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4 ** mart
■ . - . - — ■ t ■ ■ 1 ■ —• 11
$1.50 per Annum. "BE JUST AND PEAR NOT.” $1.50 per AMU.
- ■ ■ - ■■■■ 1 " 11 l.'• .. 1 1 -■
I A Happy and Prosperous i
New Year to You I
OEGIN right now to make the New Year a profitable one and do your trading a
13 at MILLER’S. A joyful New Year to all ia the wish of MILLER’S
misses’ Skirts.
Misses’ $2 50 and $3 00 Skirts, $1 95.
Misses’ $3 50 aud $4 00 Skirts, *2 75.
$150 heavy Dressing Sacques, well made,
I price now 98c.
$1 00 House Wrappers.at 85c.
Women’s Wool Waists.
$2 50, $2 75 aud $3 00 Wool Waists, at $1 95.
Jldiustable Voke Saline Petticoats
| $2 50 and $3 00 Petticoats, adjustable yoke,
I $1 95.
; $3 00 and $3 50 batitie Petticoats, adjustable
yoke, $2 35.
Boy’s Sweaters.
Boy’s $1 50 Sweaters, ou. price now $1 15.
Boy’s $100 Sweaters, our price now 75c.
Boy’s 75c Sweaters, onr price now 45c.
Boys flannel waists.
JTges three to twelve
Our #1 00, $1 25 and $ I 35 Boy’s all Wool
men’s Shirts.
75c Madras Shirts at 48c.
$1 00 Madras Shirts at 75c.
$1 50 Madras Shirts at $1 19.
OPDite and Taney Uests.
Including full Dress and tuxedo.
All Men’s $1 50 Vests at $1 15.
All Men’s 2 00 Vests at 1 50.
All Men’s 2 50 Vests at 1 05.
All Men’s 3 00 Vests at 2 25.
All Men’s 3 50 Vest6 at 2 05,
All Men’s 4 00 Vests at 3 00.
All Men’s 5 00 Vests at 3 75.
All Men’s 6 00 Vests at 4 50.
All Men’s 7 00 Vests at 5 00
men’s trouserf.
Men’s $1 50 Trousers at $1 20
Men’s 2 00 Trousers a) I 05
Men’s 2 50 Trousers at 1 95.
Men’s 3 50 Trousers at 2 75.
Mon?a i fin TrnnfiPro nf n n
Tljen's Suds. |
Men’s 17 50 Saits at $G 00 g
Men’a 10 00 Saits at 8 00.
Men’s 12 50 Suits at 10 00. g
Men’s 15 CO Suits at 11 50. g
Men’s 18 00 Suits at 13 50. g
ZRoy’s Suits I
Knee Pants styles, apes 3 to 16 years, iu- | <
cludiug two.piece double- breasted suits, also g
a few sailor suits. Bov’s 3 50 aud 4 00 suits, u
our price now 2 85. Boy*s 4 00 and 4 50 suits, y
now 3 15, Entire line of boy’s 2 00 aud 2 50 g
suits, your choice now 1 60. . ft
2/ouths oCong Slants |
Suits. I
Youths 5 00 suits at 3 75.
Youths G 50 suits at 4 75. g
Youths 7 50 suits t 5 75* p
PUBLISHERS NOTE-This ad. was inleu- |
ded for last week, but, we regret to say, had to g
be left out owing to the rush aud confusion oc- B
casioned by our removal.
The Messrs. Millers wish their many friends 1
and customers a happy New Year.
v» aisie, your cuoice uyc.
Women’s Coats
Women’s $5 (X) C-nK now $3 45
Women’s $7 50 Coats, our price now $4 95.
? Women's $10 00 Coats, our price now $6 95,
;■ Women’s $12 50 Coats, our price 88 45.
| Women’s $15 00 Coats, our price $9 75
Girls’ Goats.
Girl’s $5 00 Kersey Coats—0, 8 to 10 years.
| our price $3 45. ; • . -
> Girls*$7 50 Zi byline Coats, now $3 55.
