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Southern planter. (Woodville, Miss.) 1832-1832, June 30, 1832, Image 2

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yffew-Orlcan^iSc BnyouSqpah
in fototo, will make two tripti each week. Leav
ing Bayou Sarah Mondays St Fridays, at 6 o'clock,
* p. M„ nnd New Orloans on Sundays and Wed
m re «DAUMti A. ear*
" . v '• BH" Vv In Ol vV»s m
VE 1U8T RECEIVED from the North, wrawoiF 1
« , **''!* — a. n,,e rr„,. _ »j->.
Gentlemen s fin* hfoeeeeo if Ce tf Boots—Lews.
f Shoes,-'■Ladies Shpes if Children s lira
■ km sbo ttcoieri frj* fts Nrt*. Jf*"«**
nesdtys, eT 10 «'clock, A. M. rasseyers »na
. shippers may rely on tins arrangement being kepv
tip with punctuality.
Wayou Sara. It )Ik H<4> _
g|, t -.. . —
H^igolar Packet. ,
Between Bayou Sarah and A«ta»Or!eanr.
WILL leave Bayou Sarah Landing every SUN
DAY, at 10 o'cleck, A. M.,
Tie fast running, Lorn Pressure Steam Boat
rf. YOUNG, Master,
and An her return, leave New-O rleans every
THURSDAY, «1 10 o'clock, A. M„ touching all
the intermediate landings* For freight or passage,
having very superior nccommodflion», apply on
board. . ■ _
Ba you Sarah, August 20, 183>y
YB-STUrn. *e
ths lotto »ui » ..lection, vis.—
Oil of Woruwoad,
Aetinioni.1 Pow'.rf,
AauDoniatwl Alcohol,
*■ Dwaftioa,
•* Anniao,
u fe : tsss a
I Uric Adil
ISkLms. ÄWSU ' '
C.lomH. ^ XogMiHoticm,
et « 8 SÉ, ' Tumstlr,
loot* C
Caraway I
Florida Wats.,
judkto'a oir unset,
tph Pasts, • ,
•f Ltvsrwort.

Ext Butternut,
" Bstladonns,
l»ck HeUflktr,
Moxnii'i Appellent Usgnctit
McKfaal »nali,
# nhlta 1 » Tooth Ache Drop»,
Ftterowgato Balts,
ItMcabaw Snuff,
D*-uarroti*ed Opium,
AeUst* at Morphia,
mto, •
Fancy Cotlonw,
' I Beating iDilnimcot»,
Elaatic Peauvier,
SÄ-dSÄ— ,
WmMO., Aprilt*. run - . tfl
J. «11)1)1!;
* HAS received, *nd is now «Méningé » general
asaortment of QQODSi which he will sell on
aKny in Woodville.
' fEitSli.. T**a
4, 1832. 22
I WILL expose to Public Sale, for Cash, at the
Court House Uoor of ipkineOn county, on the flryt
'MONDAY of July asxt^he following tracts of
LAND, or so muclt thereof!! will settle the Taxes
ffse* i « n a«. *
. * 492 ACRES, '
On the waten of Buffokw, bounded west by N,
E. Raymond, north for loads of the Estate of Gil
I property of Jams« K. Cook.

as the
Aou: of tax for 183*
* 100 ACRES, T ■
\ More or laa^on the «alera ef Buffalo, lying
near Tort Adams, bounded! ■ ■ t asMased as
Ihe Voperty of Wm. W.
1831, f 2 62.
68 .
Amt. of tax for
PjfT!!' 384 ACRC^ .. J
Near Fort Adams, Section 9, Towntoiïp 1,
Range 4, west; being the .tract confirmed to the
representatives of Dauto Jones, and conveyed by
William Lawson and nis wife, to-Litsum Pui
Wsussed as the property Of said Purdy. Amount
or tax due thereon for tbe year 1831, 76.
ff More or less, on the waters of Bnffaloe, boénd
, ed a* follows, north by landn belonging to the Es
tat* of Sojourner, tost by N. C. Grooms, west by
Davia tract,south unknown; assessed as the pro
perty of Wm. F. L NMmIsoo. Amt. of tax fot
» tei, *4 u
(ÛrTks above anU.jtri exclut irr. of costs.
