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1 Local Happenings!
X Those Who Come and do X
F. W. Reedy, of Richmond, was in
town yesterday.
Mrs. Clay McNut has as her guest,
Mrs. Smith, of Quinton, Okla.
Mrs. Lee Prather, of Baldwyn, is
the guest of Mrs. J. Q. Robins.
Dr. Rutledge and Howard McDuffy,
of Okolona, spent Tuesday in the city.
Messrs. Tom and Charlie Hussey, of
Richmond, were here on business Wed
Misses Mollie Keyes and Mary Jones,
of Memphis, are the guests of Mrs.
W. Robins.
The U. D.C. will meet with Mrs. Less
Smith Friday afternoon, October 13th,
at 4 o’clock.
Mrs. Will Feemster, of Nettleton,
| visited her sister, Mrs. W. L. Joyner,
| during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Mitchell spent
the past week in Memphis attending
;; he Tri-State Fair.
Mr. W. W. Trotter, a prominent
I business man of West Point, was here
I yesterday on business.
Mrs. Pritchard, of Ecru, spent seve
ral days during the week with her sis
ter, Mrs. Geo. Spencer.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gray, of Red
| Bay, Ala., were here this week, the
guests of Mr. Claud Gray.
Miss Erma Francis, of Nettleton,
has been the guest of Miss Erin Bal
| lard several days this week.
Mrs. R. D. Porter and Miss Hattie
| Porter visited Memphis the past week,
% where they attended the fair.
Misses Leila and Belle Kenneday,
I two of New Albany’s attractive young
j ladies, are the guests of Miss Maggie
Dr. and Mrs. J. X. -C. Moffit, of
| Shelby, Miss., were the guests of Mr.
i and Mrs. Roy Colins several days dur
I ing the week
Tolliver Livingston has purchased of
I S. B. Hinds the latter’s residence on
I Main stieet. Mr. Hinds and family
I Kaye moved to the residence of A. H.
p Sterne on Jefferson street.
Mrs J. C. Fant was here Monday en
route to Oxford where she joins Pro
fessor Fant. who with his family, will
make Oxford his home. While here
she was the guest of Mrs. V. C.
To those who may wish anything in s
the line of Burnt Wood— samples were j
at the Tri-County Fair—wish to say
I can furnish anything in that line on
short notice. M rs. C. S. Archer, Bald
wyn, Miss.
CoL W. L. Clayton left the first of
the week for Houlka, where he at
tends Presbytery. He was accompa
nied as far as Houston bv Mrs. Clay
Iton, who visits her brother. Sir. A. Orr
and family.
Chancellor J. Q. Robins returned
home Wednesday evening from Wal
thall where he went to hold the Web
ster county chanceJy court. Chancel
lor Robins was taken sick and was un
able to finish up the business for this ,
term of the court.
In the circuit clerk’s office Tuesday
morning. Rev. G. H. McCollum tied the
nuptial knot that joined together in
holy wedlock .1. W. Hall and Miss Em
|r i Cooper. The ceremony was im
essiyely said before a small crowd
io dropped in the office, after which
e happy pair left for the show, car
ing with them the best wishes of all.
An examination will be held October
th, 1911, at 9 a. m.. at the court
use in Tupelo, Miss., for positions of
;rk in postoffice and city delivery car-1
;rs. The salary is $600.00 per year
ith promotion after one year’s scr
ee if past service should be satisfae
ry. For further information apply
the general delivery window, Tupelo,
The many friends of Mr. a» d Mrs
; \.. W. Hall deeply sympathize with
; hem in the death of their little five
'ear-olu girl, Nannie, which sad event
,, ccurred Thursday night of last week,
>' rom membranous croup. The disease
ppeared Tuesday night in a malignant
orm, death following in a couple of
■fcs, The little fbrm was laid to real
t Macedonia, where many friends of
je parents met to share with them :
leir sorrow and to lay the flowers up-;
n the newly made grave.
coat and suit
Two experienced dry j
s salesladies. None but those with
perience and exceptional ability need
ply. A position in this store is the ,
ost desirable in the city, our patron
e being the best, our merchandise
ing the highest class and our store
of the handsomest in Tupelo.
Position will be steady the entire,
Apply mornings between eight and j
ne-rbirtv. I
Tupelo Miss. i
IR RENT—Nicely furnished room,
ply to Mtb. J. R. Dabbs.
Order For General Election,
November 7, 1911.
For the purpose of holding
and making returns of the' reg
ular election to Jbe held on No
vember 7th 1911 for the election
of State, District and County
! officers for the-four years begin
i ning 1st Monday in January, 1912,
the following named persons are
! hereby appointed to hold said
election and make returns there
I of as required by law, for the
several voting precincts in Lee
county, Miss., as follows, to wit:
Baldwyn—Ticket Commission
er, T. R. Stubbs; judges, Will
Sloan, Bob Corbett; bailiff, Bob
Majors; clerks, Earl Norman,
Will Carnes.
