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— • %
"elroniP, their respective tîntes,— i'in case and
l'appuies» nf each »ml all, «ere ulil • cnwil nl,
and all «era undo to feel themselves at home.
Though fix* d '«nd unwavering in In« principles, v"t
ovcrv national pm pos«ioa«inn,— all mural, polilio.il
and rJEginu* paiiialjiics however dufi-rent from
hra, were tolerated beneath hie root' with a licensed
propriety anil grace, wlneli equally evident*. I I Ilf
Iiiteraliijf of lu« îtrntini« lit*, anti lltO chante «pint of
In* politeness. At hi* board, mi l nt his fireside,
l,e looked and lived the character of .he well brad j
gentleman nt republic in trmwtli ; hlt-nuin* m ini
affeotnd harmony, » Hiphly Cultivated ImCtligeiife,
with the Vtin «.t Siniplict.v of. «..„Hum plainer.
I t , • t , ; ... il», I
llj Itl8 iulju<itc<ttti>n (l)Mili the !*encll, ne nispluyotl
« sound judgtin uf, und with hi« munly
bent on justice, wa.* promptly averse to duffer ma ill**
' ub,1< ;" cs ° f "7 ■ r ' ■"« <*<*«• A " •
pveaiding cHicor, bts wonted courtesy was pwlmpi*
even more coikipieuout thau 111 piivu'e lifo.
Ct armtiint, tntslftnt nrpVOMiming; he was ten.uû- ,
ana in .„opnrt of the right* and privilege, nfcim,- I
*rf*l tho bar,—heard potiently ami respectfully the
argument« of all, and evef encouraged by Ins kind
nr» and amenity, the drffnlent and omhartirae.l
Foed of the legal proférai.... he wan ardently at
tachcd to its members nnd cherished hie Has,« in
tiens wiih them, ne a passionate endcinnent of hie
life. No Judgo ever engaged more of the affec
lion* of the profession, and never did a Judge dis
charge hin official functions in a manner boiler to
deserve them.
This sketch Mr. Chairman, and greatly more is
due to tho character of the man whose death We
now deplore. Thus much however is offered here,
but as introductory lo 'ho following expression of
<§if respectful recollection oflhe departed.
Rfroltr.l, That wo deeply lament the doithof
ihn Hon. I'nrpit Ra vnor.vtr, and ds s testimonial
of our respect To his moinory, we will wear crape
on onr left arm for the space of thirty day*.
Resolved, That wo sincerely symp ttliizn witli
thq family of the deceased in this a filleting d.spoil
salion of Providence, and llntt these expressions of
our condolence, ho certified fo them by the Mecrc
tiiry of this meeting.
Resolved, Thai theso proceedings he signed by
the Chairman and Sccrelary, nnd published in llie
•'Southern Planter," of Wilkinson, nnd the ".Mat
ches," of Adams county.
On motion of Gordon D. Boyd, Esq .
Resolved, That John Henderson, Esqr„ he re
quested to furnish a copy of his address, to he pub
tislied willi the foregoing resolutions. *
.Joann il J. Evrleth, Secretary.
The Edgefield Carolinian nlr-erves that the Gov.
of Georgia has recently appointed twenty-tiro aids
With the rank of Lt. Colonel. Military ti'leaaie
s o common throughout the country that Mister,
is quite a title of distinction to a' vvell dressed gen
tlemnn — '
Natebez," with still only " a warrant
officer on the quarter deck, has provoked a fire fro
two Frigates of tho fir*t class."—The Planter of
Wood ville, nnd Correspondent of Port Gibson,
have both sent a double shot into the deck of the
V°° r " uncommissioned ship." Better signal the
S ain to came on board and lake command,
_ Η If they fire broadsides, your mast a will go
by the board at least ; if they dont sink you.
Natchez Gazette.
We have the pleasure of acknowledging tho re
seplion of the first number of a now paper printed
St Wondville in this Stale, called the "• Sor rnienv
Plaxtiir," It promises to be a valuable
sion to the Public Journal* of the day.
