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i Ten JTonths Record
Commenced Business March ist, 1904
Statement of the Condition of the
! Peoples Bank and Trust Company
Tupelo, Mississippi
I At the Close of Business, Dec. 31,1904.
Loans and Discounts including overdrafts
and advances on cotton. $227,19312
Bank Buildings....— 3,72145
Furniture and Fixtures.--.-. 5,53349
Bond and Stock Account.-. 3,830 00
Sight Exchange__32,467 30 65,258 67
$305,536 78
. -
Capital Paid in—. 70,000 00
Undivided Profits, earnings ten months— 7,70402
Cashier's Cheeks. 0*113
tS0S,B30 73 j.
:- -- • ■ — . .. '
I, S J- HKiH, Cashier, of the Peoples Bank and Trust Co., do solemnly swear that the abort statement is correct to the bestoNny knowledge and
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 4th dav of .Tan 1005.
F. M. SAVEKY, Notary Public.
_ -—- i
I! ■ --- !
fl No County or City Funds in This Statment.
1] ‘ '
President. Vice-Pres. Cashier. Ass’t Cashier.
J. J. ROGERS, I’jtKSiiJE.NT—.1. J. Rogers & Sod, Whole
sale Grocers.
J. R. DABBS—Pres. Tupelo Mercantile Co.
See and Treae. Tupelo Cotton Mills.
JOHN M. ALLEN—Commissioner Louisiana Purchase
"j Exposition.
D. W. ROBINS—Planter.
j. M THOMAS—Attorney-at-Law.
r l. POUND—Pound. Kincanuon & Elkin.
C C HUSSEY—Planter, Richmondlee, Miss.
B. L. SMITH—Smith Bros. & Co., Guntown, Miss.
; w A. ABRAMS—Merchant, Baldwin. Miss.
J. 11. Mi GEE—.1. II. McGee & Co Geeville, Miss.
JUMii DLIWlun—uunun «• w., miunu.
W. 8. JOHNSON. Yr'E-President—W 8. Johnson A
Sons, Verona.
JA8. A TRICE—Nettleton Supply Co., Nettleton Mies.
J. D. BRYAN—Merchant, Nettleton.
L. 0. FEEMSTER—Grady * Feemster, Physicians, Net
B. 0. BIGGER8—R. 0. Riggers A 8on, Plantersville.
J. A. BONDS—Merchant, Baldwyn.
S. C. McNEIL—Merchant. Sherman.
J. D. FURTICK—Merchant, Rienei, Mies.
J. A. BRYSON—Merchant, Riensi, Mies.
S. J. HIGH, CasniER.
- r- y
hite Goods Sale
Will Open
Monday, January 9
And continue Ten Davs, Closing Wednesday, Jan. 18
10 Per Cent. Discount.
EXTRA SPECIAL: We place all Clothing and Winter
Underwear on sale AT COST. Remember this means
much to those in need of winter Clothing and Underwear.
This sale will surpass all previous sales.
We offer not alone white goods, but will place the entire stock in
this sale at Ten per cent. Discount. Carhart Overalls and
Coats thread excepted. _
Mrs. Flournoy’s Musicale.
. . : « .
Mrs. R. W. Flournoy’s musical and re
ception at the Hotel Worth last Tuesday
afternoon in honor of her sister, Mrs.
Elizabeth Fontaine Harris, was one of
the most elegant functions of the season.
Mrs. Harris has recently returned from
Germany,where she pursued her musical
studies in the studio of the eminent
Professor Barth, court pianist to the
emperor of Germany. The large ball was
reserysd for the music, and was throng
ed with a brilliaut assemblage of guests.
Tbe programme was divided between
Mrs. Harris, pianist, and the Misses Ed
dington and Samuels, vocalists.
Mrs. Harris is a finished artist, and
her performance was a revelation of
biiliant technique, delicate phrasing and
exquisite play of light and shade. The
carefully chosen programme was rarely
beautiful. Tbe opening number, Men
delssohn’s charining*and difficult “Pre.
luda, Op. 104,” was rendered in a mas
terly style. The netx. Beethoven’s noble
“Sonata,” was chief d’euvre of the after
noon, and was beautifully and sympa
theticslly interpreted. Tbe dramatic
quality of the first movment, the melody
of the second, so suggestive of a rich
toned organ, were admirably expressed.
The perfect tempo of the third, or alleg
retto, movement was particularly no
ticeable as tbe usual tendency of musi
cians is to greatly accelerate the tempo
of this movement. Following this cams
Miss Edrington’s little chanson “Love,”
which was beautifully sung with her
usual charm and vivacity and was re
ceived with the greatest appreciation.
