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F. L. Kincannon, Prop.
Published Weekly.
Entered at the Tupelo post office as
second-class mail matter.
DISPLAY advertisements at rate of
$1.00 per running ii eh per month of
four weeks. Liberal discounts made on
yearly contracts.
Notice of meetings of strictly chari
table organizations will be inserted one
time free; all ether notices must be paid
TUPELO, MISS., JAN. 21, 1910.
The local representative of
Swift & Company had an order
from Amory the past week for
a case of eggs. The order was
filled from a consignment of
cold storage fruit just from
Chicago. These eggs were
bought in the south last March
and April at from 10 to 15 cents
per dozen and shipped to Chicago
where they have been carefully
stored until a shortage brought
them into demand at fancy
prices—anywhere from 35 to 50
cents per dozen. The time ar
rived and Swift & Company
turned loose their eggs at a good
n I'A fi f
Amory’s case is not an excep
tional one- The entire south is
experiencing an egg famine
which seems to extend in every
direction. There never has been
a time when the supply was so
short and fancy prices were so
easily obtained. This condition
has been brought about by a
failure of the southern people to
raise grain. The poultry busi
ness cannot be made profitable
unless there is a bountiful sup
ply of corn, wheat, oats or rye.
The south has had none of these
in great measure for several
years. As a result living has
advanced materially and a num
ber of the necessary articles in
every household have reached
prohibitive prices.
In making our plans for an
other year the question of a crop
of small grain should not be
overlooked. Nothing will pay
half so well as furnishing the
fowls with small grain. It is too
late to plant wheat and rye for
this season, but a small patch of
oats near the house will pay for
.•i . _ 11*
1LOC1X. _
The citizens of Cleveland, 0.,
have inaugurated an anti-meat
strike as a blow at the increased
cost of living. It is estimated
that fully 6,000 men have signed
a pledge to abstain from meat a
month in an effort to break the
high prices. An effort will be
made by the promoters of the
pian to spread the doctrine of
anti meat to all parts of Ohio.
Already a similar movement has
been started in Springfield, and
while the strike is directed at
the high cost of meat, the ad
vanced prices of other staple
foods will not be overlooked.
The Baltimore American says
if, at the iniative of the United
Stater, the world forms a gen
eral peace court, at which i's
differences can be arbitrated and
if XX7ill tVlO
work a nation could ever per
form. But its realization sounds
too much like the establishment
of an international millenium. It
will require so many concessions
from human nature to interna
tional politics.
The bank of England is con
sidered to nave one of the most
nearly impregnable vaults of
any hank in the world, says the
Shrevesport Times. It is 66 feel
below the level of the street.
Above it is 20 feet of concrete,
holding seven feet of water and
below the same concrete barrier
and depth of water. In this
manner tunneling becomes im
possible, while with the soldier
guard posted every night, the
conservative Briton has reason
to relieve in the security of his
“Old Lady on Threadneecle
FOR SALE —140 acres of land i.
Town Creek bottom. About 15 acres
cleared and some good timber on bai
mice. Located about two miles from
Vefor a. Also 80 acres upland about
one and a half miles from Verona,
most iy cleared and one settlement or.
it. Has good branch bottom running
through it For particulars address B
F. Ballard, Verona, Miss. * 41 4t.
A Quaint Indorsement.
J. Pierpont Morgan at the
recent diocesan convention in
New York, amused a group of
clergymen with a story of a
“He was as ignorant, this
good man, of liancial matters,”
said Mr. Morgan, “as the
average financier is ignorant of
matters ecclesiastical. /
“He once received a check—
the first he had ever got in his
life—and took it to a bank for
“‘But you must indorse this
check,” said the paying teller,
returning it through his little
“‘Indorse it?’ said the old
minister, in a puzzled tone.
“ ‘Yes, of course. It must be
indorsed on the back.”
“ ‘I see,’ said the minister.
And, turning the check over,
he wrote across the back of it.”