The editor of the ' Southern Planter* of the Aili
instant hold* the following Itpignage:
" Batchelor* Nullified; seventy eight marriage,
havebeen solemnized m the county of Wilkinson
within the last twelvo month*. Leap year com
menced on Sunday last, and will prove still more
final to the rank* ofaihgle blessedness."
If this IS nullification, we like the doctrine very
well, and should Ire glad if some of our fair friends
would consent to ttullify us.
Mi.is. State Adrocate.
Every arrival of tho m ill, brings additional ac
counts of the severity with which the winter has
set in—and oven in some portions of our country,
south ofthe Tennessee river, its effects have been
most fatal. In Jackson, Tenn, one ofthe criminals
confined in the Jail ofthat place, was frozen to
death on the night of the 17th ult. and on the fol
lowing evening, a man in Haywood and a hoy in
Ilardomnti county, were also frozen to death. At
Noshvillrf, on tho 21st ult. a loaded wagon crossed
the Cumberland on the ice, a circumstnnce that
« has not occurred since 1796, and in the country
bordering on the Istkos, the snow had fallen ut
several places, to the depth of from two to tlrreo
Mississippi Patriot.
The following line» from Ihe pen of a young ledy, were
handed in sometime «u;n. Tho delay in putninhing them
wt* owing to their being misplaced. Wo invite farther
r 0OUihutiona to our Poet'» corner, from Ihe fair "Lehe."
For the Southern Planter.
Ceaie, ceene my herp, thy strain* forego
That apeak* of former «lay».
Or eadly will thy number» flow
While thither memory »tray**;
deriving joy» to feeling» dear.
Like fairy virion* past;
Ala»! their bliaaful moments were
Toe pure and bright to last.
the wretched lull'd in sleep,
Wboee mind blast dreams pervade.
Awake» with keener grief to weep,
tfi» life's contrasting «hade;
V So the dear joy» and friend» now past
iJn mlcnco to the tornh,—
T' rr brightest hours their shadow* cast
flfyd deepen present gloom!
WAS Committed to the Jail of
Wilkinson County, State of Mississip
pi, ns a runaway, by G. D. Boyd, Esq.,
on the 3rd instant, a negro hoy who
culls himself SAM; about 16 years
old,—and says lie belongs to n Mr.
James Kelly, a negro trader from
tuc«y. Had on when committed a homespun
.""i pantaloons anti vest,
Pho owner of 4tp4b4vo described negro boy is
•eqticstod to curie forward, prove properly, pay
barges, and takfi him out of jail, otherwise he will
dealt with as the law directs.
" oodvillc, February 4, 1032.
lie came in on liorse
v"t At ht. mven. Wiivjnran County, at half put nine P
M .»ivsti 'January, In the (With j-cm-nfhi« q. r . Perm
Ran*'"«.*««. •* Jh« - ftietoirt Court of the I'm toi I
if""»,.,' "„TtSS?
Ilf Oo« -d «uh t igmS un.te,\r«n.tine. he rnmptrted Iti.
of wali siat William and Mary Cotle*«, where lie enj ^
||'"5Î Ï * 1 , ''7 V* friendahip of Chapman Johnston,
j pra^mh.vîTnïen™ NMtelStX'
he wa« itiatinjinahed for ehivalmna xenerrnlty and (nfll
nee. of «nut At thi« peo-vl the only «m with hut ..no
.ÎT^l.'îüSkT!*' 5*? ■'TT* *"•
I «w l»> *n unUwmU rv*Bl h* «idifeiily h.-ff*rne »Imoatät»
ti(«itn **f mean«, Ihr *»n|J protcrinr and <mi|)|>oi t of hi« •<].