Jill Our jCadies*
$3 00 nJ $t! 50 Corits your clioicB .
| now $2 35.
7/fen's jfiouae Slippers.
\l The $2 00 kind, now $1 45.
House Slippers. $1 50 kind, out price
now $1 05.
Our immense stock of Overcoats for
both men and boys, greatly reduced in
After Xmas Clearing Sale Is Now In Full Swing
The high appreciation of our extra special sale of fine Domestic
last Tuesday, as shown by the tremendous throng of eager
buyers thar crowded our store long before the hour set for the
sale has induced us to make a special feature of these “Hour Sales”
| during the coming week. No economical person can afford to
overlook the magnificent opportunities for saving that we offer.
Monday, January 16th.
r OllfirMF I5ps( quality, Heavy Weight, 32 iucn
i ; VUIIII^ wide, in all the newest patterns in ,
checks, plaids, etc. The quality you have been Z I .
paying 10 to 12!*c for at other stores, per yd. ”"2
I Not more than 10 vards sold to a customer.
Tuesday, January 17th. j

I r\ - i j . Best quality unbleached, 38 inch
1-^OniCS I1C wide, The kind you pa.i 2 1 _
j 0%c a yard for elsewhere, at per yard . . . dz**
Not more than 10 ya^ds sold to a customer.
Wednesday, January 18th
/"v a* Medium Weight 24 inches wide, in de
UUllllgo sir able colorings. Tbe kind you
usually pay 7c for, per yard. tFjgv
Not more than 10 yards sold to a customer .
Thursday, January 19th.
fit nffhani AND MADRAS, newest Spring
VJl ll^lldlll styles, greatest variety of color
ings, and patterns in checks, plaids, stripes and Q
solid colors Good value at 15c, yer yard . .
Not more than 20 yards sold to a customer.
Friday, January 20ih.
I InHprchirf C Heavv ribbed, sanitary fleece
UUUCI bllll lb lined, pearl buttons, tj A. In
the kind never sold for less than 25c, at A~L\j
Not more than 2 sold to a customer
Saturday, January 21st.
Any one of the above Extra Specials
will be sold. But only one lot will be sold to
any one customer.
you wish to take advantage of these EXTRA SPECIALS you must call for them on the
date and hour specified. At any other time these goods will be sold at our usual low prices.
North-Spring Street Tupelo, Miss. |
Forgery the Charge.
Henry Finnerty, Alias W. H. Garner
Now Lodged in Jail.
Located in New Orleans and Brought
Back on Requisition From Govern
or of Mis issippi.
Harry Linn, alias Henry Fin.
uerty, alias W. H. Garduer, was
brought to Tupelo ou Saturday
morning last and lodged in jail
Linn is charged with forgery and
will appear before W. T Pound
on Monday next, to answer the
charge of forgery. The cause of
Linn’s uufortuuate attitude at this
lime was a little piece of crooked
ness that he indulged iu on a visit
to Tupelo about the 12th of De
cember. He at rived m Tupelo and
registered at Mie Hotel Read as
Henry Finnerty representng him
self as a cattle buyer. Be t>pent
several days driving around look
ng at the cattle with th* view
if making extensive purchases
is he represented. Wheu ready to
i . i lit
Bestowal of Crosses
of Honor.
On Thursday the 19th tost-, the
Baldwyn chapter U. D. (’. will
confer crosses of honor upon n
large uumber of veterans of the
Confederate war at 2 o’clock in the
afternoon at the Court House. It
is expected that every veteran of
that war who was faHhful and is
not ashamed of it will be present.
An address will be delivered noon
tbe occasion. Tbe Baldwyn chap
ter will attend in a body. The
Board of supervisors of the county
have invited Judge E 0 Sykes to
be present at the installation of the
new building and to address the
assemblage. Hon Geo Mitchell has
also been invited to be present and
participate in tbs ceremonies.
