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fFor the Ladies! g
T We have put in a Line of the Famous yb
1 Julia Marlow Shoes. |
Ay Every one who knows these shoes will have no other. W
|| $3.00 to $4.00 per pair. - $
We are just receiving a new lot of DUTTENHAFER LADIES SHOES, lhere yjjt
m is not a better line of ladies shoes in the state than we have in our stock now. W
| We want Your Trade. §
Look at These. y|
/)\ Men’s Work shoes, two rivets on each side, seamless back. Our price $1.00 W
This Shoo is perfectly solid. W
4S Boys’ i d children’s Shoes, a large variety at prices that will astonish you.
T 500 boys Knee Suits $1.00 to $3.0C. All are values you will find nowhere else. ^b
/i|\ The Best Value on earth. A ladies Vest for 25c. others sell for 35 or 40c. W
>Iv ___ ■ 1 Vt/
I We Expect to Sell 1,000 f
| Ladies Hats this Fall, §
f --- %
a A Dollar does double duty when you get the values we $
offer you. We do no not buy goods unless we know they $
% are good values. $
/|\ -—-- W
jb We have about 300 pairs men’s Pants worth up to
& $3.00 per pair. You can take your choice for $1.50. xl/
^ >>.>r.
*•< Now Ready for our Customers with a most |*
ft Complete Stock of Fall and winter
| Dry Goods, Clothing, J*
A Shoes, Hats, carpets, ft
j; Rugs and Mattings. |
11 Everybody says our new store is a beauty and we will esteem %w
44 it a personal favor for every mart, woman, boy and girl living in or I l
jt out of Tupelo to call day or night (we are open nights till 8:30 to 9) : L
and look over our store and stock, even if not wanting to purchase
| anything. A'
li fr\r BiS lot of tllo8e fine F- McK Shirts worth $1,
*7 IUl I ICII. $1.25 and $1.50 each, all at one price, 89c. it
£A each. They Wont last—buy them now. ji*
W ' We are not giving our goods away—can’t live at it, but are
11 selling at a just and reasonable price for honest goods. ft
All the best calicos. 5c.
Best heavy yard wide Domestic. 5c.
Extra heavy Canton Flannel.,. 8^c.
All the best granes of Outing. 10c.
Good value Outing. 5c.
Good value pins, paper. lc.
Extra good value staple Gingham. 5c.
Extra g’d value fancy Madras, worth 15e 10c.
Laage lot sample Hosiery.
Large lot sample Purses.
Large lot fine sample Over Shirts.
Ladies heavy gray hose, 3 pr for. 25c.
Men’s heavy gray sox, 3 pr for. 25c.
Black Cat Hosiery.
Great stock of this popular brand Hosiery,
all grades. Our 10c. Black Cat is the best on
earth at the price.
Special values in Underwear
Best 25c. boy’s earment made.
Best 25<?. ladies vest made.
Best 25c. men’s shirts and drawers made.
All the better grades in stock.
Shoes for Eerybody.
Best men’s $2.50 and $3.50 shoe made.
Best Ladies $2.00, $2.50 and $3.50 shoe
made. Everything in Boy’s and Gent’s shoes.
Special Job in Hats. **
Meu’s $2.50 hats at $1.50. f V
Men’s $2.50 and $3.00 at $2.00. 11
All the latest shapes in Men’3 line up-to- jfa
date hats. K*
^ A word to the wise is Sufficient. ""
Jb See our Clothing, Suits, OverCoats and Trousers before you buy. »»
l The People’s Store,
| SHELBY TOPP, Prop, f
Black Seed Oats.
We have 1200 bushels of black seed oats
for sale. This is the best oat to sow in the
fall. Every farmer who has once planted
the Egyptian Black Oat recognizes it as next
best to a good corn crop or any small grain
that can be grown.
v '.vLk'-.’l. l.v's'i .V.u'
m For Drunkenness, Opium,
I / Morphine end
Ifm KT Civ ▼other Drug Using,
I *r theTobecco Habit
™ * and Neurasthenia.
MMcatlaL Dwlaht, III.
For Sale.
We offer our stork of goods and brick
store house in Leighton for sale. Goods
new and fresh and good established
business. To be sold for settlement of
Apply to or address
F. F. Fu.on & Buo.
Leighton, Miss.
9-26-1 Pi.
• ■ . r'_' _ ... i ;.;. '■* ,j\
,Julia Marlowe Shoes at Ballard’s.
