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VOL. 41
S 1.50 Per Annum "BE JUST AND PEAR NOT." Φ1.50 per Annum
The Bishop Announces Appoint
ments for the Ensuing
At noon Monday the annual
conference of the Methodist
church for North Mississippi
completed its labors and ad
The work of the conference
was dispatched with uniform
courtesy by the bishop, who is
possessed of splendid executive
ability. The reports from the
various districts indicate that the
work of the church is progres
sing in a spiritual way, yet the
collections in a majority of the
districts fell short of the asses
Monday morning was consumed
in hearing the reports of com
mittees, which were usually
arinnfpH without discussion. A
resolution giving to the women
of the church representation
among the laity was tabled.
Before adjournment the con
3 ' ference passed resolutions ex
tending thanks to the people of
Tupelo for their generous and
lavish hospitality. Conference
adjourned promptly at noon and
ι the visitors left during the after
noon for their respective homes.
The business of the conference
was concluded with the reading
of the following appointments
for the ensuing year:
Greenville District—H S Spragin,
presiding elder; Areola, W C Lester;
yBenoit and Beulah, Ε M Shaw; Boyle
f Circuit, J J Brooks; Clarksdale, W S
Lagrone; Cleveland, Ε R Smoot; Coa
homa and Lyon, Η M Young; Friar
Point, W L Storment; Glen Allen, J H
Bell; Greenville, J Τ Lewis; Gunnison,
^ .1 Η Smith; Jonestown and Belen, Olin
fRay; Leland and Hollendaie, L W Cain;
Lula and Dubbs, Τ J Halfacre, Rose
«gï dale and Hillhouse, J M Ward; Shaw
5^3 and Merigold, L Ρ Wasson; Shelby
Circuit, Τ M Bradley; Tunica and Rob
insonville, J D Wroten; editor New Or
leans Christian Advocate, R A Meeks;
"•-yehapiain United States army, J H
.$9, fyïoose; students Vanderbilt university,
,Β R Wasson and J A Coleman; district
commissioner of education, J Τ Lewis.
Holly Springs District—R A Tucker,
presiding elder; Abbeville circuit, C Τ
Floyd; Ashland circuit, J R James; Βγ
; halia circuit, L AMcKeown; Cambridge
■ Circuit, J C Nelson (supply; Coffeeville
i'ireuit. W V Shearer; Duck Hill circuit,
J Ε Stephens; Grenada, J A Hall; Gre
nada circuit, Melville Johnson; Holly
; , Splines, W Ν Duncan; Lamar circuit,
W S Selman; Mount Pleasant circuit,
W R Williams; Oxford, Ε S Lewis;
Paris circuit, C W Baley; Pine Valley,
KM Papasad (supply); Potts Camp
circuit, J L Nabors; Randolph circuit,
/■Q D Ber.nett (supply); Red Banks cir
\ cuit, J M Carpenter; Taylor circuit, R
Ρ Goar; Waterford circuit, J C Greg
ory (supply); Water Valley, First
M church, Τ Η Dorset; Water Valley, Ν
v Main street, W J O'Bryant; president
Grenada college, J R Countiss; district
i;'ommissioner of education, Ε C Lewis.
Sardis District—J W Dorman, pre
Iaiding elder. Arkabuta circuit, J A
Biffle; Batesville, J Τ Lockhart; Charles
on, Β W Babb; Cockrum circuit, R I
Collins; Cold water, W H Mounger,
Como, J Β Randolph;Courtland circuit,
S Raper; Crenshaw circuit, W G
.oberts; Eureka circuit, Τ L Porter;
I ernando, S M Thames; Lake Cormo·
lint and Hinds, A F Moore; Longtown,
Ircuit, A M Bennett; Oakland circuit,
ames Porter; Olive Branch circuit, Τ
Porter; Pleasant Hill circuit, J R
' ■Vyilson; Sardis, L M Lipscomb; Sena
jbia, S Β Myers; Tyro circuit, Τ Ε
Gregory: Wall Hill circuit, W W Brû
ler; Sardis circuit, J Β Conner (supply)
district commissioner of education, W
[ Mounger,
Wibona District—Β Ρ Jaco, presiding
Welder; Belzoni circuit, Ο L Savage ;Car
irollton, W W Jones, G W McLain, sup
jrnumerary; Drew circuit, J W Raper;
Dublin circuit, J W Price; Greenwood,
Ε Cunningham; Indianola, Τ M
îrownlee; Indianola mission, C R A
îrantley; Isola circuit, W Ο Wagoner;
tta Bena, J Ε Thomas; Lambert cir
ft, I F Holland; Mars Hill circuit,
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Annual Meeting of Stockholders
The first annual meeting of
the Cotton States Life Insurance
company was held in the office
of the company Tuesday, Dec. 2.