“ ‘I heartily indorse this
check.’ ”—St. Louis Globe
Colonization: The Raleigh
News and Observer asks:
.1TTT1 • • .1__ 1 Of » A „_
vv licit id a ^uiuuci; vsinc, \
when some one asked an old
Georgia darkey that question,
he replied; “Well, suh, dar’s
lots er ways ter answer dat- I (
has knowed folks what wuz
born kunnels—de thing runnin’ (
in de blood fer ginerations an’ |
ginerations; than ag’in. Ii
has knowed folks that wuz'
desapp’inted ter be kunnels, an’
others what wuz made kunnels
by bein’ kind ter de culud folks.
For instance, any man what gives
me a dollar, or even a quarter, \
never fails ter call ‘kunnel’ f’um
dat time on.’’—Atlanta Consti
--- . i
The wireless is a wonder, re- j
marks the Mobile Register. A;
woman went to sea last week, <
leaving her ticket behind. She
had nothing to show that she
had ever had a ticket; but a
wireless message back to New
York made the matter straight,
and she went on her way re
I For a Gentleman’s |
High Grade 17 |
Jeweled |
! 20 Year Gold Filled I
I We Guarantee This I
1 Watch to be an Accur- 1
I ate Timekeeper. yf
■ . : -
This is only one of the
dozens of Watch bar
gains at
Buy a Watch now and
save 10 to 25 per cent.
W. H. Hough
^ 205 Main Street
Phone 156
■ ' ■' —-<
Why You Need |
Some of These Tools |
Go and look at the household hammer, screw
driver or hatchet. . Would you give them to a
carpenter to work with without an apology? If
they are not good enough for a carpenter, they’re
not good enough for you.
mm tatmR
are workman-like tools, quality tools. If you have use for
a hammer you want it to do a hammer’s work—and
the better the hammer the better the work. This is
true of any tool. Keen K utter Tools are
recognized as being the only complete,
high-grade line on the market. They
are guaranteed perfect or money
refunded, so you take no chances.
Sold and Suarantaad by
Lumpkin-Clark Company,
20 Main Street.
Internal Revenue License.
Pursuant to section 1 of the Act of
1908 requiring the Sheriff in the various I
counties of the State of Mississippi to I
procure and publish in some newspa
per of each county the names of all
parties who hold internal revenue li
cense, I have secured from the inter
nal revenue collector of this district
the names of such parties holding such
license in Lee county, which are as fol
C. H. Clifton,
L. W. Trading Co.
Phillips & Jackson.
W. H. Sumner.
St. Clair Drug Co.
Pound-Kincannon-Elkin Co.
Given under m.v hand, this the 10th
day of January, 1910.
42 3t Sheriff Lee County, Miss.
Notitice to Applicants for the
Position of Census
The Hon. S. D. Chamberlain, Super
visor of the Census for First Congres
sional District of Mississippi, has noti
fied me that he will hold the examina
tion to test the qualifications of appli
cants for the position ot enumerators
of Lee county, in Court House in Tu
pelo on Saturday, February 5th, 1910.
All applicants will take due notice and
be governed accordingly.
42-3t Supt. of Education.
Notice to Tax Payers of Lee
Notice is hereby given that all taxes
must be collected between this time
and the First day of February. There
are a great number of receipts vet to
be made out and the rush will be great
toward the last few days. I publish
this warning that no one may become
delinquent and urge upon those who
have not paid to come forward and
get their receipt.
O. T. TRAPP, Sheriff.
42 3t and Tax Collector.
Mardi Gras.
