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In New Quarters.
The Temerson Store, Tupelo’s
enterprising dry goods house,
has moved its immense stock of
dry goods into the buildinpfform
erly occupied by Hinds Bros. &
Co., at the corner of Main and
Spring streets. Their large and
increasing trade made it abso
lutely necessary that they secure
a larger building in which to
carry on their business, and on
October 1st, they leased this
building for a long term of
The store has been remodeled,
repainted and decorated and is
/ now the handsomest dry goods
store in North Mississippi.
Mr. Temerson and wife spent
the month of August, in New
York and Baltimore buying their
fall stock which is now being re
ceived gnd placed in their new
store. In their shoe department
will be found the most complete
line to select from of any house
in the city. One whole side of
the building is set apart for
shoes in which they carry over
8.000 pair of the latest styles of
mens, ladies and childrens shoes.
They make a specialty of ladies
tailored suits, ana mis uepari
ment is one of the largest in the
store. They carry a large line of
mens and boys clothing—in fact
to look at their immense stock
one would think they had enbugh
to supply the whole of Lee coun
ty. In addition to these de
partments they handle a full line
of dry goods and millinery.
The store is a very attractive
and one of the best lighted in the
city. The Temersons have been
in Tupelo several years and have
a large circle of satisfied custom
ers. They cordially invite the
public to visit their new' store and
examine their stock before buy
fiullets Bound Off Skull.
Philadelphia, Oct, 8—All stor
ies about the hardness of negroes’
skulls were distanced by two
events here today.
In a dispute at his home, Hen
ry Lewis, who is a negro,. w’as
shot four times in the head at a
range of less than five feet. The
bullets flattened out and dropped
to the-floor. Lew'is was taken
to the Samaritan hospital, but
was soon permitted to return
The man who shot him esca
While harnessing a mule in a
stable at 418 East Rittenhouse
street, William Piffen, colored,
33 years old, w'as kicked in the
head and knocked down. Stig
g'ering to his feet Piffen discov
ered the mule lying on the
ground. Examination show’ed
that the animal’s leg was bro
ken. The mule was shot.
C. W. Hewitt does all kinds of Elec
trical work at reasonable prices.
Tax Collector's Notice.
I will be at the following precincts on the
following dates for the purpose of collecting
faxes. Ail parties who want to pay their tax
es are requested to le at their precincts
promptly; on account of not being able to get
possession of the tcx r ills until late I cannot
spend a w! ole day at each pre
cinct, so have to make some places in half
•day.Jso you see the necessity of being on hand
Davis Box, Monday a. m.. Oct. 30. 1911.
Smith Store, Monday p. m., Oct. 30, 1911.
Corrona, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 1911.
Baldwyn. Wednesday, Nov. I. 1911.
Guntown, Thursday, Nov. 2. 1911.
Chapelville, Friday, a, m. Nov. 3, 1911.
Unity, Friday p. m. Nov. 3, 1911.
Saltillo, Saturday, Nov. 4th, 1911.
Auburn, Monday, a. m, Nov. 6, 1911.
Eggville, Momav, p. m. Nov. 6th 1911.
Mooresville, Tuesday, a. m. Nov. 7, 1911.
<iilvo, Tuesday, p. m. Nov. 7, 1911.
Belden, Wednesday, a. m. Nov, 8, 1911.
Bissell, Wednesday, p. m. Nov. 8, 1911.
Plantersville, Thursday, Nov. 9, 1911.
Palmetto. Friday, a. m. Nov. 10, 1911.
' Brewer, Friday, p. m„ Nov. 10, 1911.
Shannon, Saturday, Nov. 11, 1911
Nettleton, Monday, Nov. 13, 1911.
Petersburg, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 1911.
Richmond, Wednesday, a. m. Nov. 15,1911.
Eucaba, Wednesday p. m., Nov. 15, 1911.
Verona, Thursday, Nov, 16, 1911.
Ibis Oct. 11, 1911.
0. T. TRAPP,
Sheriff and Tax Collector..
Another Divorce.
She stood at the bar of Justice and
made her sad appeal She asked, poor
, -dove, the custody of the pug and the
* automobile — LoulsvllW Courier-Jour
Hitching Ordinance.