C. P Long made a business trip to
looneville Monday.
Ask your neighbors about Julia Mar
owe Shoes.—Ballard's.
Miss Lula Petty, of Shannon, was a
visitor to the city Monday.
W. I). Anderson, attended Chancery
■ourt in Pontotoc this week.
Lee Abernathy of Leighton, was in
:own on business Wednesday.
George Long and John Witt made a
business trip to Mobile last weeK,
Mrs. Kellum. mother of G. W. Long,
is visiting her daughter in West End.
After a short stay at Marietta Springs
Frank Henderson has returned home.
Miss Christine Clark left the past weak
lor Nashville where she enters school.
Lon Cates visited his leister Mrs.
Pritchard at Cold water, the first of the
When you try n pair of Julia Marlowe
Shoes, you will have no other.—Bal
Full line of latest style all wool shirt
waist at prices that you can’t buy the
goods for.
MissOstella Rowaa ofCtiesterville, was
the gueHt of Mrs. C. A. Wood a few days
of last week.
Ballard’s stocK of ladies hue Shoes
can’t be surpassed. See our Dutten
hoper line.
After a weeks visit to Mr. Bogles
family in Tennessee Mr. and Mrs. Bogle
have returned home.
Miss Emma Bogle, a charming young
lady of Tennessee is the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. L. M. Bogle.
Mrs. L. R. Cates and the children are
the guests of her mother Mrs. Metcalf at
Palmetto this weeK.
Get satisfaction by ordering your
suit of clothes and pants from Goi.n
Bunii, Tupelo’s Tailor.
Those ready to wear hats for ladies
and see them.—Miller’s.
Cleaning, pressing, repairing and al
teriug clothes at popular prices.— Uolu
ui iitf. Tupelo’s Tailor.
The many friends of Mr. Joseph Hes
ter were pleased to see him iu Tupelo on
a short visit this week.
Miss Ola Gardner is now at the deliv
ery window at the post office and makes
a most efficient assistant.
We have sold more hoy suits in tlie
lust week than ever before, price, quali
ty and style did it.—Miller's.
Miss Mamie Myers of West Point, was
the guest of the Misses Keyes the past
week, returning to her home Monday.
“I would as soon think of doing busi
ness without clerks as without news
paper advertising.”—John Wanamaker.
Mrs. Jas. Red us, and her sister, Miss
Mamie Rogers of Shannon, were in the
city visiting friends and relatives last
Mrs. f). W. Robins and Miss Maggie
Kincunnon visited Mr. J. W. Keyes’
family in Memphis this week.
W. P. Stribling, Ksq., of Marlin, Texas
arrived in the city a few days since, and
is on a short visit to his parents.
For Rent—Store House on Main St.
Apply to
Mas. Julia C. Blair,
Walter Gray one of the 5th district’s
most enterprising and successful young
farmer’s was in town on business
Mrs. John Motlow arrived from
Greenwood Springs Tuesduv and joined
her husband. They are guests of the
IIotel Read.
F. F. Filgo went to Memphis the first
of the wesk where he m ide selections of
a good line of falls goods for his store at
DicK Lilly made a business trip to
Memphis this wees, where lie made ex
tensive purchases for the firm of R. (i.
Lilly & Sou at Chesterville.
J. W. Sample spent several days this
week at Memphis, where he bought a
good stock of goods for the fall trade
for his store at Coonewar.
Our esteemed friend W. A. Smith of
Bissell was in town Saturday and took
occasion while here to square his ac
counts with the Journal.
Miss Lula Lanev left the past week
for Kosciusko where she goes to re
sume her position ns hall teacher in the
graded school of that place.
Mr. \V. A. McCanless has charge of
our retail Coal business. Leave your
orders for coal with him.
• 8. .J. High, Agent.
Hugh Anderson lias gone to Nashville
where he enters the Nashville Medical
College, We wish for him a successful
and pleasant years work.
For Rent.—Three rooms over out
store for rent cheap.
Cochran Bros.
Guutown, Miss.
Visit our store, makes no difference if
you want to buy or not will be pleased
to quote you price, and post you on
what is the style. Miller's.
After a visit of a tew months to rela
tives in Memphis, Mrs. Mollie Hunter
has returned home, to the delight of
her many friends.
Oapt.W.A. Patterson of Nettleton was
in town Tuesday. 'The Captain is much
improved in health and is now engaged
selling monuments in which business he
h meeting with good success.
