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List of Prizes Awarded
at Poultry Show.
From any and every angle of vision
the first annual show of the North
Mississippi Poultry Association which
Was held m this city last week was
eminently successful, even beyond the
most sanguine expectations of those in
closest touch with the details and out
look. The truth of the matter is that
a year ago, and at the time the associa
tion was first organized, the fondest
hope of the promoters was to pull off
the first show with 1,000 birds on exhi
bition , and it seemed that to hope for
more than 1,200 would be no less than
folly. A great man# of the members
mainteined this standard up to the
hour of actual count and when it was
announced that there were 2,000 birds
cooped and ready for the judges the re
port could not be given credence. But
such was the case^nd had it not been
for the excellent judgement and tire
less efforts on the part of Superinten
dent C. W. Hall and his sole assistants
the confusion and chaos that might
have resulted from this surprise would
no doubt have caused some inconven
ience and annoyance. But by working
night and day everything passed with
out a single untoward incident and by
six o’clock Saturday afternoon every
specimen had been handled by the
judges, viewed by visitors by the thous
and and \fras en route home. Since
that time the secietary and his assist
ants have been working overtime try
ing to make sure that every award is
properly placed. It required a greater
part of this week to complete the final
official list and same is as follows:
Barred Plymouth Rocks —M. W.
Young, Corinth, 1st cock; J. M. Chalk,
Meridian. 2nd cock; Kids Poultry
Yurds, New Orleans, 3rd cock, 4th
cockerel, 2nd and 4th pens; E. H Bird
son, Terry, 4th cock, 4th hen; W. A.
Robinson, West Point, 3rd hen; W. W.
Boyd, West Point, 1st hen. 1st and 4th
pullet, 1st pen; Southern Poultry
Yards, Vaiden, 2nd hen; J. A. Rogers,
Amory, 1st and 2nd cockerel. 2nd and
3rd pullet; Jno. S. King, Grenada, 3rd
cockerel, 3rd pen,
White Plymouth Rocks —W, J.
Brinkley, Iuka, 1st and 4th cock, 4th
hen, 2nd pullet and 4th pen; Chas. C.
Cox, Baldwyn. 2nd cock, 3rd cockerel,
2nd pen; J. S. Owen, Lexington, 2nd
cock, 1st hen and 1st pullet ; Southern
Poultry Yards, Vaiden, 2nd and 3rd
hen, 4th cockerel, 4th pullet and 3rd
pen; Mills Poultry Farm, Byhalia, 1st
cockerel and 1st pen; Mrs. D. H.
Turner, Huntsville, Ala., 2nd cockerel
and 3rd pullet.
Buff Plymouth Rocks — Dinsmore
Alter. University, Ala., 1st cock, 1st,
3rd and 4th hen and 1st pen; Mrs. R
D. Woodson, Sturgis, 2nd cock, 2nd
hen, 1st*and 2nd cockerel, 1st. 2nd, 3rd
and 4th pullet.
Partridge Plymouth Rocks—A. E.
Huntley, Memphis, Tenn., 1st cock.lst,
second and 3rd hen. 1st cockerel, ^ 1st,
2nd, 3rd and 4th pullet and 1st1 pen.
Columbian Plymouth Rocks—M. W.
Young, Corinth, 1st cock, 1st hen, 1st
2nd and 3rd pullet.
Silver Wyandottes—W. B. Hamilton,
Columbus. 1st and 2nd cock, 2nd and
4th hen; Pope M. Long, Cordova, Ala.,
_i o.A 1st 2nd and 3rd cock
AO V WW'* V»» «« ---T — '
erel, 1st. 2nd. 3rd and 4th pullets and
1st pen; S. W. Kemp, Houlka. 4th
cockerel and 2nd pen.
Buff Wyandottes —H. E. Williams,
West Point, 2nd cock, 3rd hen; L.
Pearce, Guin, Ala.. 3rd cock, 2nd and
4»h hen, 2nd. 3rd and 4th cockerel, 3rd
and 4th pullet.
White Wyandottes-Richard Bros.,
Co umbus, 1st cock, 2nd and 3rd hen,
1st and 3rd cockerel, 1st pullet; H. J.
Ray, Grenada, 2nd and 3rd cock, 3rd
hen, 1st and 2nd pen; R. H. Brown,
Pontotoc, 4th cock, 3rd pen; E. L.