This meeting is provided for by
the charter of the company, but
as the by-laws provide for an
other annual meeting on the 3rd
Tuesday in January the meeting
was called to order by President
E. C. Hinds and adjourned with
out going into any detail work.
A report was submitted by the
secretary and treasurer, Ira F.
Archer, that shows that the
company has had phenominal
success for the first year. Not
withstanding the difficulties
under which it labored as a young
company, this statement shows
that the uotton states Laie nas
done a greater business in life
insurance than any other com
pany in Mississippi during the
first year of its existence. This
showing is highly gratifying to
the officers and stockholders.
The meeting was adjourned
until the 3rd Tuesday in January.
1914, when a detailed report of
the affairs of the company will
be submitted.
At the home of the bride, four
miles west of town, \ on Sunday
morning, Nov. 30, Miss Mattie
Filgo was married to Mr. Floyd
Ritter, the ceremony being per
formed by the Rev. G. W. Gor
don of the Methodist church.
The attendants were Miss Bet
tie Long and Troy Filgo, Miss
Beatrice Reese and Hugh Steph
enson. A large number of in
vited guests were present to
witness the interesting cere
The bride is the attractive and
popular daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Filgo, while the groom
is a successful and popular young
business man of Belden.
Mr. and Mrs. Ritter left im
mediately after the ceremony for
Birmingham, Ala., from which
point they will visit relatives of
the groom in that state.
The happy couple have the
best wishes of a host of friends.
Presbyterian Young Woman's
On Tuesday, Dec. 9, at the
Riley building, the young ladies
of the Presbyterian church will
give a bazaar for the benefit of
the church at which the follow
ing will be the menu:
Dressing Cianberry Sauce
Beaten Biscuits Pickles
Price, 25 cents
Chicken Salad Pickles
Price, 25 cents
Oyster Cocktail
Price, 30 cents per dozen
Oyster Stew
Price, 15 cents
U. D. C. Notice.
The meeting of the U. D. C.
local chapter takes place Friday,
Dec. 12, at 3 p. m., with Mrs. W.
J. McClure. The ladies propose
to depart somewhat from the
regular order of exercises and
make it a Christmas program. A
full attendance is desired, so
that a hearty welcome can be
extended to the new members.
Christmas Fireworks.
We have a large assortment
of Baloone, Roman Candles
Skyrockets, Cannon Crack
* ere, Sparklers, Large Tor
pedoes, Erupting Volcanoes
and Son-of-a-Gune.
Department of Agriculture
Pursuant to a call made in last
week's issue of The Journal by
Chancellor Robins, a good num
ber of the progressive citizens
of the county met with the Board
of Supervisors Tuesday for the
purpose of discussing the prac
ticability of establishing a de
partment of agriculture in Lee
Field AgentWilson, of the De
partment of Agriculture of the
United States government, was
present and made a practical
talk in advocacy of the establish
ment of the department in the
county. A number of our promi
nent farmers also spoke in ad
vocacy of the measure.
The Board of Supervisors, after
hearing from our citizens, voted
to establish the department and
will subscribe $1,000 toward pay
ing the salary of a commissioner.
The remaining $500 which is re
nuired to secure a comDetent
man will be paid by the United
States government. The com
missioner will be selected in time
to begin work for another year.
This step is a wise one and the
best results are sure to follow
the labors of an experienced man
among our people. We are now
confronting a grave proposition
in dealing with the boll weevil
and we must change our meth
ods if we win out in this fight.
Woodmen Elect Officers.
Tuesday night, Dec. 2, Tupelo
Camp, No. 130, W.O.W., elected
the following officers to serve
during the year 1914:
T. K. Boggan, counsul com
A. H. Taylor, adviser lieuten
W. A. Tucker, banker.
G. M. Crane, clerk.
C. P. Lowe, escort.
C. G. Murff, watchman.
J. F. Winders, sentry·
W. M. Watson, manager for
three years.
There were six new applica
tions, which were passed to a
committee for action.
The Tupelo camp is one of the
largest in north Mississippi,
having over 260 members, and is
in good financial condition. With
the above officers to direct the
affairs of the camp, the member
ship will no doubt increase to
300 within the next six months.
Baby Mimi Yvonne, in Francis
Wilson's Coimdy Success,
The Bachelor's Baby, at
the Comus. Saturday
December 6
The success of our imall farmers is
aptly demonstrated w the case of
Walter Lyon, living on\T. C. Brown's
place, near R cbmond, Wv.o made this
year nine bales of cotton and 150 bush
els of corn and had only one sViall mule
to work. In addition to Mr.' t Lyon's
corn and cotton crop, he also made
plenty of potatoes and peas and other
necessary item· for household ose dur
ing the winter.
