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Keep This as a Memo—
Shingle Prices—That will interest you if you want to
buy closely—get quality materials.
4x16 Pine Shingles, per 1,000 $2.00 3 in. Prime Cypress, 85 per cent heart
Red Cedar shingles, the kind that last per 1,000, the best for the money..$3.00
a life time, per 1,000 $4.75 All heart pine shingles at per 1,000...$4.00
5 in. Heart Cypress shingles, per 1000 $4.50 4 in. Prime Cypress shingles,per 1000 $3.50
Let us laiow your building material needs, you can't beat
us on lumber quality or prices.
• =-1
Both Phones 194
Ι Local Happenings!
X Those Who Come and Oo a
Miss Maggie Francis of Saltillo, is
the guest of her sister, Miss Jessie
Saltillo was represented here Wed
nesday by Messrs J. W. Francis and
Hub Holloway.
Mrs. W. H. Wagner and Miss Bessie
Wagner, of Chesterville, spent Wed
nesday in town.
C. B. Kirkpatrick, one of the Second
district's best citizens, was down or
business Tuesday.
Misses Godfrey and Lusk, of Aber
deen, were the guests of friends here
Monday and Tuesday.
R. A. Love, a prominent citizen oi
the east end of the second district was
on business here Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar Woods, of
Birmingham, were among the many
visitors to Tupelo Wednesday.
The Christmas holidays for the
Tupelo High Scnool will begin Decem
ber 20th and end December 30th.
Mrs. Robinson, of Birmingham, was
the guest of her sister. Mrs. Hender
son, several days during the week.
Dr. Orr, of Fulton, -and Ε A. Orr, ol
Evergreen, visited Mrs. W. L. Clay
ton. their sister and aunt, this week.
Mr8. Ed Smith and children, of Cor
inth, have returned home after spend
ing several days with Dr. and Mrs. E.
D. Foster.
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Ritter, of Hous
ton. were called to the bedside of Mr.
Ritter's father, Albert Ritter, Sunday,
the latter being quite ill with rheuma
—*— Mrs. W^ L. Daren and cMIqesb-left
Tuesday for Columbus where they join
Mr. Duren. The friends of the family
regret the necessity of the move, and
follow them with their best wishes.
The Department of Expression of
the Tupelo High School will
give a recital next Friday afternoon,
December 19th, at 2:30 at the school
building. The public invited to attend.
Rev. J. C. Park and family reached
Tupelo from Macon Tuesday and are
now at home in the Methodist parson
age. A cordial reception has been ac
corded Mr. Park and family by our
people generally.
Mrs. George Mitchell has as her
guests this week Mrs. W. A. Wood
and Mrs. Dr. Henry Pearson, of New
York City; Mrs.Eden and Mrs. Savage,
of Okolona. and Mrs. D. W. Houston
and Miss India Houston, of Aberdeen.
Charlie Bolin, sergeant on the Parch
man farm, and Dr. Gathings weie in
Tupelo Monday. Mr. Bolin was here
Wednesday selling cotton off of his
farm at Chesterville. He states that
there are yet between three and four
thousand bales of cotton to be gathered
on the Parchman farm. The crap will
reach 9000 bales, the largest ever pro
A. L. Dumas has been transfered
from Monroe county to this county to
aid in completing the work of F. D.
Harvey & Company, road contractors.
There are three unfinished jobs that
the company are trying to complete
before bad weather. One on the Pon
totoc road, one on the Tupelo and
Marietta road and one on the Tupelo
and Saltillo road.
Sixty Years the Standard
A Crean at Tartar Paardar
Nada freai trapes
» /
Santa Claus Is Sick.
(A year's subscription to The Tupelc
Journal to the party first (riving the
aurhor's name of the below poem)
Santa Claus is pick abed.
And yet the time draws near
That he should his presents give
To all he holds most dear.
Poor Santa Claus, how sad is he,
That such should be his fate.
That be to join in Christmas glee
Will have another year to wai*.
But there is something else
Which much more troubles his mine
To 'tend his deer and distribute his
Where could he some one find?
About this he is much distressed,
When lo, an idea gives him cheer,
Why, Clifton's is the very place,
The place "I was last year."
With thio in vipw hp etraicrht arm
A messenger to ask,
If the above named firm would take
bis wares
As they did on Christmas last.
With the answeryes, his mind at rest,
He quickly dispatched his sleigi
and deer,
And away to Clifton's his whole out
fit sent,
And this occured this year.
And so you see our stock this year
Is of Santa Claus' selection;
And surely of all Christmas stocks,
His own should be perfection.
