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We wish our friends and acquaintances a Happy New Year
and if you wish to continue to prosper buy your lumber and
building material from
LEAKE & GOODLETT, W holesale and Retail Lumber
“ We Pay the Freight 99 Both 9Phones No. 194
I - .” ~ .
Mrs. S. R. Lowry, of Verona, was i
visitor to Tupelo Tuesday.
W. A. Jamison, of Plantersville, was
here on business Wednesday.
Mrs. Montgomery, of Clarksdale, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. R. C. Clark.
Miss Lula Griggs, of Memphis, is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. V. C. Cavett.
Porter Walker, ofBaldwyn, was here
Wednesday en route home from Laurel.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Collins are the
guests of Mr. Collins’ mother in Hous
. Mrs. W. C. Hinds, of Guntown, has
been the guest of relatives here during
the week.
Dr. and Mrs. F. G. Stone of Sledge,
Miss., spent this week here, the guests
of relatives.
Clovis Hinds and Street and Stanley
Hinds spent several days in Memphis
during the week.
Miss Francis Lusk, of Aberdeen, has
been the guest of Mrs. J. R. Jones
several days this week.
Mrs. Verner Carothers and children,
of Booneville, spent several days this
week with Mrs. J. H. Strain.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Fulton have re
turned after spending the holidays with
Mrs. Fulton’s parents in Pontotoc.
Miss Vera Sparks, who is teaching
in the public schools of Belzoni, spent
the holidays with her parents at
Mrs. Effie Corker was called to her
home in La Grange, Tenn., during the
holidays on account of the illness of
her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Savage and the little
Savages, of Montgomery, Ala., spent
Christmas with Mrs. Savage’s father,
J. H. Strain.
Chester Curtis, representative of
Swift & Co. at Montgomery, Ala.,
spent a couple of days during the week
with his parents.
Douglas Hunter, a student at Cum
berland University, Lebanon, Tenn.,
spent the holidays with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hunter.
Mrs. Claude Clayton and the children
returned Monday from Nettleton,
where they visited Mrs. Clayton’s par
ents. Dr and Mrs. W. 0. Feemster.
Mrs. Walker and Mrs. John R.
Moore and children were the guests
Tuesday at a holiday dinner given by
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Spencer at Ve
Miss Oline Coffee spent several days
during the week with her friend, Miss
Sadie Smith, at Sherman. While there
she was the recipient of numerous
social courtesies.
Rev. N. G. Augustus, of Macon, was
here Monday, the guest of the publisher
of The Journal. Mr. Augustus’ occa
sional visits are the source of much
pleasure to his many friends in Tupelo.
Miss Marie Hopwood, of Louisville,
Ky., entertained a few friends Christ
mas night at the home of her aunt,
Mrs. Read, 219 Green street. Music
was the chief feature of the evening,
after which a delightful menu was
Made from pure, grape
Cream oi Tartar
Best for good food and
good health
Ho alum
i Mrs. Liddon, of New Orleans, spent
i several days during the week with Mrs.
| W. A. Mothershed.
i After an absence of a month, H. E,
J High is again able to be at his place ol
business. Mr. High was quite ill from
an attack of ’grippe and pneumonia.
The many friends of Mr. S. H. Wei!
deeply sympathize with him in the loss
of his mother, who died in Meridian
Sunday. Mr. Weil attended the funeral
and returned home Monday.
Mr. J. A. Barnett, of Bissell, was
here yesterday. Mr. Barnett reports
that he killed a pig that weighed 626
pounds during the recent cold spell
He is one of the champion pork growers
of the county.
Mr. and Mrs. James Riley left during
the holidays for Pine Ridge, South Da
kota, where they will in future reside.
Mr. and Mrs. Riley have accepted
positions in the government schools and
will engage in teaching. We regret to
lose them as residents of Tupelo.
At the circuit clerk s othce on lhurs
day morning Mr. E. H. Finch and Miss
Ruth Shaw, o^jGuin, Ala. were united
in marriage. The young people came
to Mississippi to marry to avoid the ob.
jections that were raised by the parents
of the bride. They were accompanied
by seyeral friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Boggan and
baby arrived in Tupelo Wadnesday
night and will make their home here
again. They have been at Laurel
during the past year, where Mr. Bog
gan was the agent of the Southern Ex
press Company. Their return is the
source of gratification to their many
friends here.
V. C. Cavett left yesterday morning
over the Frisco for Cincinnati, where
he goes to attend a convention and
banquet of the state agents of the
Union Central Life Insurance Company.
The company will dedicate their new
office building, which is the largest
building in the country outside of New
York City. It was constructed at a
cost of $3,500,000.
Fant Rogeis has accepted a position
with the Bank ot Lee County and has
entered actively upon his duties. He
has recently graduated from the bank
ing department of Poughkeepsie Col
lege, N. Y., where he made a fine rec
ord. He is a young man of affable
manners painstaking in his work and
will no doubt prove to be a most ac
ceptable attache of the bank.