Rev. W. L. Duren.
Following the laws governing
appointments of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, South, Rev.
W. L. Duren could no longer re
main as pastor of the Methodist
church here and was on Monday
named by the bishop as pastor
of the First Ôhurch at Columbus,
Mr. Duren served the church
here four years, and during that
time won his. way not only to
the hearts of the members of his
own congregation, but also gained
the highest esteem of all denomi
nations and our people generally.
Mr. Duren ranks in the fore
front of his denomination, and
by his liberal views he com
mands the respect of all people
regardless of their church af
filiations. His congregation was
unanimous in their endorsement
of him and gave him loyal sup
port in his labors here.
In his work as pastor of the
Methodist church, Mr. Duren
was ably assisted by Mrs. Duren,
< * It 11
wno was ηυ îesa esietuieu uy un.
In leaving Tupelo the family
carry with them to their new
field the very best wishes of our
Rev. J. C. Parks.
On Monday Bishop Atkins, who
presided over the conference
here, appointed Rev. J. C. Parks
as pastor of the Methodist church
in Tupelo for the ensuing year.
Mr. Parks comes here from
Macon, where he has served* the
church there for the last two
years. He has filled a number of
the leading appointments in the
conference and is one of the
most beloved of the many preach
ers that compose that body. A
man of fine intelluctual attain
ments, he also possesses in a
marked degree those social quali
ties that endear him to all with
whom he is associated. ·
The Methodist congregation is
to be congratulated in securing a
pastor who measures up to the
high standard which has been
maintained at this place. Mr.
Parks is expected to fill the pul
pit Sunday morning.
November Weather.
The month of November com
pares favorably with the corre
sponding month of last year in
the amount of rainfall, which
totals 0.88 inch for the entire
month. Last year the total was
Π 79. ini»h. In 1911 the total for
the month was 2.21 inches. Rain
fell on four days only. There
were 18 clear days, six partly
cloudy and six cloudv. The pre
vailing wind direction was south.
The month was somewhat
warmer than that of last year,
the average maximum tempera
ture being 65.5 degaees, the av
erage minimum 42 3, and the
overage for the month 55.57,
This monthly average exceeded
that of last year by about six
degrees. The thermometer
reached the highest point, 77, on
the 23d, and the lowest, 21, was
recorded on the 11th. Lightning
was observed in the north on the
night of the 29th.
Wm. S Vincent,
Co-operative, Observer.
Cum Old Sons, Otiwr RmdmBm Won't Curr.
The worst case·, no matter of how loos standing
are cored by the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Porter's Antiseptic Healing: Oil. It relieve·
Pain and Heal· at the Mme time. 25c, 50c. 11.00
5 or β dotes βββ will break
any cate of Chills & Fever, Colds
& LaGrippe; it acta on the liver
better than Calomel and doe· not
• · n_· or_
Strength and Service
It is the character of the men who manage and direct the
bank that insures the distinctive feature of safety that
you demand. This bank is managed by men who have
earned their own private fortunes by legitimate methods.
They are men who command the confidence of all who
know them. They apply to the bank's businuss the same
business intellegence and high sense of integrity practiced
in their own business. The men who compose the man -
agement and directory of this bank are a strong guaran
tee of absolute safety.
Peoples Bank & Trust Co.
Tupelo, Mississippi
CAPITAL - . $125,000.00
SURPLUS and PROFITS - 50,000.00
JOHN M. ALLEN,V-Pres. J. J. ROGERS, Pres. S. J. HIGH, Cashier
M. E. LEAKE, V-President S. S. HARRIS, Ass. Cashier
Farm With Dynemite
Mr. F. W. Argall. Jr., Demonstrator for Atlas
Powder Co., is at Monaghan Hotel and any
by the most up-to-date and productive method
should drop a card to the above address and
have this party call.
Estimates and Demonstrations
Free of Charge
Stump Blasting
Tree Planting
ONEY) On Improved Farm Lands
TO [ 8 per cent, interest. 5 to 10 Years.
For Farther information apply to
Ο. K. GARY, Tupelo, Miss
Real Estate
We have customers desiring loans on Bank Stocks,
Bonds and Real Estate. These loans will net you
7 and 8 per cent. Correspondence Invited.
202 3 4, Jefferson Co. Saving Bank Bldg. Birmingham, Ala
We Have Many Beauti
ful Useful things to Sel
ect from for Christmas
What could be nicer than a
pretty piece of furniture for a
Christmas Present? Let us put
it aside for you now, don't wait
for the rush.
You get what you want
When you want it at—
Dimpkin-Pegues Company
isAa ■ >i§TUPELO, MISS.

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