you tell others, if we don’t
tell us. Hinds Bros. & Co.
Mrs. Hobt. Clark of Verona is visiting
her mother Mrs. Z. T. Trice.
Mr. E. S. Foster of Pontocola was in
town on business Wednesday.
Mr. Keith Davis of Nettleton, was in
our city Monday on business.
Master Bertram Francis spent Wednes
day with relatives nf Verona.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitten Duncan are
visiting relatives in Tennessee.
Rev. S. A. Wilkinson left Tuesday to
attend the Baptist Association.
C. H. Clifion has returned from u
weeks stav at Stafford Springs.
Mrs. Siyley left Monday for St. Louis
to purchase her stock of Millinery.
Mrs. Murphy Thomas and children
are visiting relatives in Pontotoc.
Mrs. S. 1). Taylor of Verona was the
guest of Miss Mabel Hood Tuesday.
Murphy Thomas Esn. is at Dawson
Springs, Ky.. for a short recreation.
A five drawer, drop head sewing ma
chine for only $12.50 at Hinds Brs &Co.
Miss Jennie Elliott has returned from
a visit to Mrs. Carothers at Booneville.
Dick Cobb of Palmetto was in town
Tuesday as chipper ns a three-year old.
Miss Curry of Corinth has been the
guest of the Misses Edmonds this week.
Miss Vivian Walker of Italdwyn,
visited Mrs. Mittie Bell Mitckener Tues
Miss Ida Smith after a pleasant, visit
to relatives in Okolona has returned
Misses Mabel and Lillian Ca.vre of
Columbus are visiting the Misses Strauss
this week.
Mr. R. L. Pound has purchased the
Whitaker place on Main street and lms
moved in.
Messrs. Robt. McNeil, Al Rice and
John Francis were in town on business
Master Earl Pound of Nettleton, spent
a few days this week with Mr. and Mrs.
R. 1/ Pound.
A beautiful line of mens shoes just
received. They hre right in quality style
and price.—Miller’s,
Mrs. Whitfield has returned from St.
Louis, where the went to purchase her
fall stock of Millinery.
Mrs. C. S. Brice and children of Gun
town have been the guests of Mrs. A.
P. McAllister the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Kincannon and
children have gone for a few weeks stay
at Lauderdale Springs.
tp, ■ ff \ */ ?****? t* • «■
Miss Annie DeLny after a weeks visit |
to relatives at Ackerman is again at
her post in the Journal.
Mrs. M. Miller and children have re
turned from an extended visit to rela
tives in Galveston, Texas.
Mrs. S. A. Wilkinson and little non,
Bonner Hayes, are visiting relatives at
Pcntocola, this week.
Anything you may need in Trunks,
Travelling Bags. Suit Cases, etc., can be
had for less at llinds Bros. A Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Verner Carothers have
moyed to Booneville where Mr. Caroth
ers will engage in cotton buying,
Fall goods are piling in on us thick
and fast, have been opening new goods
for the last three weexs.—Mille ’s.
Little Misses Margaret and Kathleen
and Master Milford Bonner visited rela
tives in West Point the past week.
A school bag free with every pnir of
children’s School Shoes.
Hinds Bitos. A Co.
For Rent—Store House on Main St.
Apply t,o
Mas. Julia C. Bi.aiii.
Little Miss John Mitcbener is visit
ing Krin Ballard this week. John’s
little friends are delighted to see her
“I would as soon think of doing busi
ness without clerks as without news
paper advertising.”—John Wanamaker.
Let every white teacher in the county
who have their work at heart attend
the institute next Monday.
V. H. Mitts, Supt.
Mr. It. M. Alford of Cario. 111., arrived
ia the city Friday morning and iH stop
ping at his wife’s father's Mr. Shelby
Rev. J. E. Cunningham of Greenville
and Mr. J. T. Cunningham were the
guests of Mr. George Cunningham the
past weeK.
Mr. W. A. McCanless lias charge of
our letail Coal business. Leave your
orders for coal with him.
S. .1. High, Agent.
Rev. John I). Hunter, who has been
conducting a meeting in Tennessee, will
return today and occupy his pulpit Sun
day morning and evening.
Every white toucher iu the countv is
expected and urged to attend the teach
er’s institute in Tupelo next Monday.
F. H. Mitts, Supt
The remnant of our summer stock
will sell at anv price, we liaye but
little left and will sell for almost any
Our now goods arriving by every
freight. They will be more reasonable
in price than ever before, such pretty
patterns and stylish designs —Miller’s.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Alford, accompa
nied by Misses Katie and Clara lopp
left Tuesday morning over the M & O.
for a few days outing at Mobile Ala.
and coast points.