mirabln mother Hia Irrst dsdaioo. rwpwuiil tandsr filial
•leportroent on this trying , win honored and ad
• ÄI^ÄTSnÄ SE», * 3 »
comfort which duty end «HTmUm could procure, He it*
to Stanton, to atudy law With hi« »«relient friend
, Jhapman John'-tor*, line hr hersne acquainted with
I ^££. 'Thi
the trader humanity of hi* «oui, tint dhthnaluMi huniobe
™I"' her Iriend, adviser and pnrtertnr, hut on leaving her
'"p"y » «hurt liait to hi. *Bertionaia mother, he dlwover
at- Âte'ÂïîîrvWdt'ÂÎ
in- qualifying hi«.elf fat the practire of the law th*y »
msrrisd, ami he. sducstioo ifterwards crapMwl. "«S ;
rommeiired ih« prsctKe of the l*w «tiout the year 1805
or 1808, then shout years n'd. Ttm,i*li poor in puise,
rich in the c«te*m «nil «ffeetion« -*f the people of Nottoway
an I «itjnining rnunlies, a »«Inin Uemnerat «like from «I
legisnre to the Cnnatil lion» ot tho ilovemment« Ke.ier.il
and State, and a indite philanthropy aud heroir lovo ot Î
libei ty which would a««ert for all mankind equal rights
and privilege« Bmiiie«« and honor« «ought him in rapid
Ile «V early delegated hy the people of Not
toway to the hagiatstiirs -f V'itgini«, in w-hirh he repeat
edly represented them; he w »« chu«en Caplaui of * compa
ny of l.iglit Infantry in 1807. in 1S09 rermmnendsrl by ihe
magi-tratss of the County wer hia aenior* oflicer, he wa«
Commission« in Kch 1810; l.ieotenant Colonel of the
4»tli Regiment, and ni 1812 he was sleeted lo the llenrh
of the Circuit Court of Virgisi» Never did any Judge
enjoy ip n liighet degree the confidence and afle. tio • of
those over ivlinm he preaided, and ao punetiloualy faitli
ful aii he to the trust, that it ia believed, he never miaaed
hut one term of Court during nine year» whirh to- held the
ofliee. although hi« health was ao infirm that he expec
etl hire at for arvtral year», and on that orraainn tie trad
«hot through the lung« by a desperado Forced at length
by the continued ravage« of disease and an unpropitiou«
riimate to abandon hia native Slate, honored lielovsd and
regretted hy all who knew hun, he reaignert and emigrated
to this State in 1822, and was «rarely «ruled w hen he waa
apimniled Judge of the District Court of the United State«
for thi. District, by President Monroe With wlut fidel
ity, ability in t public saiuffsetion lie discharged the duties
of this trust i« left to the Rar and the people of Miaaiaaippi
But hia greateat excellence was hi« private
Doubtlessly brave, of a force of charar-tor whirh
la attest
gave its own superior impress lo all minor spirits who
»hired his converse, generous, teodet affectionate sod
humane, hia hosom waa the ehoseo asst, of the filial,
conjugal, parental, aocial and ehariiahle virtnea No
man ever posaea«ed more ardsut and devoted friend«, few
very few ao richly merited them The widow, the or
phan, the poor, the afflicted, alwaya found In him a svrn
palhiaing and efficient friend, he wa-an etoellent neigh
hor, a kind and humane maaier Until Aug. 1H2K. though
he repined it bs eep> ration from sit the friends of hit
eaily years, whom he lovwl w th ingiilsr ene.gy, he en
ir r' n .Twr;!.,^f.:.^„n > H :,d' , ;z:roo;; c 'r«t
rocation of all th»r»lRtive duti«*« But in Ihe (im- fre- P
joiciitf at th» marriage of hi» riiteat daii^htrr to a f»n( e
wlio»n he e»le<*rned and loved, «irknea« r;iinr. n d
when he artwe from the M of (Miriam he had Hit hia
beloved wife A miin, the eoif.hmatiori of (he atronrert
element», aev-red from hia fHenda. bereft of Ihe *« ife he
he ! for more thin 20 yesra adowHt. in the chans ot grief
raV;l\^ÄJw h ,*«Ä. ** N-iPot-ofbtamte«
In November 1828 he ws.sg.in married fo Elizabeth
I.eather'm y of Natchez And could an amiable, a fault
leas « dutiful wife whom he justly appreciated and tender
ly loved have retrieved hia happiness we had vet poaarwaed
him. But Dnd willed it otherwise. Wirh «ueh exalted dig
nity of character he was ve!human; not exempt fmrnfrailtv. ;
wo mourn him—gone whither not ever, the invrammelled
mind can accompany him To hia friemla remain th in
tereating duty leciprocatly to rullivate the friendship and
promote the happiness of sli whom hs loved the aad aol
aco of his honored memory and th* hope that Ood shall
have hart merry on hl« soul.
