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H-1©^ THE
We would be glad to have you become a subscriber to the Tupelo
Journal It is your home paper and its best efforts have been and
will continue to be devoted to the advancement of the best inter
I ests of the people of nee county. The county paper should find a
I place iu every home. We shall at all times endeavor to make it
interesting and instructive to your family. A good paper is a
great educator and in the Journal’s columns will be found a di
vejsity of reading mutter suited to the fireside. The following
gives some idea of the matter that appears weekly in its columns:
General Foreign News. Official Crop Reports.
Mississippi State Items. Household Items.
Lee County News. Labor Notes. Farm Notes.
Bill Arp’s Letters. Garden Notes. Dairy Notes.
The Sunday School Lesson. Orchard Notes. Fashion Notes.
Short Stories.
Is The Official Organ Of Lee County.
Tax Sales. Commissioners Sales.
Notices of Public Works.
Legal Advertisements of every description.
To every new subscriber forwarding us a year’s subscription we
will mail a handsome pocket book of real aligators skin.
To"b 0££ice
All kinds Job Printing done on short
notice and at most reasonable rates
Have pleased others—Can please you.
HE JOURNAL, Tupelo, fliss.
No 2 Leaves (daily). <> 05 a in
No 4 Leaves (daily). 7 40 p in
No 12 Leaves (w’k (lays mxd) 8 10 a m
No 1 Leaves (daily). 0 5!) p m
L No 8 Leaves (daily). 5) 17 am
■ No 11 Leaves (w'k (lays mxd) 8 85 p in
General Manager, 8T. LOUIS.
Gen'l Paw’r Agent, AssH Gen’lPaes’r Agent.
Non-Resident Notice.
To the unknown heirs of John Rank
head, deceased and W.S. Metcalf. Win.
(5. Metcalf, .Fannie Metcalf. Mrs. Mar
garet Morrow, and the unknown heirs
of Rosa Henson, deceased, and Mrs.
llettie Henson. T. O. Hollis and J. K
p. Hollis and the unknown heirs ot
tlie children of Mrs. Pollie Barton, de
ceased and the unknown heirs of R
M. Abernathy, deceased, and Mrs
Kttie Abernathy and Sam'l Abernathy,
You are commanded to appear before
the Chancery Court of the County of Lee
in said State on the third Monday of
September 1002, to show cause if any
whv the final account and settlement of
J R. Abernathy administrator of the
estate of Geo. W. Bankhead, deceased,
should not be approved and allowed as
the same is now on file and said admin
istrator fully and finally discharged
wherein vou are defendants.
This 12th dav of July A. I). 1902.
Anderson & Long, Sol s for Adm r.
Foley’s Kidney Cure
wakes kidneys and bladder right
An uruinance 10 rroviae now vag
rants Shall be Dealt With and
Re it ordained bv the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen of the City of Tupe
lo, that an ordinance entitled: “An or
dinance tr> orov'.le how vagrants shall
he dealt with and punished,” he and the
same is hereby amended so ns to read
as follows, to-wit:
An ordinance fixing the punishment of
persons convicted of being vagrants:
Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen that any person
convicted of being a vagrant under an
ordinance entitled “An ordinance defin
ing who are vagrants,’ shall be fined
not less than $1.00 nor more than $50.
00, or imprisoned not more than 30
days.jor b.v both fine and imprisonment.
The above ordinance was previously
reduced t. writing before being consider
e<J and voted on, and was read and
considered by sections at a public meet
ing of the Mayor and Board of Alder
men of the city of Tupelo, and the vote
on its final passage was taken by
“yeas’’ and “nays,’’and it was unani
mously adopted.
W. I). ANDERSON, Mayor.
W. TROY. Clerk.
Tupelo, Miss.. August 5th, 11)02.
!Cheap Summer
Week End Rate
From Tupelo to
Mobile. Coden & Point Clear.