Thebodv of Kemp Edwards, colored,
was killed in the catastrophe at Birm
ingham, last Saturday night when a
115 negroes lost their liveH, was
brought here nnd buried Monday. His
family live here.
Mr. W. B. Red us of Shannon, was in
the city Tuesday on business. Mr. Red
us lias large opportunities for observa
tion and says that, in his judgment,
the cotton crop of his vicinity is over es
M. B. McElroy, ~of Bethany, came
down to Tupelo Tuesday morning
on his wheel, covering the distance of
more than twenty miles bv 8 o’clock.
Me was in town for the purposeof look
ing into the cotton market.
Miss Maude Reed of Iuka, Miss.,
was the guest of Mr. George Hender
son’s family Tuesday and Wednesday.
She left yesterday for Waynesboro.
Miss., where she has accepted a position
in the public school of thut place.
Mrs. Ledbetter who has been out
west the past several months has re
turned hone. She was accompanied by
her daughter Mrs. Langston and her
children. They were the guests of Mrs.
Carruth Tuesday.
W ANTED—Position as book-keeper
by a man of 25 vears experience; willing
to work for small salary until well tried
> Chas. Mott.
Ctt re Tupelo Cotton Mill.
Will Austin and TomlMcFerrin repre
sented Moorersville, at Memphis, last
Tuesday, having gone on the excursion
to that city. George Patton was in
town and wanted to go, but official
business prevented him from making
the trip. He is afraid to go out of his
own jurisdiction.
J. T. Garrett returned from St. Louis
the first of last week and is now lmsily
engaged in opening up the extensive
stock of dry goods of all kinds which
lie purchased for the fall trade. Mr.
Garrett is well acquainted with the
trade and its demands and made his
selection to suit the trade.
Rev. J. A. Landers of Blue Springs
was a visitor to Tupelo the past week.
Mr. Landers delivered an able sermon
at Auburn Baptist church Sunday to a
good congregation. He is a talented
voung minister and stands high in
Christian work. While here he was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Martin,
WRITE- For prices, description and
maps of rich Delta Farm and Timber
Laud. We employ settlers in our log
ging and milling operations. Liberal
Houston linos.
Bigbee, Miss.
Cawthon Bowen left Monday morning
for .facKson, where he will enter Milsnps
College. Cawthon is a most estimable
young man and we predict that his re
cord at the College will he an honor to
himself and his parents, lie was ac
companied by his father, Rev. J. A.
Bowen, who remained several days in
that part of the state.
Sam Allen of Iuka, now on the road
as a travelling salesman, was in Tupelo
this week in the interest of his firm
Sam is the son of the late Col. Kobt.
Allen who was many years ago a citi
zen of Lee county. We were glad to
see our young friend again and to know
that he is meeting with much succcess
on the road.
Ws are in reeepit of a letter from Rev.
S. P. Harris who is now located at
Youkt.own, Texas, engaged in teaching.
Mr. Harris writes that he is well pleased
where he is hut that unless his wife's
health improves sufficiently to enable
her to join him lie will return to Missis
sippi after the close of his year's woik.
iv.. i.;... ..I......i...,i I.-..
new location.
Mr. W. A.'1 ompson, of the Shannon
vicinity, called in Monday and had his
name placed upon our list of subscribers
to fie sent to him at Rattan, Texas
We have no disposition to decry 'Texas,
but We do not like to lose young men
likeJMr. Thompson and trust he may,
upon investigation, .conclude that Lee
countv is a better place for him than
Mr. Rus Phillips has sold Ins farm
near Macedonia to Mr. Tucker of Sher
man and has purchased a residence in
Sherman and moved there with his
family. We regret exceedingly to lose this
estimable family from the county and
cannot help hut feel that M r. Phillips will
long for his old haunts before a great
while and will come back to Lee coun
ty to make his home again among his
old friends and neighbors.
We are in/receipt of a letter from F.
M. Street requesting us to change bis
address to Scooba where lie has ac
cepted the position as principal of the
high school. Prof. Street states that lie
and his family still feel a lively interest
in Lee county and her neople and en
joy each week the news received through
the columns of the Journal. We are
quite sure that their many friends will
be glad to know that ttiey are most
pleasantly located and tire enjoying
the best of health.