MARRIED.—On the 26lh ul(.,ot the residence
of the Hon. George Poindexter, hy the Rev. J C
EI.IZ second daughter of Carter B. Poindexter,
of Norfolk, Virginia.
On Monday Inst, hy the Rev. T. C
ANN, eldest daughter of T homas Netterville; nil
of this County.
The undersigned having formed a connexion in
tho Mercantile business under the firm of
C. C. WEST Ar Co.
have tho pleasure to inform their friends and the
public in general, that they are opening m the
corner house opposite tlie Bank, a very neat assort
ment of Dry Goods, Bunts, Shoe*, Hals, Crockery
Ware, Glass and Hardwaro, which lliev have deter
mined lo sell low for Cash or to punctual custom
era upon the usuul credit.
Wnodvillo Feb. 1st 1832
THE FOURT H SESSION of this Institution
closed on the 7th inst, and the next will open the
9lh of January, 1832.
TI«! following election of officer* has been
cently made hy tiro hoard in addition k> tho Super
Rev R PxtNR.
E. I). Sims. A. M Professor of Mathematics
and Natural Philosophy.
James Hathaway, A. M. Professor of Ancient
and Modem Languages.
Collins D. Elliot, A B. Tutor.
These gentlemen have accepted tho appointment*
and are on Ihe spot, ready to commence the dis
charge of llieir duties. They are regarded as em
inently qualified fur their »(ntions.
Boarding, including washing.
Lodging ami fire-wood,
Tuition, from
All lire extra, charge* nut exceeding
Sessions five months long.
It is believed hy those host acquainted with this
College tlmt there is none in the government wliere
Iretter order anti mote studious habits prevail among
the students than at La Grange.
The Trustees luive incurred a heavy expense in
creeling, during die late season, a large imd com
modious dormitory; and feeling assured tlmt the
College deserves a liberal patronage, they expect to
receive it.
J|40 per session
10 to 16
2 60
TB. SAUNDERS, President.
Hoard of Trustees.
J 6w4
Dec. 19, 1632,
For salt! at this Office.
For .ViJo at this Office.
The State of Mississippi
Sojienor Court •fChancorv.
Sarah S. Boyd
Western District.
Upon opening this cause,
and it approving to the satis
faCtion iff the Court that tlie I
defendant William J. Boyd ia not a rtràdent of this 1
state, he resides beyond tho limits thereof, tod i
upon motion of complainants counsel. It ia order- j
ed that the said defendant William J. Boyd, appear,
plead, answer or demur, to tho aatd roinplsmants
Bill, on or Iteforc the lirst day iff tits, next July
Term of this Court, and in default I here if the said
Bill matters and things tlterein contained will lie ta
ken a, confessed against him, nnd such decree
made as tho chancellor may think equitable and
tust; ami it is further ordered that the complainant
do couse a copy of ihts order to lie published once
a week, for three months, in the newspaper printed
nnd published ill the luwn of Wnoilvtlle called the
" Southern Planter," and a copy of the same issu
ed at the c .nr oflhe (.'«ort House of Adams Coun
ty, lor the same spare oft une.
William J. BAvd
AN Election for live Selectmen for tho town of
U> serve daring the present year, wtH be
hold in llm town Halt on Saturday the I IthofFeb
runry next—by order of
O. I) BOYD, J. r.
Januarv 31. 1832.