'l’iie Mobile & Ohio R. R. Co., are now
j selling week end excursions tickets to
these points at the very low rate which
will allow 2 whole days on the Gull
| Coast, where many and superior at
tractions will be offered to visitors, such
as Interstate Shooting Tournament,
j Encampment Alabama State Troops,
I Yacht Races, etc.
The Mobile & Ohio R. R. will sell
tickets, round trip from Tupelo to
Mobile. $5.40. Coden, $6.00 Point
Clear, $6.15.
Tickets tobe sold each Saturday after
noon. good returning next Monday
Cheap Rates to all Conventions and
meetings via the Mobile & Ohio R. R.
Cheap rate to all Points in the South
eastern Territory for July 4th limited
for return July 8tb. For further in
formation etc. apply to
For further information apply to,
■ i
The Press.
An English traveler who has
visited every nation in the world,
is authority for the statement
that one food is universal through
out all countries. “There is not
a part of the world,” he says,
“where you caunot get an egg.”
While in Western China, however,
he at first had some difficulty in
getting even eggs. The natives
could not understand him aud re
fused to recognize the pictures he
drew as pictures of eggs. “The
way I got out of the difficulty,”
he adds, “was that I squatted
down on my haunches, flapped
my winges aud cock-a-doodle
doo’d until the entire nation grasp
ed what I wanted, and I was simp
ly provided with hundreds of
“Au excellent and never-failing
cure for nervous- headache,” says
an apostle of physical culture, “is
the simple act of walking back
ward. Just try it some time if
you have any doubt about it.
Physicians say that it is probab
ly because the reflexion of the
body brings about; a reflexion of
the brain, and thus drives away
the pain that when induced by
nervousness is the result of too
much going forward. The result
is always certain and generally
speedy. Ten minutes is the long
est I have ever found necessary.
• . « _______ __
AU euiry ur a iuug, aiairuw iuuiu
makes the best place for such a
promenade. You should walk
slowly, letting the ball of the foot
touch the floor and then the lieel—
just the way, iu fact, that one
should iu theory walk forward,
but which in practice is so rarely
There is a hoodoo in every
newspaper office. It hides be
hiud the cobwebs and gets in its
dastardly work. The story of how
the newspaper hoodoo was born
is told with hushed breath iu every
newspaper establishment. Those
who kuow say that when Herr
Gettenberg started the first news
paper, in Germany, a maiden lady
of advanced years persuaded
some irresponsible youth to marry
her. She left word at the news
paper office that the thing be
told the facts, including a state
ment about the bride’s age, looks,
and disposition, and she, being
mad with rage, sold her self to the
devil and was transformed into an
evil spirit. To this day her spirit
prowls around newspaper offices.
Don’t laugh when yon see ludi
crous things in a paper. J hey
are the devil’s work—Ex.
Men strive mightily, in early
manhood and in middle life, to
accumulate a competency for old
age. In this they do well, but
did it never occur to you that one
needs a competency of knowledge,
and a competency of faith, and a
competency of true philosophy in
old age, quite as much as a com
petency of monetary wealth?
Pitiable indeed is he who comes
i: : j ~c i...
V»v 'I II 111V UVVIHiUJ VI 11 u
man experience with an empty
head and a empty heart, leaning
only, in his sunset days, upon a
staff of gold! And did it never
occur to you that wealth of the
head and heart must be accumu
lated in youth and middle life, if
they are to be yours in old age,
just as certainly as that a plethoric
purse must be possessed, if at all,
as the results of this kind of fore
thought and effect—aye, much
more so! You cannot ignore the
flowers of character in the spring
and summer of your experience,
and hope to enjoy their sweet fra
grance when life is in its“sere and
yellow leaf.”—Exchauge.
To Our Friends of Tupelo, Lee
and Surrounding Counties.