Doak, Nashville, Tenn., 1st hen; S. I.
McGowan West To nt, 4th hen; J. S.
Sinclair, Meridian, 2nd cockerel, 2nd
and 4th pullet; N. E. Walton, Boone
yille, 4th cockerel and 4th pen
Partridge Wyan lottes — Pope M.
j.irtig, Cordova, Ala., 1st cock, 1st hen.
1st and 2nd cockerel, 1st, 2nd, 3rd^ aud
4th pullets and 1st pen; Jesse H. Mc
Gee, Guntown. 2nd cock, 2nd, 3rd and
4’h hen, and 2nd pen; E. C, Shirley,
Guntown. 3"d cock.
polumbirn Wyandottes—Brooks Mc
Gowan, Columbus, 1st qock, 1st and
2nd hen. 2nd cockerel. 1st and 4 h pul
lets and 1st pen. W. E. Small. Cor
inth. 2nd cock, 2 id ar d 4th hen, 3rd
cockerel, 2nd pullet aod 3rd and 4th
pen. B1^ Sessums, Crumnos, ird
< pullet, 1st cockerel and 2nd pen.
S. C. Rhod • Is a id R d —Cha^
Dobbs, G iinesville, Ga.. 1st cock, 2nd
hen, 1st cockerel and 2nd pen, E. W.
Trautmsn. Long Beach. 2 rl cock, 1st
hen, 2nd owkerel, 2nd pullet and 1st
per; R K Gough, Meridian, 3rd cock
’S * i
and 3rd hen; Leo C. Jones, Memphis,
4th cock, 4th cockerel, 4th pullet and
4th pen; Mrs. N. E. Dupree. Mayhew,
4th hen; H. M. Layman, Huntsville,
Ala., 3rd cockerel. 1st pullet, 3rd pen;
C. A. Turner, Corinth, 3rd pullet.
R. C. Rhode Island Reds-—E. M.
Brinkman, Brookhaven, 1st cock, 1st
and 2nd hen, 1st and 2nd cockerel, 1st
and second pullet and 1st pen.
S. C. Brown Leghorns—Mrs. Flor
ence Koibes. New Decatur, Ala., 1st,
2nd. 3rd and 4th cocks, 2nd and 4th
ben, 1st, 3rd and 4th cockerel, 1st, 3rd
and 4th pullet and 1st pen; Mrs. Clara
M. Baker, Antioch, Tenn.. 1st and 3rd
hen, 3rd pen; L. B Shumate, Antioch.
Tenn., 2nd cockerel, 2nd pullet and 2nd
S. C. White Legorns—A. C. Short,
Jackson, 1st cock, 3rd hen and 4th pen;
C. L. Molpus, Meridian, 2^nf cock, 1st
and 4th cockerel. 1st and 2nd pallet
and 1st pen; Mrs. Florence Forbes,
New Dedatur, Ala., 3rd cock, 2nd cock
erel, 3rd pullet and 3rd pen; Woman’s
College, Meridian, 4th cock; Dr. S. C.
Tatum, Center, Ala., 1st hen, 3rd
cockerel and 2nd pen. C. L. Monnot.
.leanerette, La., 2nd hen; C. A. Turn
er, Corinth, 4th hen; J. A. Rogers,
Amory, 4th pullet. f
R. O'White Leghorns-Peach Or
chard Farm, Iuka, 1st cock, 1st and
2nd hen, 1st and 2nd codkerel, 1st, 2nd,
3rd an0 4th pullets and 1st pen. «"
S. C. Buff Leghorns—B. A. Storey,
Talladega, Ala., 1st cock. 1st coekerel;
W. H. Dodenhoff. Wegjt Point, 2nd
cock. 2nd and 4th hen and 1st pen;
Harry Bailey. West Point. 3rd and 4th
cock, 1st and 3rd hen. 2nd and 4th cock
erel and 2nd pen; E. P. Clayton. Tupe
lo, 3rd cockerel, 2nd and 4th pullets and
o j_117 n AoklanH Mil
UIU I , we. --*
1st and 3rd pullet and 4th pen.
R. C. Buff Leghorns—B. W. Noryis,
West Point, 2nd cockerel, 2nd 3rd and
4th pullet and 2nd pen,
S C. Black Minorcas—Moody and
Chandler, Bent Oak, 1st cock, 1st and
2nd hen, 1st and 2nd cockerel, 2nd. 3rd
and 4th pullet. 1st and 3rd pens; G. E.
