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Southern planter. (Woodville, Miss.) 1832-1832, June 02, 1832, Image 2

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■ en
The new Tariff Bill propotfod by the Treasury
Detriment, it is sâidg presents a cOmpromi-e to
which no reasonable ol*ectton cm be offered. II
the Union party are aalttbed with a sch« mo iff radi
call, unconstitutiorel and uojuat. wh.U. there that
Congrem ceuß doTooppreaelho«outh that would
amsatisfy themf Bnt we ctnnrt belief« that this
i*the opt,ion of that party generally; and sure we
are that it is not the oputnn of tlio otate Rights^
J»rty,^Of of thl psoplt of ihsoouCh. So far from
htdT l^ n tUn w^mlf rV,| e to^how°anroM Imlm
itttie lea* than wondenuito us how any one can im
agine that it embrace a »ugle unporUut iratu.efo
Which the auuthern State* can *«l>t<Mee without a
total abaodonmcnt ol theu ngh a, thelt mtere ,, a
Änil^dfdL Tt redffilf Whal XTdr
SfesttlCtMU S
' wer- SS S>-" L JSSZ .ys?
£< 3 !^»î«kn!ï«
Bscaus# it is endentlv a scheme dictated ht the
**a....ai«~i ft... «k. . . 1
lA tmllif nil Hva inillmn, mm. ih.n ',|i v.
«d for tl» legitimate expenses ofthe liovwitment*
Because it proposes to create a surplus revenue'
Of., least five mj|lions to be «p 52 K 3 S
and canala. and nenainn* i« it,. N,.,it. .. j w, ,
■'Itfocauw although it will rcducii if .
mount of federal taxation, it will beaiuch more un
equal,and tharefore unjust, fo tog operation that
oven the present system. '
Because whilst it will foully abolfob the dulT«
' jäirow to us !tnpositi»jnk upon articles' essential to
the tiolth, alrnovt ihe antirwkeuvi'ort of 'tho
lorerevnent up-oO the Souths öt.re»,
|i„. „„,1.1 lu, «« ,-,i „ .
H tT/
:«tt_ * "ifcJrT.'. ' * ' }»* ';
ofTi . millions, U under one
*<AJrs±cc'jrr i *r *-i
.i^L. C r »JXtero, and, to lequke
. „ A-I' House, and to lay
ins merchant* willst* a^timi'.IK "? P ort '
- B»Hy, »nd hXTrigh, wSfo»., toÆpoao them for
<h« emicHfoent nia aggrandizement of a particular
« favored c fern. .
Because thdMtection of manufactures, or in o
4 ier «.rdj, tbeenricluient of nidnoooliat. n tb.
g ain and iiuiwd Chjectand intent ton of £ '
j|g \ J Tv * j
J Because if that Bill be submitted to, the prtflec !
•>« policy, involving the rum. and degradation of,
tht Southern fltatoa, wjll indeed become the settled
«lid «rtvpcabfo policy of the country.
• Because the Boutliern States arc emphatically
iUffodqpWfog and suffering portion of Ihe Union,
and Congress is therefore bound, by every aonatder
ation of TÄe, to relieve, and a*to aggravate,
proposed Bill, fosteM of granting
it petitions, will perpetuate their oppoutinns.
Because the SouWrn States have protested a
gainat tho protective prinoiple, aod that, principle
u distinctly retained,in the very wantonn^s of cru
«elty and puwufain evpry imposent feature ofthe
15 u i' v •„ , -SI W> •'
Because tbe Soutgprn States K»ve demanded
Their rights-~*ii<i the manufactures insultingly of
for Ihcxn, ill th© shape of onerouu and ditfgracoful
tribute, v*h«t tlfoy are pleased to call concessions,
Because in relation lo this scheme, it may be tru
, ly said that the papole ofthe South have asked for
«re taunted with a stone: that they have
tsf from their yoke, and are told in reply,
id of whip* they shall hereaftèr be lashed
. ions—and "though last, no, foasl."