The undesigned take this method
of notifying you that we are now
with Shelby Topp. one of the lead
iug dry good merchants of Tupelo,
and beg to say that we will ap
preciate your presence and patron
age. Our lady friends are especial
ly invited to make this store then
head quarters when in the city
Mr.Topp is so well kuown in this
part of the state, both as a Chris
tian gentleman and an up-to-dats
merchant, that he scarcely needs
any recommendation at our hauds.
He is now in the east for his fal
and winter goods. Buying as he
does for spot cash and selling the
same way, insures to you th<
lowest possible prices.
ThankiDg you for past patron
age and assuring ybu that a con
tinuation of same will be duly ap
predated. We are - < ■
Your friends,
R. D. Footer.
Mrs. R. D. Porter.
Leighton. J
Miss Effie AbernathJ, -* Riesni i
is visiting her sister, ffi[rg Henrv
Nichols. I J
Mrs. Sara Givens I of popiar
Springs, is the guest <If her friend
Mrs. Stephenson, this|week
Miss Bessie Wagfnei. of near
Chesterviile was one<| f our charm.
ing visitors last w|eek While
here she was the guL^ of Wigg
DolliePilgo. #
The many friends <1^ j
Jones of Memphis, lwere glad to
see him last week, I
his father, M, |c"V"^
Mr. and Mrs. ly Ramggy Df
near Blue Springs misited relatives
here last week. I
Misses Ottie aild Allie Adams
two of CheatervilKg-g mogf fasci
nating belles visit«.d ^iss Rebecca
Caruth last weekf
C. N. Reagh vlj10 jias been aj
Anguilla for soufe time is visjt_
ing his parents/ Mr BIld Mrs
Dick Reagh. I
Miss Gallie J^ues of Sherman,
is the much api4reciated guest of
her sister, ^*®j/Maggie Razemore.
Mr. M. B. Better of Nettleton,
visited friend^ kere last week.
Prof. Potter haV been elected to
teach our school! an0ther year and
will open the scLjqqJ Qcf the 6th.
We wish that (that this may be
WUV wo owvoooopm as tne SCll00I
he taught for usl jagj. year> Miss
Lula Hutchisoi a very popu.
lar and effici<fat teacher, of
Cherry Creak w|pj be our assjs_
tant teacher.
Mrs. M. R. Tt cj-er 0j Sherman,
aud Mrs. Shana ian 0£ Q0]d Water
are the guests off Mrg Boone
Miss Seals » charming young i
lady oE near Aj0i)y Springs, is
visiting her s4gter^ Mrs. Brook
Misses Gijkdy, Per id us aud
Allison of /v'hite Springs were I
the guests ^ Mrs. Perkins last
Misses eiaand Stella Hutchi
son of Chtepey (3reek? are visiting
relatives lfere this week.
Miss \ |rg Booue returned from
east of #npe)o Tuesday, where 1
she has l^eu teaching school for
her fathd. his illness.
The ^Rthodist, protracted meet
ing conducted by Revs. Ramsey
of Nettleton and Burke of Blue
Springs closed last Thursday
uight. There were large congrega
tions day and night, aud all ap
preciated the earnest efforts of
these good men. There were eight
additions to the church.
The Baptist meeting is in pro
gress this week. Rev. Swain of
Tupelo is conducting the service
and all who hear him eujoy his
sermons which are always so good
and interesting. We trust much
good may be accomplished by this
man of God.
Mr. R. O. Duke returned Sunday
uight from the north where he
spent the summer months.
Messrs. Clyde Wagner and Guy
Wharton aud Miss Mabel Whar
ton attended the Teacher’s Insti
tute in Tupelo this week.
Mr. L. P. Allen came down trom
Emma, Miss., Sunday morning to
attend school here again.
Misses Ottie and Allie Adams
visited their anut, Mrs. G. T.
Adams, at Leightou Saturday and
Sunday last.
Mrs. Mary Allan has returned
from an extended visit to her
daughter, Mrs. Horace Gibson, at
Corona, Ala.
