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Southern planter. (Woodville, Miss.) 1832-1832, October 06, 1832, Image 1

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ALFRED riYNUM, ïwtor.^,
-r- i|f~ » ... . -A.. _ - •
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2 .
| • TEHtts.
|*H«> of tin« paper n viv i DOLI.AR* per annum,
or 01* ooiLAM.af the expiration of the year,
to notify a diorontlnuanro at tlir ripiratiou of th*
fctiboj for, will be considered aa a new engage
h "Äernuim of Edmuml (I riß* » I
t dined v«.e7d\ Wt.b . veVXtmL.hed
E. t 11. M„ rr v'l conniHiina. t* MnnrJ! I ark
^ff^hhi aÜi ^Irrhimi nf ,hT■
1 Reiec^d Address«-* land other brau 'mriu
httfc^MU 2 ;
(Mlhetrsnsiatrr Art« pttanea »nd *„me
«ofhBirnimiesnd fcme. The first (Moorej ,»
*ainly a inn*' tinpoettcid figure. Nor ,,hm conn
r^fc'.Z h 'i? , r.rvr ,,i, r ,b, " b,,pW
I'.k k? k? f.hc Y kllHr^rr IT tT TOU r cT'
the height of the bald crown, the lofi 1 no*» of the
•Mng pyramidal forehead, the marked, yet ex
M md graceful lines ofthe mouth;als.ve all,
« you catch the bright smile »nd the hulliant (
beam, which acoompany the flashes of Ins wit 1
the sallies of hi* fancy, yon forget, and are ready
«««vow, your former impressions. To Moore,
Jthart oflers a strong and singular contrast, j
I,»n4 slightly, but eleg.ntly formed,- his head
MMS the noble contour, the precision and
MntT of outline, which divt.ngmsh classic sculp
i. It poBsesse* ">o, a striking eflort of color, in
mplexim pi.' .vet pure, and bur black as the
«'swing Th nigh his countenance is youth
(he teems scarce more than thirty.) yet I should
ignate reflection aa the prominent, combined ex
•ini of.hat broad, white f--rehear!; those arci.
•an^penrih d brows,- those retired, yet full, dark
es; tllè accurately chuellcd nose; -md compressed
i»ugh curved lip»». Hi# face it too thin* perhaps,
r mere heau'y; hut this defect heightens its Mitel
iflHKtual character. Our diaiingunlieil countryman
of about the ordinary height, and rather a-uut
person H'm hair is black, und his complexion
■pilied o'er with the pale cast of. thought .» His
are ofa pslo color; his profilo approaches the
cian. and is rem rrkahly benevolent and con
.■Wplstivo Mr Smith carries a hands.., ne, good
'■Pared countenance; and Mr. Mitchell's physmg
niny, though not hnndsotn., ia at lout amiable.
"The conversation at dinner consisted chiefly
the relation of anecdotes To my great dtaap
fÄJctotmenl.nbtliscUM""! of any length or interest
place. It must Ire admitted that tho anec
JWlMeti, were select tnd told with infinite wit and spir
Msny of them, I doubt not, were the inventions
«h« narrators. Buch ^«med lobe ,>e-ul,arly the
with those of Mr. Moore and Mr Smith, who,
«tough seated at different endsoftlie table, f-e
giMfluenlljr engaged each other from time to time in a
Wt ofcontesi for supeviotity. This contest, how
'Wer, was still carried on in the same way. Both
only which could relaie the most pungent
g^Epiltician-, or tell the most amusing story. The sub
of the anecdote, in general were extremely in
mating Lord Byron, and other eminent men,
W m t V,m lh rr V 2 M Were hm, M ir '
1 '® frequmitly brought upon the stage. Mr.
Jfckh ar. meantime, though jut sr-emed to enjoy the
■JJJManttn-s of otliers, contributed none of lua own.
lc*lf. ve , r 16 d,d " y Wa *J n 8 9co,,,sh 8 7 cn ' ïi' d
■►kited strong sense and extensive reading. Mr.
l ng^ em ,tobeo,H>oflh.teomenwhe ItkeAd
«'Wton, hare plenty of gold 111 thc,r (H.cltets, hut are
dealitule of ready change. His service how
" f * 7 r 1 lkl " B d,flror ®'" O'"" '•»«
editor of the Quarterly. I lie one appears the
„jatsiVT« conapicuoualy teerte,) at oat tv>u
,_ire. (tea ho« nr under) fer the fiter inMrtioa,
r c«»T» for each continuanra—longer one« iu
roportion Payment to be made when the ad
t U left for inwrtiou, or on demand.
nr jamrs u. ngooK.1.
th its sunshine: but tiro ray
flncti fl.ishcs on its stormy
ill the bencon nf declly,
meteor beaming oVr the grave;
1 though it* dawning hour la bright
ritlt fancy's gayest coloring,
»«etdlf cloud* encumbered night
■rit ruin flaps his raven wing
pfchath iteflowers and wlnt are they?
wThsy wring relentless mr-morv !