Because trie attempt in wbich they are Waged,
involved Dot onlf i- Queaiupv of intereat or moiUy,
but-the great principle* of Constitutional Liberu
and Equal Ukrhls-, because Iho Southern Statt»
deny foe tight «the Federal Government to ta»
them unequally for the benefit of others, whether
the amount bé sfoali or great; And becansd, «tan
dingaa they-do upon tbair Rights, the contest nov
•«can be relinquished until the proteclivo pnnei
i pie «ball be «bandonfoÉM|nd their liberties rogaff
■ ' l. X
Üλ t«wqö».tal! efftf eleÿtatiy shaped^ his aspect
.unijabletmtireveieiiJ. Itislialrllowsin thoseI k-su*
<tCul «hades which no unMd colors can match, fall
ing intogreceful curls below, the ears, agreeably
Couching on Ida shoulder», and parting on the
cr«wn of his head, likw the boad^rewt ofthe eect.
of Nttfariw*, His forehead U smnoth> red.— I
' ' L ithou: • Spot, Save ,W iftlh an exquisite
ilia nose and moutbJ"» ftnek and auitable tg the
mmotrv i.het», rewchiog a little below his chin and
ted in the middle like a fork; hi* eye* are bright
hirer, and screoe. He »ehukeewith snajefoyioouo
seta with mildness; and invites with the most too* |
dor and persuasive language. Hie whole sddreas,
whether In wofd or deed, being elegant, grdve and
ooently beheld him weepi and «> persuasive are
lis tears, that the multitude cannot withhold theirs
from joining fo sympathy with him. lie is Very
Cnodoat, temperate and" wise. In short, whatever 4
this phréomenon may be his end, he seems at pres
«nt. mart of excellent U*u,y and divine perfec
tiens, «very way surpassing the children of men.
rroa tb* Charlsstoa Mefcury.
«heir tv
. For Sal« at this Office. •
magistrates 8 bjlanks,
Fo* s«le at this Office.
i > —
• *

. , r ««
Ht. Excellency Gov. Score left town on Mon
day last for Jacka< n, Mi##.,—where be will remain
sometime. . |
—-- * *
ß« a latearnral at Piuladslphis, from Maiacay*
jnfoimtuon wl „ th4l 4 V,r had been
* ...
glared and commenced by «ho republic of
dor against New {Irena, la.
, „• * .
A convention of Delegate, will assemble on the
Mth June, mat., at Charlollcville Virginia, to no
whu tro required to pledge them
wlrca lo vatu for Ploltp P. Barbour as Vicc-Prcst
, ,.
dent, cm the Jackwn ticket. From wcounl. rec d
f,„ m North C./tslina, the vote of that state «Iso,«,
w j| doubtle.« be given to ibo diatingufoM state*
*« P p - B«bd*. .
• - •' •
Col. Benton's predict,on has been fully verified
«■*. F— Zmu* amvm, to p."j
fc l' U ',", d 'r'"' I"™!*"' " *" h -
ra 8 e Perpetrated by Heard at the very threshold of
», * . T[a • a . . . , • (
''•'V 1 ""*w* i»"""!»' 1 -
• t *
The "oßciaT holly espotuthl the cause ofllons
hfo; but tbe force ef public tudignatioo at this new
»d sggr.v.fod outrage, „ ho uot y,e courage or
. ... ?.. ... * . , *
btfdlt>ood tu,,em ' heeditor, * practised bypo- |
Wlt ®> lAw fold< * rountl *"• tJuilt »ml distils a
crooo<1 ' ,e '«» r 0 P° n 'be "mournful occasion,'** and
after a chapter of lamentations on the subject, en
de.vour. to save harmless the ruffian band, the
,lori, <ff aD '«»oiled nation. He admits that Heard's
ln|«nt was known to tho »coy culotte faction, but
that they remonstrated agaiaat the com« he was a
. „ ■ .... „ ,
b,)Ut ,0 pu " ue * Now mark lire force of truth—by
an unguardod expression the false knave admittr
^ o B bjec , jon< „„ 1H)t , galntl lta deed> Mt the
*—•t?*' M rr:
lion of (he public peace and honor, und dignity,
an( j 0 f the country; but that it woul.| be pre
jedidal-to-Mr.—Houalont Fellowc, tiens are
-r.*° <le * d ««U«•»pi.»-—
,ha ' ,bo,,ld ,mm *' e ,he P *'" 01 * nd ll * frMmt0 ' M
'° '"b "" 1 lo "«b 1 of ,h,n « ,T ,te 'boy P'«
pared to place a slavish and implicit trust m the ito
fallibility ofthe head of the government, and throw
! \ , , 8 " ,
' ihe mon "° of obl,v,on over ,he fu,,lu - ,be ful,le ">
j the utter confosion,of the ministerial operotiona of
! tho last year, and suffer torpass unpunished those
tumulluou. proceeding, now enact,ng at Wa.hing
, QO .h*, »„»Id di.or.ca the factious character „f.
