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Democrats of Mississippi Will
Get Busy.
Believing that the democrats
of Mississippi have a great duty
to perform in the present nation
al campaign, Hon. J. H. McBeath
of Meridian, chairman of the
democratic state committee, with
characteristic energy and en
thusiasm, has issued an address
to the democrats of the state,
telling them of the splendid
ticket that has been nominated
and urging them to get busy at
once in every city, town and vot
ing precinct in the state and form
Wilson and Marshall clubs.
The address is clean-cut and to
the point. It shows that this is
the year of democratic oppor
tunity, the year for the people to
regain control of the government
as against favored and pampered
industries. The address is one of
the first to be issued by a state
chairman, but Mr. McBeath be
lieves in doing things and doing
them right away, hence he hopes
there will be a general and im
mediate response to the request
to organize clubs. Mississippi,
by turning out a large vote, can
help to make Wilson’s majority
of the popular vote greater.
To the democrats of Mississippi:
Meridian, Miss., July 17, 1912.
In giving to our countrymen
the candidacies of Wilson and
Marshall for president and vice
president, the democratic party
deserves the thanks of thenation;
because no higher or better ex
ponents of American manhood
and statesmanship couldlbe found
But the nomination is a worth
less thing unless it is confirmed
and ratified in election; and to
the achievement of this end the
patriotism of the country is sum
Divorced in candidates and
platform from the great sources
of wealth and represented in the
great monopolies and combines,
espousing the cause of the people
as opposed to special privilege,
we must rely upon the voluntary
contributions of patriotism for
the money necessary to meet the
legitimate expenses of the cam
paign that will bring to fruitful
ness the splendid work begun at
While the vote of Mississippi
will go, as a matter of course, to
the democratic nominees, that
vote is only a small factor in de
termining the result; and be
cause we, of the South, will be
the largest beneficiaries in re
^ . 1 l_i..* _i. __ a. „
milling UlC UC1I1ULIOUL HailJ W
ascendancy in the nation, it be
hooves us to lend every aid pos
sible, moral and material, to the
achievement of the result.
It is, therefore, proposed that
the democrats of Mississippi
should manifest their apprecia
tion of the great issues involved
in this campaign bv active par
ticipation in it; not from local
but from patriotic motives; we
cannot separate, if we could, the
local from the national interest;
our destinies are united and in
divisible; what is good for the
nation is good for us; and be
cause we believe that the incor
poration of democratic ideals in
the conduct of our government
is essential to its safety and per
petuity, I appeal you to give ef
fect to that belief in active par
ticipation in this campaign.
That purpose can be best ac
complished by the organization
of local clubs in every county and
precinct within the state, and
through this instrumentality to
secure contributions to the nation
al campaign funds. An energetic
Pony Contest.
The Journal will soon offer to
the boy or girl in Lee county, not
over 15 years old, an opportunity
to secure a handsome Shetland
pony free. The proposition will i
be open to either boy or girl who '
brings us within a specified time, i
the greatest amount on subscrip
tions. The pony is a very hand
some little fellow, gentle and
will prove quite a prize to the
winner. We will make an an
nouncement next week of all the
conditions of the contest.
Get yourself ready and go in
to win.
Work Begun On Streets.
The work of laying the curbs
and gutters on the streets was
begun Tuesday morning at the
Frisco depot on Spring street and
will be pushed north on that
street until the corner of Jeffer
son is reached. The contractors
hope to have this work completed
within sixty days.
The contractors for the storm
i i rrr _ J_3 __
sewers uegaii wurrk i»cuucouo.y
morning and will be ready for
the paving contractors as soon
as they are on the ground to be
gin their contract.
M. & O. Wreck.
A freight on the Mobile & Ohio
road was wrecked three miles
south of West Point early Mon
day morning, several cars drop
ping through as the train crossed
a trestle. None of the trainmen
were on that section of the train,
and escaped unhurt. All trains
north were delayed about twelve
Small Fire.
An alarm of fire was turned in
from the residence of Sam
Dowdle on Walnut street at noon
Tuesday. The fire department
responded promptly and the
blaze, which was in the roof of
the kitchen, was soon extin
Services at Episcopal Church.
Dr. Waddell, of Meridian, will con
duct services at the Episcopal church
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The
public is cordially invited to attend.
canvass in this behalf cannot
fail to be productive of results;
and every Mississippian should
feel that a personal and patriotic i
obligation rests upon him to con
tribute to this end. (
We must remember that this is i
a battle of the people against
entrenched interests; and the
only reliance that we have for the j
money to conduct tms Dattie to a
successful conclusion is upon the
volunteer contributions of the ,
people; and every dollar given (
in that behalf is an investment ,
for the welfare and happiness of ,
yourself and the children that (
may come after you. ,
Considering these things, I ,
urge you to do your duty in your j
community and awaken recog- |
nition of the democratic obliga- ,
tion and responsibility.