■neb wakes not. pierces not, until
«Tte honf °F joy hath ceased to be;
■*,*!*'■ 'it® heart is in its pall,
i Ail cold nfleetioa gather* o'er,
Nremournful anthem doth reesj
F Bits« Which hsih died to bloom nu more.
hath its blessings; but the storm
Sleep* like the desert w-nd in wrath;
■sear and blight the lovelievt form
|.Which sporta on enrth's deceitful path;
pUnon the wild hearl's^ir -ken wail
«'8bchanged from youth's delightful tone,
Mité fitou-nfully upon the gale,
pdffhen all is desolate and lone.
pliffe Imtli its hopes; a fl< eting dream,
flWA cankered flower, a setting sun,
Babich casts n trausitoryqtleam
Ki Upon the even clouds of dun;
P^tesbnt an hour—that dream hath fled,
l j. The flowers on earth forsaken lie!
1 The-sun hath set, whose lustre shed
E A light upon tho shaded *kv.
S^rev"fWve of sensibility; the other of thoogli'.
»ste of the one leads him apparently to examine
^■■tWBggestions of his own mind with such an ovei
{ferupuloaity, ihnl he seldom gives them itttemice.
«•reflection of the other is occupied in weighing
sentiments expressed; and separating the false
"Om tlie true.
Mr. Irving is mild and bidnd, ever
•nxious fo please. Mr. Lockheart is abstracted
"dcold, almoft indifferent.
"On returning to tho drawing room, the seem
»»»changed, though the great actors remained to
P*ft M least the aune, lilustc was substituted (01
flWjtersation. Mr. Smith give an otigmal song,
'feBofhuajor anil variety M- Moore was induced
^LoTrTor 2.7: 7 ri ir,< !"! îH hi i f,: * od8
Ùm'rZZoaïtfïJ?* '"'''"T . ,,r *
Tt.e rninbinitmn ofmuoirfandof|«x!tlc'»ontdbwnt
.manat,m; fro*one mW ,, nd R ,„Cnp
emmtenance am) .peal in* f„ th« very voice winch
r ** ,T>0 «llominntcw Ät dira>ctM, preKlcwè nn »T
u|Hin the eye, the eitr, the tame, (tie fooling,the »0,
wool« man in abort, such aa no mere pmferoional ex- hape
e ence can ut «II aspire to equal. iiin lined ia cant such
nackward, and Ins eyes upwards, with the true in- «tant
apuntion of shanciefet batd. Ilia voice, though of »bled
Iitih' eompuss, ia inexpressibly sweet. He realiz
, mmnny respe C la,iny conceptions of the care
fibvoLnuia^Ani 'rÎT 4
ii«n voluptuous Anacreon. - I lie modern poet "iH
h.T< more sentiment than the Greek, but can lay no
ÂMÂ'nTSrfïïr C î, n?) ,0 ,h * T"
incity and puniy of taste. Ilia genius however,
ts more versante Thei old voluptuary complain* *fe®
otlua inability in relcbrnie a warlike theme; bit J «nee
S,* lf"hoV, ï'iOTïl *'"• Bo ' îd
Cour»» of theeeanin lT n l n U *'
*" a'^ • OD f' Wb,Cb *
rrZÏÏ? Auècreflnwaa, however,
i brT . '° ng ; COW " du
7 r " un » on » Con '' m *» ül " " » h «
eoriaitim °| g. ntlernen.
" I he houses at Edinburgh am much better fitted
for therei-option of rom|mny, than our own: ihough
ig:.TiiT 8 r4 J n.r c, ~r !
datione are found for a large fan lly, where ro much
occupied forother tmrpiee,. 'IV drawing »nd
T?!-""' 1 " «'"'y. ««d occupies die
Sf^r -r «- f A W A< ^V"' wi K " ■* l
v ^ ClW . by ?, foW,n * ***■<*'«' «•»'•
o, m ' l. ; ° nM . . * r* Ü ' , , he < ' ,u * eX
r . m. he dining room 1, always (slow, and the
ilmuy beside it The furniture .. much plaine.
than our», but far more tasteful. No flaring mir
in«* lb ur c to be seen ; die moat sink
öom b S "k ottotnan <r. the middle of I lie
o, m, und u chandelier above , 1 . As lew u. posai- b,,
Wo ol l|,o Se awkward ariiclrw, railed chairs, aie ad- «
mined : their placet, supplied by soliis and in book' over
instance^ by cushioned inches placed along the
recowes of he window» The dining r.«an is .1
wav. very plam. The dresses of the Indies sre re
murkahly -Jtunple. I have seen the daughter of ou
8 'ZT7 ", ,9e<J ,n *h«» Inoked very
«J«b bkecalico.sta large music parly at home.