Sbs was accompanied on the piano by
Mrs. unve .'Scott rmringion. i ne next
two numbers fell to Miss Samuels, J'hey
were “Recitative and Air,” from Liza
Lehman’s beautiful song cycle, ‘‘In a
Persian Garden,” and “Roberto 0 Tu
Che Adoro,” by Myerbeer. Miss Sam
aria has a fine soprano voice of wide
range and compass, with a decided
grand opera quality. She sings with
mncli expression, and her numbers were
heartily applauded. Miss Samuel’s ac
companiment* were played by Mrs. A. G
Dawson. Mrs, Harris then played Schu
man’s “Nachtstuerk,” Orth’s “Caprice.”
Chopin's lovely “Preludes No: 20 and 7”
and “Yalae. A flat”—all riDpling waves
of melodr—concluding with Vogricli’e
dashing “Staccatto Caprice.” Mrs.
Harris was amply equal to the demauds
of sach a varied programme. Her ren
dition of Chopin's exquisite “Preludes”
was particularly felicitous, the little
'Caprice was played in a tempo that
fairly took one’s breath. Her auditors
were most sympathetic and apprecia
tive throughout the entire recital and
every number was received with gener
one applause.
We copy the above from the Fort
Worth [Tex.] Record, which shows thr
enthusiasm with which Mrs. Harris war
received during her recent visit to Fort
Worth. She has, by her untiring zeal
made for heraeif an enviable reputation
M a pianist and by her gracious man
aer and graceful bearing draws about
her a large circle of friends and’arimiren
wherever she goes.
Jr±.. G-. -fc3C’va.:rl"bert,
liepairing; neatly done on Guns, Pistols
and hewing machines. Satisfaction to all.
Shop on Spring st., two doors north of Journal Office.
On Improved Farm Lands,
8 per cent, interest. 5 to 10 Years.
For furher information apply to
0. K. GARYjupelo Miss.
All parties owing neon subacription
and other acounta would confer a great
favor by remitting withoat further
delay. We hare been at considerable
expense in moving and fitting up the
office and we need all amouats due
us. Please comply with this request
and greatly oblige us.
Dr. E. M. Topp will be in Verona for
h e purpose ot doing Dental work, on
Tuesday of each week instead of Thurs
day as heretofore.
Lease on Building.
Expiring Sept, 1,1905, now occupied
bv L. D. Littleton on Main street for
sale. Apply at store.
For Sale 140 acres of unimproved
and in Town Creek bottom east of
Verona, applv to B. F. Ballard Tupe
lo for particulars.
Lease on Building.
Expiring Sept. 1, 1905, now occupied
by L* D. Littleton on Main street for
sale. Apply at store.
STOCK FOB SALE- I bnvs four or
five head of good work stock horses and
inu'es, for sale at my home Pear Verona
will give bargains.
w. H, Rae Verona Mien.
Bay Good Gil.
Why use n cheap smoking oil in yonr
lamps which is injurious to your eyes
when you tan buy National Light oil
that dots not smoke or blacken the
chimney No offensive odors. Accept
nothing just as good. National L.gnt
oil is nbsolutelly the best. For sale at
2Sets, per gallon exclusively in iupelo
' Trice Raymond IL W. Co.
To E G. Lowery, Galveston, Texas, De
You are commanded to appear before
the Chancery Court of the countv of Lee.
in said State, >n the Third Monday of
March. A. !»., 11)05, to defend the suit in
said Court of Jennie Lowery wherein
you hip defendant.
This U8th day of November. A. D.
11)04, <i. W LONG, C'lerK*
Anderson & Long. Sol. Complainants.
Local and Personal
Fine repairing of nil kindest Hough’*.
Don’t fail to call to Bee Huffman in
hi* new gallery.
Old eyes made young by Hough, the
Jeweler and Optician.
Huffman can give you the best of
pictures. Call to see him.
Mr. J- A. Barnett of Bissell lias re- f
turned from a visit to his brother in
FOB SALE— A nix room house and
extra lot, in a desireable part of town. '
Apply to J. W. Thomas
STKAYED-One small shoat with
large white spot on right side—hind «
foot white. Notify Worth Gardner.