It is the duty of every white teacher
in Lee county to attend tlie teacher s
institute in Tupelo next Monday, the
F. il. Mitts, Supt.
Every employee of " Tupelo's Greatest
Store” has been very busy for the past
two weeks opening good tilings for you
all. Co.ue to se“ ns.
Hinds linos, A Co.
We regret to learn that Miss Erin
Cosby is ill of fever. She has been ill
for some time but is improving. Her
brother, I.ewis, is also ill of the same
disease. We trust tnev may soon re
Lee county's two ‘‘liohs’’ were in
town on business this week. These dis
tinguished gentlemen are well versed on
the topics of the day and talk interest
ingly of the afftii s of the county and
Mr. A. S. Wells aecompanied by Mr.
I,.I,.. I Inin illui- Tji E1 elui ssmp stoDoed
over Sunday and Monday on his way
home. Mr. Wells lias been in Colorado
for the past tiv o months looking after
interests in that state.
We would esteem it a personal favor
if you will telephone us when you have
visitors in vour homes. It is impossible
for us to know always when t here are
visitors in town unless our friends ap
prise us. King up SO and give us the
Mr. W. B. Whitaker and family have
removed from 1 upelo to Grenada where
they will in the future reside. We re
gret to loose these good people as resi
dents of Tupelo and commend them to
their new neighbors ns worthy of their
confidence and esteem.
The Board of Supervisors nave lieen
in session since Monday. The matter
of equalizing the real estate assess
ment of the county lias claimed the at
tention of the board, a most careful
revision bavin; tnen made. The tax
vote will lie fixed at the present meet
Prof. F. H. Mitts went to Aberdeen
Wednesday to attend a meeting of the
committee appointed a-t the last meet
ing of the State Teachers Association
to select a systematic reading course to
recommend to the teachers of the stale.
The committee is composed of I). A.
Hill, Mi Rose and Prof. Mitts.
The pension band composed of (’apt.
,1. A. Thompson, .1. M. I.ytal, Jim Boyd,
R. H. Rogers, and W. T. SparKs was
in session Monday and Tuesday puss
ingon the applications for Confederate
pensions. There were a large number
of applicants. Thirty eight passed, a
list of which vve vviH publish next vvetk.
Leoimrd Shelton has returned form
Atlanta, Ua., where he lias been the
past several months under treatment
for the injury he received two years ago
in a game of foot hall at the A. & M.
college. While he is not' fully cured he
has been greatly improved and is now
able to walK without the aid of crutches.
Place your order for Win
ter Coal. Elk River and Gal
loway fancy lumo.
S. J HIGH, Agent
We nre indebted to our clever friend
.1. H. Barnett, formerly a citizen of
Tupelo for a copy of the Jackson Even
ing News, from which we see that lie
is now district manager of the Hart
ford Life Insurance Co. We hope Ins
success may be commensurate with his
deserts which would he all he could
Rev. Dunbar Ogden of Columbus
preached two interesting sermons at
the Presbyterian church Sunday morn- •
ing and evening. Ilia themes were
well selected • and the talented young
minister drew manv practical observa
tions from them. The congregations on
both occasions were treated to dis
courses of ijiore than ordinary merit.
Rev. R. G. Isbell. A. M., is in tliecitv in
the interest of the Birmingham Business
College, Birmingham, Ala. Mr. Isbell
will organize a class in the celebrated
Sloan-Duployan system of shorthand
and give instructions until the principles
are thoroughly mustered, the course to
be completed by mail. All interested
should see Mr. Isbell at Cou;t House
between 1) and 10 a. m. and 1 to •! p. in.
After a ten days stay at White
Springs a party composed of Tupelo peo
ple arrived at home Wednesday. Thosf
composing the party were: Mrs. It. F.
Robertson, Misses Nellie uml Ola Hard
tier, Millie and Mary Brown, and
little Misses Ruth and Annie Lou
isrown; Messrs (ieo- Crumpton, Will
and Lem Brown, Albert and Dennis
Fulton. They report a pleasant time.
News was reciyed here the past week
of the death of Mr. J. T. Lewis at his
home in Oklahoma Territory. Mr.
Lewis was a citizen of Lee coucty with
his family for two years, coining here
from the north. They left here a year
and a half ago for the west where they
have since made their home. The
friends of the family will regret to
« e . l 1 _ ill* .. j.1. i. 1
ICill 11 ill Uic nau auiittiwii uiui nnn vvimr
to them in the death of the husband
and father.