FAS. REID, t. c. w. c.
.. . t
re • I WILL expo* st Public Ssle, for Chsh, at thb
, Court House dbOrof Wilkinson county, on the first
Mûndsy inf September next, the following tracts
or eo much thereof as will settle the
Wvilhf j known on the plat of said Town,
Id. 2, sfiirtre Not 8, Antainrog^ce acre*.
Of an acre; assessed ns the property of
Kail«r. Amount ofTTix for the year 1 83 1 ,
. <w Jb Ä » TOWN DOTS
1 o Woodville, oounded south by Main street,,
north# Water «reel, east by lots of Wo». Ham
. met 4. A. Dap.el, and west by C.C. Wast;
a ** ** ( h« propArty^ofJMi»» Eliza .Barrow. Amt. ofj
a w dtte for |B3lf |I3 50.'
V .176 ACRES, *
near Fofl Adam», kne^p as ■
track, on .which the Brick
m on the north by the ffoator,
ttaet, routb by S, Wood, West by the huflklo«
ewnmpÿsssessed «.the ptopertp of Thomas Ç.
Adams Amount oflâx doe for 4CÄ1, pt «3.
ftir ihe above anuianMsro enclusive of cnetp
JAMBS REID, t. o.W t p)
'6,4832. ' 10
$6 62 .
Men or II
»art of tho oid
Moose stand», !
Twalv* mitas ahova NuhvlIU, Davktvoa County, Toon.
ANY persona afflicted with Dyspepsia, Liam
Qomplaint, or Ladies ef irregular and delicate ni
hil», who wil^ attend to the use of this Medicinal
Water, this Sommert— (Irora SO years obse rvation,
the month of June is prefored) and are pot entire
ly healad, or matei tally benefitted, wilt be charged
nothing for their Bonld.
Boast», per week, for dm and horse, $7.
\. Single, ■ • •
April, lffin3 ' _J
6 .
THE Undersigned wishes tlic publie to lie ad
vised that, in compliance with the Visties of sever
al friends, I« has undertake the arduous though
pleasing task of instruction, in this vicinity, ami
that, for this purpose a private school lias been o
pci'-nl at that convenient retreat, commonly krtbwn
by the name of Sevérson'a place, Which is now
ready for the reception of youth of both sexes.
The terms of Tuition as follows:
Spelling, Reading fc Wrttiu*, per quarter,
Milhmcllck, EngtisIKJrammar k Orography,
Latin k Greek languagee, and the other higher
branchri ot Literature,
The underlined having bad considerable expe
rionce in this de[>aiimcnt of luunsno enterprise, is
fully aware of tho weighty responsibilities
which are assumed by him to whom parents con
fide tho important trust of assisting and controlling
the incipient and progressive operations of juvenile
mind. He is convinced that ono false »lap may
sji, in embryo, and thus ooom to perpet
beding the bud just ready to unfold,its httiuiies
upon the 1 (ght which under skilful culture might
have attracted the admiration of Ibe world. But
wbilo experience has made him^tjuamled with
I lie difficulties which are to he met in the instruc
tion and judicious management ofyoutl/, it cannot
bo a.nsidcrcd unreaso'tfblo to suppose that thr
m isame experience has iflso introduced to his ac
1 q U 1 j n u^g 0 some of the lies I modqs of .operation,
and put'within Ins reach facilities forvdompli.h
. ^ ^ . )Ur p, )i0 0 f miirujiion fashioning die
a( >, (iwirl an( j con( j uc t of youth, not other
wipe easily acquired 1 'heso modes, he will adopt,
and of these facilities it ia bis purpose in the present
^ ^ himie lf. They who have aheady In
vdUred him with their confidoneo and those who
ion of their chib
that his untiring
,9 00
>( 00
' !