Eldridge Lilly leaves Monday to
resume his studies at the A. & M.
Mr. Foiester and family, from
Alabama ate occupying the resi
dence vacated by Dr. A. B. Car
ruth’s family. Mr. Forester is
proppectiug and it is probable
that he will locate here.
Prof. Larkin Smith arrived in
i town Sunday afternoon and be
gan teaching Monday with a good
The “darkeys” hilarious song, as
, a long sack trails at his side in
the cotton fields— full white un
to the harvest— the shrill whistle
of the cotton gin early and late,
, the goldenrod aflame on the hill
side, uoddtng to and fro, the scar
let ieayes on the sumach, and the
rustling winds singing the dirge:
of summer, reminds us that au
tumn days have come, and soon
again there wilt be ‘‘naked woods
and meadows brdwo and sere.”
I The Keyto the Cure I
Chills Malaria
I GROVE'S CHRONIC CHILL CURE is a thin spirituous liquid of a |
I pleasant aromatic bitter taste prepared especially for CHRONIC CHILLS, bein'* [
I composed of the following well known vegetable tonics and blood purifiers:
I Fluid Extract PERUVIAN BARK,
Fluid Extract POPLAR BARK
Fluid Extract DOG WOOD BARK
Fluid Extract BLACK ROOT
Fluid Extract PRICKLY ASH BARK j
Fluid Extract SARSAPARJLLA |
If, for ordinary chills, a sweet or tasteless chill tonic is prefered take g
the Old 25 Years Standard GROVE’S TASTELESS CHILL TONIC but for I
chills that other chill tonics don’t cure,
A ten cent package of GROVE’S BLACK ROOT LIVER PILLS 1
Free with every bottle.
No Cure, No Pay. Price, 50 cents.
Always be sure its
Resolutions Adopted By The Yalobusha
County Teacher’s Institute.
Whereas, we as teachers of
Yalobusha couuty have enjoyed
;he pleasure of attending the couu
;y Teacher’s Institute held in
Doffeeville, Miss , Sept. 1-5 1902,
mder the able mauagement of
Prof. J. T. Connell, therefore be
t resolved:
First—That we extend to Prof.
Dounell our siucere thanks for
lis earnest, enthusiastic, inaster
:ul work in our behalf, and assure
lim that his instruction, advice,
rnd methods meet with our hearty
ipproval, aud we feel sure that
^reat and lasting good will ensue
to this county. The State Board
af Education did well to secure his
services aud we trust that he may
accept this Institute work in this
county many more times in the
Second—We congratulate Prof.
Connell, and our Supt. Mr. T. II.
Brewer, for banner Institute of
the county, as manifested by the
large attendance, and the interest
and enthusiasm displayed by the
teachers present,
Third—That these resolutions
be tendered the Coffeeville, Water
Valley, and Tupelo papers for
Lewellen—Gee Lewelleu, son
of Ur. F. E. and S. E. Lewelleu,
was born Feb. 17, 1887, died iSept
2, 1902
Gee was a noble youth of 13
summers. He wa’i wholly a boy—
an intelligent and euergetic boy,
yet he had that sweet simplicity
and lovable disposition that con
stitutes a little gentleman. He was
a devoted son aud a noble little
working Christian. His life though
short was full.
He was the understood leader
among his school mates and play
Gee was loved by all who knew
him aud his memory is dear to all
aud we feel that our community
has sustained a great loss iu his
death. It is an irreparable loss to
his parents, but they weep not as
those who have no hope, for there
is now one more link that binds
them to that beautiful home in the
great beyond.
Dear parents,you can never hear
Gee’s beloved voice here but he is
with hismammi aud little sister
up yonder waitiug aud calli ;g you
there. He c moot come to you but
you cau go to him.
He was buried iu the old family
burying grounds at L banon, ser
vices conducted by his pastor, Rev.