Calloway, Oakland, 2nd and 3rd cock,
3rd and 4th hen. 4th cockerel and 4th
pen ; Oscar F Blomherg. Memphis, 3rd
cockerel, 1st pallet and 2nd pen.
R. C. Blac'i Minorcas—E. C. Shirley,
Guntown, 1st cock. 1st cockerel, 1st,
2nd. 3rd and 4th pullets.
Blue Andalusians—H. R. Birchett,
Lebanon. Tenn . 1st cockerel, 1st, 2nd,
3rd and 4th pullets and 1st pen.
Anconas—M. H. Moore, Tupelo, 1st
cock, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th hen, 4tb
cockerel, 1st and 4th pen; W. F. La
Grone, West Point, 1st cockerel. 1st
and 4th’pullet an<L 2nd pen. M. C.
Brown, Saltillo. 3nd cockerel; Mrs. N.
E. Dupree, Mayhew. 3rd cockerel and
3rd pen; E. P. Clayton, Tupelo. 2nd
and 3rd pullet.
S. C. Buff Orpingtons—T. W. Harris.
Columbus, 1st cock. 2nd hen, 4th cock
erel. 4th pullet. 1st and 4th pen; Syd
ney J Spain, Kosciosko, 2nd cock, 4th
hen, 3rd cockerel, 2nd nullet and 2nd
pen; Jas. W. Cassell, Vicksburg. 3rd
cock. 1st pullet; C. W. Hall. Tupelo,
4th cock. 1st hen. 2nd cockerel, 3rd
pullet. 3rd pen; W. F. Jordan. Tupelo,
3rd ben; H. C Cockrell. Houston, 1st
Dlnolt rien! notnnc—Han A Wilson.
Jr., Greenwood, 1st cock, 1st and 4th
hen. 2nd and 3rd pullet, 1st and 4th
pen; Woman’s College, Meridian. 2nd
cock. 2nd hen, 1st cockerel. 1st and
4th pullet and 3rd pen; M, H. Moore,
Tupelo, 3rd hen. R K Gough, Meri
dian, 2nd and 3rd cockerel; Mr«. Flor
ence Forhep, New Decatur, Ala.. 4th
cockerel and 2nd pen.
White Orpingtons—Street & Bishop,
Columbus, 1st and 3rd cocks. 1st. 3rd
and 4th cockerels. 1st pen; C. F. Mor
gan, Rioley. 2nd cock and 1st pullet;
Harry Callicott. Coldwater. 4th cock,
4th hen, Mrs. Reginald Stonestreet,
Nashville. Tenn., 1st and 2nd hen, 3rd
per; Mack Guyton. Cotton Plant, 3rd
her; Chas Dobbs, CjaitlesvHle, Ga., 2nd
cockerel. 2nd and 4th pullet and 2nd
pin; Woman’s College, 3rd pu 1 t and
4 h pen.
White Crested Black Polish—Wr
mar’s College, lst.cock and 1st her.
fil er Spangled Hamburgs—R. K
Gough. Mer d an. I t cockerel, lit, 2r d
3rd and 4th pull et and 1st pen.
Dark Cornish — Mrs, J. R. Bryan,
Tupelo, 1st and 3rd cocky, 1st hen, 1st*
2nd. 3r' and 4tq pul ets and 1st pen;
E C Shir lev, Guntown, 2r d cockere.
White Cornish - M. E. Kennedy,
Temple, Ga.. 1st ock; W. J B-inkley,
Iuka, 1st cockerel. 1st and 3nd pul!e».
2nd and 3rd hens and 1st pen.
Golden Sebright Bantams^J. A.
Rogers, Amor , l9t a nd 3rd cockerel
and 2nd hen; Turner J >i rdan, Tupelo,
2nd cockere and 1st hen. * '
Black Cochin Bantams—Mrs, Flor
ence Forbes, New Decatur, Ala., 1st
cockerel, 1st hen and 1st pallet.
Buff Cochi i Jbnntan s—lit rs. Flor
ence Forbes. New Decatur, Ala., 1st
cockerel, 1st cock, 1st and 2nd hens, 1st
2nd;"Srd and 4ih pullets and 1st pen;
C. W. Hall, Tupellf 2nd cock, 3rd hen.
Pit Games— D. M. Holly, Shannon,
1st and 2nd cock.