■ ru
may hereafter eonfide the educiu
dien to bis care, may be assured
efforts will bo dayoted to the improvement of his
pupils. With these views lie hopes to receive, and
he U determined to merit the pafmnige of an en
ligbttpied community.
Woodville, June 9, 1332 22
rfï virtue of an order of the Orphan»' Court of
Wilkinson County, mkde el (lie April Term there
of, !83 t; the imdersigned, Administrator de bonis
non of tbe Estate of Itobert B. Hammett, deceased ;
will, on SATURDAY the 7th day of July next,
at tbe Court House ia the town of Woodville, ex
pose to sale at public auction, to Ibe highest biddor,
on a credit of twelve months, all the right, title,
and interest of the said Robert B. Hammett, to the
following Lott of ground lying to the town of
Woodville, to said County, to wit; Lot No. 2 , in
Square No. f, contamine*!,- J60 of an acre—also
Lot No. 3, in .Squire No. 2, codtaining 72-160
ef as acte— also Lot No. 6 , i.i Square Ne. 2 , con
taining 05 160 of an aero—alao Loti Noe. 1 , 2 ,3
it 4, fronting on Hopewell Alley, and lying on
flétfPsidë or said alley—also Lot No. 13, front
ing on Jlopewell alley, containing
ere—also I^t No. 6 , in Square No. 5, quantity nut
kijown—slab the certificate of purchase and fur
ther crod>toto Section No. 23, in Township
of Range 3 west, containing 366 aarea—al
certificate of purchase and fort
E. 1-4 of Section No 10, in Township No. 2, of
Range 2 west, com»nn»g*65 80 100 acres— also
certifiante for the N. wTT-4 of Section No. 3, m
Township No. 2 of Range* welt, containing lfi4
41-10C se r rer a lso for S. E. 1-4 Section No, 3, T.
2, R. 1 west, containing 164 41-100 acre»,—on
all of which (aid property - remains the claim ot
Dower for tbe widow of said R. B. IMmhett,
deceased. Purchasers, giving bond with approved
68-160 of an s-.
No. l,
Iso tbe
her credit for the N.
Admr. de bonis non of R. R, Hammett, dec'd.
• May 22, 1832. 21
BY virtue of an order ol the Orphans' Court of
Wilkinson County, made.&t the May Term thereof,
1832, the undersigned Administrator de bonis non
of Adah Horn, deceased, will, on tbe 30th day of
July next, sell at public auction te the highest bid
der, on a credit of twelve months, a certain tract ol
LAfjiD, (Antaininj 108 acres, more or lees, belong
ing to the estate of said Hapo, being tlie tract uf
land on which said Hope resided at tho time of hit
death,—being sold to pay the debts of said estate.
Sale to take place at the dwelling house on the pro
LETTERS of Administration having been ^rnn
N|| to thw undersigned on the Estate of llannah
1M rkt, dec'd., by the Hun. Orphans' Court in and
frt the County of Wilkinson and Stale ofMissis
sippi, at the Angurt ternr of said Court, 1831 ;
all persons indebted to said estate are requested to
maà,«. payment, and tho m haring claim-i against
the same, are required to present them within the
iitoe limit« bylaw, or thcy.will be forever barred.
_ . LEV INI A BUB&E. Admn.
20 w 6
.A. H. CHAMBERS, AJbnr. de bonis non.
June 10 , li 32. - 24
BY virtue of an order 'obtained ftom, the Hon.
Orphan's Court of jhe County of Wilkinson, auihc
May Term thereof 1632, tbe undersigned Admin
istratrix ol Joseph P. Ilenley, dec'd., will, on 'JW
day 24th day of July next, at the residence of the
undersigned, expose at public sale to the highest
bidder, on a credit of twelve months, all the right,
title, and Interest of said Henley, deceased, to the
following Lott of Land, described as follows, to
wit; Lot No. I, in Sqease No. 18— also Lot No
2, m Square No. 18—alsh Lqt No. 3, jn Square
NoH ttÄalso Lot No. 2, in Square No. 19, in the
Totrn of Woodville, sulyect howerclfto ttio wi
dow's Dower, «juch hat been allotted to her
The puj^haser giving bond and nec#ty according
■ Weodrili», May 30, 1832.