The Firsc National bank on
Tueoday held the annual meeting
of its stockholders. The old offi
cers were re-elected for the ensu
ing year as follows: S. T. Harkey,
pres.; J. Q Robins, vicj pres.,
i-i. _ _I.:_ 'IM. ~ __
t?ave iiw prcseuieu a uucc* cuawii
>n a St Louis bank for $65.00
ivith which to pay his hotel hill
md received from Mrs. Read the
•emaiuder iu money. In a few
lays the check was returned pro
ested. Mr. Read, who was absent
it the time on the coast, returned
md immediately set out to locate
he imposter. The authorities iu
die cities aronud were notified and
i reward of $25, offered for the
trrest af Liun. Columbus officials
responded with the description of
i party answering to that of Linn
md Mrs. Read went down to see
if she could identify him. He was
not the man wanted. A message
from the Superintendent of police
in New Orleans informed Mr.
Read that the right man had
been arrested and that he could be
bud upon the presentation of a re
quisition and the payneut of the
reward. After the usual delay in
gettings requisition it was secured
and Sheriff Kelly went to New Or
leans and brought Liun back.
Several other places were anxious
to get hold of Linn but as Mr.
Kelly was the first to get to New
Orleans the prisoner wss turned
over to him. The operations of
Liun .*eem to have covered consid
erable territory. He was wanted
in Denver, Col. and one or two
other places. He claims to hail
from Pittsburg, Pa. Is n young
nmu of very good address. Mr.
Read spared no pains iu locatiu,'
and having Linn apprehended
and returned to face the charges
against him.
JL « VUUUOl/U) V/MOU IV/1 • mu OWUiU
directory was retained. Tbe con
dition of tbe bunk is very satisfac
tory indeed aud the showiug made
is highly complimentary to the of
ficers. The bauk declared a semi
annual dividend of five per cent,
aud passed $5,000 to the surplus
The Peoples Bank and Trust Co.
held its first annual meeting Tues
day a"d re-elected the same officers.
J.J. Rogers, pres.; W. S. John
sou, V. P., aud S. J, High, Cash
ier. D E Turner was made assist
ant cashier, The bauk was organ
ized ten months ago and now has
$227,000 deposits, A dividend of
ten per cent was declared,
The Bank of Tupelo is nut with
an aunual statement showing a
fine business for tbe past year,
The capital of tbe bank was in
creased a year ago to $100,000.
With this increase of capital tbe
management have done most satis
factory business, showing a profit
account of $26,000 for the year.
The meeting of the stockholders
has not yet been held,
Padarewski At Columbus.
The celebrated piauist Padar
ewski will give a recital in the
chapel of the Industrial luslitute
and College at Columbus the night
of thp 21st ot January. But few
opportunities aro afforded to heat
such a celebrity aud those who can
attend will fiud a rich treat in bis
| recital’ Seats will be sold at from
| $2 00 to $3.00.
Huffman’s Art Gallery
on! f» ini' S:nit
One of the change* brought about, by
the New year was the removal of one of
Tupelo’* most popular pieces of bus
iness. Huffmnti’a Art OHlIert. The in
creasing demands for more room and
greater facilities for keepiug up with the
business made it necessary to seek Dew
quarters. The second floor of the Dirk
son building on Spring street was se
cured and fitted u p with every necessary
convenience and the proprietors is now
ready to give tin* public the best of
work in bis line. The gallerv is a credit
to our little city and would do credit to
more pretentious place*. The public
i* cordially invi ed to call.
Why use a cheap, smoking oi
in ynnr lamps which is tnjuriotn
to \oiif eyes when y<»u can buj
National Light oil I list, does noi
smoke or blacken the chimney. N(
offensive odors, Accept nothing
just as good, Natioual Light oi
is absolutely the best, For sale a
25 cents per gallon exclusively it
Tupelo bv
Trice Raymond hdvr, Co.

Rev. Oslin, a Methodist preacher o
celebrity, from the Indian Territory
will lead a “aiucinz” at Verona on Sun
day afternoon, at 2 o’clock. All win
nre fond of fine vocalism are rordiall'
invited to attend. M A. Talley.
As the End of the Old
Year is at Hand
You will take steps to protect yours If against tlie losses aod danger
of fire daring the coming year.