The Kindergarten school, under the
skillful management of Miss Lillie John
son, opened Monday morning with Very
flattering prospects. Twelve names
were enrolled the first morning with
two more following Tuesday. The
school is being taught in one room
of the Excelsior building We hope this
new undertaking will receive the en
couragement of our people.—Senoir
(Ga.) Advertiser-Gazette.
Miss Johnson alluded to, is a former
Okoloninn. She has been teaching in
Oxford Ga. for the last few years, meet
ing with success in her chosen work,
that of a Kindergartner.
To the Ministers of Lee County.
The Journal is, at all times, ready
and anxious, to print notices of marri
ages and deaths occurring in Lee county.
These ate subjects that come directly
under the notice of the ministers of the
churches to which the parties affected
belong. It is a source of pleasure to
young people who marry to have nice
things said of them and of comfort to
tlie friends of the dead to read of their
virtues as written by friends. The
Journal freely gives space in its columns
for marriage notices and obituaries and
frequently, in the absence of these
notices written by friends, undertakes
to do so itself. P makes no charge for
doing this but performs this service
through respect io the families inter
ested. We want to ask tlie ministers
of the countv their aid in this work
and to impress on them the importance
of an early notice of all such events.
We print today the obituary of a
prominent and popular young man who
died several weeks since. We were not
informed of this until Inst wcck. This
sad event would certainly have been
noticed bv us had we known of it
earlier We trust our Jriends. the
ministers, will feel that it is a part of
their work to aid us in this matter.
Plant Oats.
In another place we present an adver
tisement of Clark & Co., who have, on
hand and for gale, twelve hundred
bushels of the celebrated Fgvutinn black
oats. This is regarded as the most
certain variety to plant in this latitude
and we have heard it said hyoid farm
ers that it, never fails to make a crop il
sown at this season of the \ear.
It would be a good thing for our
farmers to do this fall, to sow full crops
of oats. The corn crop is good, but a
great, deal of corn must be fed to make
meat for the county. It would lie a fine
idea to strengthen the corn crib with
j the help of a liberal number of oat
stacks. There is nothing that is better
for plow stock when either nt work or j
at rest. It is an exceedingly profitable
crop and should be grown by every
farmer in the laud. Don’t fail to sown
few bushels,
The firm of Fulton & Smith have this
day, by mutal consent dissolved partner
ship. Ail accounts due the firm are in
the hands of D. F. Fulton for collection
and he assumes sole control of the busi
ness and is responsible for all liabilities.
We desire to express our sincere thanks
to our friends and customers for their
: MRS. A. E. SIVLEY, Proprietress. J
■ « ,
£ s:
> i l
:| J TAKE pleasure in informing my friends aud patrons that j ■
•J 1 have just returned from the northern markets where I i
J spent two weeks and made most extensive purchases in
5 For my fall and winter trade. Every effort was made to obtain a
^5 j *
£ the best and I feel fully justified in saying that a more complete
’*"*• • *
J and elegant stock could not be purchased. •:
l I will not have an “Opening” or “Disp,ay” as heretofore. ;• /
^ Every day will be “Opening Day” throughout the entire season, j:
s My Stock is now open and ready for inspection. Come now j1
g and get your choice of the best of everything in Millinery to \\ J
^ select from. j: ■§
:| Respectfully, \\
j Mrs. A. E. Sivley. 1
12% cts per Joint.
The season for tin and sheet iron roof paing will soon be over.
L am acquainted with every roof in town that should be painted this
season. Roof painting should be done before cold weather to protect
them from the winter rains, snow and sleet, as painting done in cold
weather does not give the desired satisfaction. By calling on
-A-- ON
You will Get a Guaranteed Satisfactory Job.
Blierinan, 3^Tiss.
A School For Both Sexes.
Thor nigh work and reasonable terms. Good board from $7.00
to $10.00 per mouth. Good moral influences surround the town and
school. Excellent Sunday-school and church facilities. The term
for 1902-3
Begins Sept. 15, 1902 and closes May 1st, 1903.
For further information or Catalogue, address,
D. C. LANGSTON, Principal,
Sherman, Miss.
Negro W oman Killed.