The ordinance passed by the
Mayor and Board of Aldermen at
their last regular meeting'requir
ing the hitching of teams in the
corporate limits will be found
elsewhere. The frequency of
runaways makes it imperative
that some measure be taken and
there was a public demand that
this evil be abated. The eye
less and reckless handling
of drays and delivery wTagons by
negro porters has become a men
ace to the lives and limbs of the
people and a stop should be put
to it before somebody loses their
life or receives serious injury.
There is too much at stake and
we call on the officers to enforce
Notice of Special Ejection and
Appointment of Officers for
Holding Same.
Whereas the Board of Super
visors on the 1 Lth day of Octo
ber, 1911, ordered an election to
be held in the county of Lee,
state of Mississippi, for the pur
pose of submitting the question
of whether or not a tax should
be levied on all the taxable prop
erty in said county for the sup
port of the Agricultural High
School located at Verona, Miss.,
. m aa i /] AAiiM AM/1 nrk AHA/in O
Ill OUIU wuutj I UIIU n Iivivww
copy of the same order of the
Board of Supervisors has been
delivered to the undersigned,the
election commissioners of said
county, and by the terms of said
order it is made our duty to give
notice of the said special election
and to order same to be held on
the day named in said order of
the Board of Supervisors, to-wit,
the 28th day of October 1911,and
whereas we have this day posted
notices of the said election and
caused publication to be made as
required by said order and by
the law.
Notice is hereby given that an
election will be held in said coun
ty on the 28th day of November
1911, for the purpose above set
out, and said election shall be
held and conducted in all things
in the same manner as required
in general elections, and none
but qualified electors of the ccun
tv shall be allowed to vote ins id
election. For the purpose of
holding the said election the fol
lowing officers are hereby ap
pointed at the various precincts
The same judges and clerks
appointed to hold the regular
election ori November 7th, 1911,
which are as follows:
Baldwyn—Ticket Commission
er, T. R. Stubbs; judges. Will
Slcan, Bob Corbett; bailiff, Bob
Majors; clerks, Earl Norman,
Will Carnes.
Guntown—Ticket commission
er, W. B, Wilson; judges, G. W.
Green. R. B. Epting; baiiiff,
Dave Braden; clerks. John Mc
Neal, E. P. Norton.
Nettleton—Ticket commission
er W. E. W.vgul. judges, Henry
Marion and W. R. D. Hairston,
bailiff J. T. Cotton, clerks H. M.
McGaughey and R. A'. Harris^
Petersburg — Ticket commis
sioner Spang Sumner, judges
Jim Hinson and Y. H. Ivy, bail
iff Jewitt Young, clerks Henry
Riley and Carl Cogins.
Brewer—Ticket commissioner
m -* • 1 TV"* T~V
l. u• dcdsuki, juu^cau. xv. x^yc
and H. J, Crubaugh. bailiff Gus
Straw horn, clerks H, A. Bass
and J. R. Johnson.
Richmond — Ticket commis
sioner W. G. Schumpert, judges
Tom Harris and Sam Scribner,
bailiff J. B. Leslie, clerks J, A.
Armstrong and J. B. Bush.
Eucaba-Ticket commissioner
R. E. Repult, judges Tom Lamb
and John Stovall, bailiff John
Duncan, clerks J. L. S. McDon
ald and W. R Estes.
Bisstl!--Ticket commissioner
Henry Sample, judpes Joe Paulk
J. B. Metcalf, bailiff M. F. Hum
phry, clerks Wm. Orr and Jack
Shannon—Ticket commission
er J. B. Springer, judges J. B.
Abernathy and M. L. Jacobs,
bailiff E. D. Cunningham,‘clerks
F. V. Temple and J. L. Arnold.
Verona - Ticket commissioner
J. C. Whorton- judges Robert
Burt W. W. Garmon, bailiff Wily
Marshall, clerks Richard Whor
ton and J. B Gregory.
Palmetto—Ticket commission
er Phillip Long, judges Sam Mc
Cord and Jack Haney, bailiff
Will Kirkpatrick, clerks Harris
Cobb and T. F. Kyle.
Plantersville—Ticket commis
sioner, M. H. Bass, judges, C.
