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| Local Happenings f
fj Those Who Come and Go S'
Bob Repult, of Plantersville, cane,
in today oh business.
Messrs. D. \V. Clark and J. C. Bar
nes, of Chesterville, spent the day in
Messrs. J. W. and Pink Putt, of the
Second District, spent the day here on
Messrs. Bill and Noah Blackwell, of
the First District, arrived in the city
thi3 evening and will remain over
Mr. E. M, Witherspoon, and Miss Zc
na, who have been the guests of Fred
Witherspoon and family, of Birming
ham Ala., for several weeks, returned
home today.
Mr. and Mrs. George Adams, of Bel
den were here today,
P. E. Mize, one of Belden’s best
citizens, favored us with a business
call today.
Prof. J. M. Kelly, who has been con
ducting an institute at West Point
spent the day in Tupelo.
Gas Jones Esq., of New Albany, was
here today enroute home from Iuka,
where he has been recuperating.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. M. Repult, of Plan
tersville, came in this morning and will
be the guests of their daughter, Mrs.
J. A. McElroy until Monday.
Mr. W. 0. Wilson, of the fourth dis
trict, was here today and left an ad
vertisement with us for the sale of his
land. Mr. Wilson has a desirable farm
and will no doubt find a ready sale for
J. J. Spencer, of Palmetto, spent the
da; here.
Captain J. P. Sisk, mayor of Nettle
ton, spent the day here.
Dr. W. G Gamble, of Guntown, was
on business at the court house today.
A. F. Price, a progressive young
farmer of Eggville, was over on busi
ness today.
Messrs. Stevens. Tanner and Jumper,
of Nettleton, were among those here
on business today.
Mr. B. (iholslon, of 1st District, was
here today. He reports crop conditions
improving in his section.
Ed Garner, of the 2nd District, drop
ped in today and had us to extend his
subscription of his father to August
Mr. Hugh Rogers, of Saltillo, was
here today and favored us with a busi
ness call, and left with us a year’s sub
Messrs. Andy Barnett, of Shannon,
and Tom Barnett, of Texas, came up
this morning. The latter left Lee
county 20 years ago to make his home
in Texas. He finds, many changes and
improvements here since he left the
Mr. E. X. and Bedell Riley and Miss
Caroline Lackey, of Belden, spent the
day in town.
Saltillo was represented here today
by -Mess. Bob Webb, J. B. Burrow,
Esq., Roper, and Hal. Holloway.
F. A Green, J. D. Mallory, W. S.
Johnson, C. C. Armstrong and T. M.
Clark, of Verona, were at the court
house on business today.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Frazer and little
Dorothy Strain left today for Mont
gomery, Ala., with Mrs Savage, whose
guests they will be for several weeks.
Dwight Watson spent the day in
Vf ~ ^ f T 17 ^P
ersville were visitors here.
Mr. and Mrs. Mose Smith, of Shan
non, spent the day in Tupelo.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Gault, of Mace
donia, were among today’s visitors.
\V. L. Parker, of the First" District,
w is down on oificial business today.
Wd Francis and Sirglctcn Hall, of
the Second District, were on business
at the court house today.
A M. Rogers, of Plantersville, came
in on the early Frisco train.
Mrs. Mahlon Brown and children, of
Cleveland, Ohio, are the guests of Mrs.
W. II. Raymond.
Miss Hattie Boggan left this morning
for Birmingham, Ala., where she will
be the guest of friends.
Summer Tourist Fares via Mo
bile and Ohio Railroad
To many points East, West
and North, affording an excellent
opportunity to visit the seashore,
Jake and mountain resorts at a
nominal cost. Liberal return 1
limits, with stopover privileges.
For time of trains, fares, etc.,
apply to nearest agent Mobile & ,
Ohio Railroad, or write G. A. I
GnlUu, T. R,. A.. Meridian,
Miss, or Jno. M. Beall, Got.
Pass. Agt., St. Louis, Mo.
Local and General Mention.
Misses Bertie and Lee Hargrove a e
visiting relatives in Amory this week.
Miss Taylor, of Nettleton, is the
guest of her uncle 0. T. Trapp and
Hon. J. M. Allen left Tuesday night
f jr Chicago, where he will remain sev
eral days on business.