So come, one and all, both great an<]
It's here for your inspection.
Business College Notes.
In our spelling classes we
grade according toTîvirServîce
rules, four off for each misspelled
word, two off for misdivision and
one off a wrong use of capitals.
The following is a list of those
who made over 98 in spelling last
month: Misses McAlister, Reese
and Scurlock, and Messrs. Hor
ton and Russell.
We were glad to welcome Mr.
Luther Lumus. of the Spring
Hill neighborhood, who enrolled
with us for the complete course
this week.
The Debating Club met in reg
ular order last Friday evening.
The president and secretary be
ing on duty and the vice-presi
1 .1· « j A _ i?
uein ueinK ausem υπ accuuiii ui
sickness, Mr. Horton was aD
pointed president and Miss Reese
as secretary.
The president appointed Miss
j Merryback. Messrs, Snipes and
Mothershead to act as judges.
1 Resolved that, "The pen is
mightier than the sword," with
Mr. Moore and Miss Scurlock on
the affirmative, Mr. Jones and
Miss Logan on the negative, was
After the close of the literary
program there was a social hour
in which contests were enjoyed
and a "city chain" made. Pa
pers were then distributed and
each asked to draw a book, sword
and stump. The papers were
then collected, numbered and
hung on the wall and voted on
by ballot. Miss Lowell Francis'
picture received the greatest
number ff votes, and Miss Kath
leen Mitts' the next.
Subject for debate£December
19, Resolved that, "Woman has
had greater influence on civiliza
tion than man." %*
Mr. Α. Ρ Whitney, representing
Whitney's Greater Shows, fayored the
Journal officé with a business call.
The show under Mr. Whitney's man
agement is one of the best and clean
est aggregations that tour the south.
He assures the public that thé exhibi
tions are clean in every respect, and
that all who visit the shows will en
dorse his recommendations. The exhi·
tions are given every afternoon and at
night at the Fair grounds.
Strictly Up to Date.
Seven-year-old Peggy was drawing
the picture of a house and finally an
nounced it completed. "But where
are the chimneys?" she was asked.
Peggy's face fell for a moment as she
noticed this Important omission, but
she quickly recovered her presence of
mind. "Oh, this kind of a house
doesn't need chimneys," she answered
calmly. "It is heated by radiators."
Believed Fish Had a Language.
In the old Roman days the murae
nas, or sea eels, were supposed to be
possessed of a "language"—"low and
sweet," it is denominated by one an
cient writer, "and with an intonation
so fascinating that few could resist its
influence." The Emperor Augustus, it
was contended, was the only mortal
who could understand this "language."
Why Flowers Wilt.
Flowers wilt because of the collapse
of the individual cells of which they
are made up. They remain freeh aa
long as the pressure of fluid within
and without the celle stays uniform.
Many a woman's beauty sleep I·
really a oat nap.—Llpplnoott'a.
A Red Cross Christmas Seal
Card on the wind shield of an
automobile means that the owner
is up-to-date, charitable and
kind—a man who succeeds be
cause he is willing to give the
under-man a lift. Is there a card
in the wind shield of your car?
If not, why not?
To Prevent Blood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reliable DR.
gical dressing that relieves pain and heals at
the same time. Not a liniment. 25c. 50c. $1.00.
FOR SALE—S. C. White Leghorn
cockerels; cheap. W. T. Martin, Route
2, Tupelo, Miss. 36-2t
The Charter of Incorporation of
The McDuffie-May Drug Company.
1 The corporate title of said company
is The McDuffie-May Drug Co.
2 The names of the incorporators
are: G. A. McDuffie, postoffice, Net
tleton, Miss. C. H. May, postoffice,
Nettleton, Miss. C. H. Dabbs, post
office Nettleton, Miss.
3 The domicile is at Nettleton, Miss.
4 Amount of capital stock, Five
Thousand Dollars ($5000.00.)
5 The par value of shares in One
Hundred Dollars each.
6 The period of existence (not to ex
ceed fifty years) is fifty years.
7 The purpose for which it is creat
ed : To own and operate a general drug
store in the town of Nettleton, Miss ,
or in any other place in said state, or
in any other state of the Union where
said corporation may see fit to estab
lish branches.