G. Rogers and Robert Deason,
bailiff Fred Mabry, clerks John
Jamison and John Kelly.
Auburn—Ticket commissioner
M. L. Cook, judges Cicero Turn
er and Howard Christian, bailif
Lee Christian, clerks F. W. Fin
ley and J. T. Jernigan.
Gilvo— Ticket commissioner,
W. D. McCarty, judges W. H.
Abney and M. C. Payne, bailiff
T. B. Wheeler, clerks J. R. Gun
ter and T. R. Malone.
Eggville—Ticket commission
er M, L. Jones, judges R. F. Mc
Donald and J. A. Love, bailiff
Leander Harris, clerks J. H.
Garner and J. 0. Marcy. i
Mooresville — Ticket commis
sioner Gus Morgan, judges, Sam i
Barnes and R. J. R. Whitesides,
bailiff Tom Casson, clerks, H. C.
Marion and Jack Ballard. v i
Saltillo—Ticket commissioner
Robt. Gardner, judges John Bar
rett and Allen McNeil, bailiff
Robert Love, clerks Joe Morgan
and E. W. Lagarde:
Uuity — Ticket commissioner
Joe Love, judges Body Elliott,
and W. A. Smith, bailiff Mart
Young, clerks Will Buse and
Henry Garner.
Tupelo— Ticket commissioner
H. E. Porter, judges W. F.
Sparks and W. F. Riley, bailiff
John Rains, clerks H. L. Finley
and Horace Mullen.
Belden—Ticket commissioner,
C. S. Jones, judges W. C. Burt
and G. W. McPherson, bailiff
Buck Springer, clerks Lee Aber
nathy and S. H. Thomason.
Corrona—Ticket commissioner
Dan White, judges Will Hunt
and Noah Blackwell, bailiff Jack
Stoke, clerks Archie Stokes and
lorn Dixon.
Chappelville—Ticket commis
__t d d:__ ,j_tit. 11
oiuutio u • xv. i niucj j »» tii
Horton and Luther Barnett,
bailiff Ivy Barnett, clerks A. B.
Albertson and William Roper.
Davis Box — Ticket commis
sioner Luther Livingston, judges
Bunyon Gaunt and Raymond Witt
bailiff Ike McCarty, clerks C. W i
Phillips and Tom Barton,
Smith Store—Ticket commis
sioner Bill Payne, judges Dennis
Sullivan and Dunbar Wood, bail
iff Lou Martin, clerks Ewin Mil
ler and Iscar Tanner.
This Oct. 11th 1911. *
J. R. Frazfer,
J. T. Bryson,
N. J. Bunch,
Election Commissioners of Lee
County, Miss. i
To the Tax Payers of Lee Couufy:
The taxes for 1911 are now due and I 301
ready to receive same. My term expires the
first Monday in Janua.y, and I desire to turn
over to my successor the books in the best .
shape possible and make my final settlement j
with the county and state with as much cred- J
it to my efficiency^ an officer as possible. In [
order to do this the taxpayers will have to 1
come toward promptly and secu<e their receipts
Besides, my services are compensated by fee: •
and as I have done the work for the year 1
feel that 1 should receive pay for it. This ,
pay comes from commissions op the taxes and :
I feer that the people of the county recognize j
my rights to them. I shall visit the various :
precincts and afford everyone an opportunity ;
of securing their receipts without the trouble j
and expense of going to Tupelo.
During my term I have never pressed the j
taxpayers and in closing my term I want to i
thank them for their promptness in settling
with the county.
I shall take it as a special personal favor
if you will come forward and secure your re
ceipts before Jan. 1st 1912.
Assuring you of my deep appreciation of
your support in the performance of my duties
and always remembering most gratefully your
acts of kindness, I remain
Your friend,
0. T. TRAPP.
Sheriff and Tax Collector, Lee County.
Commissioner’s Sale. ' *
Ex Parte Petition of Mrs. Emily Moore et al.
No. 3078.