Misses Myrtle Kellum of Guntown
and Maude Long of Saltillo visited ,
the Misses Jenkins, weBt of town last
Now, that the Christmas rush is over,
we are giving special attention to our
optical department. Hough, the Jew
eler and Optician.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F.,Nutt, of Kewunna,
Ind.. arrived in the city last week, and
will spend the remainder of the winter
with her daughter. Mrs. C. J. Shumaker
It is a pleasure to read with our
made-to-measure glasses. You see with
ease. They do uot draw the eye. Ws
make a scientific test uud guarantee sat
isfaction. Hough.
n v r» rii r tiv .. . . i _ .. 1_
nt V . . 1 >• UlUMC Ui »» luuua nan men
*n city for several (lays past on a visit
to his brother It. W. Stone. The many
friends of Mr. Stone in this section are
alwys glad to see him on his visits and
wish for him many years of health and
continued usefulness.
The family oi Mr. George L. Snowden
arrived from Atlanta during the holi
days and are no w ut home in the Cum.
Presbyt’n parsonage. Mr. Snowden's
Christmas was made happier by being
able to have Mrs. Snowden and the
children with him.
The Board of Aldermen at its last
meeting elected R I) Porter clerk and su- j
perinteudent of the electric light plant.
Mr. Porter is an experienced clerk and
will give satisfaction. The retiring clerk
Mr. C. W, Troy, has served the city very
etfidently for the past eighteen years.
Owing to the increased business of the
eity it became necessary to have a clerk
that could devote his entire time to the
business of the citv.
From Last Week.
Mr. Oscar Patterson olid family, of
Verona are the guests of Mrs, W. L
Miss Vivian Walker of Baldwyn was
the guest of the Misses Stevenson the
p ist week.
Dr. Gladney and daughter, Mrs. Mary
Stovall, were visitors to Tupelo
Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, of Aberdeen,
visited thefamily of Mr. W. E. Berry the
past week.
Mrs. W. C. Raymond spent the holi
days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs
Shearer in Starkville
Mr. T J. Ore, of the Indian Territory,
and Edgar Orr, of Fulton, are visiting
Mrs. W. L, Clayton.
Little Miss Fanuie Green of Mace- i
donia was the guest, of Miss Myrtle Wil
liams duiing the holidays.
Mr, and Mrs- Robert Wade and Mr. 1
and Mrs. J. 1). Patton ofGuntown, were '
visitors to Tupelo Monday.
Will Stovall, of Plantersville, dropped
in Monday and had hfs name enrolled as |
a subscriber to the JouiiNAL. }
Mrs. M. L. Pritchard, from Cold Wa- ,
ter, has beeu the guest of her brother,
L. R. Cates, during the holidays.
Miss Emma Whittaker of Grenada
has been the pleasant guest of the Mis
ses Stevenson during the holidays.
Mr and Mrs. Steyenson, of Burnsville, .
Miss , were the guests of the iarail.v of i
Mr. R M. Martin the past week.
Mr. Hiid Mrs. Finnis Whitten and Mr, i
and Mrs. Herman Whitten of the first <
district were visitors to Tupelo yester- i
day. <
The .New tear was brightened at the '
home of Mr. (J. S. Wood by the arrival '
of a fine boy. May each recurring year 1
be brightened by a joy equal to this, 1
Misses Carrie Williams and Annie H«r- *
Ian, two charming young ladies of Ma
con, were the guests of Mr, aud Mrs, t
J. W. I*, Boggan during the holidays. t
We me glad to report that Imve Bra
den who was hurt by th** falling of ®
brick from the wall of the warehouse on ^
Spring street durfng the holidays is get- c
ting on all right and is now about re- *
S. J. Higgs, of Wichita Falls, Texas, j
who has been back on a visit to his .
mother and brothers has returned home
the first of the week. It has been thiteen (
years sine i Mr. Higgs left Mississippi
and upon his return found many im- j
liev. Walker and wife were the guests (
of Mr, and Mrs. Whitten Duncan during (
the holidays. Mrs. Walker fs a sister to (
Vfr. Duncan. Mr Walker is a member f
of the Tennessee conference and deliv- t
ered two able sermons at the Methodist t
church while here, t
Miss Alice Wylie of Chicago gladdened h
the hearts of her family by a visit dtir- v
ing the holidays. Miss Wylie is engaged a
in educational work that requires much «
travel which carries her all over the
country. After a pleasant visit of ten f
days she left Tuesday for McKinney,
Prof. T. K Boggun aud Miss Shirley e
Susan Neal were united iu marriage at 8
the home of the bride iu Oxford on t
Christmas day. The bride is one of Ox- c
ford’s most accomplished young ladies, a
a graduate of the Uuiversity of Missis- j,
sippi, and a classmate of Prof. Hoggan.
The friendship begun during eollege
Bank of Tupelo,
Tupelo, Miss.
CAPITAL $100,000.00.
The most courteous and liberal treatment is extended to all
who mav need Banking facilities.
four Account is Siicitel whether Large or
Small, Personal or Corporate.