,h ® ld , , r,,c " ou » cbs,ac ' er of *
Roro » n 01 » Grecian mol» I
• p . , amu .,
™l° n cmr ( imu * '
K ,ft of conM was ccrta,n, y °' nln 0 l l s . as 'be
n#ji-I of Waahinglon-taaa, has clearly proved.
Oaetrunchdon of itself was sufficiently emblematic
ofelub latr but a dozen or two tooeiher nnintwl
a- . ' ' , " ~ ° ge ' , ' P ° ln 6,1
v ' 1 "' singular truth to tlio shoulders nf a licto^ they
only lacked an Indian tomahawk to havb made a
classical illuatration of daapotic and'unlimited
power. If it bad happened in the davs of ancient
- -hen funirè event« »..t t,„
^ .' . ad y e
enlrft,lti ot bu, * s an<i *' )e flight of buzzards, wt*
sltould have hailed tl» old general in a loud Cas
ssndra-liko voice, (when the great doctor Davis
was giving in bis bundle of stick«! «ni. -abattnc'
. , Jj «id „f n ^
. bUnr ' ,aieo D " n >08 c > td ® na fercft,es -
w_a-, n ffr- . - . ,
Wu ro '»°"' ^ »"« ( '" en «• «f W
P u 8 n » c,ou * Dr - 0 »'"». bow he has duposed of Jack
*°n?i p°H*«i^ that ho begged from the old Gcnj.
»* a hccDsake tidol to worship day and night
H„«,nei... '
, *??? tC # ,h «• anJ incontinent
' *°* d '* por * price— ÿ 100 ' W« know the drawl
ln ff riiotn where it is now hangfog.
„ _
Gen. Duncan orulinfoi, who urrealed Mr. At
«»Id's arm, when he was about spitting the assassin
Snf ",
shonM have been s-dettoed himreir. The death
of Heard under the circumstances would have been
ail act of retrihutric justice, and a signal warning
to thç cowardly bravoes who have swarmed at
Bishop W«. E. Matuswv will preach in thi*
, OWOl flt tfor. Baptist Church, oa the first Sunday in
J un e, ur-morrow.
| —
A communication in answer to Mr. Gildarl's
lrgumenl against the election of J udges by the peo
inaortion at present ; it will appear aext week.
4 leans for several woeki peat, we are compelled to
— b | ish th . No. on very coario stuff. The
„ p| , ntel „ w „| resume next week >>• original . tie.
Fo» PsssiOEtrr —ANDREW ITtCKSOIf. •
Fo» Vjci Pkesidxnt—F if'X//' P BARBOUR.
From the impossibility of obtaining paper »t Or
' • •
' A writer in «our last PÏP er, ha. given Û.