To this end, I trust that a Wil- ]
son-Marshal Club will not only
be organized in every county,
but in every precinct in the j
state. Notify Joseph E. Nor- (
wood, Magnolia, Miss., of the j
formation of clubs and send all ,
remittances to him. All money <
contributed will be promptly re- £
mitted to National Committee. ,
Blanks for the organization of j
clubs can be had by applying to ]
either the chairman or the sec- {
Chairman State Democratic Ex- |
ecutive Committee. \
Department of Farm
Improvement Work.
Washington, July 31.—Presi
ient Finley, of the Southern
Railway Company, announced to
iay that the management of that
Company, realizing the great
opportunity for increasing the
prosperity of the territory
;raversed by its lines through
ouilding up soil productivity and
ncreasing the average crop yield
per acre, had decided to organize
i Department of Farm Improve
ment Work to begin operations
on September 1st. This Depart
ment will work on the co-opera
tive demonstration plan, first
adopted by the late Dr. S. A.
Knapp, of the United States
Agricultural Department. It
will aim to show to the farmers
what they can do on their own
lands and with their own re
sources. This plan has been fol
lowed with marked success by
the Southern Railway Cotton
Culture Department in the terri
tory along the line of the advance
of the Mexican cotton boll weevil.
It is now proposed to extend the
• .1 _a._ _11—
worik uver IX1C sjrstciii Kcuuauj
and to adapt it to the peculiar
conditions of each locality.
The Cotton Culture Depart
ment is to be merged into the
Department of Farm Improve
ment Work, and Mr. T. 0. Plun
kett, who has been General
Agent of the Cotton Culture De
partment, is to be at the head of
the new organization with the
title of Manager of Farm Im
provement Work. His office will
be in Atlanta, Ga., and three
Assistant Managers of Farm
Improvement Work will be ap
pointed to be located at advan
tageous points. A force of field
agents will be appointed to visit
farmers in their respective lo
calities and co-operate with them
for the demonstration of those
methods of culture and soil treat
ment which may be expected to
produce the best results in the
way of increased crop yields.
This work will be carried on in
co-operation with the State Com
missioners of Agriculture, the
State Agricultural Colleges, and
the United States Agricultural
Department. It will be entirely
free of cost to farmers wishing
to avail themselves of it in the
territory traversed by the lines
)f the Southern Railway; Ala
jama Great Southern Railroad;
Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas
Pacific Railway; Georgia South
ern & Florida Railway; Mobile &
Dhio Railroad; Northern Alabama
Railway; Southern Railway in
i/r: : : : _i t 7; ~ o
anu T uguua vx
southwestern Railway.
The work of the Department
>f Farm Improvement Work is
10 be entirely separate from that
>f the Southern Railway Land
tnd Industrial Department which
vill, as heretofore, carry on its
:o-operative work for the loCa
;ion of industries and farm set
ters and for general develop
nent of the territory traversed
>y the lines of the Southern Rail
vay System.
Speaking of the Department of
term Improvement Work, Presi
lent Finley said:
“Its purpose is to be broadly
lelpful to the farmers in the
erritory traversed by our lines.
can conceive of nothing that
vould be more beneficial to the
southeastern States than a sub
itantial increase in the average
deld of farm crops such as it is
he aim of the Department of
term Improvement Work to en
leavor to bring about. The in
:reased prosperity of the farmers
vould be reflected in all lines of j
jusiness. I believe, therefore,
fiat all those interested in the
'Ufa-: - ----- r=
| Sherman News.
Mbs Gurney Wade was th<
guest of her sister, Mrs. J- W,
Norton the past week.
Miss Tallie Robinson, of Blu<
Springs, was the guest of hei
aunt, Mrs. W. B. Phillips, Fridaj
and Saturday.
A number of Sherman’s younj
people attended a singing ai
Mount Vernon Sunday. Thej
report a fine time.
Mr. A. H. Taylor was in towi
Mr. Will Beasley and family
of Center Hill, visited Mr. G. S
Beasley and family Sunday.
Miss Pat Jones is the guest o:
her iunt, Mrs. Sandifer, of Potti
Camp this week.
Mrs Parks Witt was the gues
of her brother’s family a
Chesterville last week.
A Singing school opened hen
Monday. It is being taught b:
Mr. L. B- Harris of Ecru.
Mts. Carrie Britton and daugh
ter, Anita, of Texas, are th<
guests of relatives here.
Mrs. George and daughter
Miss Sallie, are in Okolona when
they will spend some time witl
Mrs. John M- Witt had as he
guests Sunday Mr. Mays an<
Miss Ruby Mays.