Pise quiet of the peaceable city of
(iuntown wan disturbed Sunday evening
by a tragedy which involves some mys
tery and t wo negro men were arrested
charged with the killing Neal Bryson
approached the house where his former
wife and I’ink Dowd, a negro man and >
another negro woman were sitting on •
the veranda. When in a few feet of
Dowd, Neal drew a hull-dog pistol and
iirod point, blank at nim, the ball strik
ing his coat lapel, but failing to enter
his body. Dowd beat a hasty retreat
into the house and closed the door.:
Bryson's wife grabbed the pistol hand |
of her husband and the weapon was !
fired into the floor or ground. Bryson
then went around to the window in his
efforts to find Dowd and his wife also
went into the house. Another ball was
fired by some one which took effect in
the woman's neck, breaking it. The re
port of the pistol brought several to
the house and the woman was found
lying in the room, life being extinct. An
examination by the coroners jury the
following morning brought out the
above facts ns we understand. An ex
amination of the bead failed to locate
the ball which did the deadly work. It
is thought that the ball after striking
a bone ranged downward and lodged in
the upper part of the body but it could
not be definitely located. After the
shooting Bryson went to Baldwyn
where he gave himself up. He made
a charge against BLnk Dowd for the
killing and at the perliminary trial
Tuesday before Mayor Hinds and
Ksquire Luther Bryson, there was not
sufficient evidence to hold either of the
men for murder in the opinion of the
justices. Neal Bryson was placed under
bond to await the action ot the grand
jury on a charge of assault upon Dowd.
W. M. (’ox. Ksq , represented Bryson
and J, Q. Itobins. Ksq , appeared for
Dowd before the committing court.
Does |t Pay To Buy Cheap?
A cheap remedy for coughs and. colds
is all right, but you want something
that will relieve and cure the more
severe and dangerous results of throat
and lung troubles. What shall you do?
(Jo to 1 warmer and more regular cli
mate? Yes, if posailble; if not possible
for you, then in either case take the
only remedy that has been introduced
in all civilized countries with success
in severe throat and lung troubles,
‘‘Boschee’s German Syrup-” It not only
heals and stimulates the tissues to de
stroy the germ desease, but allays iufla
mation, causes easy expectoration,
gives a gqod night’s rest, and cures the
patient. Try one bojttle. Recomended
many years by all druggists in the
world You cau get this reliable remedy
nt— Pound, Kineannon & Elkin.
Get Green’s Special Almanac.
Place your order for Win
ter Coal. Elk River and Gal
loway fancy lumn.
S. J. HIGH, Agent
Bulbsl Bulbsl
Roman and Dutch Hyacinths, Paper
White Narcissus, Freeaias, Tulips, Sacred
Lillies, etc. See Earli Wylie.
Jno. R. Law
9 96 4t. Columbus, Miss.
The Eastern Manufacturing Co., of
Chicago, will present to every baby,
under one year of age, in this county, one
solid silver baby spoon with the baby’s
given name engraved on same. You do 1
not have to pay one cent nor buy any
thing to get this spoon. The Eastern
Manufacturing Co. are large manufac
turers and jobbers of jewelry and
silverware, and have taken this method
of advertising their goods. Instead of
spending thousands of dollars for
magazine advertising they have decided
to give it away direct to consumers.
The undersigned firm has been
made distributing agent for this
locality. Bring your baby to their
store and give its name and age and
you will receive one of these beautiful
silver spoons all engraved free of cost.
This is not a cheap article, but solid
silver of elegant design. Don’t fail
to look over the elegant line of The
Eastern Manufacturing Co. ’s goods on
display at
R. M. Francis. Shannon, Miss.,
At Tupelo,
Saturday, Oct. 4,1902
I will sell for I. M. Leach &
Co., limited of Memphis, Tenn.
15 cases of men’s and ladie’s
Shoes all styles *and sizes. 100 A
men’s and boy’s suits all grades ^1
and sizes. A lot of uuder wear in- /'
fact a full liue of dry goods of
evry kind.
If any one has mules or horses 4
for sale bring them in as it will 1
be a good time to sell them. I am
authorized to invite all horse
s.v\apbers to come early as there
is some special business for that
day, will have to elect a new Treas*
Lon R. Cates
Men to travel in a crew for one of
the largest Portrait Co’b.. in tbe world.
Persons applying must bring references.
Call on W. K. Linyard. nt Johnson
Hotel until Oct., 5th, crew manager for
Chicago Portrait Cortipany.
For Sale.
_ 3 Thoroughbred Poland China gilt*.
7 months old. In good condition. Five
dollars each. d
J, M. Gullictt. '
Plantersville, Mibb.
Buy Elk River or Galloway
fancy lump Coal
S J HIGH, Agent,

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