Miss Erankine Kincannon, of the
University, has been the guests of
relatives here the past week.
Mr. Warren Cobh, of New Orlears,
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
llassenfratz during the week.
Mrs. John Moore, Mrs. Keller and
Mrs. Harry Walker, of Verona, are at
Monteagle where they will spend sev
eral weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Daugherty and
their daughter, Mrs. L. B. Duke, of
Moultrie, Ga., are the guests of friends
and relatives in Verona.
Messrs. Gus Morgan, Emmet White
sides, Emmet Estes and Judson Ivey
left Tuesday for Texas, Oklahoma and
other points in the West.
Miss Clara Palmer, of Monroe coun
ty, who has been on a visit to her un
cle, Mr. Henry Parham and family,
returned to her home Tuesday.
Allen Wel'e. the popular clerk of the
Hotel Read, has returned from Louis
ville, Ky., and was extended a most
cordial reception upon his return.
W. II. Thompson, John Wesson ar,d
Allis Reese, Commissioners ot muu
Creek Swamp Land District, were in
conference on matters connected with
the district Monday.
Frank Rpdus, of Shannon, spent the
day here Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.
Kedus will leave Monday for Chatta
nooga, Tenn., where they will he the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Redus.
The Board of Supervisors have been
in session since Monday. The week
has been a busy one for the mem
bers and several swamp land peittions
will have to be heard yet before the
board adjourns.
Mr. W. R. Wilson, District Deputy
of the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows,
was here Tuesday and favored us wilh
a call Mr. Wilson was in Tupelo for
the purpose of re- establishing an Odd
Fellows lodge here.
The board of mayor and aldermen
passed an ordinance at their last meet
ing making it ihe duty of the clerk
to shut off water and lights when hills
are not promptly paid when due. Read
it in another column.
John M. Stone Camp. Confederate
Veterans, will meet on Saturday the
13th iwst. at the court house. Matters
of importance to the camp will come
up for consideration. The Daughters
are requested to meet with the camp.
A. J. Kennedy, Commander.
Chancellor Robins heard the case of
the Mantachie Swamp Land District
Monday ar.d Tuesday wherein there is
a controversy between the land owners
There is some opposition to the canal
and a fight is on to prevent the canal
from being cut. Messrs. Spradlin and
Benson and Store and Bean appeared
for the litigant.
Brigadier-General Anderson is j
t) receive from the government'
$240 w hich wrs earned for y
years ago. Southerners having
claims against the government
for cotton confiscated, and for
which more than twenty million
dollars now lie in the treasury
with which to reimburse them, .
should feel encouraged to hope
that they may yet get what is
due them.
The Uniform Rank of the W. O. W.,
a new feature which has lately been
introduced in this popular order, and
which is destined to make the lodge
famous, as well as the band boys sslii it
your patronage at the Minstrel on Auu.
5th. You can help them both at the
former price of one.
Notice of Petition for Issuance
of Swamp Land Bonds.
To all persons having or claiming any interest
in the lands in the Upper Chiwappa Swamp
Land District of Lee County, Mississippi.
You are hereby given Notice to appear be
fore the Board of Supervisors on
A. D„ 1910, at 10 o'clock, a. m„ at the
court house in the City of Tupelo, Lee
County, Miss., to show cause, if any you can,
why the petition of C. L. West, et al, asking
that Swamp Land Bonds of said District be
ordered to be issued and sold for such an
amount as will require a levy of tax on the
land in said District of 25 cents an acre for
1 the years 1910, 1911, and 1912, and 5> cents
an acre for the years 1913 to 1929, inclusive,
should not be granted, and said bonds issued
and sold; it having been heretofore ordered by
this Board on May the 4th, 1910, that bonds
should be issued for 25 cents per acre addi
tional taxes on said land for the years 1910,
1911, 1912 to that already required to pay out
standing bonds, and for a tax of 25 cents an
acre for the years 1913 to 1929, inclusive; the
prayer of the present petition now on file being
for 25 cents an acre for 1910, 1911 and
1912 and for 50 cents an acie to be levied for
the years 1913 to 1929, inclusive, instead of
25 cents per acre as heretofore ordered to be
issued and sold.