- t
18, 163*.
• .
■to *
44 p.
THE Subscriber has just opened, a sappty of
FANCY A. 8 TAPLE GOODS, next door below
Joseph A. Foster's on Main street; which ho offers
for sale, on thousual terms; consisting of
, Cainhrier, Muslin s if Silks,
nioiul Hdk'fs. âf Shawls.
Calicoes, flingli
f'àncy ('rape
With a general assortment of—
And a variety of other Fancy articles.
^hoes, Boots &
BONNETS made and trimmed, and old Leg
horns whitened, Stc.
WoothiBe, May 19, 1832 * 20 yl
V. C. IfV< Up Co.
HAVE just rocoivçd" and opened, it their
Store opposite tho Bank,—a fresh supply of
consisting of—
Dry Goods,
Whtch they are determined to sell as low ss Can
he «Horded in tbie place.
Woodville, Map 24. 1832. • 21
-:- «y - - ,-- - —
Flour, Bacon, dc..
THE Subscribers have just received a quantity
of FLOUR St BACON-ja-They have also on hand
fret rale Negjo Shitting —all of which they offer
loW'GgycMth. m
s ,
WWvHle.MayS, 1832. . 18
a Mackerel, fVhiskey , Lard , &rc.
o. 1, 2& 3,
Tnjwrcga WHISKEY, by
MÜH. LARD, by the keg, and at retail^
SOAP, CANDLES and TOBACCO, by tho keg,
SOGAR Sl COFFEE, in quantities to suit purcha
sers, at reduced prices, for cash emly.
EL, I*o. i
nu) barrel.
May 19, 183*.
' RESPECTFULLY announces to <he citizens
of Wilkinson, and the public generally, that he
just received at his JEWELRY 8 TORE, one door
east of the Post Office, a splendid assortment of
Consisting in part of tlie following articles,—viz:
Ladies Gold Patent Lever WATCHES,
Gentlemens' do, do, do, do,
. Do Silver do, do, do,
Ladies and Gent fine Gold Watch Chains,
Do fine Gold Cable Chains,
Coral Necklaces,
Gold Ear Drops, Topaz sett.
Mosaic do,
Coral do,
f .
Do, do' k
Enamel led do,
Filagree do, plain.
Gold St ailvcr SPECTACLES, witba variety of
glasses, * > *'#
Brass Fenders,
Do And Irons,
Do Shovels and Tongsq
Brittania Tea setts,
Do - single,
Plated Castors, . •. j
Do Fruit Baskets,
- l)o Candlealieks, *
Trays & Snuffers,
Bottle stands, assorted,
Pi'ol*, Dirks St Tea Trays, of asserted sizes,
Roger's and-*oni fo'st Razors, double St single
cases—Ever pointed Pencils—Razor strops—Pea
healhers, and a great variety of Finger Rings,
Breast Pins St fancy articles—all of which Tie offers
at reduced prices, for cash, or on the usual credit
to nunctusl persons.
Watches if Clocks pf every description careful
ly repaired and warranted' 8ilv*#work made to
order on tbe shortest notice-.
Woodville, May 26,18*2.
22 *
t *.
Tanning & Shop-Making.
THE undersigned "having enlarged their TAN
NING ESTABLISHMENT, and moyed their
Shoe Manufactory to tho Caledonia Spring^ the
firm will hereafter be conducted under (lie naaie of
Who have at presenttornrkinen and materials not
inferior to. any in the state, anffttrould be happy
supply »heir old customers and others, /with any
ftiiug in their line. They-intend keeping aatrenlv
of BOOTS Aa SHOES, at Mr. Hall', Store in
Mount Pleasant,—and alao at Mr. Joseph So.cr
ron's in Woodville.
M^gh IT, 1832.
•Far Silo »4 this »dice.
Law notices.