Guntown—Ticket commission
er, W. B, Wilson; judges, G. W.
Green. R. B. Epting; baiiiff,
| Dave Braden; clerks. John Mc
Neal, E. P. Norton.
Nettleton—ticket commission
er W. E. Wygul, judges, Henry
Marion and W. R. D. Hairston,
bailiff J. T. Cotton, clerks H. M.
■ v 1 1 T\ A TT _ • _
ivicuaugney anu rw. a. nan jo.
Petersburg — Ticket commis
sioner Spang Sumner, judges
Jim Hinson and Y. H. Ivy, bail
iff Jewitt Young, clerks Henry
Riley and Carl Cogins.
Brewer—Ticket commissioner
T. J. Benson, judges J. R. Dye
and H. J, Crubaugh, bailiff Gus
Strawhorn, clerks H, A. Bass
and J. R. Johnson.
Richmond — Ticket commis
sioner W. G. Schumpert, judges
Tom Harris and Sam Scribner,
bailiff J. B. Leslie, clerks J, A.
Armstrong and J. B. Bush.
Eucaba - Ticket commissioner
R. E. Repult, judges Tom Lamb
and John Stovall, bailiff John
Duncan, clerks J. L. S. McDon
ald and W. R Estes.
Bissell— Ticket commissioner
Henry Sample, judges Joe Paulk
J. B. Metcalf, bailiff M. F. Hum
phry, clerks Wm. Orr and Jack
Shannon—Ticket commission
er J. B. Springer, judges J. B.
Abernathv and M. L. Jacobs,
bailiff E. D. Cunningham.’clerks
F. V. Temple and J. L. Arnold.
Verona—Ticket commissioner
J. C. Whorton. judges Robert
Burt W. W. Garmon, bailiff Wily
Mot»cVioil PiphiirH Whor
ton and J. B. Gregory.
Palmetto—Ticket commission
er Phillip Long, judges Sam Mc
Cord and Jack Haney, bailiff
Will Kirkpatrick, clerks Harris
Cobb and T. F. Kyle.
Plantersville—Ticket commis
sioner, M. H. Bass, judges, C.
G. Rogers and Robert Deason,
bailiff Fred Mabry, clerks John
Jamison and John Kelly.
Auburn—Ticket commissioner
M. L. Cook, judges Cicero Turn
er and Howard Christian, bailiff
Lee Christian, clerks F. W. Fin
ley and J. T. Jernigan.
Gilvo— Ticket commis r,
W. D. McCarty, judges W. H.
Abney afid M. C. Payne, bailiff
T. B. Wheeler, clerks J. R. Gun
ter and T. R. Malone.
Eggvil!e—Ticket commission
er M. L. Jones, judges R. F. Mc
Donald and J. A. Love, bailiff
Leander Harris, clerks J. H.
Garner and J. 0. Marcy.
Mooresville — Ticket commis
sioner Gus Morgan, judges, Sam
Bafres and R. J. R. Whites;des.
bailiff Torn Casson, clerks, H. C.
Marion and Jack Ballard.
Saltulo—Ticket commissioner
Robt. Gardner, judges John Bar
rett airid Alhen McNeH, bailiff
Robert Love, clerks Joe Morgan
and E. W. La garde:
Uuity — Ticket commissioner
Joe Love, judges Body Elliott,
and W. A. Smith, bailiff Mart
Young, clerks Will Buse and
Henry Garner.
Tupelo— Ticket comm^s'oner
H. E Porter, judges W. F.
Sparks and W. F. Riley, bailiff
John Rains, clerks H. L. Finley
and Horace Mullen.
Belden—Ticket commissioner,
C S Jones, judges W. C. Bnrt
and G. W. McPherson, bailiff
Buck Springer, clerks Lee Aber
nathy and S. H. Thomason.
Corrona—Ticket commissioner
Lost— Dark, mouse colored
mare mule,about 15$ hands high,
weight about 900 pounds; had on
bridle and saddle, white spot on
right ham. About 10 years old.
Reward for information leading
to her recovery. S. J. Gambrell,
Tupelo. Miss.
TriUmph of Nature.
There 1b not bo contemptible a plant
or animal that does not confound the
most enlarged understanding.—Locke.
If you are pale, weak. languid or
anaemic, a few doses of iiloodine Liver
pills will increase the supply and im
prove the quantity of blood. Small
pill, small dofle. pleasant and never
gripe Pound-Kincanr.on-Elkin Co ,
Special Agents. ^
I ha--e finished a tours in Hairdres
sing, Braids, Pnffs, etc., and will be
pleased to get your orders. Call on or
’phone vour wants to Mrs, John
Caruth, Tupelo. 19-tf
Cut flowers furnished promptly
Pound Kincannon-Elkin Co.
