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$1.50 per Annum. v " BK JU8T AND FEAK NOT." 31.50 par ^.naavi.
. ..... .. ■ —■ . ■!".»* .I... . .... .- . , . - _.
«. __ , ‘ • ,
At Cost For Cash!
All men’s, boy’s and childrens’ suits, Over Coats anil pants. Winter weight Underwear at cost.
Hats and Mattings at Cost.
Any quantity remnants, 10 yards and under, loe. yard, for alljgradcs.
All winter Dress Goods, Knit shawls, Fascinators, etc, will go at cost!
' Ladies’ Jackets and Dress Skirts 10 Per Cent. Less than Cost.
1 ~ We need Money badly: Goods must be sold,
Go At Once
to the Cut Price Store.
Except 5 and 10c goods, Candies, Tin and Glassware.
Big stock Clothing, Shoes, hats. Ladies’ Dress
Skirts, Dress Goods, etc., must be sold at once.
Everything Cash.
Will sell the whole stock at Big Discount and rent the store
to purchaser, otherwise will be closed out at retail.
Topp’s Cut Price Store.
Car Load John Deere Plows, Planters, Cultivators
Car Load Harper’s combined Corn and Cotton Planters
Hverything that Farmers need in their business, Hames,
Backhands, Rope, Traces, etc.
Trice & Raymond Hardware Co.
Bank of Tupelo,
Tupelo, Miss.
CAPITAL SI00,000.00.
The most courteous and libral treatment is extended to nil
who mav need Banking facilities.
Your Account is Respectfully Solicited, whether Large or
Small, Personal or Corporate.
President- Vjce-Pree. Cashier. Ass’t Cashier.
S T IIAIIKEY President. J,Q. RORIXS, \ ice-Pres. r Cttsh.er
Directors: ' 0 df Typeld, j
J ^RobipH, « Transacts a General Banking Bnsiuese
ft. ri. Thomas, 0 -—-:
J. M. Allen, O ,
f. Johnson, o Capital and Surplus 572,000.
W. W. Tries. X
J. D. Bryan. g
% We Pay Interest on Time Deposits.
0, ILvdllSS
. , . H /,ven Prompt Attention aud Quick Returns. We want your Busines
Insured Against Burglars.
Regular meetings of the Board of Directors let Tuesday n each month.
*• %
% \ ^
■ " ' " ^ •' - V' ' ''
Be sure and see me befoie
giving out your plumbing or
newer work. 1 can save yon
future trouble as well as mon
ey. It only takes a postal
coad to have me call to see you
at any time and place.
CL ,W- Hewitt
Notice In Attachment.
To the l(audall Motor Cur Co; Del’d:
An attachment at the suit of the Tu
pelo Scale Co. against .your estate foi
the sum et Two Hundred and Fifty Sev
en ($257.00) Dollars returnable befort
the Circuit Court at Tupelo, Miss., has
been executed and is now pending ir
said Court and unless yob appear befori
said Court on the Third Monday o
February A. D. 1005 nnd plead tc
said action judgement will be entered
against vo i and the estate attached
will be sold.
Given under iny hand, this .lanunrj
4-tb, 1005. F. L. KINCaNNON, Clerk
1, 7, ’05, St
C:; lighters of the Confederacy Honor Them.
Crosses of Honor Awarded. \
They Christen the New Coart House on Lee’s Birthday.
The assemblage at the Court
House, on Thursday, 19th inst. of
Daughters of the Confederacy and
Confederate Veterans, fur the be
stowal of Crosses of Ho ior, by the
Baldwyu Chapter of Daughters of
the Confederacy, was the most no
table and enjoyable public event
that has occurred in this city for
many a day. The recently organ
ized Harrisburg Chapter of Daiigh
ters of the Confederacy attended
iu a body and participated in the
proceedings. There were about
seventy five of the aged veterans
present every oue of whom showed
the deep emotion with which they
joined iu the interesting exercises.
At 2 o'clock p. in. the Daughters!
of the Confederacy formed iu line’
iu the spacious rotunda of the mag
nificent uew structure with the vet-1
erans restiug on their left, iu liue,
adown the northern corridor, un
der command of W. 'A. Dozier,
Commandant of J. M. Stone Camp
of U. C. V. As the big clock in
the dome struck two the line of
march was taken up, with /he Bald
wvn Chanter, led bv its president.
