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Correspondents must mai
their communications so the)
will reach this office not latei
than early Wednesday morn
ing in order to be published in
currcnt issue.
Malcolm Moore, who has beer
attending school here the pasl
session, left for his home in Ger
mantown, Tenn., Tuesday of lasl
Messrs. J. Y. Wright, Robt,
Bruce and Will Millican and Mes
dames Wright and Millican made
a trip to Tupelo Tuesday after
noon of last week in Mr. Bruce's
Little Rebecca and Robert Fin·
ley spent the latter part of lasl
week with their grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Thomason,
of Beldnn.
Mrs. Crump was the guest ol
friends in Belden the first of lasl
Miss Nettie Kellv spent Tues
day and Wednesday with rela
tives in Gatman.
Mr. D. C. Langston and family
visited Tupelo Thursday.
W. T. Brown spent the first of
last week in Jackson on busi
Misses Sallie Lee and Lassie
Seal Caldwell and Clyde Belk
were visitors to Tupelo Wednes
day and Thursday.
Misses Annie Mae and Georgia
Lee Beasley visited Tupelo on
Wednesday of last week.
David Oliver, who has been
attending school here the past
session, left for his home in Illi
nois Tuesday of last week.
J. A. Barton and daughter,
Clara, attended commencement
exercises at Ecru from Thursday
till Sunday.
Mrs. W. P. Littlejohn and
children are visiting Mrs. Little
john's father in Tennessee.
Mrs. Carroll Thomason and
children and Homer Witt, of
Tams, III., are the guests of Mrs.
Sallie Witt and family.
A. D. Tucker attended com
mence exercises at Ecru Friday
and Saturday.
Misses Lois and Ada Moore
visited Tupelo Thursday.
Miss Christine Payne and
brother, Howard, who have been
attending school here the past
session, have returned home.
Mrs. Pearl Penny and little
daughter, of Pontotoc, are guests
of Mrs. Penny's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Hancock.
Miss Pat Jones spent Sunday
and Monday with relatives in
Floyd Hancock was in New
Albany Sunday afternoon.
J. P. Caldwell and family at
tended commencement exercises
at Ecru Thursday and Friday.
Rev. T. A. J. Beasley filled his
regular appointment at the Bap
tist church Sunday morning.
Rev. W. A. Bowlin filled his
regular appointment at the M.
E. church Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. W H. Powell,
of Tupelo, spent Sunday with
relatives here.
Brooks Tucker, of Ecru, spenl
Sunday with his uncle, A. D,
Tucker and family.
Julius Millican, of Ellistown,
was in town Saturday afternoon
John Putt and family spenl
Sunday with his brother, Pinl
Mrs. Martha Kelly is spending
a few days with her son, B. F,
Dr. E. D. Hood, of Tupelo,
was here on business Wednesday
Toliver Livingston and family,
of Tupelo, spent Sunday after
noon with L. S. Livingston.
Misses Jettie and Etta Wad*
spent Wednesday with Mrs. L.
S Livingston.
Louis Robins, of Endville,
spent Wednesday night with rela
tives here.
A. A. Gault, of Sherman, vis
ited J. E. Gault Friday.
Ben Kelly and family spent
Sunday at Mt. Vernon.
Some of our young people at
tended singing at Mt. Vernon.
They report good singing and a
nice time.
Miss Florence Gault, of Sher
man, spent Saturday and Sunday
with J. E. Gault.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Sanders
spent Sunday with Dick Ander
son and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bolton and
daughter, of Shannon, spent Sun
day tvith L. S. Livingston.
Mrs and Mrs. Shands and little
son spent the week end with rel
atives at Guntown.
Cal Mooneyhun and family
spent Sunday at Mt. Vernon with
Mrs. Mooneyhun's sister, Mrs.
Bud Allen.
George Anderson and family
spent Saturday and Sunday with
C. H. Mills.
Clovis Kilpatrick spent Sunday
at Camp Creek.
Mrs. J. F. Mitts has been on
the sick list for several weeks.
* * · Τ » · η L ! „ £ 17l„ J
IU15S 13CSSIC IWUIUO, υι uuu
ville, is visiting relatives here
this week.