Owing to the condition of his health
Mr. G. B. Smith who has been
with the Bank of Lee County as book
keeper, has resigned and will seek em
ployment in a more active line. The
confinement was gradually imparinghis
health and Mr. Smith realized that he
should seek out-of-door employment
that will give him a greater amount of
exercise. He has had several years
experience in the banking business and
proved a valuable man. Mr. Smith
has not determined what he will do.
Little tsaskin wrignt on tne mgnt ox
December 31st celebrated his eleventh
birthday at a 6 o’clock dinner, at which
several of his little friends were hi6
guests. The table was appropriately
decorated for the occasion, eleyen light
ed tapers being arranged to express
the number of years that cover the
span of his life. It is the wish of his
friends that many more years mav
come to him, full of usefulness, happi
ness and prosperity, and that he may
grow to be an honored citizen of the
Holiday Marriages.
The following named persons were
married by the Rev. S. D. Shelton
during the Christmas holidays:
J. M. Ethridge to Miss LauraAdams.
C. C. Baker to Miss Cora Lee Whit
G. C. Hall to Miss Maggie Loyd,
H. G. Moore to Zona Smith.
T. M. Dickerson to Miss Onie Lee
Good Way to Avoid Thorns.
Every rose has its thorn. But the
thorn need not be discovered by one
who is content to admire the rose’s
beauty without destroying it.
Drawback to Holidays.
Holidays ^ould be more enjoyable,
as a rule, if they didn’t make you so
sorry for the people who are working
themselves nearly to death trying to
amuse you.
•* i '
Tea for Mrs. Archer. HH
Miss Lucille Grainger was the
hostess yesterday afternoon of a
delightful tea, given to compli
ment Mrs. Ira F. Archer, of
Tupelo, Miss., whose wedding
was an interesting social affair
of the fall. Mrs. Archer is the
guest of her parents, Mr, and
Mrs. H. M. Brennecke. About
150 guests were present at the
affair, which was given at the
home of the hostess’ mother,
Mrs. Thomas H. Grainger on
Grand avenue.
Receiving with Miss Grainger
and Mrs. Archer were Mrs. Allen
I Odell, of Brooklyn, and Mrs.
Mills Williams.
The house was beautifuliy deco
rated, dozens of bouquets having
been sent the hostess. The din
ing room, where the delicious
afternoon refreshments were
served, was in red. The dining
table was lovely, with its central
arrangement of red carnations
and red tapers burning in gold
Mrs. Archer wore a handsome
gown of wisteria crepe meteor
and carried pink roses.—Nash
ville Tennesseean.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stops the
Cough and Headache and works off the Cold.
Druggists refund money if it fails to cure.
8. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 25c.
What promises to be one of the
big laugh nights of the theatri
cal season will be the occasion
when Bert Leigh and his score
I of Broadway girls comes to the
| Comus Theatre Friday, January
12d, in Geo. M. Cohan’s new mu
sical farce, “The Little Million
,, '
Learn to Forbear.
To forbear is to forget every night
the little vexations of the past day;
1 to say every morning: “Today I shall
be braver and calmer than yesterday.”
Forbearance even sometimes leads us
;*to detect in ourselves a little want of
I good nature, condescension and char
To Prevent Blood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reliable DR.
gical dressing that relieves pain and heals at
the same time. Not a liniment. 25c. 50c. $1.00.
Trustee’s Sale Notice.
Pursuant to the provisions of a‘ cer
tain Deed of Trust executed by D. T.
Elder and wife in favor of G. W. B.
Smith on the 10th day of February A.
D., 1911, to secure certain indebtedness
therein mentioned to said G. W. B.
Smith, which Deed of Trust is duly re
corded in the Chancery Clerk’s office of
Lee County, Mississippi, in Deed Record
Book No. 94, page 624,1 will, as Trustee
in said Deed of Trust, on the 26th day
of January A. D., 1914, at the front
door of the postoffice, in the Town of
Saltillo, Lee County, Mississippi, with
in legal hours, offer for sale, at public
outcry, to the highest bidder for cash,
f/tll/tniin/v Jnn/.wi L /v -4 nwAnAa^n f n ivt 11 •
‘“ft VJ, ” - - -
Forty (40) acres, beginning at the N
E. corner of the SE. J of Section 7,
Township 8, Range 6, running due W.
40 rods; thence S. 80 rods; thence E. 40
rods to section line between Sections 7
and 8; thence E. 40 rods; thence N. 80
rods; thence W. 40 rods to the begin
ning point, all in Lee County, State of
Mississippi. Such title conveyed as is
! vested in me as Substitute Trustee
This 1st day of January, 1914.
41 Substitute Trustee.
Trustee’s Sale Notice.
Pursuant to the provisions of a cer
tain Deed of Trust executed by A. E.
Gregory on the 10th day of April A.D,,
1913, to secure certain indebtedness
therein mentioned to G. W. Long, and
by him transfered to C. P. Long, which
Deed of Trust is duly recorded in the
Chancery Clerk’s office of Lee County,
Mississippi, in Deed Record Book, No.