THOMAS C. WEST, will 'practice La w in
the Courts of this county.—Also in the Circuit
Courts of Amite, (ike <snd Franklin ; and ip the Su
premo, Chancery, and Dinlrjct Court.« at Natchei.
Oft it a next door to tho Messrs Kellogg's, dfc
Woodville, April teth, 1832. IT
AM. DUNN, will practice Law in the cotJRs
of Wilkinson, Amite and Pike countie»—Supreme
At Chapccry coarts. Office in Woodville, recent
ly occupied by Meurs. Smith if Farrar.
June 2 , 1832. . .22m0 .
A. S. RANDOLPH, Attorney and*Counsel
lot at Law; having settled himself in Woodville,
offer» profession® service» to his friend* and the
puldic. Ho will practice in the Circuit Court» of
Wilkinson and Amite counties, %nd the Supremo
and Chancery Counts in tfcchez. Hi» Office is
on the North-eustern cornéf" of the Public Square.
Woodville, Feb. 11, 1832. 6
linue to practice Law as heretofore.—Tbcir Of
flro ia opposite the Bank.
Woodville, January 6 , 1832. 3yl
■ Counsel Logs St Attorn* vs at Law,
HAVING associated themselves in the practice
of Law, will attond to all profession al business
entrusted to them in the Circuit, County, St Or
phans courts in Woodville.—They will atterfd the
Supreme St Chancery Courts of the State St the
Circuit Courts of Amite, Franklin and Pike Coun
ties.—Office East side of Jho Public Square, op
posite the Court House.
Woctoviile Nov. 20.1830.—44 If •
8 bis professional services to tbe citi
oodville and its vicinjty. Residence, at
zens.of W
May 26m,
IS to be found at all times at hi« office, adjacent
the bffice of Smith Sf Farrar, or at his dwellihg,
the house formerly occupied by Captain Waide,
when not engaged professionally,
January 26, 1832. 4 .
, 1832. 2Im6*
BY virtue of the powers inr me
»eeted by law, and in conformity with
Ibe statute in auoh case made and
Æ Cfl) provided, I will expose at public sale
to the highest bidder, for cash, at tho
U' f/i courthouse door of Wilkinson conn
ULa. ty, on the first MONDAY in JULY
next, a Negro Man who calls his name DAVID,
and says be beloags to a Mr. WinQpld, a trader.—
Said negro ia dark complected, about 6 feet S oi
7 inches high, about 20 years old—had on when
committed hnsey woolsey coat, cotton shirt and
pantaloons.—Tho said nogvo not having Wen
claimed by his owner within six month* after he
was corri/nilled, will'bo sold to satisfy his'ptiao«
fees and other charges.
• JOHN SLADE, Deputy,
For F. Davis, Shff. Witkinson county.
'» 22 •
June 1,^832.
BY virtue of tlie power» in
vested by law, and in conformity
with tho statute in such case made
(and provided, 1 will expose at public
sale to the highest bidder, for casl^ at
the court house door of Wilkinson
County, on the first MONDAY in
JULY next, a Negro Boy who calls bis name
CHARLES, and says he belongs Jo a Mr. Jor
don, living in Georgetown, District
bis.—Said negro is dark complected, about 5 feel
6 or 7 inches high, about 25 years pf age—had
on when committed lindsey woolsey coat, cot. m
shir*, and pantaloons.—Tbe said negro npt having
been claimed by bi« owner within six months after
He was committed, will be sold to satisfy his prisori
fees and other churges.
of Colum
JOHN SI.ADE, Deputy,
For F. Davis, Shff. Wilkinson county.
22 ' . i.
June 1, 18^2.