Æsofl'i fable of the Wear, lion and fox. The foxes
in thet day were much more «gier uus, of large
site, to eafty off a «tag— et the present day the mi
provrment of man hut eifobledhimte c.rcumvent of
hi* "wiley arta%-hia depredations are now confin
d if the hen rooet " * • wc
J. That writer hi* refered ti* to England-"»!.« •«
reaaon of man ma/be truated with «* formation of
hia own opioiofta, without reftrfeiic*,fo kings, lord. f'
Sr common... The bowled independence offlieir
judiciary, ie ..bad commentary upon the progrt*
of reform, the misery of the people, the atandtng
armies, riot«, famine and di.tresa. and her bloody
penal code—her military prescription# ori pofrrjre
land, »From the maxims and policy of any nch
government, the immortal Jeferaon aaya "let him
periah who does not #ay flood lord deliver ti#."
™ Mef) r *„£beaten tracm-hence •
t ^ r hostiliî^r lo new mentations—improvement#
of sny kinds'll# hard to convince an old lawyer of
the proprte#of dispensing" with the useless jargon
©f the court#— the inventions of âgés gone bye,
"half French, English if Norma*" customs-.
of otoadinn to keen the ignorant nlore ie
^itoXlSl EjhtftiJt
ends of justice. Men in power will not readily
forego its enjoyment and exefciae—so neither do
kla _ reed rty conclu y thing to the people—to
wit |j oor existing Iflslaiive aod judicial agent*, to
enthroned a» thipy are in'power, am. generally i he •
laal to yield anything to the penplf, or conoudo ,x
even the ahditv of the neoole tomake proper seieW
" '„JJJLd. lfthTpeo,de.r 0 fo ^Sorane?'
CT , lgllten ,bem—let thrtr intellect, be ei- er
p.nded with * knowledge of their nghta^everv
freem« i. equal to a king-and hia vole.nd voice
carries a pnrtiontff pow«V,th tt. These -check,
and balança" were never intended to control tbe
rft't** BSÏ? *TS~ *! '"'■'TT
rf'."-°M if ib,
But say the wia- one« "he has not ability..to
î",t ü'r,'*" •fr 1 ':', a T*
that by tnolHsr. which he could readily perform
h—if-a.. 1 « ».II «'!—
his agent make bi* bargain as bis mtertet ludoH^miglit
The legislature cart choo» belter judges
people-they are not so easily imposed upon saf^jnd
TJ oJ.poD.nt.-on the contrary, the smaller the
body, the more easily to corrupt—the member a can
| og roll it—make bargains for the advancement of
their owifend#-whi'.tf the more numer.ua body,
»he paople, cannot I» brought in sufficient nom
hers to be corrupted—tbe roajottty have no ambi
iC l ?S
the fact—the démagogue- always atl^ta bis efoj^kblind
'U 'he legislature; well snppoBo the people arc
' ïi,h 'f*"™ eon J|" l rS*. ^
of Ulentrwdl succcod—(jod gave him abilities to
rije ln lhe world—nd his career ,s onward-h.a
march is on the mountain wave ofthe people, ijpeh
a man would be . judge no matter mWho«, h„d.
«ailed j»He wince?—do not our daily di#cu# 8 ion#
Enlighten lb« public mindt—does not tho press a»
sis, wtth its mighty enginet-.a not light upon the
to . Iz
,0 'J* 11 ®' "»««» Th fJ bad common »en.n-they
" Rudolph says, called a spade a apado— and
c,H ^ ,h '"?» '»y 'beir right name..
, Ä 8 ! " ? T ,° L <h V sh , e kn0W * !° ? u , c , h ;
Wisdom is humble lha, aho knows so little."
