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_-- . f,~' " ... . . - ■ - . ■-.,■■■ ■ .: . - . —-—.r1 — . ■ ----- . -- ---m
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IS 1|«|| ) i| f\ fl t ffljfpwwwypii *
if^a~1 Miller s ammoth Dry Goods ouse ”z:Cr . i
€1 Orders Filled Same Daffecpived yoyyy oyiyt /\ y* -3 /\ NO MISKEPRESENI ATIONS. 2 go
S....I^/WWIWWWWi.. ■ WHOijr!S'^ . Q.3TLCL ijwuiUiUiUiUiUiUiUiUiUiUW^ 2
{This Establishment is Teeming with New Fall Goods. i
2 We are now prepared to attend to all wants in the Dry Goods Line, for never •
2 before have we had such well varied assortments as we have for the fall of 1902. •
2 Largest Hillinery Department in Tupelo. Over 75 different styles trimmed Hats 2
f Ladies and ChiidrenVelt
0 Hats.
9 We have everything to »e de
^ sired in ladies and Miss swell
9 Ready-to-Wear felt hats, t latest
^ styles in scratch felt Ha triui
9 med in velvet bauds and ills to
W sell from 75c. up to #2.25.
9 A nice, stylish felt hat, nuimed
9 with feit band and oruaunt to
9 sell for 95c.
jj Children’s School Hat.
A nice line of felt hats,some!
a with felt bands, rolling brii; and
a streamers, to sell for 39. -8, 1A
and 85c.
w Also a nice felt hat with ibbon
£ streamers to sell for $1.20^1.00,
0 75 and 49c.
New Outings and Flannels
5c. outing all new colors and ex
tra good value per yard 31-3c. New
flanneletts neat designes, dark
colors 10c, value per yard 81-3c.
Outing light colors, small checks
good weight, per yard 10c.
Our entire line of trunks are
doomed to go, note the closiug
prices, as the new tranks are due
to arrive next week.
2(5 inch zinc covered trunk bound
with steel $1.25.
28 inch ziuc covered trunk, oval
top, bound with steel $1.55.
32 inch zinc covered trunk, flat
top bound with steel $2.50.
34 inch zinc covered trunk, oval
top steel bound $3.00.
34 inch canvas covered trunk,
steel bound and mounted, $3.50.
36 inch canvas covered trunk,
extra heavy brass mounted, heavy
leather straps, value $8.75 at $0.50.
Boys and Children’s Caps.
Boys’ eton. golf and yatcht shape
Caps, assorted colors in serges and
flannels, special price 20c. all sizes.
Good felt shade, 6 feet loug,
spring roller attachments complete,
price 9c.
Good cloth shade, 6 feet long,
spring roller, complete, price 24e.
Good cloth shade, 7 feet long
with heavy double fringe and spring
roller complete 35c.
Oil opaque shade, 7 feet long
with heavy fringe and Hartsone
roller, price 59c.
Holland shades, 8 feet long with
best quality double row of liueu
fringe, price 63c.
If it’s from
It’s All Right.
If not
We will make
It so.
Men’s Stylish Fall Hats
Jefferson derby leads the world
on Derby Hats; giyes a feeling of
self confidence that other hats do
not. New fall blocks are ready—
$2.45 and $2.95.
New shapes of fall Alpines, all
new colors and trimmings, prices
$1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50
Fall Clothing for Boys
School opens in Tupelo Monday,
Sept. 15th aud you’ve just one day
in which to get the boys ready.
Our stock of boy’s wearables is
complete and is the greatest we
have ever shown. Every good style
that the best makers have produced
this season is here and the variety
will enable you to make quick and
satisfactory selections. The sound
ness and thorough goodness of
make and material, the perfection
of style, are guaranteed features
and we warrant eutire satisfaction
on every purchase you make or
your money back for the asking.
Boys’ Double-Breasted Suits
with knee trousers, sizes 4 to 1G,
wool cheviots, dark mixtures and
black, $1.45.
Boys all wool cheviot and cassi
mere suits, with knee pants, all
new fall patterns and solid black
and blue $1.85.
Boys double breasted cheviot and
cassimere suits with knee trousers,
made extra strong for school wear,
full assortments of fancy and plain
cheviots $2.45.
Boys school suits, extra special ^
values, especially for school service 5?
shown in a good variety of pat
terns of cheviot aud cassimere, an '
easy $4.00 value special for $3.20. !
Over two hundred Rough and ,
Ready boys school suits, actual ]
$1.50 value our price 98c.