PURSUANT to an order of (lie Honorable llic
Probate Court of Pike County, State of Mississippi,
I shall sell at public suction to llm Inghetl Imlder,
on a rrclit ol twelvo months, purchasers giving
note with approve security, on the fourth Monday
in March next, ut the Court lluuso in anil for the
County of Pike, in said State, one quarter section
of lawl lying and I« mg in said county,
on the waters of I,idle T Inclnpiho,—adjoining
lands of Cnptiiin Ilyram Terrill,—being (lie pro
pnrty of Daniel Hoffman, died.
Pike County, Mi., Jin'y. 28, 1832.
20 Dolhtrs Howard.
A fine Dark Bay Mare, hall face, with sum# while
feet, 6 or 7 years old, a natural pacer. I will give
£20 for lier deliveiy, either to Mr J. Scott Wood
ville orat my place m Donegal.
, , „ , ' , „
I lorwaru all persons from trading for t nolo
given hy me (and embused ly Jamca Scull, Jr.)
Hiram H. Robinson, of Rutherford County, Tou
««v ^ r . ru.
P ro ^*lty (n negro girl) for winch »nul noie wa»
k'ivoii linn proved un»oun<l, und I ahull not pay tho
-unie unies» ccVIlHdled by law.
(£j-TIh) "Nashville Banner" will pleat« Inacrl
'h. above three .„„es, and forward ,heir account
to 111111 pey ment.
X( )TI ('/■'
. .O'linn.
1 1 "■ undoraignrd lorwirns all pprsuns from
crctliting tnv wife Jane Iltihbartl on my account, as
she has loft my bed and hoard without any |u»t
Hi vw ood .Jan. 12, 1832.
The Florida Gnzrtio will please insert Ihe above
3 tim'waml forward tlteir account to thi* office for
Foh'.y 4, 1832.
January 30th, 1832,
WAS Committed lo the Jail of
Wilkinson County, Stum of .Yissisnip
ilie 1st day of
pi, us a
Feh'y. (inat.,) hy Jas Ruahtoii, Esqr.,
a Negro hoy, who calls In« name
JOHN, and says he belongs to Wm.
Carter, living on the Planes, in Louisiana;—Raul
negio II about 26 or 27 years old, alunit five feet C
inches high, dark complected—two scars on Ins
neck, done with a knife—had on a homespun soil
of clothes.
The owner ofthe above desriihed slave is re
quested to come forward, prove properly, pay
chargea, and take lam out of Jail, otbervviac he
will lie dead with ns the law directs.
Wootlville, Feb. 3, 1832.
DR. E P CHURCH, from New York, hut
more recently from Natchez, offers Ins services lo
ihe citizens of Woislvdie nnd Its vicinity, in the
various branches of Hrntal Surgery, for one or
two weeks. Cty*He may he found at Ins romn ut
Mr. Scott'» Inn, hut will visit persons at their re
iidettce either in town or country, if requested.
January 2A, 1832.
WoadtiUe, January 15,1832.
Brig'r. Gcnl, Dxvrn Davis having resigned tho
Command oflhe 1st Brigade—Elections are order
ed to be held, on Saturday 2 r >ih February, in Ihe
fifth, sixth, ninth, and tenth Regiments, fo fill Ihe
Tho Commanding Officers of those Regiments
will seo tint Elections conducted according to tho
provisions of tho Militia law.
Maj'r. Grnl. 2nd Division.
Col. Gordon, Ath Reg'l.
Col. Bates, 6lh Reg't.
Col. Cunningham, Dili Regjt.
Col. Hunt, lOtli Reg't.
LETTERS of Administration having been
granted to the undcrsignixl, on the Estate of John
Spurlock, dec'd., at the December Term, 1831, nl
the Orphttim'Court of Amite; all |H-rsons having
claims against said estate, are requested to present
them duly authenticated within the time prescribed
! hy law, or they will be forever barred.