. PURSUANT to law, I total) ex*
«UehL pose to public sqctkin to the highest
bi,dder, for ready money, at the court
house of Amite county, Mississippi,
^ on MONDAY the 16ih day of July
mWQm&ifv next, a likely negro fellow calling
his name HANNIBAL, committed to tbe Jail of
said Connty, as a runaway, and who has been adver
tised aa such hix monttis. Hannibal appears to be
about 23 years of age—yellow coinpleciion—five
feet 4 1-2 inches high—has a largo scar on his fore
head, rather over his left eye—He says lie belongs
to Wm. or James Denton living on Red River, that
he was tsirchased hy Denton of a Mr. WooUbtk, a
negro trader in New Organs, la., with fire others—
that they were putktn board the Steam Boat'Wash
ipgton, which touched at Port Hicky or Port Hud
son, from whence he ranaway. Hannibal had on
when committed, blanket round jacket, blue domes
tic pantaloons, an old checked shirt under a finecot
ton one, and wool hat ;—lie says Woolfolk pur
chased him at Sheriff's sale in Richmond, Virginia,
and was »old as the property of David Copeland.
Theowuer of said negro not lmvid| complied
with the law, said negro will be sold to pay jail and
other foes.
Btate or' Jilimiastvvi.ltfprphans' Court, May
WUkmson Coupty. J Term, 1832. '
ON the petition of Eliza Ann Gum, Aditr'x. of
the Estate or Edmund Ginn, dec'd. setting forth
that the peraohal prodBrty.of said deceased, is uW
sufficient to ppy , the debts of »aid deceased,—It is
therefore ordered that publication be madearaird
mg to law, to all pçrsons interesleil in the M Es
tale to be and hppear at the July Term of this
Court, and shew cause tf any they can, why the
said Heayisiaie should not besold, or so
ÿejeof aff will be sufficient to pay the debts of«3pj
deceaeed.- t
L Edward FeWus, Clcrk.of the Court aforosa d i
dMMrlify the foregoing order tu bo a true coJvftom*
the Records of said [Coin 11 U " e COpjr trom
Given under my hand and affixed sert, tbi» x.k
Juno, A. D., 1832, ,bl * 6,h
Æ mb* - •
MORGAN DAVIS, Shff. if Jatlor,
Amite county, Miss.
Liberty, Amite Ca, Mi. June 4, 18.J2.
• 6
jäll qotomm/.iK'i a.
I 4 ffmNOTlcÊ. *^7— 1
COMMITTED loilic^il 0 f.
It l OU iu!: 'he 19th,
A by Willsm Stewart, jr. Esq
man rrtmed JIM.—says Imj^p | 0
A,e * r - Pu'fich a negro trad«_
he wa» bought of Col. Bril in ReUigl,,
nay» he rnnuway from »nid Putney near snmes^E
Imj tlrinka Prarl River.—Said negro is aboM^BH
year» old, 6 feet 3 1-2 inches high, not yelk»«
vert black.—Said boy came to Col # Wide yA
ton'» negroes, where they were campe<|
Woodward's not far from the La. line, and ..i
lerlged himself a runaway, dh which the
having charge of Cbl Hampton's negroes,
confined and brought to jail. Jim had't« JH
committed cotton shirt, dark 'domestic rouM^ftf
el^nssmett pantaloon», and an t^d wool h»t,l^™
The owner of said negro ««requested t» *
with the law, and take him out of jail.
. Sheriff dr Jailor of A mitt qIM
Liberty, Amite county. Mi. Jnn'y *?, 183/^^K
r. a
COMMITTED to the Jail J
mite Connty, State of M,
William Stewart, Jr. Eso, T'MW'*'*
JlCth February, 1832, , " ™
who calls his nomq BOB od
he belongs to Alexander ihn l
sing about a bafruiile abovsh
Reuge, La . on the opposite side of the nu
Bob is aboiit 28 or 30 years old—dark com3
—five feet 7 1-2 inches high—had on
nutted, a cotton ahiA, French drilling nanhiaü»^
Valencia vem, an old wool hat, woolcn sociT
good negro Wires.
The owner of s*k! negro w requested to
charges and take said negro out of Jail
f MORGAN pAVIS, Shff i, J,
Liberty, Ml. Februa ry 20 .