I Will Take Care of Youi
Fire Insurance
For you ami your business will receive my appreciative as well as m;
careful attention. *
George L. Snowden
Office up Stairs iu Armstrong’s New Building, Tupelt
. m, ****—. * *wr*
• ‘ /
V . i. !
Spring Street Merchant
Robbed Wednesday Eve.
I On Wednesday evening just pri
or to 6 o’clock, tbe goods display
ed by the Surprise Store iu front
of their building < a spring street,
were robbed to the extent of one
overcoat, one suit of clothes, one
fine fur stole and a fancy wool
swpater, and probably several mi
nor items. The goods were left
out later than usaal on account of
tbe rush and confusion, incident
to their big Spring clcuing now
in progress. The proprietors say
tbe thief could have saved him
self tbe trouble, aud avoided the
danger of arrest by getting same
goods inside at prices which would
have been practically the same as
stealing them. The thief dropppd
0"0 of the clothing hangers on the
corner jnst opposite court square,
showing that he was going north.
The matter has beeu placed iu the
hands of Marshall Robertson and
bheriff Kelly iheae efficient offi
cers will do their best to locate the
At the home of Mr and Mrs.
Fletcher Johnson on Main street
on Wednesday evening at 9 o’clock
Mias Gertrnde Lockard was mar
ried to Mr. M. L. Cloptou, the cer.
etnony being performed by Rev
T. W. Lewis, pastor of tbe Meth
odist church, only the family and
immediate frieuds being present.
The bride was reared in Tupelo
where she uumbers every one who
knows her as an admirer. Refined
and accomplished she has been a
social favorite since her entrance
into society, and her going away
will deprive our city of one of its
most accomplished young ladies.
Mr< Clopton is oue of the Lone
Star state’s most successful young
merchants and comes most highly
recommended. lie is a polished
young gentleman, The happy
couple left over the Frisco yester
day for Lufkiu, Texas, where they
will make their home.
The many frieuds in this city
were treated to a surpr se iu the
announcement of the marriage of
Miss Carrie Poole to Mr. Jack
Jones in Frauklin, Ky., on Jan oth
The ceremony was performed by
Rev. J, D. Huuter at the Cumber
land Presbyterian manse. When
i Mr, .Jones left Tupelo he did not
J confide in his frieuds that it was
his intention of returning with his
bride, so waen the marriage was
anumiuci.d it came as a genuine
surprise. The h»ppy couple are
well kuowu here and are receiving
the best wishes of tbeir many
friends upon the cousiim nation of
their foudest hooes.
Call Renewed.
i Owing to the had weitliT there
was no meeting of the cotton growers
on the Oth iast. I now desire »•» make
another call for Saturdday the gist
inst at the Cotirr House in Tupelo.
A full meeting is desired. Delegates to
j the Natoiual Cotton Growers Associ
ation to be held in New Orleans on
’ the 24th inst wiil be selected at this
’ meeting. Let everybody turn out.
Gov. Vardaman has appointed the fol
lowing gentlemen as delegates to the
i Cotton Growers Convention to be held
in the city of New Orleans on Januury
24th to 2Gth.’ Mansell McElroy, .1. I*.
Dulaney, Henry Ontlaw, W. B. Wilson,
Tom Norton, O. L. Keuuedy, C. L Bry
son. *T. L. Wesson, C. IV Kirkpatrick,
* W, B. Brown, J. C. Clark, A L. Reese,
J. .1.-Rogers Doiier Anderson. G W. Me*
Pherson, H. B, Heard, J. C Calhoun. Os
i car Vaiigan, T. K. Lauderdale. C S Me
Gil(, lion J. Q Robins.
Non-Resident Notice
To Mis Muttie Groove*. SOR Maude
f A ve , 'Texarkana, TeX., DwVndant.
You are commanded to appear Retort
the Chancery Court J the county of Lee,
in said State, on the third Monday it
March, A, I) 11)05. to defend the suit in
said Court'of Miss Etna, Walker, et al,
wherein you me a iieiendaitt
This 4tiidn> ot.lanuaev A. I). JDOo.