January 10, 1B.'>
At the February Term, 18.12. of tho Orphans'
Court of Amite County. I shall file my petition for
dower in and to the S. K. quarter of section 18,
Township 4, Range 5, and East, tn Atnite County,
being lands of which Henry Anderson, lateol'A
mitcCounty, died seized.
I.ale widow of Henry Anderson, deceased.
January 6, 1832,
j. j. mk hie extends his sincere
thanks to his patrons ami the public, for the very
liher«| enrnnrHgemebt he ha* received while a re
I »Want of Wilkinson ; nnd respectfully infoitns them,
1 'hat hi* school at Brandon Academy will Is« re
i opened on the 1st Monday in February.—The
j Ik »aril lag-house department will in future, lie lin
'he guidance of Joseph Patterson. I'sqr,
_ January 20,1832, 4w*
W1 |vi: iaXv¥TM*2'I'aa^I
IvNNRB bl) 1CT »> ■ AFIN
HAS just arriver! from lamdon, under a con
tract ns governess to my rlnoghugs. Mias Elling
ton teuclir* the F.nglish and French languages,
Geography, Aslmmimy, 'he use efthc Globes, Ate
Ar.c.. fin« lessons on tiro Piano Forte, Harp and
Guitar, nnd toadies singing scientifically. She
will also give lessons in a variety ot drawings, and
attend to all the minor am mphshments. Miss
Edmgion plays snd sing* in tho first style. Five
or six young ladies who desire an accomplished
education, will lie received. Those who may wish
Miss Kdingtun to take charge of their daughters
ns governess, would do well to call Immediately.
It is liehcvod that as noon •« her capacity ami ac
complishments are known, tho number will hrj
IVr.tf Feliciana, January 20, 1838. 4w4
THE Snhscriliera have entcml into Cnpartnct
slnp, tml will tin business uuilet liie lit» of Firent.
«f Pillet
January, 1832.
HAVE taken tiro atom formerly occupied hy
Col. Tho*. II. Oswald, Where they arc now open
ing a handsome assortment of
Fancy Sc Staple Dry Goods.
IIS row a re:,
hielt they will sell low for rash, or on the
usual credit to punctual pontons.
WnoiltilU, January 23, 1832.
Cast an Kye below.
WISHING In takr a short trip to the North to
roMnru my health, I will lie much obliged to all
those wlm are indebted to me professionally, lo
come forward like honest whiteheads nod discharge
Ilnur account*, or I shall be under the diragrecabie
. hi of rcmainin^unjtaii/.
Le armour.
January 20, 1832.
The Purtnr&hip heretofore existing
firm of Armstrong Af lirmli rson, i* tl
under the
ns day dis
solved hy mutual consent. All those indebted lo
said firm will please call und settle by cosh or note,
before the 20tli of February next, with either par
ty. Those having clainis will pleas, present tho
same. Musst». HrMiertaoM At Co,, continues the
business as heretofore, anil will attend to shipping
receiving, purchasing of provisions, Sic.
Fort Adams, January 26, IPS2,
ALL person* are hereby forbid paying nny ofthe
note* and account» tlue the firm of John I«. Monks,
ut Fort Adams, to the said Monks or any other
|N'i*ona hm Armstrong St llendeison, n* they are
the authorized agoni» of said firm, and all is.rnooH .
are hereby requited forthwith to mike payment to
said Armstrong Sc Henderson.
Akmsthono Sc Hknoessor.
January 7th, 1838.
BY virtue of sn order of tho Orphans'Court of
Wilkinson County, made at tho January Term
thereof, 1832; Ihe undersigned, Administrator of
Adam Hope, deceased, will, on the 16th day of
March next, sell at public auction to tho highest
huliler, on a credit of twelve months, a certain
tract of LAN D containing 108 acres, more or less,
belonging to the estate of said Hope, being tho tract
of land on whirh said Hope resided at tbs time of
his death,—lining sold to |>ay the debts of said es
tale. Sale to take place at the dwelling house on
tho premises.