This Aug. 3/910. NORBIN JONES.
19-5t Clerk of Board of Supervisors.
Annual Popular Excursion to St.
Louis and Chicage via Frisco Lines.
Tickets on sale August 20th, 1910,
limited return September 4th, 1910,
$15 00 to Chicago, $10.00 to St. Louis
and return.
Special low fares to points in South
east on sale August 13th, 1910, return
limit August 28th. To. Asheville, N.
('., $12.00. Cincinnatti, O.. $14.00
Detroit. Mich., $1000 Hot Springs, N.
C. , $12.00. Hot Spprings. Va.. $18.09.
Lake Towaway. N. C., $13.95. Louis
ville, Ky.. $1200. Monteagle, Term.,
Norfolk, Va., $18 00. Portsmouth, Va.
$18.00. Richmond. Va., $18.00. Tate
Springs, Tenn. $12.00 Washington,
D. C , $18.00. White Sulphur Spgs, V’t
Va , $18.00. Wilmington, N. C., $17.0i .
For lurther particulars see,
L. W. McLean, Ticket Agent.
212 N. Spring St. Opp.Courthouse
Having opened a first-class barber
shop at above address, we solicit a share
; of the public patronage. Sharp razors
and the “know how” makes shaving
here a comfort.
Davis & Jenkins, • Proprietors.
Friday, August 5.
[Formerly Band Boys]
-Under the auspices of
The Best they have
..Ever Attempted..
25c, 35c, 50c and 75c. Balcony reserved
I ilitb: Exclusively for White People.
| The Difference
I Between a dollar saved and a dollar spent is just k
two dollars. Did it ever occur to you that way? £
It’s worth thinking about. §
. Another difference is the feeling you have after
ward. The dollar saved gives you a feeling of |
real pleasure—it may call for a little sacrifice for £
the time being but afterward you feel better for |
having denied yourself and the dollar is still I
yours- |
I That is the nice thing about having money in |
the bank- you have saved it—it is still yours— f
you can have it when you wish. s
We make it a part of our business £
to urge you to have a bank account j
• —have an account at this bank— ||
for it not only helps our business, ra
but yours more so. V
Peoples Bank & Trust Co. I ■
Tupelo, Mississippi. |
.!. -T. ROGER*. Pres. ... S J. HIGH. Cashier. \
JIn'O. M. ALLEN, Vice-Pres. S. S. HARRIS, Ass’t Cashier ,
!========= ■, -■=
if cool thing To wear— But
I? apparel that IS
C©*V«»OHT 1*0% »V TW* BulTKR IIQWN CO C*»«A©© BAK U f
^ ^ ^ WKWKW\W^w\W\W\~WyJr\W\W' *wKWKWKW\W\W^W'<W'^w'^W'<W\~W'^W^w\*w\^
S f
That is sold fits little belter than a barrel. We are
not ashamed for a man whom we fit out to look at his
back. You know what we sell is good. Would you
not rather have “Good Goods at the Price of the Other
Kind?” Then come to a Good Place.
Counter is piled with Good Goods marked at prices
to please the customer=«that don’t want to buy.
? .*> < .
Excursion to St. Louis and Chi
cago and Return.
Very low rates via Mobile & Ohio
Eailroad, for all trains leaving Mobile
ui<rust EWib, 1910. Return limit, to
each original starting point Septum*
er 4th, 1010. Apply to M. & 0. R. R,
gents for particulars.
Cut flowers ordered on short notice
for all occasions. Pound Kincannon
Elkin Co. _. . '
STEWART'S Three ltih Chancel Rail
.1 run Fence now 27 cents -per foot.
Cheaper than "wood; no repairing; lasts
a lifetime. Call on or write J. T. Bar
nett, booneville, Miss. 12 13t
FOR SALE:—78 ac.-es of land '
miles north east of 1‘lantersville.
FOS SALK—One CO gal. galvanized
kerosene oil tank. Never been used.
The Journal.
Mr. A. S. Holder returned the first
of the week, from Winchester, Tenn.,
where he went to pay a visit to hi^
aged mother. The latter is ninety
five years old and is living in the same
bouse in which Mr. Holder was bom
seventy five years ago.

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