102, page 458, I will, as Trustee in said
Deed of Trust, on the 24th day of Jan
uary A- D., 1914, at the postoffice door
in the Town of Tupelo, Lee County,
Mississippi, within legal hours, offer
for sale, at public outcry, to the high
est bidder for cash, the following de
scribed property: The SE.' J of Sec
tion (36) thirty five, Township (8)
eight, Range (6) six in Lee County,
Mississippi, such title conveyed as is
vested in me as Trustee aforesaid.
This 31st day of December. 1913.
J W. Hoyle, Trustee.
<; J
i You feel a hot burning j
i i sensation in the throat,
! | fullness or bloated feeling ! '
j | in the stomach, belching, j |
| | sour risings and a loss of | j
] j your usual vim and energy. J j
i i You need the help of •
ii ii
ii It is an admirable digestive • I
| | stimulant. It cleanses the ( ,
I i stomach of fermented food, cools < •
| | and tones the digestive organs, ( ,
< i drives bilious impurities into i I
| ! the bowels where its excellent ( ,
i i cathartic properties force the i •
J | bowels to operate thus ridding ( ,
i i the body of the disturbing i i
j ' matter. It acts quickly and j |
i i thoroughly, checks heartburn i i
J | in a few minutes, restores the ( (
l i appetite, comfortable digestion i I
j | and cheerful spirits. J j
| | Sold by Druggists and Dealers i i
j j in Medicine. J |
i i Price $1.00 per Bottle ! j
i i Prickly Ash Bitters Co. <
X proprietor* A
# St. Louis, Mo. |
Pound-Kincanon ElkinCo., Special Agt.
Cleaned Up His City.
Resenting the assertion that Syd
ney, Australia, was the dirtiest town
in the southern hemisphere, the lord
mayor organized a special force of a
hundred police for the preservation of
good order, cleanliness and neatness.
Saves Fisherman Trouble.
Harness to hold a Ashing pole, so
as to leave a Aslierman's hands free
to manage his bait or catch, is an
English invention.
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedies Won’t Cure.
The worst cases, no matter of how long standing,
are cured by the wonderful, old reliable Dr,
Porter’s Antiseptic Healing Oil. It relieves
Pain and Heals at the same time. 25c, 50c. $1.®°
Classified Ads. |
Rates in this column 5c per lilie ■
Nothing less than 25 cents ■
Real Estate.
FOR SALE—My residence in Ve
rona with sixty acres ot land. Mrs.
James Kincannon, Tupelo, Miss.
FOR SALE—Seven room residence
on J efferson street. There are 3i acres
in the lot. Suitable terms will be made
for a quick sale. Apply at the Journal
FOR SALE OR RENT—85 acres of
land, 4 miles west of Shannon; about
65 acres in cultivation, the rest wired
in for pasture. For information ad
j_1 r\ *_1J Mis. A1
Ul VOO M « *** ***-- -
ern Main street residence, on large lot,
two blocks from business section of
Tupelo; place worth fully $3,500; if
purchaser is found before Jan. 15th the
property can be had for $2,850. See
F. M. Savery. 41 tf
For Sale.
FOR SALE:—Second hand buggy.
Will sell cheap or trade for corn. Ap
ply at this office.
FOR SALE or Rent 5 room cottage
with all modern conviences on North
Green st, Apply to Mrs. M. P. Hen
derson. ,40-2t
Investigate our partial Daymentplan
on Diamonds and Jewelry.—Pound
Kincannon-Elkin Co., Jewelry Depart
, f -: - —
Fire Insurance. ^ ^
LARS—Confined Assets of Companies
of this office represent more than
$500,000,000. Savery’s Fire Insurance
Agency. -
Hauling and Draying.
G 1 teams, careful drivers. Special
attention to moving pianos. W. I.
Brown. Both phones. 9
.. 'T •
\ ’•
Wed. Night Jan. 7
The Most Dio- The Sensational
cussed Play Sucoess
On the ol Two
Sta0e Conti.
Today nenta
One Every
Year Mother
in London and Girl
19 Woeks in Love
in Chicago Should
12 weeks in Boston Se£this Pay
' *
Prices 25c to $1.50
10 acres of your land feed as much
stock as 20 acres now feeds.
Your cows produce 5 pounds of
butter fat for every 3 pounds they are
now producing.
/ %
50 per cent increase in profit per <
steer fed.
Your soil more fertile if you put
the manure back onto the land.
You can own an INDIANA Silo
cheaper than you can afford to do
without one.
---——-__ . —
' \
- • As a fitting entry into the
Ureetmg New Year we want to \
—— extend our hearty thanks
1014 an<* s*ncere appreciation >
of your patronage in the
past, and it will be Our Purpose to continue to give
you the fullest measure of satisfaction in goods and
service. How well we succeed will be reflected in
your continued Good Will. JM
With the wish that the Sun of Prosperity may f
shine brightly upon all your undertakings and that
each day may HT1 ¥ J X
bring you peace, 1 il0 L0£lCl0r ^
gladness, multi- — \
plying your joy c 0 j
as time goes on. S.,B. Hinds, 1 FOp. ?
Real Estate
We have customers desiring loans on Bank Stocks,
Bonds and Real Estate. These loans will net you
7 and 8 per cent. Correspondence Invited.
202 3 4, Jefferson Co. Savina Bank Bldg. Birmingham, Aia

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