January 86, 1832. 4
I hrrrhv For«w irn nil peraout from trading for
or receiving from D. Hardeman or William P. Per
kins, a certain note given hy Ihe undemigned, some
time about the 21«! December 1a»t, for the mim of
erven hundred and fift y dollars, and cudornod with
a Ocdit of one hundred and seventy five dollars—
I am determined not to pay said Note in conse
quence ofthe consideration for whirh it was given
having failed.
3w —4
January 21st. 1832.
WILL he sold at public auction, on the first
Monday in April next, in pursuance of an order of
the Orphans' Court of Wilkinson comity, st the
residence of peter W. Smith, all the REAL ES
TATE of Abram M. Wadr, dec'd., upon n credit
of twelve months,—purchasers giving bond with
approved security.
January 27, 1832.
Statu ok Mississippi,
Wilkinson County
ORPHANS' COURT, January Term , 1832.
ON iiiu application of John Stevens, Adiri'r. de
bonus non of the Estate of Robert It. Hammett,
deceased; and it appearing to the satisfaction of
tina Court, that there is not Personal property suffi
cient tu puy all the debts due hy said Estate—It is
therefore ordered that publication I* made aecerd
mg to law, to all p«-rsons interested in said Estate
to ap|iear at Ihe March Term of this Court, and
shew cause if any they have, why the Real Estate
of said deceased should not be sold to pay the debts
of said Estate.
1, Edward Feltus, Clerk of the Court aforesaid,
do certify the foregoing order to be a true copy
from the Records of said Court.
EDW'D. KE1.TUM, Clk.
• # Great Bargain
For »15000, »18000, or »I OOO.
THE Suhecntier effets for sale, on a credit of
I, ?, 3 Ar 4 vests*, the fnrmon which he reside*,—
king h inds, A follows A A wo
8(H) bids, of corn,—work
one wagen, —A
plnugHi,—hoe* & «>(!•* enough fur 'lie hands sold,
and 10 cow*. Tins larin, containing CAO arpents,
is 8 miles from St. Frsnmsville,—has 800 arms of
recently clenred land in cultivation, of the richest
kind of sod,—-a new frame dwelling house, 40 hy
80 feet,—a good gm and grits mill,—excellent ne
gro quarters,—a fine spring of water within 100
junls of llm dwelling house, and an abundance of
limber en it, as well as licing ailuated m one oflhe
liest slock ranges in ihn Parish. For the above
named property, fifteen thousand dollars will lie
taken, on a credit of I, 2, 3 iV 4 years, without in
terest, divided into 4 equal nuninil instalments.
Should the purchaser wish, 4 more first rate hands
will tie added, making 14 altngellier, for ,418000;
and if ihp ttnet adjoining (say (J50 aments) were It»
lie included in the sale, £21000 would lie taken for
the whole amount of property as abnvoslated. The
whole of the properly ofteted will lie sold without
10 valuable wot
men,—4 yoke of oxen,
horses and mare*, fi in nuinlier,
January Hi, 1838. 4
■Iniin Steven»,
Fieri Facsis tn April
Term 1032.

Asa Kimball's admmia'x.
By virtue of the above writ of Fieri Faeals to
mo directed from the Honorable (he Court nfWil- A
k moon County, 1 will on Monday tho &th day of »«t
March next at tlie Coart House dour of said Coun
ty, offer nt public suction for ready money, til tii«
tho right tille and interest ofthe defendant, to hia
interest in the personal eatato Constating of tlie
stock in trade in tlie Tanning Establishment near
Wondville, and known na tlie joint property of
Kimball and Thompson, levied on (hia day to ruit
inl'v the claim of tlie plsurlitt' and cost of suit thits
gTth January, 1832.
John Stevens
Fi. F*. To "April Term, 1838,
D. B. Thompson
Sc C. Nettervillc
BY Virtue of the above Writ of Fieri Facias M
me directed from the Hon. the Circuit Ouurt of
Mr'ilkinsnn County, I will on Monday the 5th day
of March next, at the Court House Door of said
County, between' tho bourn prescribed hy
fer at Public Auction, all the right, title nnd Intor
esl of I). B. Thompson, for ready money, to hia in
terest in lh*TAN YARD, cmisiaiing of the Stock
in hand; also his interest ru the real nnd |ioraonal
Estate eftsul E«iahliahmcni levied on this day lo
satisfy the plaintill'a tiaitn anil cost of suit.