DEPOSITS Sept 2, 1910 - - - $257,713.28 !
DEPOSITS Sept. 2,1911 - - $558,753.27 j
We thank our many friends for their patronage. If you have not
already opened an account with us you are invited to do so.
The People Appreciate Our Service.
Absolute Safety. Liberal Treatment.
Peoples Bank&Trust Co.
CAPITAL, - - $125,000.00
SURPLUS andJPROFITS, 40,000.00
J. J. ROGERS, President JOHN M. ALLEN, Vice-Pres.
M. E. LEAKE. Vice-Pres. S. .1. HIGH. Cashier
D. E. TURNER, Ass’t Cashier S. S. HARRIS, Ass’t Carhier
J. J. Rogers E. C. Hinds C. A. Roberts
John M. Allen j A. W. Allen J. A. Bonds
M. E Leake .1. 8. Yates J. D. Furtick
D. W. Robins H. C. McNutt E. M. Perry
J. M. Thomas S. P. Clayton S. C. Me Veil
O. B. Rogers J. B. Burrow D. T. Yates
R. L. Pound J. D. Bryan W. H. Pearson
W L. Joyner L. C Feemster D. E. Turner
S. J. High
Dan White, judges Wili Hunt
and Noah Blackwell, bailiff Jack
Stoke, clerks Archie Stokes and
lorn Dixun.
Chappelville—Ticket commis
sioners J. R. Finney, judges Will
Horton and Luther Barnett,
bailiff Ivy Barnett, clerks A. B.
! Albertson and William Roper.
Davis Box - Ticket commis
sioner Luther Livingston, judges
Bunyon Gaunt and Raymond Witt
bailiff Ike McCarty, clerks C. W
! Phillips and Tom Barton.
Smith Store—Ticket commis
sioner Bill Payne, judges Dennis
Sullivan and Dunbar Wood, bail
iff Lou Martin, clerks Ewin Mil
ler and Iscar Tanner.
We, the Board of Election
Commissioners, for the county
of Lee, do hereby certify that we
have appointed the above nam£d
. • — % 1 1_! J n
parlies 4u iiuiu sam v..
! the 7th day of November 1911.
This Oct. 2nd 1911.
New Telephone Subscriber*.
The following new subscribers hare
been added to the list of the Stanton
ville Telephone Co., during Sept 1911,
at Tupelo, Miss., exchange:
47 Athens Cafe Co..
154 Chas. Anderson-Residence
62 Baker & Coleman.. - Groceries
187 M. B. Buckley.Groceries
14 Bank of Tupelo.
103 Prof. E. P. Clayton . Court House
11-J Clark Gro. Co.Cotton Warehouse
106-J L D. Gandy_Residence
235-L J. D. Garner.Residence
63-L A. G. Hurlbert_Residence
175 Geo. H. McFadden & Bros.Colton
182-L R. B. Menymon.Residence
184 J. W. Norton.Residence
74 L. G. Smith, County Engineer
___Court House
59-L. Frank Stanton_Residence
2tfr- R. N. Stone..Gen. Merchandise
191-L Dennie Stovall.Residence
168 Shelby Topp.
115 W. J. Thrift_Livery. Stable
173 Tupelo Marble Works.
40 J. W. Wallace-i... Cotton Office
Notice to citizens and taxpayers of the City
of Tupelo, and the taxpayers of the outside
separate, adjacent annexed territory, constitut
ing with said city, the separate school district.
You will take notice that at a regular ad
journed meeting of the Mayor and Board of
Aldermen of the City of Tnpelot Miss , to be
held at the Mayor's office in said city at 7:30
o'clock, p. m. on the 21?lh day of October, A.
D. 1911. the said Mayor and Board Of Aider
men will take up and examine the assessment
roll of both the real and personal property of
said city, and also of outside, Adjacent, an
nexed territory to said city, constituting with
said city, a separate school district, and will
make such increases or decreases in the valu
ation ot the property, as assessed for taxation
as in the judgment of said Mayor and Board ol
Aldermen may be right aaJ proper.
'This notice is given in pursuance of Section
3422 of the Code of Mississippi oi 1906.
^This, the 3rd day of October, 1911.
D. W. ROBINS, Ms-m.
C. E. G’OODLETT, Clerk. 28 3t
'■ J
Very Special
150 mens Hats, assorted shapes,
styles and colors. The best $1.50
values while they last, $1.00 each.
300 Caps for men, boys and children,
nice and new at manufacturer’s cost.
===== ®
Hosiery ! Hosiery ! |
We undersell all others in Hosiery *7
for men, women and children. X
For Good Printing:
The Journal Job Dep’t.
.'., ‘ i X %
< iti’t . v ^ v ' •
, # *
.* y ^ / * , \ .
. - "
. .... . . L

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