Mobile, Ala., New Orleans La.
and Pensacola, Fla. Low rates
for this occasion, via the Mobile j
& Ohio Raiiroad. Tickets on
sale Feb 1 to 7th, inclusive, lim
ited to return not later than
Feb. 19th, 1910. However, final
limit may be extended to and in
cluding March 7th, by deposit of
ticket and payment of fee- For
full particulars, apply to nearest
T'cket Agent, Mobile & Ohio
R. R. or write.
Public Works Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the con
tract for the building of a new bridge
across Canal on the Verona and Shan
non road, and a new bridge on the
Verona and Planteraville levee in Town
Creek bottom, will, on the 1st Monday
in Feb. 1910, at 2 o’clock, p. m. south
door of Court House, by the Hoard of
Supervisors o^ " Lee County, Miss., be
awarded to the lowest res. ».u,ju o...
der. kight reserved to reject all bids.
Tupelo, Miss , January 7th, 1910.
Norbin Jones, Clerk.
42-3t By R. D. Porter, D. C.
Notice of Examination Public Roads
On January 25th, 1910, the members
of the Board of Supervisors of Lee
County will,in their respective districts,
begin the Examination of all public
roads, levees and bridges, and continue
nntil said work is completed, at the
conclusion of which, reports of con
ditions of said roads etc., wdll be made
and filed in Chancery Clerk’s office for
reference to Grand Jury.
January 7th, 1910.
Norbin Jones Clerk.
42-3t By R. D. Porter, D. C.
That Will Last
—FOR —
or GIN<v_
Write for
Full Particulars
Corinth Engine & Boiler WKs.
No. 103 N. York Lim. due 1.30 a. m.
No. 105 Southeastern Limtd 11.35 a. m.
No. 907 Aberdeen ( Ar. 9.55 p. m.
Accommodation | Ly. 10-00 p. m.
No. 911. Mississippi
Accommodation Due 11 00 a. m
No. 104 Frisco Limited, due 3.52 a. m.
No. 100 Southeastern Lim 5.08 p. m.
No. 908 Memphis ( Ar. 6.20 a. m.
Accommodation ] Ly. 6:25 a. m.
No. 912 Alabama Accom. 1:30 p.m.
L. W. McLEAN. Atrcnt.
i To Do Thai Pencil^ Job |
x " ~’ ’.'. ~ x
\ at the lowest cost ^
X you better let us X
2} supply all the X
^ Fence ^
| .Posts |
^ You can’t get bet- ®
® ter stuff than we
^ have ready, and \
X we believe our X
«P figures are about the iowest that such quality ^
® was ever sold at. _ .
& * Come in the next time you are in town and y^
yj we will talk over the situation. ^
yn You need some of our lumber anyway. v
| The Tupelo Lumber Co |
S Tupelo, Mississippi. 5k
On Improved Farm Lands
8 per cent, interest. 5 to 10 Years.
For further information api ly to
O. K. GARY. Tunek Mis>
L. C. Feemster
Second Door West of Post Office
Phones, Residence 341. Office 23!
Dr* G. Gould House
Over Pound. Kincannon & Elkin Co.
Will practice in all Courts.
Office in Peoples Bank Building
Telephone 272.
Clifton & Blair,
Office on Main Street,
will practice in all courts, both
State and Federal,
Dr. E. Douglas Hood,
Rooms 1, 2, and 3 in Peoples
Bank and Trust Co. Building
Phones—Office. 103. Res 35.
Drs. Bonner & Elkin,
Tupelo, Mississippi.
Office Hours 10 to 12 a.m. 1 to 3 p.m.
Dr. E. M. Topp,
Office: Bank of Tupelo Building
Phones: Office, 224. Res. 151
Geo. T. Mitchell. Claude Clayton
Mitchell & Clayton.
Attorneys at Law.
Will practice in all State and Federal
Collections will receive prompt attention
George H. Hill, Jr.,
will practice in all the courts of
the state and the Federal Courts.
Office up stairs over Bank of
Tupelo Building.
Hugh M. Anderson, M. D.
Office 2nd floor Blair building
opposite Peoples Bank.
Phono—5L1* !?19
Through Service to
Kansas City, Mo
Lv. Tupelo at_5:08 p m
Ar. Kansas City at_10:30 a ir.
Lv. Tupelo at_ 4:10 a m
Ar. Kansas City at_7:00 a m :
Both trains carrj Observation Sleep
mg Cars and Reclining Chair Cars.