FIELDING DAV18 8heriff.
Law, of
Jan. 27th, 1838.
William Adams,
Fieri Facias tn April
Term, 1838.

Letsonr Purdy,
By virtue of the above stated writ ofFieri Facia*
to me directed from the Honorable the Circuit
Court of Wilkinson County, I will on Mtinday the
Ath day of Murch next at llio Court House in said
County, between the hours prescribed by law offer
for sale at public auction, all the right title and uw
terest oflhe above named defendant, to ono tract of
land near the town of Fort Adaina lining part af
unction nine, in township orte, range four weal, in
the Land District west, nnd also part of section for
ty-six in township two, range one, weal as aforesaid ;
the said two section* tugotlier being the tract
cniifirngMl to Ihe representative* of Duud June*
dec'd. an<l|which said tract oflaml herein described
■* ihe sarnu that was conveyed by William Lawson
nnd Mary Luwtmn hi* wife to Letoomc Putdy anil
Mary hia wife, hy a deed bearing date tlie fourth
day of Fnhruury 1828, nnd estimated to contain
three hundred uercs more or less, levied on in tho
shove case to sali Ty the plaintiffs claim and cost of
suit this 27th January 1832.
F DAVIH, Sheriff.
Wm Lawsofi, el. al.
Fi. Fa. to April Term 18,38.
Isaac J. Erwin.
By virtue oflhe above statod writ of Fieri Facia*
to me directed from tho Honorable the Circuit
Court of Wilkinson County, 1 will on Monday tha
ffth Hay of March next nt the Court Hoiihu in snid
County, between tho hours pri-scribed hy law, oiler
for sale nt public auction all tho right title and in
terest of the above named dofendnnt to oue tract
oflnnd near tho town of Fort Adams, being psrt
of section nine, m township one, range four weil,
in the Land District west, and also part of section
lony-iix in township two, range one, west ns afore
said, Ihe said two sections together being tho tract
confirmed to the representatives of David Jones
det 'tl. and which raid tract of Land herein describ
ed, is the same that was conveyed by William Law
son and Mary hi* wife, tn Lctsomn Purdy nnd
51 ary Ins wifo by a dood licaring dnle tlie fourth
day of February, 1826, and is estimated to contain
three hundred acres more or less, levied on m ilia
above ease lo satisfy the plaintiffs claim and cost
of suit this 27th January, 1832.
F. DAVIS, Sheriff.
Isaac J. Erwin
Wm. Lawson, et al.
BY Virtue of tho above Writ of Fi. Fs. to me
directed from tlie Hon. tho Circuit Court of Wil
kiuson County, I will on Monday the 6th day of
March noxt, at the Court llousn Door of said
County, offer at Public Auction ft^ ready money,
helwt-cn the hours prescribed by law, all tho right,
title mid interest of the Defendant to ono tract of
Land near the Town of Fort Adams being Section
9, Township 1. Range 4, West in tiff* land District,
West of Pearl River, one undivided fifth of Section
46, in Township 2, Range Land District as uforc
said, containing hy r9timatc 300 acres, more or
4esf—Levied on In tlie obovc case to satisfy the
Plaintiff's Claim ami Cost of suit, thi* S7th Jan.
Fi. Pa. to April Term, 18SS
Tako of liquorice, anti
Recipe for a Cough.
monial wine, and paregoric, each one ounce—dis
solve the liquorice in a pint of warm water, and
ImiiI it down to half» pint; when Cold add the wine
and paragottr—take one table spoon full tlnec or
I,,nr times a day.
Il the patient has pnin in the bones, relief will I«
found by taking a pint howl of white balsam l« i, < A
going to bed.

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