G. W. LONG, Clerk.
I Allen & Robins, Sid. Couipl’ts.
1,0, '05,31
Married—At the home of the bride riser
Gun town, MieeEffleL. Epting and W.
T. Brown on Dec. 21st. R«t. L. R. Bar
rens officiating.
Married—At the home of the bride
near Guntown, Miss Myrtle Evans, and
R C. Long, on Dec. 21st, J. E. Landers
Married—On Dec. 22, at the Baptist
purnonage in this city. Miss Viyiaa Hod
dutIt nud E. T. Wrnor Jr, Rev. K. A
Kimbrough officiating.
Married—Oa DeceraberJ25, Mr.
Will Mayfiald aod Miw Ola Bilay.
in the Fifth District, Esq. I. B.
Coggiu* officiating.
Married—On December 25, at
the home of the bride in Nettletoe,
J. 8. Vandiver and Mise Blanche
Feemster, Rev. K. M. Harrison
Married—December 29, L. M.
8erre!l and Miss Hallie Baehanan,
Rev. J. L. Raines officiating.
Masried—January 5, 8. P. Tap
scott and Mrs. Alice Hawkins,
at Nettleton, Rev. R. W. Meckliu
t \ r\ s n/» _ . n il a a * _
V/U LfCUCUJD^i wUt lb f UllUU AIBV,
Miss Laura Thomason and Mr.
Heudersou Strain were nuited in
Miss Thomasou is the accom
plished daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
8. H. Thomason of lielden and is
a lovely young lady not yet out of
her teens, while Mr. Strain ia a
well kuown youug man of Ches
terville who has many friend;
throughout the county.
At the home of the bride in Net
fletou on the evening of the 2<jtb
of December. Miss Blanche Feem
ster was married to Prof J. o. Van
diver, the ceremony being per
formed by Rev. K. M- Harrison in
the presence of friends and rela
tives. The bride is the beautiful
youug daughter of Dr. aud Mrs.
V. O. Feemster. The groom in
one of the most successful teachers
of the state and is principal of tbs
Nettleton school. We extend con.
gratuitous aud best wishes.
Ou Jan. 8th at the home of the
bride in Nettletoo, Miss Dnleie
Roberts was married to Walter H.
Sumuer, Rev. R. W. Mecklin offi
ciating. The bride was for several
years the post mistress at Nettle
tou aud was justly popular, num
beiing her friemUf by the number
of her acquaintances. Mr. Sooner
is a successful druggist and is re
ceiving Learty congratulation* sp
oil his good fortune.
The Journal extends best wish
es to its young friends and trusts
that each recurring year may be
aa bright and full of hope and
happiness as the present
-■ -
We regret to chrouule the death
of Mrs. Mary Frauds Hill at the
home of her eon in-law. L«e John.
son, Du Friday afternoon last after
an illness of several weeks with
typhoid fever. Deceased was a
most estimable lady aud her death
lias canard genuine sorrow among
li- r uiHuy friends. She was laid to
rest in the family burial grounds
near I’h.utersville where many of
hr r f-ld friends assembled to pay
the tribute of respect.
Notice In Attachment.
To the Handall Motor (Jar C >. be'eu
Ad attaclimeiit hi the suit of (lie To*
peto Scvile (Jo. Hiaiuat your estate for
the mini ol Two Hundred and Fifty Sev
en (1237.00) Dollars returnable before
the Circuit Court nt Tupelo, Uiaa., hue
been executed nnd in now (tending in
Haiti Court mid unless you appear before
said Court ou the Third Monday of
February A. D. 1003; nnd plead to
said action judgement will be entered
against vo i and the estate attached
will be sold.
Given under my bund, thin Jaauary
4tb, 1003.
F. L. KIXCtXNON, Clerk*
1, 7, ’03, 3t
Guy W. Mitchell,
Will practice in all the
courts of the county, dis
trict and the Supretn*
Court and the Federal
Co arte.
Office opp. pretest Ctmrt H<ruft,

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