Mrs J. B. Youugblood, followed
by little Misses Hallie Savery and
Linda Kiucaunou, who carried the
tlag of Col. W. H. H. Tisou’s reg
iment m the civil war. There were
followed by the Harrisburg Chap
ter, led by Mrs. L CL Y- Baker,
pro ideut, after which came the
veterans, iu double tile. At the
door they were met by Capt P. M.
Suvery, who, assisted I v the pret
ty and efficient ushefs for the oc
casion, Misses Minrose Kincannoii
and deffie B-lle Mitcbn^r, they
were directed to seats in the audi
toriu in.
As the procession entered the
hall Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, presid
ing «t I lie piano, greeted them with
strains of beautiful and inspiring
music, which was continued at fre
quent intervals throughout the cer
emonies. In this she wnsassisted
by an improvised clioir composed
of (lie best talent of tlip city. The
music rendered consisted of olden
time songs and instrumental pieces
which awoke old memories and
carried the battle scarred heroes
hack to the scenes of the war.
When al' were seated a fervent
and eloquent prayer was offered by
Rev. J. T. Cunningham:
(,iod of all life, (toil of nil truth, mid
Hod of nil grace. (Joel of our fntliers.
Hod of our imniorlnl dead: mid of our
heroic living! God of our Southern mnn
hnod—the highest tvpe of Self-Sacrifice
mid devotion, nnd the symbol of nil flint
in nine, nnd true, nnd beautiful. God of
lie brave and dauntless private, who
lan d to do. to suffer, and to die, and
.• ho. aMer-all, must stoi in ttie works,
and niri-v the enemies rcbmlits. God of
Sidnev .lohii-ton. Itoliert E Lee. Stone
predation from all present. When
she had dosed Mrs. Will Stocks
rend a paper whieli told of the la
bors and successes of the organi
zation and which was very enter
taining. The address of welcome
was made by Capt. r. M. Savery,
our popular old veteran, who nev
er fails to strike a responsive chord
when he talks to ht& comrades
about war times. He was especial
happy on this occasion and his old
heart was running over with joy
when he looked upon the griz
zly old vets receiving their crosses
of honoi
After these introductory pro
ceedings Mrs. Youngblood then
bestowed crosses of honor upoD
each veteran who responded to
his name and came to the front to
receive it, a list of whom is given
below, Each of the old heioes was
greeted with applause as lie came
forward aud it was plainly visible
that all of them looked upon the
leceiving of the cross as the crown
ing honor of their lives. They
seemed to regard it a* a reward be
stowed by the loveliest of women
for the sufferings and privatious
which they had endured in their
vouth lime and prime of manhood
in the defense of the holiest cause
ever espoused by a noble and chiv
alric people.
Col. R. S. Thomas spoke for the
Army of Tenneesee in his usual
felicitous way and Lieut. J. 11.
Strain said a few words jn praise
of the soldiers of the Army of Vir
ginia. Mrs. J. L. Fiuley favored
the audieuce with the gentle s .ng,
“Lorena” which awakened tender
memories in the breasts of all who
recalled it as the universal favorite
iduriug the war. Comrade Strain
sang the old soug “Touting on the
Old Camp Ground” and gave to it
the pathos and melody of its war
time renderiug. These features of
thp occasion were greatly enjoyed
and appreciated.
When the crosses had been be.
stowed Rev C K .iarsliall feel
ingly uttered the closing invoca
tion and the meeting was dis
This meeting was an appropriate
ceremony for the installation of
the noble structure of which Lee
county can boast as its seat of jus-'
tice. President W. M. Roberts,
lion J. C. Calhoun and Marion
Martin members of the Hoard of
Supervisors were pres, ut and wit
uessed the happy and impressive
ceremonies and received many cor
dial commendations for tliert* z al
oub labors in securing the tnagnifi
■ it* <• i i . i i
CHIU, miil'llll^ IIM nil till
Tupelo is truly gra eful to Bald
Chapter of Daughters <*f the Con
federacy for the (lietingniehed com
pliment which they paid our pen
pie in selecting the anniversary of
the birth of the world's greatest
hero, Robert E L*e. as the occa
sion and Ibis city as the place for
so glorious and pleasurable an
Turner Powell, Co. E. 41st Miss
E. L. Russell, Regimental Color
Sergeant, Co E. 41st Miss.
R. II. Rogers, Co I, 1st Miss.
J. J. Rogers, 1st Sergeant Co. L
4lst Miss.
W. H. Roberts, Co- C, 4Qrd Miss
J. C. Sims, Co- C, 43rd Mi-s,
S. B. Scott, Co E, 2nd Mias.
Frank Shepard, Co B, 32nd Miss
John Stevens, Corporal, Co C,
2ud Miss, Infantry.