L. R. Burress.
Iuuumerablefrieuds extend sym
pathy to the bereaved family and
relatives. His Friend.
Foley’s Honey and Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumonia.
Reduced Rates to A. & M. College.
■Students coming to the Agricul
tural & Mechanical College, who
live on either the Southern or Mo
bile and Ohio Railroad, can secure
a rate of 2c. per mile to the Col
lege by making application for
same at once- J hose desi’ ing re
duced rates should be sure to
state at what point they will take
the train, so that an order can be
issued on that station to grant a
2c. rate. Address,
J. A. Tubnipseed,
Agricultural College,
Low Round Trip Rates to
2^ IE3 ZEE I S
Sept. 21 and 22 from Tupelo
$1.50 Round Trip.
Trains leave Tupelo at <5:£5, a in. and
4:57, p. m. and arrive Memphis 10 20, a
in. and 8:05, p. m. Tickets sold at
above rates will be good for going pass
age only on date of sale and trains
shown: Returning', tickets for Tupelo
will be honored on regular trains with
in one day from dare of sale.
VV. O. McLICAN. Agent.
Take a Bachelor's
Advice, and
Get a home of your own
with a nice, sweet wife to
make it happy.
Why be a Renter
All of your life? A home
of your owu will put new
life into your eyes and
elasticity to your step.
-'Procure one of those
Choice Residence Lots
Recently surveyed, on the
Gardner estate before it
is everlastingly too late.
Moderate in price and the only
convenient lots in Tupelo near the
business center.
th* moil hMiinq *aiv* (nth* world.
Next Session Opens Sept. 18.
Twenty-five schools i»
Departments of Science, Liter
ature and the Arts; Profes
sional courses in Law, Electrical
Eugiueering, Civil Engineering,
Mining Engineering, Pedagogy.
to men and women, except in Lav
School. All expenses very low.
Attractive location. Complete wa
ter. sewer, lighting and heating
systems. Perfect sanitation. Purest
deep well water. Enlarged scien
tific equipment in new buildings.
Special accommodations for women
students. Special opportunities for
students of limited means.
Session of 1902-03 opens Sep
tember 18, 1902; Summer Term,
1903, opens June lGtli.
For catalogue or special infor
mation regarding courses or ex
penses, address,
R. B. Fulton, Chancellor,
University, Miss.
The Memphis
Evening Scimitar
L It is just as easy and much more plens
ng to read fresh news, as printed in The
Memphis Kveniug Scimitar, than to
| wait ten to sixteen hours and read the
I same news in the morning papers.
Closing quotations of the Markets of
l The World. The Scimitar owns exclu
j sive day Associated I’ress dispatches;
i has lot) correspondents in three States;
uses a battery of six type-setting
I machines; runs the fastest and finest
press in the South: employs a large
corps of experienced editors and report
ers, and in general acknowledges no
superior in this section.
Agents wanted in every town, no mat
ter how small the place. If there is no
agent in vonr town, send amount for
the time desired, aud the Scimitar will
be mailed direct.
Subscription rate by mail:
One month......$ .50
Three months. 1.50
Six months. 2.50
One year. 5.00
A special rate will be made on order of
five or more in one town. Send for in
formation about this Special Kate --
Sample copy sent on application.
Memphis, Tenn.
Cheap Rates To Texas.
On the first and third Tuesdays i f
each month, the Cotton Belt will n.qi
round trip tickets to Texas, Arkansas,
Kousiana, Oklahoma and Indian Terri
tory at one fare plus $2 00 for the
! rouud trip. Tickets wifi be litHted to
i three weeks for return and vijl be „lio.v
stop-overs on the going trip FoMn.l
particulars aud for handsome illustrat
ed pamphlets “Homes in the Slo -
west” and “Through Texas wit! a
Camera” write to
W. (J. Preleu, Diet, Pass. Agt,.
307 Main Street,
Memphis. Ten n

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