Bronge Turkeys—Mrs. J. E. Evans,
Muldon, 1st and 2nd pair.
White Holland Turkeys—W. G.
Mitchell. Kienzi, 1st pair. E. C. Shir
ley, Guntown, 2nd pair.
White Pekin Ducks—Robt. Brank
stone, Memphis, 1st and 4th pair. 01
liver Rutherford, Eutaw, Ala., 2nd
pair. Guy W. Frazer, Greenville, 3rd
Rouen Ducks — Guy W. Frazier,
Greenville. 1st pair.
White Indian Runner Ducks- W. G,
Mitchell, Rienzi, 1st 'pair. Woman’s
College, Meridian, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
White and Fawn Indian Runner
Ducks- Woman’s College, Meridian,
1st and 4th pairs. J. V. Calvert,
West Point, 2nd pair. Sessums Bros.
Columbus, 3rd pair.
Toulouse Geese—W. J. Brinkley,
luka, 1st and 3rd pairs. E. C. Shir
ley. Guntowh. 2nd pair.
Best Colored Wliite Plymouth Rock
Male, silver cup, W. J Brinkley,
luka. *
Best Colored Rhode Island male, sil
ver cup, Chas. Dobbs, Gainesville, Ge.
Best Colored White Wyandotte Male,
silver cup, Richards Bros., Columbus.
Best Colored Silver Wyandotte Male,
silver cup, W. B. Hamilton, Colum
Best Colored Columbian Wyandotte
Male, silver cup, Brooks McGowan,
Best Colored Buff Orpington Male,
silver cup. H. C. Cockrell. Houston
BestColoiei White Orf ington Male,
silver cup. Srreet & Bishop, Columhue.
Best colored Black Orpington Male,
silver cup. Woman’s College. Meridian.
Best Cclored Brown Leghorn Male,
silver cup. Mrs. Florence Forbes, New
Decatur. Ala.
Best Pair Bantam*, silver cup. Mis.
Florence Forbes, New Decatur. Ala.
Best Pair Indian Runner Ducks, sil
ver cup, W. G. Mitchell, Rienzi.
Best male and female White Plym
outh Rocks, silver cup. Mills Poultry
Farm, Byhalia.
Best male and female White Wyan
dottes, silver cup, Richard Bros., Co
Best male and female Black Orping
tons, silver cup, Woman’s College,
Rest knale and female S. Black
Minorcas. silver cup, Oscar Fv Blom
berg, Memphis.
Best pair Mammoth Bronze Turkeys,
silver cup, Mrs. J. E. Smith. Muldon.
Best male and female Dark Cornish,
silver cup. Mrs. J. R. Bryan. Tupelo.
Best male and female Anconas. sil
ver cup, W. F. Lagrone, West Point.
Best cockerel and pullet, solid color,
silver cup, Richards Bros. (White
Wvandottes) Co'umbus.
Best cockerel and pullet, parri-color
ed. silver cup. Mrs. Florence Forbe«.
(Brown Leghorns) New Decatur, Ala.
Best pen Plymouth Rocks, silver
cup. Mills Poultry Farm, (White Ply
mouth Rocks) Byhalia.
Best pen Rhode Island Redp, silver
cup. E. W. Trautman, (S. C. Reds)
Long Beach.
Best pen Wyandottes, silver cup.
H. J. Ray, (White Wyandottes) Ore
Best pen Orpingtons, silver cup, T.
W. Harris, (Buff Orpingtons) Colum
Best pen Leghorns, silver cup, Mrs.
Florence Forbes, (Brown Leghorns)
New Decatur, Ala.
Best male and female Lawrence
Jackson Strain White Orpingtons.
Lawrence Jackson cup,Harry Callicutt,
Best pen birds in the show, any va
riety, superintendent's cup, H. J. Ray,
(White Wyandottes) Grenada.
Whitest bird in the show,Industrious
Hen cup.'Richards Bros., (White Wy
andotte Pullet) Columbus.
R«g» pen Parti colored birds, Rich
ards cup. B W. TraUtmar (S. C
Rhode Island Reds) Long Beach.