J. H. Strain, 2ud Lieut. Co. II.
2nd Miss.
Thomas Angie, Co. I, 43rd Miss
J. P, Burge, 1st Lieut. Co. A
32nd Miss Infantry. Went out
with the 2nd.
J C Bell, 2nd Lieut. Co. I, 7th
Alabama CavAlry.
James Boyd. Sergeaut, Co H,
43rd Miss.
>m»II Jackson am' .leii-i'son inivm-me
Mini expound' r* of and defenders of
'■•nstitiition it lilieitv. Our (!od and our
Fat lie i! we bring to tlie» tile homage of
• nr hearts and lav all atthvfeet.I We
.ii.rifv th.v, iimiik, that wlii'c ^lie wrong
often prevails, in d the right oftell goes
down in defeat and in Mood, lint never,
no never, in dishonor—that sinceas is
no test ol merit—that, might is not right
and that Vaudulisiii is not patriotism.
We thank thee for the tiov and inspira
tion of this hour—for th* love and de
votion which prompts onr consecrated
women to award to Confederate veter
ans Crosses of Honor. 0 God, help ns
to receive and wear them, ns emblems of
woman’s love, and woman’s devotion,
and as woman’s rpmindei|| that we
'ought for Constitutional honor, and
for what we knew was right.. Bless and
snnctifv our. associations, and bring us
nil at last to wear Mu victor’s crown,
in an never ending communion. Amen.
After the prayer Mrs. Youngblood,
presideut, etc., iu a beautiful man
ner delivered au appropriate ad.
dress, which drew much applause
from the audience. She was
followed by Miss Willie Tyson,
secretary, who, with great dignity
itid eelf possession, delivered an
interesting address which elicited
prolonged demonstrations of ap
I '
M. L. Cook, 2nd Corporal Co.
fl, 11th Miss. Cuvaliy.
J. T. Cunningham, Chaplain,
Co. C. Sanders’ Bat. Teuti. Cav.
W. L. Clayton, 1st Lietlt. Co. K
10th Miss. B^giiuent.
W. T. Carson, Co. E 41st Mil*
P. W. Duncan Co K, 22nd Tenu
J. H. Evans, Capt. Co K, 3rd
Ala.—Co A 41st Miss.
John Francis, co K, oth Ala cav
S A. Gas«a\vay, Adit, co B,
23rd Miss.
J. H Gullett, Ord«ry Sergeant,
co 1,1st Miss.
J M Hoyle, 6iirgeon, co II, 2nd
J D Huffman, co c, 12th Ga I**ft
W P Hunter, corporal, co B’
1st 8. c.
W. K. Hampton, eo H 43rd Miss
Joe Hadden, co B, 32nd Mies.
W T Jumper, co I, let Miss.
A B Yarrie, co K, 1st Miss Inft.
H I T Jumper, corporal’ co I,
1st Miss.
J. c\ Johnson, co I. 1st Miss.
John McGee, c> 13, 32ud Miss.
8. M. McGee, ro 13, 32nd Miss.
J F Morris, co 13, 32ud Miss.
II Marshall, co I, ISth Mias cav.
G R McMurtry, co 13, Orr’s Ri
fles, S. c.
J F Phelps, co 1,1st Miss
J S Parks, co E, lltli Miss cav.
8 D Smith, co E, 2nd Miss
L L Tapscott, Co A, 2nd Miss
J A Thompson co I, 2nd Miss
Levi Tapp, co 13, 32ad Mioa
G W Wardlaw, co L, 43rd Miss
Robert Whitley, 1st Lieut co E
2nd Miss
R 11 Wade, Co K, 31st Miss
O c Whitaker, co I, 12th Ala
lu fan try
Paderewski, the worldts greatest
piano virtuoso, gave a concert in
the chapel of the IndnstrRl Insti
tute and College lust night wbieh
was attended by the largest and
most brilliant audience that ever
assembled in Columbus. Special
trains Were run on both the South
ern and Mobile aud Ohio railrrads
and there were people present from
nearly every town of importance
in East Mississippi and tn*»y
c tiue from towns and cites in cen
tral and southern sections of the
It is impossible to desnibethe
peculiar charm and facination of
Paperewski’s playing Ilis delicate
touch, the deep feeling which lie
puts into his playing and llit? flu
ished manner in which every sel.
eciiou is rendered all proclaim the
fact, that lie is by instinct aud
training an artist, ami after hear
ing him one easily understands
a by he has achieved such great
fame that he is today recognized
as the most brilliant piano virtuoso
that the world has ever produced.