Said corporation to have full power
to buy and sell all classes of drugs,
chemicals, patent medicines, or any
other line of merchandise they may see
fit to handle, also to buy and sell
any other merchantable thing or pro
duct that may come into their posses
sion, fill prescriptions, compound med
icines and chemicals in the due course
of their business and when not con
trary to the laws of the State of Mis
sissippi or of the United States of
The first, meeting of the stockhold
ers of this corporation may be held at
any time agreed upon in writing by a
majority of the stockholders thereof,
nonce or saia meeting to De m&uea lu
the last known postoffice address, post
age prepaid, of all owners of stock
in said corporation at least three days
before time agreed upon. Ail further
meetings of the stockholders shall be
subject to call by written notices
signed by any two of the stockholders
and a copy mailed to the last kno*n
address of all holders of stock in said
corporation, postage prepaid, giving
date and place of said meeting, and at
least three days before date agreed
8 The rights and powers that may
be exercised by this corporation are
those conferred by the provisions of
Chapter 24, Mississippi Code, 1906, and
amendments thereto.
G A. McDuffie,
C. H. May,
C, H. Dabbs,
State of Mississippi, County of Lee.
This day personally appeared before
me, the undersigned authority, G. A
McDuffie, C. H. May, C. H. Dabbs,
incorporators of the corporation known
as the McDuffie-May Drug Co, who
acknowledged that they signed and
executed the above and foregoing ar
tide· of incorporation as their act and
deed on this the 6th day of December,
1913. G. E. Francis, 1
38-8t Notary Public.
Classified Ads.
Ratfes in this column 5c per line
Nothing less than 25 cents
Real Estate.
FOR SALE—My residence in Ve
rona with sixty acres ot land. Mrs.
James Kincannon, Tupelo. Miss.
FOR SALE—Seven room residence
on Jefferson street. There are 3$ acres
in the lot. Suitable terms will be made
for a quick sale. Apply at the Journal
For Sale.
FOR SALE:—Second hand buggy.·
Will sell cheap or trade for corn. Ap
ply at this office.
ori<kB Rnnahniito an/1 Snrrioc Trino.
Raymond Hardware Co. 26
Investigate our partial Dayment plan
on Diamonds and Jewelry.—Pound
Kincannon-Elkin Co., Jewelry Depart
Fire Insurance.
LARS—Combined Assets of Companies
of this office represent more than
$500,000,000. Savery's Fire Insurance
Hauling and Draying.
Good teams, careful drivers. Special
attention to moving pianos. W. I.
Brown. Both phones. 9
LOST—I lost an overcoat between
my farm and the Frisco railroad Mon
day. It had brown gloves and head
wrap in pockets I hope the finder
will leave same for me at the Journal
offide and receive reward. *V. L. Clay
Our Sale of
Furs Continues
It is a wonderful sale! Both as to quality
and low prices for the qualities are greatly
beyond the ordinary and they are on sale
at prices so low we cannot hope to duplicate
them after this collection is gone.
Nearly every woman appreciates the gift
of a set of furs. One may wish a scarf to
match the muff she already has. Another
may want a muff to match her fur trimmed
suit. We can supply you.
Remember that the early buyer is sure of
being pleased and gets the benefit of pick
ing from a full stock.
We are offering special bargains in shoes
for the balance of the season.
We can make it to your interest to do your
Christmas shopping with us. Come in and
let us show you the many bargains in every
line of dry goods, shoes, hats and notions.
C. W. Hall
Tupelo, Mississippi.
Read the Ads for Bargains
Allen's Big Stock Reduction
Sale Is Still Going On
Below we quote you prices on a very few of the
many bargains now to be had at this sale:
25 pound sack Granulated Φ 1 |β
sugar φ J,
5£ pounds Pea Berry Coffee $ 1
5£ pounds best (25c) roast- Φ1 00
ed Coffee φ 1
6 pounds good 20 cent roast- Φ1 00
ed Coffee φ 1
Barrel "Very Best" $6.25 Φ C 35
Highest Patent Flour φ 1/
Barrel good patent $5.50 Flour
every barrel guaranteed to Φ A 85
satisfy you or your money refunded φ 4
5,000 pairs of Shoes going at 20
per cent discount
$12,000 worth of staple dry goods,
ladies cloaks, meh's overcoats,
plush robes, winter underwear and
other goods too numerous to men
tion at 204) discount.
A car load of cooking stoves.
A car load of Buggies.
Two car loads Avery and John
Deere plows and implements.
Everything in this stock goes into this big sale.
We are selling no cheap " John" Goods, and are
making no catch prices. Every article just as rep
resented or your money refunded.
Buy what goods you are going to need, while
this sale lasts. We will save you money on every
purchase made.
Asa W. Allen Co.
114 North Spring Street Tupelo, Miss.

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