Best pen solid color birds, Williams
cup, H J. R»v, (White Wyandottes-)
Best female bird. Lsgroue cup, Mrs.
Reginald 8>onestreet. (White Orping
ton hen) Nashville, Twin.
Best male bird, Hamilton cup, Wo
man's College. (Black Orpington cock
erel) Meridian, Miss.
Largest and best display, pH vari
eties, Secretary's cup, W. J. Brinkley,
Best cock, hen, cockerel pullet and
n«n. President’s cup. Street & Bishop,:
(White Orpingtons) Columbus. '
Gold)Leg Bind# were awarded a»
follows: 1
Best cock, Chat, Dobbs, (8^ C.
Rhode Inland Red) Gainesville, ijp.
Best hen, Mrs. Reginald Stonestreet
(White Orpington) Nashville.
Best cockerel, Woman’s College,
(Black Orpington) Meridian.
Best Pullet, H. M Layman. (S. C.
Red) Huntsville, Ala.
Best pen, H. .1. Ray, (White Wyan
dottes) Grenada.
A. P. A. Gold Medal, Woman’s Col
lege, (Black Orpington) Meridian.
Thete are additional sweepstakes
still t<# be'figured out and awarded and
as these are governed
of prises won and
plete the list of
The above is the photograph
bf W, F. Jordan who was the
leading spirit in making the poul
try exhibit here last week a suc
cess. Mr. Jordan worked un
tiringly and as a testimonial from
the citizens of Tupelo he was
presented with a handsome $100
Hamilton watch.
In the statement of the Peoples
Bank and Trust Co., which we
published last week, further evi
dence was furnished, if any was
necessary, to show the rapid
growth and continued increase of
business of this popular institu
tion. Notwithstanding the fact
tha*. our cotton is bringing but
little more than half the price
obtained a year ago the bank
comds forward with an increase
of $51, UUO deposits greater man
the same date last year. The
continued growth of this sub
stantial banu speaks in highest
terms of its management
Silver Cloth and Hat Brushes at
Stockholders Notice.
The stockholders of the First
National Bank of Tupelo, Miss.,
are hereby requested to meet in
the directors room of the First
Nationnl Bank Tuesday, January
9. 1912, for the purpose of elect
ing officers for the ensuing year,
and for the transaction of any
other business hat may legally
come tefore them.
F. Johnson, Cash er.
Dec. 9,1912.
Special Notice.
In calling on my friends to
come forward and pay their
taxes before January 1st, I feel
that 1 am but making a reason
able request and one to which
all should respond^ promptly.
1 have endeavored to make you
a faithful officer and have done
my best to serve you in any
way possible. This year's work
has been hard and I haye done
a great deal for which I have
received no pay. My pay comes
from the fees, principally com
mission on taxes, and unless I
collect the taxes usually paid
by the first of the year, my
year’s work will go without
I have never failed to re
spondto any request you have
made of me, and I feel that this
request will not go without a
response from-you. There are
only fifteeh more days in which
to pay, and in order that you
may avoid the rush please call
immediately and get your re*
peipts. Come one. Come all.
Sincerely your friend,
O. X* TftAPP*
Sheriff Lee County.
i* '
We admire those who remember their family and triends
with Christmas tokens, but QUIT BEING “A CHRISTMAS
TREE," and letting every loafer who asks for it, get a part of
your hard earned money. “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.”
Bank your money and have it for yourself and your family.
Let OUR Bank be YOUR Bank.
We pay 4 per cent, interest on lime and Savings deposits.
Branch Banks at Fulton and Nettleton, Miss.
I will, on Tuesday, December 19th, 1911, offer
for sale to the highest bidder for cash, the following
property and my household and kitchen furniture :
Six head of mu’es
One filly
Two Jersey milch cows, one
a sonnger
One Durham heifer
14 head of hogs
Fancy poultry
Corn m
Hay I
Two wagons and Harness
One surry
One buggy
Farming implements
Shop tools, etc, j
Eight miles west of Fulton. Twelve miles* east of Tupelo.
Is the greatest incentive tCH
wards saving money.
When you find your moneyjis
earning something you
j feel more like saving.
Interest, like a much ad
vertised remedy, “works
while you sleep.”
x We pay interest on savings
accounts from $1 up, and j =
, on certificates of deposit *
for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months’ .
Absolute safety, liber ility
and courtesy our watch
< wori.
A. v

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