By virtue of a degree of the Honorable
Chancery Court of Lee County, State of Missis
sippi, rendered in vacation Oct. 6th 1911, or
dering a sale of certain lands mentioned there
in, Norbin Jones, the undersigned appointed
commissioner to execute said degree, will on
Monday, the 6th day of November 1911, expose j
at public auction to the highest bidder for ,
cash, in front of the court house door in the
city of Tupelo, within the hours prescribed by j
law, the following described lands, being in
said county and state, to-wit:
Four acres in the southwest corner of the
southwest 1-4 of section 15, township 9, range
7 east, and 80 acres north 1-2 of northwest 1-4 !
of section 22, township 9, range 7 east, in
Lee county, Mississippi. Together with the j
appurtenances ahd hereditaments thereunto !
appertaining. ' a
NORBIN JONES. Commissioner.
Dated 6th day of October 1911,
J. M. Spradling and Boggan & Leake, Sols, fc
Tupelo, Miss. 29-4t ^
Notice For Letting Public *
ic bnroKu orivpn iV.flt thp
tract for the bui'ding of a new bridge r
acro»H slough in Camp creek bottom on a
the Birmingham and Ellistown road;
building a new levee across Camp creek
bottom on the Birmingham and Eliiff
towh road and a new bridge across _
Mantachie creek on Guntown and Ful
ton rosd, will be let to the lowest re
sponsible biddfer in front of the court
bouse door at public outcry, on the 1st
Monday in November, 1911, by the “
Board of Supervisors of Lep county, {•
Miss , right reserved to r< ject all bids, o:
New bridge across slough in Bogue
fala creek bottom on Tupelo and Fulr „
ton public road.
A so bridge oyer Cowpenna creek on »
Verona and Smithville road.
All work to be according to plans and h
specifications provided therefor. ?
| This Cct. 6. 1911.
Eh x
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The Tupelo Journal
Both Telephones 225. <£ Tupelo, Miss.

nd better will be the decision
sgarding your first baking of
iscuits with Omega Flour.
rouug wives who are naturally
ensitive to criticism will avoid it
o far as their baking is con
erned if they will use Omega
'lour exclusively. Take the hint
nd order a sack today.
City Ordinance.
An ordinance requiring the owners of animals
• other persons using the same in the city of Tu
s!i for riding, driving orl*other purposes, to
tch the same, either to some stationary object.
■ to carry hitching blocks and use the same for
le purpose of confining or holding such animal
hen not being used, and to provide a punish
ent for failure so to do.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and Board of Al
■rmen of the City of Tupelo, that every owner
■other person using any horse, mule or other
re stock for the purpose of riding, dnvmg or
luting with same in the coiporate limits of the
ty of Tupelo, shall, when such animal is not
sing so ridden, driven or used, securely fasten
ie same to tome stationary object, or shall se- .
ire such *nimal or animals with hitching
■ troubles seem to be the greatest enemy
to health at the present time.
not only prevent the development of the
germs, but also strengthen and build up
the system, increase the appetite and aots
on the liver. We guarantee them to j |
satisfy. Try .them. M
Tupelo, ^The^Busy^Drusgists^_Missj
block* to be carried by *uch person so using said
animal for said purposes.
Section II. That any owner or other person
using any horse, mule or other live stock for
either of the purposes named in Section 1. of
this ordinance, who shall leave the same unhitch
ed within the corporate limits of the cuj of Tu
pelo. as prohibited in Section 1 hereof, shall be
fined not less than *1.00 and not more than *25 00
or by punishment in the eity prison for not ex
ceeding 10 days. ' .. _ ,
That for satisfactory reasons to the Boyd,
that this ordinance go into effect and be in full
force from and after the date of its passage.
The above ordinance was reduced to writing
prior to being considered and voted upon, and
was read over and considered by sections and,
voted on by a yea and nay vote, at a regular ad
journed public meatin^ofthcMayor^an^^Bosrd
of Aldermen of the City of Tupelo, heid at the
Mayor's office on the 5th day of October, 1911.
Each alderman present voting yea. there beintf
present D. W. Robins. Mayor an.l S. P. Clayton,
D. S. Ballard. E. R. Wilaon hnd C. W. Troy, al
D. W. ROBINS, Mayor
C. E. GOODL3TT, Clerk, l
Unnaeus once said oi the uphold
tag of a blossom: “1 saw God in Hla
glory passing near me and bowed nut
Mad In worship.- j

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