Mr J. F. Hood delivered a lecture
Saturday night in the chapel of Chick
asaw College, l’ontotoc, in behalf of the
college which was well attended and
well received by the cultured audience.
The subject selected for the occasion
was “Some Standards of Life.” Mr.
Hood is a deep thinker and fluent talker
and is at all times instructive and enter
tabling. He left yesterday evening for
Hanover, ind.. where he has accepted
the chair of Ethic and English Litera
ture in Hanover college.
One of the most pleasant little parties
given in the city this season was that
given by Miss Lucille Francis to her
little girl friends and playmates, hist
Friday afternoon from four to si^
o’clock. There were twenty-seven of
the cherry and pretty little ones in at
tendance and to say that they had a
good time does not at all express the
full idea of the pleasures that they en
joyed. Miss Lucille was assisted by
Misses Pauline Topp and Nelle McLean,
who first served delicious pineapple lem
onade and then afterwards in the after
noon pleasure plainly showed that they
had taken lessons and fully understood
their part. Mrs. Francis assisted by
Misses Florence Wylie, Katv and Clara
Topp, had prepared a nice feast of deli
cious ices and cakes. which were served
on tables arranged under the shade of
the trees on the lawn. The chattering
and vivacious little ones paid it tli? com
pliment of eagerly devouring it and
telling Mrs Francis how fine it was and
how pleasant the occasion had lieen.
All in attendance were delighted and
went away with most pleasant impres
sions of tlie occasion.
Shelby Topp.
On the 1st of the month Shelby Topp
moved his stock of goods into his new
store on Main street which has been
greatly enlarged and otherwise improv
ed. A new story has been added and
a spacious upper floor furnishes com
modious apartments which will be filled
with clothing and heavier dry goods.
The lower floor will be devoted to
notions, Indies dress goods, trimmings
and shoes. The entire store inside is
painted in white and with the addition
of a spacious skylight, the entire build
iii^; » in ue \>eu u&iiicu. ;ui. i
will begin the fail business with the fol
lowing corps of clerks: K. 1). an I Mrs.
I’orter, Dom Huff, Miss Florence Mc
We have just put on tap
a hbl of very fine new Sorg
hum. Send your jug and
have it filled.
Francis Sc Wood.
D. S. Ballard.
In this issue Mr. D. S Ballard adver
tises that he will have on display on
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of
next week his stock of Fail and Winter
goods. Mr. Ballard and Miss Daisy
Keyes have just returned from St. Louis
where they made large selections of the
latest and best in the dry goods line.
The openings of Mr, Ballard in the oast
have been occasions of novelty and the
coming display promises to he one of
the best. Misses Daisy and Kate Keves,
Aurora Stevenson and Louis Carutb
will he found behind the counters dur
ing the fall.
w* have always in istoek
Chase & Sanborn's high
grade Coffee. Roasted and
put up in* cans— Rosada, 1
Mocha and Java and Seal ;
Brand. 1
Francis & Wood. >
For Sale.
One acre lot with good ]
two room house anti or
chard. Price $125. Terms <
easy. See M. E. Leake.
Slxexxxs-stxx, ^Eiee- ^
A School For Both Sexes. jj
Thor >ugb work and reasonable terms. Good board from $7.00 I
to $10.00 per month. Good moral influences surround the towu and
school. Excellent Sunday-school and church facilities. The term IN
for 1902-3
Begins Sept. 15, 1902 and closes May 1st, 1903.
For further information or Catalogue, address,
D. C. LANGSTON, Principal, I
Sherman, Miss.
Jire you Soiny
Vo Paint 2/our Pfouse?
If so, it matters not what kind of paint you intend to
finish with you should use
Pevilfs Primer for the Pirst Coat.
It is composed of yellow ochre, white lead and the best linseed
oil. Any experienced painter will tell you that this is better than oil
and lead alone- We also make a beautiful Oak Stain, Hard Oil, Fur
niture Varnish and Bed Bug Destroyer combined, and a strictly pure
All the above for sale and guaranteed by Pound, Kincannon <fc
Elkin Drug Company.
manufactured by the |J[ p^lO Paiflt CO.
iQ A T7"Th^T5 Gen l Insurance, Real Estate P?
