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The City itemizer. (Water Valley, Miss.) 1894-1918, August 16, 1917, Image 1

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I ne City itemize!*.
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H 4. LEE, Editor "Devoted to tho Interest cf the Editor, E*tluslvely." $1.00 Yet
Will This Come True?
Jack Lait, tha w-U known writ
er, says it will. He tells in the
August, American Magazine what
he thinks wilt happen in 35 years,
and he also tells how it feels to be
i 5. He says:
“There will not be a king, em
peror, oztr or kaiser in Europe.
“Ireland will bp an independent
republic; so will Poland.
“Liquor will be tabooeil the
world over—barred at its source,
“Women will 'have full suffrage
Socialism will not have dis
placed republican government.
"There will be an aerial route
across the Atlantic and Pacific
ooeans, with stations or controls at
"There will be telephone con
nections with and without wires
across both ooeans,
"All principle cities will have
doubledecked streets, the lower
strata tor traffic by vehicles exclu
“Emigration from one country
to another will be rare. j
"Firearms of all kinds will be
obsolete, forbidden everywhere.
‘Huge artifioal lights will make
the world ae bright by uigLt as by
“Physicians, lawyers, dentists,
will be public officials and will
l . udt work for individual fees,
“Love will guide matrimonial
selections, but government will
refuse to lioense the uutit, the ani
mated, the immature, the senile,
the damaged.
“New York City will have 10,
000,000 inhabitants and ‘its own
Legislature; Chioago will have
7,000,000 and its own legislature.”
-■— -
A manager of a picture show in
Oklahoma who, because of hisTeu
tonio origin, would not permit The
Star-Spandled Banner or any other
patriotic air to be played in hia
threatre, was recently forced by
the sheriff lo publicly kiss the
American flag. After a spot light
had been turned on the screen,
the sheriff forced the manager with
German sympathies to march out
on the stage and kiss the flag in
the presence of an audience of more
than one thousand people,
The Conqueror..
It’s easy to laugh when the skies are
And the sun is shining bright;
Yes, easy to laugh when your friends
are true
And there’s happiness in sight;
But when hope has fled and the skies
are gray,
And the friends of the past have turned
Ah, then indeed it's a hero feat
To conjure a smile in the face of defeat.
It’s easy to laugh when the storm is
And your ship is safe in port;
Yes, easy to laugh when you’re on- the
Secure from the tempest’s sport;
But when wild waves wash o’er the
storm-swept deck
And your gallant ship is a battered
Ah, that is the time when it’s well
worth while
To look in the face of defeat with a
It’s easy to laugh when the battle’s
And you know that the victory’s won;
Yes, easy to laugh wtien the prize you
It’s yours when the race is run;
But here’s to the man who can laugh
when the blast
Of adversity blows; he will conquer at
For the hardest man in the world to
Is the man who can laugh in the face
of defeat.
A young mau of our oity recent
ly sent $8 to a New York tirm for
a “marriage guide.” He reo ived a
fifteen oent biblejjand these words;
“There is no better guide for mar
ried life than this book.” He got
value received more than many get.
A Brave Thought
'Your b >v, if he is the right
kind of a boy, has work to do
through a long life. Nothing will
happen to him. A man is imtro.
tal till his work is done. There
are exceptions to this rule, as to
all others, but this is still the rule.”
The above lines quoted from a
popular journal contain a beauti
ful thought for the soldier boys
and the dear ones left behiud.
W lieu trie first army or American
soldiers landed in France without
loss or mishap, it wa3 signal proof
that an over ruling Providence
had guided those transports safely,
and like the rainbow, held the
promise that the great Jehovah
would protect and guide to viotoij
those oourageous souls who have
gone forth to battle for the right
in the greatest oau3e the world has
ever known. And they will return
to their home land full of honor
having won the viotory. So let
all be brave to do and dare for the
cause of Liberty.—Holly Springs
A wise woman once said that
there were three follies of men
that always amused her, The first
was climbing trees to shake the
fruit down, when if they had wait
ed long enough the fruit would
fall itself; the second was going to
war to kill each other, when if
they would only wait long enough
they would die naturally; and the
third was that they would run af
ter women, when if they did not
do so the women would be sure to
run after them.
An exohange haa disooverd that
a poor girl has to be awfnlly good
looking to be pretty and a rich girl
has to be awfully homely to be ugly.
It might have added that a poor
' jan has to be awfully smart to be
intelligent, and a rich man almost
a blockhead to be ignorant,

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