. ' NOT! CËT^ --€
COMMUTED to the Jml jJ
County, State of Mississippi oTKtt
12tb instant, by Wr n . Stemn,#^";
laqr., a negro myi named
who says he belongs to Jobs
!Ning about 6 miles from Mohiltģ
Henry appears to bo aoout 25 or 20 yearii^*"
—stout built. 6 feet 5 1-2 inches high—haa»
scar on his forehead, rather on the right*
long scar in bis left eyebrow- mach scanedi
throet, Which he saya was done in falling i
thorn tree, since he left lioma—he has the in
snee of having been much whipped on hjabatl
-^and is slow in speech—Had on when coma
cotton shirg, old blue broad cloth coat, bluet
pantaloons, and an old white wool hat. 8
s«ys he has been out about six weeks, Ha
complexion is dark.
1 he owner* of said negro is requested to
charges, and take him but of Jail.
. MORGAN DA Vlit 8 hff. & J
* Amite County,
Liberty, Amite Co. Miss., April 22, 1832.
â COMMITTED to the J»3i
county, Misaissppii,
by William Stewart, «»., ai,.,
gro man calling himself ANTHi
and »ays he belongs to TViüia
toine, a FrenAlnan, living a haut 9 miles I
the city of New-Orleens, on the East sida i
river. Anthony appears to be between. 2J i
years of age—he says lie is near thirty ; 6 feet
inches high; stout built; dark complcxioa;
scar over his left oye, and has a ronsidenM
pediment in his speoeb. Had on when cool
a lino cotton shirt, cottonade pantaloons, to
tnetto hat. * .
The^iwner of said negro is requested a
charges and take him out of Jail.
Liberty, AmiteCb., Mias., May 13, 1832
oik the 131
J |^ COMMITTED to the Jml of J
W County; Mississippi, by CtorU
k vis, Esqr., as a runaway, i*
^ Man who calls his name PRIkl
S fBSe about 40 years old—dark cmdm
stout whiskers—about five feet 10 to
high—h«* sundry articles or c'oihing. Stiff
oro says be belongs to John Adry, ofArnto
Louisiana. ,
The owner of the above negro is request
comply with the law; and take him out of HA
MORGAN DAVIS, Sheriff** 1
Amite Cam
Liberty, Anqite Co. Mi.
June 17, 1832.
* * COMMITTED to the M
Amite county, Mississippi, brO ft
^ Davis, Esqr., Two NegroM«.- l««ri
M calls himself JOHN; ho «M * UM
74 inches high, has had the • ton
, , " pox, and has a large scar in thr*
bf bts nur abr ve his Ipft eye—has a small I »*! 1
his breast,—had on cotton pantaloons AM 1
corderoy roundabout.
The other calls himself EtW M
24 years old, five feet II indtoki erq)
has had a severe burn on hie I" 1 *
(nearly ftom his elbow to his to»'*
•had on cotton pantaloon* »ml '
roundhbout. JJoth of the abort- rhia
• groes stale that they lielengW' ithe
Jacob Horn, living below New Orleans, aW lniata
English Turn. to,
The owner of (lie above npgroes i* rensrtr *
comply with the law, nnd take them out of J*
MORGAN DAVIS, Sh'ff. JfJafof* ten«
' Liberty, Jiine 17th, 1832. 25 * C
-■—*— --- -» —HH ns
" tk WAS Committed to tlrtito Um
/jm Amite County, MissisfippK b l'[
JbJm Haris, Esqr., ns a runaway. * A
Ml 8,h i "» ,an '» « "rgro mac calling ^
I J(, HN, o GEOR(»E;.*V '»ntn
i I year» of afro, five feer fit"«*
muçhi*®=*' ft® r * complexion, and very
,ai1 «tv cotton pantaloons and an old
colt. Said negro was committed as » '*^■1»
i Ü! firS * ,a ! ten ® ,,ît, ho Mon ^} t0 ,
a"! ° Q *. sU,e8 ,hat hc belongs to a Mr. J»M*
»«low New Orleans,.near the English Turn.
T . owner of »«id negro is requestod
W1 'b »he law, and tateTiim out of Jail.
•MORGAN DAVIS, Sh'ff. if
Liberty, Jane 17th, 1832. 5T«

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