The Sherman base ball tean
played the Pontotoc team Mon
day. The game stood 2 to 1 ii
favor of Sherman.
Mr. Joe Williams and famil;
and Master Winton Tanner, o
Saltiilo, visited Mr. Sam Me
Carty’s family Friday and Satur
Mrs. Clarence Powell and chil
dren, of Poplar Springs, are visit
ing Mrs. S. B. Alexander.
Weather For July.
The total rainfall for th<
month of July was 1.80 inches
an average of 0.058 per day
This amount is 6.20 inches less
than the corresponding month o:
last year, when the total for Julj
was 8 inches. There were 5 day!
with precipitation in excess o;
0.01 inches, and seven days wit!
a trace, (less than 0.01 inches.;
The heaviest fall was on the 19tl
when 0.67 inches was recorded
The prevailing wind directior
was south, and 17 days wen
clear, five cloudy, and nine part
ly cloudy. Thunder was hearc
on six days.
Wm. S. Vincent,
Cooperative Observer.

Notice Veterans.
Notice is hereby given thal
there will be a meeting of the
John M. Stone Camp Confeder
ate Veterans at the court house
at 10:30 o’clock Monday morning
for the purpose of selecting ar
adjutant of the camp to fill the
vacancy caused by the death oi
our lamented comrade, W. F.
Sparks. All members of the
camp are urged to be present.
A. J. Kennedy, Commaner.
Save your corn and Cotton by usi ip
Arsenate of Lead. Pound-Kincannon
Elkih Co.
development of our section whc
are in a position to aid in this
movement can very properly dc
so. The State Commissioners of
Agriculture, State Agricultural
Colleges and Experiment Stations
are doing valuable work, and the
newspapers of the Southeast
which give special attention to
the publication of the advice of
recognized experts on agricul
tural matters are most helpful.
It shall be the policy of our de
partment of Farm Improvement
Work to co-operate with all these
agencies and to seek their co
taAe ft
trip when you
t have money
in the Bank
! “AW work and no play makes .Jack a dull hoy.” Bv
r erybody likes to take a trip. It brightens us up and
gives us something to think about, and if you have got
some money tucked away in the bank, so that when
you DO find time to take the trip, it will buy7 some
' tickets and some nice clothes and make that trip pos
sible, whereas, without that money, your vacation
, wouid have to be spent at home.
* Do YOUR banking with US.
We Pay 4 Per Cent Interest on Time Deposits.
As time rolk cn we are striving in
every possible way to improve our ser
vice. Beginning Saturday, July 3d we
i are going to inaugurate a Saturday and
Monday Cost Special. Please watch
? our window.
1 Tupelo, THE BUSY DRUGGISTS Mississippi
Christian Church.
1 Bible School at 9:30 a. m.
I Special Meetings at the Christian
. church. Services 10 00 a. m. and 8 00
j p. m. Come out and help us. Plain,
pointed, practical preaching.
FOR "SALE—Desirable corner lot on
Jefferson stieet, near public school
Amply to the Bank of Tupelo. ltf
WANTED: —Reliable agents to han
dle Regal UNDERSLUNG Automo
, biles. This car has a record and will
make friends fast. Address Hood Motor
Car Co., 807 Whitney Central Rld’g ,
New Orleans, La. 17-4t.
Skin On^Fire ?
Just the mild, simple wash, the well
known P. P. P. Prescription for
Eczema, and the itch is gone—yes the
instant the first drops touch your
burning skin you get relief!
Get a trial bottle—25c—to-day and |
prove for yourself how the first drops
give instant relief—how your skin is
cooled and soothed and absolutely pro
tected from all hot weather Irritation.
We know that D. D. P. does the work
as nothing else can—in faet we are so
sure of this that we offer a full size
bottle on this guarantee: If you do
not find that it takes away the itch
•t once it costs you not a cent.
Pound-Kincannon-Eikin Co.,
Save your corn and cotti n by using
Arsenate of Lead. Pound-Kincannon
Elkin Co.
Special Notice.
The Bookkeeping and Collecting work
attending the sale of Cotton Seed Meet
and Hulle on account is such that we
find it necessary to adopt a Strictly
Cash System.
Hereafter when sending for these
products kindly let the Cash or Check
accompany your order. 18-tf
Tupelo Oil and Ice Co.
J. H. Strain, See. and Treas.
Who is left a little life
insurance is heset with
schemes for investment
at alluring rates : : :
Her safest course is to de
posit it forthwith in this Bank
where it will be absolutely
safe from promoters, and earn
a conservative but certain
ratt of interest.
Our officers will give her
good advice in regard to the
permanent investment of btr
paid on time and savings
National Bank
Tupelo, Miss.
President. Cashier.
W. W. Trice, W. T. Laney,
V-President. Ass’t. Cashier. |

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