President. ' Vice-Pres. Cushier. Ass’t Cashier.
. * ■ ■ - ^ —-—-——
$ T HARKEY, President J.Q. ROBINS, Vice-Pres. F. JOHNSON, Cashier.
Directors: | dtf Typelci,
e rp Htirkcy O
J. Q. Robin’s, 0 Transacts a General Banking Bnsinese
' It. S. Thomus. 0 __
J. M. Allen, O
Fw°wn8Trice 0 Capital and Surplus $72,000.
J. I). Bryan. £
o We Pay Interest on Time Deposits.
ollections given Prompt Attention and Quick Returns. We want your Busine?
Insured Against Burglars.
Regular meetings of the Board of Director* 1st Tuesday in each month.
——————— ■■ i ■ ■ ■■ ■ ».■■■ .__L!!' 1 . ."f ^
Special Bulletin
NOVEMBER 30, 1904
1—— jn 6pite 0f all state- ———————
ments to the contrary
the Official Award,
of the St. Louis Ex
position has just been
announced today, and
the public will note
that, as usual, the
Oliver record has not
been equaled, and
that the OLIVER TYPE
WRITER has been !
awarded the Gold
Medal. The Oliver
Typewriter Compauy
E. W. Hawkins
C. T. Keyes, M. D.
Office Troy St
Jfflce, 233. Residence, 23.
lays ripened into love and the happy
wain had their brightest hopes realized
n the consummation of their marriage
rows. Prof. Boggan is the principal of
he High Sceool at Collins, Miss., where
»e has won for himself on enviable repu
ation. Wp wish for him and his bride
ill the joys of this life.
Dr. Claude T Keyes and family have
'euioved from Monroe eouuty to Tupelo
md will make this city their home Dr
ieyes has opened an office on Troy
itreet and tenders his professional sl
ices to the public. He graduated from
he Memphis Medical Hospital College in
.897 and was a member of the consult
ng staff of the East Ead dispensary—
he charity hospital of the city. He has
ilso done post-graduate work at H>e
,'hicago Polyclinics from which he holds
i certificate of proficiency. Dr. Keyes
vas reared in Itawamba an I Lee conn- j
ies and needs no further introduction
it our hands. His professional card ap
(ears in another column.
Monday, Jan. 9, to
Wednesday, Jan. 18.
Ladies’ muslin Undergar
ments. Immense purchase
just received and all at
III Per Ct. Discount
Buy muslin Underwear ol us
and save time, mone\T and
To buy two or three farms with
good body of bottoms. Give price,
locatiou, suirouudiugs, improve
ments, timber and pasture; none
font those meauiug onsiness neeo
reply. Prefer to deal direct with
owner. Address
L. P. Epton
Spartanburg, S. C.
Meat Market
I have opened on Spring street
a first-class meat market where I
keep on hand at all times the
best meat that cau he had. The
variety coveis beef, mutton, pork,
poultry ank fish. My prices are as
cheap as anybody. Fair treatment
to all purchasers. Call when you
need anything-dn my line.
j. m. Tears.
Mitts Block, Spring St.
Our esteemed friend. Mr. .1 W, Thom-I
is, has returned to Tup lo on a visit
ifter an absence oi twelye yvars. Mr
'hoinas has made Texas his home since
ie left Mississippi and we are glad to
;now that hehas inet with merited sue
ess in the Lone Star State and has also
ieen greatly benetitted in health. Re
entlv Mr. Thomas Ims travelled in
loutherii Texas with the view of going
here permanently. He speaks in glow
ng terms of the tine opportunities that
wait those who go there and invest in
he fertile lands that “tid await the first
ettlers. Along the line of the St. Louis,
trownsville & Mexico U It. Co , superior
dvautages are offered to tbe fruit and
ruck grower. Lands can be pjrchased
>f the road at reasonable prices and
ernis that promise a great deal in the
iture. Mr. Thomas believes that in
his sectiou is offered line openings for
hose who desire to enter the trucking
usines4. The friends of Mr, Thomas
ack in Mississippi gave him a cordial
welcome on bis return to bis old home
nd regret that he and his estimable
rife have not come back to stay
louse and Lot for 5-tla at a Bargain
One of tbe best locations in tbe town
f Verona, tine neighborhood, the lot
inbraces 3% more or less acres, partly
jded in Bermuda grass..Dwelling con
tins 4 targe and 2 small rooms. Fine
stern pure water. Will sjll this plae *
t a bargain, terms easy. For further
iformation call on or address
M. 0. BLITHE Verona, Miss.
12, 10, ’04. 3 t

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