I That hule wiadnm will be employed hy tl» pen
fie to compass their own ends Is not the system
in full practice in Georgia! What slats more uni
Lt *r T*' ^
°, ner f <;■* « ' h * *»iole body of her people, under- a
"»ml 'hoir Rtghts—and knowing them, (nre not
,so recreant) but thoy assert themt They have been
»"d .«empted to be awed with federal
tr.vojm— il» federal court, have fulminated their
decrees—but they cannot tthuko the firmness of her
pc'|ile, or arrest her in tho struggle for hcr freedbm
? ul C " nnec, i cll '"tis »aid tiled the plan of electing
,lK, ./ ,,<l P P8 > but they soon got tired of it. That is
" 3l| y acconnt.d f„r-New England ha. renounced
democracy—th^ people are in subjection—capital
ist« und monopolists rule the land—the people are
de P« n 'b i nt. Tis natural that the ariitorrats will
Th R 1 k° *"''? « po*« into Iko hands of,!» people.
p b c j baye disarmed their mdilta—they have abet
tahed militia muster«. IVAyP—they are afraid of
notß in tlioir manufacturing towq#, which squalid
I®**'?- bard labor & oppression, will give rise,
' ie - v " ,fi -cllowing the track ofEnglnnd. Sludl,
" p ''«t example? .
/* Wl1 5 law y« or a judge, er any of our op.
fanent», concede the propriety of abolishing that
, anc, en» cuatom, which make t lie accused holdup
•■■» nght hand at the kar, and Kremain. . stigma
innocent?' Will tl» pillory stilf disgrace
?.l(* , b le ff "KefT-wt'l the branding içon a,ill be e*- •
b'biteiimtho trjbiin:d 5 ofiustica, to the dishonor of
humanity?—will tho thirty nine laahes »till follow
our bloody penal code—and give to 0 » villain lo,
' erÄ patent in hand and body, to carry hisexterrm
nating hatred to all tbe liurnah race?
v 5 , i can only make random shots—and compass
i ),, 'P°" eB by short sentences—the limes are
fp a f, sy '~ and lm,e b ® 0 for writing or reading
The judge cannot ex>,c please ev^""
His decision mJht bo in conformity with the h
* lc bas his upturn to conform to his oath, m
V/* wo °? 8 ' p bat is his own look*out.
for the Souther» Planter.
. . convention. .
"The people do not knew the d
consequently no, judge » of J
Captain 'a observation.
/«Wes. — The
some popular

rt!€#i'.»-r in WilktnrtOO—and dor ido eg; (insl .
principle in Anile, to suit another popular to!!
berthCre—'Tis «old that a judge will luvep,«^
cos against individual« who may lake an active»
ogam# him. Suppose lie dots, wdl lit
watched at arty ratof Will he Put be mor.._
hi®, the party could move, thu trial out 0 , llllb#
before «orne other judge—he nce, all object!,**,
that .core are fallacK-us. 11 » ieg.al.it»
«hould have no agency in election«—tliey are
of jealousy and faction—they one rwt» wig^E|
euaaion«—ill wdl arid prejiidite. How to^^KS
wc expect irholcsome la««, when our lair a#»
•« dt.tr.ctad by fret.out will nu. fo» influe«, É
*• üf «•"/ 8 °*^ R, ' lJ 1 " ,J "«ere,
f' 0 ® «» leg.d.t.ve body all temptation, of j
hind-let them assemble once,,, two >e.^
eonWhinj like «fciMrfjt, will govern then del*,
***- Mr. Jefferson says the «.mailt, th««*,
the more violent and more cunvul.iv« *
#chi#m#. Ju * 1 *° Wll h a ; legislature, or a vom,
J^bat roorc *' o enl **' an 'b e Uogo and Sennit ,
44 Oi f#me, of freedom rçff.
• "thy lingering .plendours left,
" 8 eom but a silent mockery of the dead»" AS
of 6 . It is contended that tho people should ixtÆM
better plan entrust the power to the Exécuté»
*** Judge#, to be&pprgttd of by ihé*
«Ut. TI... plan wund, hinglj« The Ri*
pomta-wlike the Federal Courts!, nomu,«t«t?