V ijlw X W Rental and Claim Agency. || I
^|l if^eprasents: For the Counties in Mississippi: jjl ■
43 P'ira, SM ■
=*«•• * pee, preptiss, $
0)1 ‘X'om.a.Ao, IJp ^k
-A.=ciA.^t, TMppap, Bepton,
^ I P’la.t© Ghlass, Ubiop, Poptotoc, II
■si'Sf |ij Insurance BM
|| _- apd ItaWaipba. j|
.w lt(‘|ire»ent» SA Leading Fire Insurance Companies. |)j
(V Local Solicitors In each of the Several County Towns. District Office, R
| TUPELO mss. Is
Rev J. E McShan.
This distinguished minister of the j
Cumberland Presbyterian church has1
severed his connection with the pastor
ate at Verona and has removed with
his family, of wife and daughter, to
Sheffield, Ala., where he has accepted a
call. His leaving occasions deep re
grets in the hearts of all who Know
him. not only members of his church,
but those of all denominations and all
classes of the community.
Mr. McShan has been an active minis
ter in Lee county for twenty-five years
and has been eminently successful in his
lotty vocation. He has attained a wide
popularity and has gained a splendid
reputation for piety, devotion and zeal
in the good work of his life. He is a
jinn of learning, gifted as a pulpit ora
tor, sympathetic in nature, firm in con
victions, liberal and broad in his views,
kindly in disposition and of magnetic
personality. These qualities combined
have made him a power in his denomi
nation which hits been felt nil over the
state throughout the length and breadth
of which he is Known as one of its lend
ing factors. In his leaving the church
sustains a loss which it cannot easily
replace. The community deplores it be
cause of the loss to the social life which .
it sustains through his own removal as !
well as that of his beloved wife and
talented and popular daughter who go
with him. May their pathway he
strewn with flowers. We heartily com- I
mend them to their new friends and in
voke for them the highest consideration
from all who meet them.
Buy Elk River or Galloway
fancy lump Coal
S J HIGH, Agent.
We are booking orders'
for Landreth's Pearl Onion |
sets. These are to be plant
ed in the fall and will be
ready to eat by early spring
Francis & Wood,
School Opening.
The Fall term of the Tupelo Graded
School will opi*n Monday week and
:he coming session promises in advance
:o be a successful one. The faculty
will remain as last session. The pros- j
ject now is that the largest attendance
n the history of the school will be en- j
•oiled the comiug scholastic year. Miss .
iva tie Topp has been elected to take j
iharge of the music department in the |
dace of Miss Sims, resigned. Miss
fopp is a fine musician and pupils un
ler her charge will receive the best in
Chase & Sanborns Em
peror’s Blend Tea makes1
:he finest ice tea that you
;an drink.
« Francis & Wood. 1
Come and try a sack of
our fresh roasted peanuts
hot from our new roaster.
Francis & Wood.
For Sale.
Two organ, terms easy.
One 8 day clock.
One large oak bedstead.
One kitchen safe.
One bass drum. i
One kettle drum.
One dining table. I
M. E. Leake.
- j
\\ hen you want the best
hour on earth try a bbl of
Perfection at
Francis & Wood.
A quiet wedding was solemnized at
the Baptist parsonage Monday after
noon when Mr. Martin Gray led to the
altar Miss Ida Moore. Rey. 3. A. Wilk
inson officiating. The happy couple
came over from Itawamba county and
had the Knot tied to avoid the usual
trouble incident to a wedding return
ing home after the ceremony. The bride
is a charming young lady of 19 while
the groom is a successlul teacher of the
county. The Journal extends its best
wishes fora long and happv life
For Sale.
The Hotel known as the
Mayfield House. See
M. E. Leake.
-*- i
Notice of Teacher’s Examination. I
There will be held in the Court House
in the town of Topelo, Lee Couifty, ex
animations of applicants for licenses to
teach in the pulhic schools of said coun
ty, on the following dates: For white j
applicants. Sept. 19th and 20th, and ^
Oct. 17th and 18t-h. For colored ap
plicants, Sept. 26th and 27th, and Oct.
24th and 25th.
F. H. MITTS, Supt. of Ed.
When you are in doubt
about something to eat
send to Francis & Wood
and get what you want.
To Clericie Hulsie Yielding, Duffy P. O.,
Marion County, Ala.
You are hereby commanded to appear
before the Chancery Court of I>ee Coun
ty, Mississippi, on the third Monday in
Sept, being the 15th day of Sept., to he
tield in the city of Tupelo then and there
to defend the suit in said Court wherein
[sace-lohn Yielding is complainant Hiid
rou are defendant.
Witness my hand and seal this the'
ilst day of August, 1902.
L M. Thomas, Sol. for Compit.
' U-22-3L

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