Men’s Fall Suits •
We make our initial display to- w
morrow of men’s stylish suits for w
j fall of 1902, and we will gladly ®
have you inspect our lines. As W
i large and comprehensive as our as- W
sortments have been in the past, W
this season’s exhibition will excel W
in every particular any effort we •
have made in the past. Prices will W
range from $4.50 up to $22.50. w
MILLER MERCANTILE COMPANY, Birth Place of Low Prices. j
John M. Lumpkin. George C. Lumpkin.
Can Ftrnish Your House from Your
Front Door
lo Your Kitchen.
Chairs, Mattresses and Springs,
Hat Racks and Tables,
China and Glass Ware,
Stoves and Kitchen Furniture.
Buggies and Harness.
We want Your Business.
Yours to please,
Lumpkin Brothers.
. Directors: ^
- ft
S. T. Harke.v, ft
J. J. Rogers. ft
J. Q. Robins,
R. S. Thomas, ft
J. H. Long. ft
Johnson, ft
W. W. Trice. £
cif Typelci,
Transacts a General Baukiug Bnsiuess.
Capital and Surplus $60,000.
L/'oliections given Prompt Attention and <*tii< k Returns. We want your Rusines*
Insured Burglars.
Regular meetings of the Hoard of Directors 1st I tiesday in each month.
Marble and Stone Yard Co.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in
Art Monuments
Foreign and Domestic Marbles and Granites.
Statute Work a Specialty.
ROGERS & SON, Prop’rs. Grand Junction, Tenn.
STiilT :D-^:E3:D
The Standard Rotary runs as silent ae
the ticking of a watch. Makes 300
stitches while other machines make 200.
We guarantee the Standard to haye
every good point found in other ma
chines and several superior advantages
peculiar to the Standard only, and this
is they are used by nearly all State in
stitutions. The 1.1. & C. at Columbus,
Miss., uses them. For sale on easy term*
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bough!
-- ■ ■ - .
Next Session Opens Sept. IS.
Twenty-five schools in
Departments of Science, Liter
ature aud the Arts; Profes
sional courses in Law, Electrical
Engineering, Civil Engineering,
Mining Engineering, Pedagogy.
to men and women, except in * .aw
School. All expenses very low.
Attractive location. Complete wa
ter, sewer, lighting and heating
systems. Perfect sanitation. Purest
deep well water. Enlarged scien
tific equipment in new buildings.
| Special accommodations for women
students. Special opportunities for
students of limited means.
Session of 1902-03 opens Sep
tember 18, 1902; Summer Term,
1903, opens June 16th.
For catalogue or special infor
mation regarding courses or ex
penses, address,
R. B. Fulton, Chancellor,
Universitv, Miss.
Does It Pay To Buy Cheap?
A cheap remedy for coughs and colds
is all right, but you want something
that will relieve and cure the more
severe and dangerous results of throat
and lung troubles. What shall you do?
(Jo to a warmer and more regular cli
mate? Yes, if possilble; if not possible
for you, then in either case take the
only remedy that has been introduced
in all civilized countries with success
in severe throat, and lung troubles,
“Boschee's German Syrup1” It not only
heuls and stimulates the tissues to de
stroy the germ desease, but allays infla
matiou, causes easy expectoration,
gives a good night's rest, and cures the
patient. Try one bottle. Hecomended
many years by all druggists in the
world You can get this reliable remedy
at—Pound, kincunnon & Elkin.
Get Green’s Special Almanac.
Questions Answered.
YeB, August Flower still has the
largest sale of anv medicine in the civi
lized world. Your mothers’ and grand
mothers’ never thought of using any-,
thing else for Indigestion or Billious
ness. Doctors were scarce, and they
seldem heard of Appendicitis, Nerveous
Prostration or neaat failure, etc. They
used August Flower to clean out the
system and stop fermentation of un
digested food, regulate the action of the
liver.*stimulate the nervous and organic
action of the system, and that is all
they took when feeling dull and bad
with head aches and other aches. You
only need a few doses of Green’s
August Flower, in liquid form, to make
you satisfied there is nothing serious
the matter with you. Y'ou can get
this reliable remedy at Pound, Kincan
non & Elkip.
Got Green’s Special Almanac
Foley’s Kidney Cure
I makes kidneys and bladder right
Damage Suits Galore.
Swarms of Lawyers Seek the
Victims of a Wreck.
Columbus, Miss., Sep., 8.—
Since the wreck at Barry, Ala.,
last Monday in which thirty-five
colored residents of this city were
killed and eighty or more were
seriously, if not fatally injured,
the town has been swarming with
solicitors, claim agents and at
torneys trying to effect a com
promise, and other working up
litigation against the railroad.
Any number of inducements have
been offered the negroes by the
Birmingham attorneys to get their
cases, hut most all have given
them to local law firms.