To the true lover of music Pader
ewsk's playing brings a feeling of
pleasure and bliss that it is impos
• . . • . i . i.
M'llf* III nun
wlin-e musical e la 11r.i m h is h *hii
neglected arc hel l spell b.»und a»
his skilled fingers pass r.ipidl\
hither ane tlnth«r over t ic iv»rv
keys, calling fourth music iliat. is
as svveet ns i lie songs of a tollusand
birds on a spring morning.
The engagement of l’ ideiwvski
is rin important-event in the histo
ry of Coinmhue, a* it evinces the
fact, that the people appreciated
merit and are willing to pay liber
ally to see and hear recognized
artists in any line. It was through
the efforts of President Kmcannnn,
Secretary Carsou, of the Lve°nm
Association, and Mies Weeuona
Poindexter. he« I of the depart
ment of instrumental music at the
I'ollege that Paderewski was indu
ced to come here, aud too much
can not be Said in praise of the
work which all three of them have
performed uot only in securing
the engagement but in limbing it
a Buceess. They worked with uu*
tireiug energy aud z.*al, aud the
people of Columbus owe them a
debt of gratitude for having beeD
afforded au oppor tunity tj hear the
most celebrated pianist that the
world has ever pioduced—.Dit
Program for Lee County
Preacher’s Association.
Feb 9, 1905, at Cumberland Pres
byterian church, Tupelo, Miss.
0:510. Devotional Servicer—
C. Kiugsley Marsbal.l.
9:45. Rusiuess'
1 Minntes of last meeting.
2 Uhfiuished,
51 New.
10:00. The Pubiic Prayer—
C. K. Marshal
11:00. Sermon. M. D. Fly.
Afternoon Services.
2:510. Devotional Service.
•J. IVCunningham.
51:00 TIih Srauger.—
1 Enlistiug stranger* In Church
work. i 6. P. Pryor.
2 Holding Strangefts.
J. W. Allen.
7:15 Mass meeiibg, Every one ur
ged rn come.
1 Good Citizeehip—Prof. Tate.
Guy Mitchel.
2 Muncipal Reform.
.T II Tlo
T. \V. Lewis.
The public is moat cordially in
vited ’to attend tbepe meetings.
C. Kiugsley Marshall, Secy.
Tupelo Graded School.
Roll of Honor.
The following list contains the names
of those pupils who, bv excellence of con
duct and lessons, have won a place on
the Roll oi Honor of school:
A * indicates double honor.
Ho.vle Dahlia. liesfie Guthrie.
Gordon Hindsinan * Hazel Topp.
Herman Dalton. Coy Guthrie.
Jennie Long. Earl Pound.
Olin Fiancis. Laura Wood.
Celia Raldwyn. Jessie'Rerry.
N.-1I Roggatt * Mary Allen Fitzpatrick,
i.coniiuu I'raz t IV.Ik Harris.
Edna Hawkins. Linda Kincunuon
Rosalie KJiicSiiuoii Kathleen Prout
Troy Ritter Irene Turner.*
Louise Lipscomb Ward Allen
Jetlic Rette Mltchener. Annie I.ou Wood
frniH Drown Ruth Itmwa.
Ibivaf Darkey- Carl Herndon
Minrose K'neannon NVIf Turner.
Eleanor Rlair.* Juanita Clifton *
Louise Fn.z*r * Virginia Harris*
bla I’orter.*
where you may rest assured every
deal will he conducted with that
absolute trustworthiness that has
"always characterized nil
In opening your Bank Account at
this Bank you will he making no
Interest paid on time deposit*.
first national bank
Tupelo, Miss.
Meat Market
I have opened on Spring street
a lird-clHsK meat market wheie I
keep <>n hand at nil times the
i«est me it that can l>© lmd. Th-*
vaiiety coven* beef, ruuttou, j ork,
poultry auk tiah. Mv prices are a*
cheap as uoyliody. Fair treatment
ro hi I uuniiiHHerd. vail wneu you
»**ed anything in my line.
j. m. Tears.
Mitts Block, Spring St.
To buy two or three farms with
good body of bottoms.' Give price,
locatiou, smroundings, improve*
meats, limber and pasture; none
but thoea meaning business need
reply. Prefer to deal direct with
owner. Address
L. P. Epton
Spartanburg, S. C,

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