Rident. For myaelf !
will give patronagelo the exeattivr, whouu._
the law. faithfully executed—and will embroil
-S*»» with Um executive in tbe event the»
to aeCedo to hi* nomination— beeide« the S*
• deliberative body, 6 l of much use in checkin*
,x ^". Oflhe «»Mr bouw—and fom«,,, ^
he introduced into the body—I—»... ,
weight nod uaefulncas.wub the jLpfe
er boum, and Exrcutivt. Each brwch rftfoï
-rnroent should bh totally distinct and aerewC
ejeh should operate a, . chock upon th«X£
should gtve to none of the oee Jep.rtmreT*
power to influence the other-each should b«U
ftiihfijilj „.tiiiri—MlVS
would appoint such to office as would suit his«
'"««»— i
">•« «>* • re-election—and un ess muM,4
.»,*». ,v,
ludoH^miglit continue governor during life And «nlJ
saf^jnd should gtve them thcr st.Bons during sood 7
^ ** "V to vain for tbe.r rvfoo»
of Mr. Jefleraon says permanent iudges
dn corps; they are liahle J |o be
bribery—that the'y are liable to be misled bv
by ralationchip, by a sp.ni of party, tnd by a
?S }!*?''''* P° WeT
efoj^kblind to prejudice— He should oweaUegiansi
constitution and laws—ihe people have nUl
^' 1*1255 < aBd > ofe * •« arrfti
to wish turn to violate hit oath and his
support the coneututm.. n«d laws, to gÄ
whim, clamonrs and prejudices of anv set of*
H» men,« will be , b»foe
of^two third# 1 ' under which they are now shield
He will not be re elected.- The people will i
toithhold their approbation from a ,udge who-hi
P»«y ^ bu, he will ult.mately r.
*■»*•" h **'°»'
f ,ie " , wh V •" 'hese/carj-if our present |
*' • | n °' d ,° 7 We , T Uy T'b«^ »"«* beep h)
until we find out th, remedy—and if all wontd
we will abolish credit, and tho Courts, and fob
government into our hands, and pu, every (jief
tion (on every Bank day,) whether civil or crimal
'° 'll"' Md <™ ke J htt *"* nwer
a cheap government, end put into practical*,
maxim of doing ourvulvcs, that for which wc p
others to do.
n , .. , „. „ ,,
1 a,fi mgton l try, May 16
is I, will be recollected that when Doctor Darn,#
South C.rolma, was under exam,nation he -fosd
ed by Mr. Cook, of Ohio, what business had brougK
him fo this city It seems that the saliantDork» 1 '
courljf« was worked upto too irritxng point,ud
'h«t he »cgordingly demanded an explanahon! H
ha, been threatening wM he would do, «ntl»
of doubt, a* he ha» had the honor of presenting id
of stick# to the President, he would willingly
'be Speaker pronounce 'hr eulogy upon Jus ch»r»
ter and intelligence, upon condition of haring kt
ezptnsts paid! The Doctor, no doubt, bri**»
Uiat his best chance for an office is to fight fotf
But unless we are much deceived, It,-will suffi
first. W« will undertake lo a uncase hiu insulted
honor, for ,wen,y#o m c «t tavern b, II
^ ( ,s TclerroA
• *
After the House nf Representatives had adjotw
ed yesterday, Mr. Arnold, of Tennessee, batog*
advance of the other members, was passing boo^i
as he waSdesccnffin^ thq steps ofthe terrace lotit
streetjtyest of theVapitol, he was assaulted fcyAlor*
Heard, who aimed a blow at his head «A
a large stick. Mr. Arnold dodgej) the bl»w, ^
immediately stiuck ( lho stick fu.ni his odn-rwrjl
li'inds whereupon Hoard drew a Isrge duelling pit
'°l, cel down to aboait right indite in the turn'
£urrymp an ounce, loll, wijffihc w.>rds"New Yoff
engraved ojjtlie brme|lj and, after taking deliber*®
urn, fired-fthc ballptosing through the sleeve oftl*
right ajm, jits, obfoVthe dhow, ranging up toll|(
phoulder.t^Tying-nway the under part ofthe **

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