A Girl’s Character.
A girl cannot be too careful
about her character, for, like a
snowy lilly the least blemish tar
nishes its beauty. Some girls
really do uot meau auy harm, but
they seem to like a delicate sense
of propriety, and frequently in
vite criticism of an unkind nature.
They laugh loudly, make acquaint
ances too freely, and consider
reticence a requisite best suited
for our grandmother’s day. The
girl who is slow to make acquaint
ance is, generally speaking, the
best sort of girl. When you get
J. „ 1 l _ £ 1 1
tu nuun uci j 1001 uui huuuij
and place her on your listt of
friends with a feeling of pleasure.
A little dignity is an excellent
thing. It checks the familiarity
of others, and affords a superior
attitude of mind. The girl who is
truly up to date in her ideas fol
lows tlie dictitcs of good form.
Tims she proves herself to be well
bred and smart, shielding herself
from the unpleasantness that is
sure to come from a careless de
Sewing machine
Recommended by the Sinner,
White, Victor, New Home, Do
mestic and Wheeler & Wilson
Kewinn Machine Companies,
Teacher’s Institute.
Tim Lee County Institute is
now in session at the Court House
with Prof. J. T. Connell of the
Tupuelo Graded School as con
ductor. Lee county is famous
throughout the State for her live
teacher's meetings and the attend
ance on this one as well as the
iuterest manifested by teachers
and conductor is but a continua
tion of former meetings. There
are enrolled ns we go to press,
seventy teachers and still they
come. Our county Superintend
ent has but to issue the call aud
be assured of a hearty response
from this devoted body of pub
lic servants. These teachers have
left their homes and are here de
fraying their own expenses,
working faithfully in order that
they may get strength to better
serve the public. This is a sacri
fice that is made by no other
body of men and women and
should meet with endorsement
aud encouragement from the pub
lic. All questions pertaining to
school work such as Pedugogy,
Psychology aud subject matter
are being presented aud masterly
handeled by both conductor and
teacher. Prof. Connell is an
earnest and competent teacher
and is master of the work in
hsnrl. This Tnstitnfp will ho
long and pleasantly remembered
by all connected as one of the
best held iu the county for some
An important feature of this
session is the organization of a
Teacher’s County Association,
with Supt. F. H. Mitts as presi
dent. J. N. Francis vice presi
dent and Miss Mattie S.tokes
Secty. and Teens. This ts a per
manent organization and through
it the teachers will he called to
gether monthly throughout the
year. It isjto be hoped that the
same iuterest that characterizes
the Iustntue may continue in the
Take a Bachelor's
Advice, and
Get a home of your own
with a nice, sweet wife to
make it happy.
Why be a Renter
All of your life? A home
of your own will put new
life into your eyes and
elasticity to your step.
Procure, one of tlmsp
Choice Residence Lots
Recently surveyed, on the
Gardner estate before it
is everlastingly too late.
Moderate in price and the only
convenient lots in Tupelo near the
business center.
W hat Is Home?
Recently a Loudon magazine
sent out 1,000 inquiries on the
question, “What is home?” In
I selecting the classes to respond, it
was particular to see that every
one was represented. The poor
est and richest were given an
equal chance to express their sen
timents. Out of 800 replies re
ceived, several geme were select
ed as follows:
1. Home—A world of strife
shut out, a world of love shut in.
2. Home—A place where the
small are great and the great are
3. Home—The father’s king
dom, a mother’s world aud the
child’s paradise.
4. Home—The place where w e
grumble most and are treated
o. Home—The center of our
affection, round which our heart’s
! best wishes twine.
7. Home—The place where the
stomachs get three square meals
daily and our hearts a thousaud.
7. Home—The only place on
earth where the faults and failings
of humanity are hidden under the
sweet mautle of charity.
It is a great shock to have a
mau return money that he has
When a woman has on her best
clothes she wants admiration; all
the rest of the time love.
Women will weep for a man
and love him all the more, when
they must blush for him it closes
their hearts against him.
The average woman thinks of
a queen as having stately shoul
ders aud flashing eyes; the genuiue
aiticie is fat, flabby and fishy.
Some women who would drop
from exhaustion if they had to
sweep a square yard of carpet can
shop all day and come out with an
appetite for an all-night dance.
A man’s house is his wife's
kn easy way not to get rich is to
have plenty of children. •
You cau munufactuve blond
hair, but red heads just come
It costs most men a good dee!
more to live up to their prosperi
ty tllRn they get out of it.
Getting into debt is as easy a
falliug out of a balloon, and g<f
out of debt is as easj n- falling
op into the balioou again.—e\y
York Press.
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