All trains into and out of Kansas City
eliminating smoke and cinders.
For further information as to sched
ules, rates, etc., ask
Ticket Agent Frisco. Tupelo, Miss
The Frisco to Florida
Through Sleeper
on the Southeastern Limited to
Jackso nville, Florida,
and to other southeastern points.
Train leaving Tupelo_11:35 a. m.
Arrive Jacksonville_9:15 a. m.
Winter tourist Round-trip fare
to Jacksonville. 825.80
L. VV-McLean, Ticket Agt.
l Up£.JLU.
Mo 1 Express daily lv - - 10:05 p il
Mo 3 Express daily lv - - ,9:21 a m
Mo. 5 Express Daily lv - 2:13 p. m.
Mo 2 Express daily iv - - C:2G a n
Mo 4 Express - daily lv - 0:43 p il
Mo. (3. Express Daily lv - 1:05 p. m.
i. V. Taylor. Jno. El. Selle,
General Mana ^er, Ccxt.a* Passenger Agent,
| Why National Banks are Safe. |
jm ' 3
, ■ aC.
2 BECAUSE The National Banking Laws keep them from making ex
-JJ cessive loans to any one firm or individual. 3^
3J BECAUSE The National Banking Laws require them to keep a cer- «
tain per cent of their deposits in cash in vault and with
jjj other banks. 3^
** BECAUSE The National Banking Laws make the stockholders liable ^
X* to the depositors for double the amount of their stock.
5 BECAUSE The National Bank Laws require the directors to meet
monthly and go thoroughly into the banks affairs. 3^
2 BECATSE The most careful supervision by the United States Gov- 3=»
25 jrnnient, as well as the most thorough examinations by ®P
* an expert National Bank examiner, insures honest, careful ^
and conservative management.
5 We invite new accounts, promising every accommodation that is JJS
3J in keeping with Sound Banking Principles. JjJ^
3® ________ ml
I The First National Bank g
m 3^
I * Tupelo, Mississippi. p
J. M. BATES, Proprietor.
Are now ready to supply "he people
with first-class building material. It
I will be to your interest to see
Them and Get Prices Before buying |
13 Elsewhere. Matched Flooring, Ceiling, I
Siding and Finishing Stock |
a Specialty I
I Orders Delivered Promptly
I Mill One Mile North of Union Depot cn M.& 0. R. R. 1
KTQefiaK^B mMbmz^m********* ^^n^uai ■■■ i^» " m ■ ■ ■ gh
I keep one of the best selected stocks of Fur- |
! niture to be found in this section, and my prices I
| .are always in keeping with class of goods sold, g
!" See me.
Not only do you get the market quotations which enable you to sel
your products at the best prices, but your wife also gets the benefit of
conversing with her neighbors, friends and relatives, after her domestic
duties are done. You will be surprised to find how cheaply you can get
excellent telephone service. Call the manager for information regarding
our special “Farmers Line” rates.
i-7.5.«sgct W&iSS&sasaE&ZlffiZ.KiEX&SZZ: a
22 NELSON’S 22
Fcuided Successful |
Apr. 4,1837 Business College ™[S A K‘“
Has been in continuous operation for rrcretban 22 years or cl is tbor *
oughly established in its elegant new home at 292 Madison avenue
wh re it has large, well-lighted ur.d ventilated rooms for each riepait j
m rit..
Many of our frr‘m« r students nre row iranrgerr, rrcpiitUrs. etc.
in leading business films urd naturally cen'e to us for help, ills giv ^
ing us great assistance in piecing studer ts in p« siticrs, fc;i\ clou
pupils'secure employ ment(even before graduation.
Correct discipline is maintained and students nre required to be g
thorough. '"his institution promises less and docs more than ar.y
other school if its kind in this section.
It is to your interest to investigate before entering for a business ?
course. Students may enter any time.
B’or illustrated catalogue, write or call. .

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