L. S. Livingston and Will San
ders were in Tupelo on business
the first of the week.
Miss Arbie Huggins, of Mt.
Vernon, spent Saturday and Sun
day with Miss Ida Bolton.
Tom Buchanan and family
spent Sunday with J. T. Mills.
Little Miss Mary Sue Sullivan,
of Bog, is spending a few days
with relatives here.
Master Gilbert Keys, of Bog,
spent the latter part of last week
with relatives here.
Martha Jane and Beulah Bolen
visited Tupelo Wednesday.
Eckford Hamblin spent Satur
day night with friends in Fair
Jim Sewell and family, of
Macedonia, are spending a few
days with relatives here.
Ralph Wood has returned from
Kossuth, where he has been in
school the past winter.
Keren Hamblin and Vera Mc
Carthy are spending a few days
with relatives and friends near
John and Bernard Billingsley.
of Fairfield, spent Sunday here.
Ε wing Miller and Pruitt Bolen
spent Saturday night with rela
tives in Liberty.
Harry Thurman, of Sherman,
Cnn/^nTr Γ» VlûïO
Dave McCarthy, of near Sal
tillo, spent Sunday here.
A number of young folks were
nicely entertained at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Riley.
Talmage Bruce, of Sherman,
was here Sunday afternoon.
Little Miss Nannie Ruth Mas
sey, of Bethany, spent the latter
part of last week with relatives
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Miller, of
Liberty, spent Sunday with rela
tives here.
Forrest Wood was in Sherman
Willie Haddon, of Baldwyn,
spent Sunday here.
Oscar Tanner, of Tupelo, spent
Sunday with home folks.
We had a large crowd out at
; singing Sunday afternoon. Rev.
Williams filled his regular ap
pointment also.
Charley Walker, Jap Benson
and Jim Tom Benson were in
Tupelo on business last week.
Charley Butler was in Tupelo
J. C. Kennedy went to Verona
son business Saturday.
Mr. Rogers and family, of
Plantersville, were the guests of
J. C. Coggin Sunday.
Mrs. Will Flynn is the guest of
her mother, Mrs. Johnston, this
Ed Birmingham, Charley Arm
strong and Mr. Quillin, of Amo
ry, were with us Sunday after
noon at singing.
Next Sunday is our regular
singing day. Everybody invited
to come.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Johnston
and baby were the guests of Will
Butler and family Sunday.
The young people had quite an
enjoyable time at a partv at Will
Butler's Saturday night.
Ed Watts and family were the
guests of J. C. Kennedy and
family Sunday.
A number of our boys went to
Shannon Saturday.
Will Butler attended the con
cert at Liberty Hall this week.
Rev. C. A. Gilbert, of Ratliff,
filled his regular appointment
here Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Askew, of
Richmond, visited relatives here
Saturday and Sunday.
Lawrence Gray, of Tupelo, is
the truest of his uncle and aunt.
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Jim Green.
The many friends of Miss Cecil
Mullens will be delighted when
she returns from Tupelo, where
she has been visiting for several
Bro. Smith, the Presbyterian
preacher, of Corinth, filled his
appointment here Sunday after
noon. „
Mrs. Mary Nabors and daugh
ter, Willena, have returned home
after a two weeks' visit with
friends and relatives in Amory.
' ' V- I
Saltillo ι —* >
1 )
Ray West and family..^/Ve
rona, were guests of relatives'
here Sunday.
Mrs. White spent Sunday af
ternoon in Tupelo.
Bob Wade made a business
trip to Tupelo Saturday.
Miss Dezzie Cook was among
the visitors to Tupelo Saturday.
Misses Christine Spain and
Lydia Thompson and Messrs.
Roger, Epting and Thompson at
tended church at Sherman Sun
day night.
Mrs. Biggers, of Plantersville,
is the guest of relatives here this
John Bickerstaff and family
attended singing at Oak Grove
Little Miss Susie Pearce is vis
iting her aunt at Wheeler thii
John Morgan and wife attend
ed singing at Oak Grove Sunday
Rev. M. L. Bickerstaff, ο
near Shannon, was the guest ο
his son and family this week.
Little Miss Gladys Siddall, ο
Tupelo, spent Sunday here witl
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