1 b * Ron 1 lemon were one „four exqutsi.ea d,„p ry
I P" ,l,,w » •»««« "'-ni. he would think hitneeir m "«•
» cU-ncal conclave, und might liuneelf be regarded
','| tn R CaU « h '> Unknu »'> •!«•« •
^ K e,,, * er,,eD » ,n ,acl i > n P*'»»» of HroM, are
^ wv.ute, with their ^ay liveriea, velfet email ^
*?' w bite silk stockings. The mode of
ln,r,Hlu ^ lun *' 'bcae parties, is peculiarly conven °f
,ent. A servant receives your name at the door, «••*
and trat, smita it through an ascending file of some
halfdoseu 0 rhi. fellow., to lb. entrance of Um «1
draw,D « ,h » w '« is audibly pronounced, at- ««*
,raC " n P ** onc< ' ,he tuention ofthe master and the
mistre« of the house. Tins proclamation of your
haine doos not, it is true, entitle you lo «ddre» with
out a s|-ecial introduction, yet to a stranger it save. • l
( the awkwardness of a long aeurch for his invitera, «"ri
1 whom peihaps he may not even personslly know. l »
The conversai ion among both ladies and gentle
men, is of a far more literary cast, I am sorry lo say, ,lal
j than with us. Without being downright blue or by
pedantic, it is sensihlo and instructive; without
matching always upon suits, it yet manages to gel
mer the mud of acandal, and the dust of frivolity, <»«
without soiling a shoe.
'-On a pleasant day, the promenades ofEdin
burgh present an animated and pleaanie scene. Yet «he
| have seen a much mure brilliant display in our
own Broadway. Not that I mean lo preti-r the lat
1er. The Bcotch ladies dress with g»«i sinse and I
good lute, warmly u becoauffthe season, A- plain- der
ly and in dirk color, as becomes the place. Ma
,,y a times in my own country. 1 liuve been compel 1
ed to anticipate coW and consumption Iron, the I
sight ofa silk slipper. Many a nine have I trem
hier) for the late of a gante, juatlcd by some rude
porter. Many a lime have I been gneved by seeing cai
garments uf tho ntrwt delicate hues visKed, alas!
too roughly by the winds of heaven, will, a plentiful «'»
sprinkling of dust. And all these emotions have
been oxcited by the very course adopted, I suppose,
(„nie» people dres. so to please thr-mselvM.) to e<l,
fascinate me, and nil the world. But if to the Scotch
ladies I am obliged to assign the palm of dress, whit
satisfaction do I find in claiming for my own coun
trywomeo the golden priMofbesulyf Bines, tlmn, or
they stand less in need ofthe foreign aid of orna- i
ment, why will they not submit, in this single in- ,,0
9 i ancei , u the warning voice of prudenee, and the
dictates of t jusier though »mer tas.rf Health,
f a , mo re than ornament, is llie soul of beauty. W
-The weather has been just cold enough tofreexe
a over Uuddington Loch,and make 11 capable ofbour
lnR . Such sn occasion is eagerly embraced, not
, n |, by the boy and youth but by men of advanced •
H ,, e and dignified character. Mr. Jeffrey* is a
distinguished member of tin.- skating club, and pr,n
cipa , Baud has ».tamed a high reputation as a
cu ,|et
' Tbe 1 , ad ' M swarm ,0 Wl,nesl ,he * x, " h, " or '- -nd
1 be whole scene is more gay and animated than
any' of winch we h,ve an tdea, accu.tonmd, a. we
arc, to the exercise ol skating, and the more Roquent
d <>PI>""»'»"«' «'F usmg It By the l,y, it is a mark- an
,-d distinction between the iiianuera ol our country |y
«,„1 this, that sports wh.ch with us are abandoned
„„ leaving school or at f.,rlls>st on quiituqf college, wl
ure hero persisted in with increasmg ardor, to the b
very verge of old ago. I he active games of golf,
,kaung. curling, dec. have (lie same attractions for
man ot (jfty, as they had for tho hoy of ten.
riaan is
*.\lr. Cwkbure.
The news from üoorgi« is perfectly encourng
ing tu llie friends of Blate Rights. There isscarce
ly a district in the stale iu which meotings arc not
held advocating opposition to tho Tariff by state ac
ti. n. Out feT36 mootings, the proceedings of which
wd 1 find in k|le papers, we perceive that twenty thret
adopted thnwigiusl resolutions pass hy the Atheus
and Lexington meeting.'', which wore in favor of«
Stute Convent ion and'ftï'stance to the Taltff
11 • •» Dr. y»««'* •<*»•<* to th. puù
,,r * *'f lit»" Southern State*:—
If »y view. of the chaWte and t real men I of the
pi*railing pestilence tie eorreci, or M much or more
»0, than any heretare promulgated, I cannot per
hape do you greater aernrn than tendering you
such advice aa several weeks experience and con
«tant interronrae with tho sick mi tine city, have an- ! ,
»bled me to furnish. i
Humanity as well as interest pleads for suitable |
care and protection to your »lave population. No-1
4 M "fîr 1 !!! or,h *«'""''r. h "<' «'fkenedand
"iH in full proportion to the intemperate white
population. You have reason to he seriously ap
nn|^" ,,e fST T"'"' y ° Ur
unices you take timely measures to guard against
*fe® **iL Anticipating thru the fact of its appear
«nee among«'you, permit me then respectfully to
ïï.rT f ,"7 1 wbl * for
" *" ,rom - ,U
* f , ,
UL Mnlt.ply the number of you, slave hut. or
du ^ J"u r T " cu "»« nwm ,n
» h « "'«• building, with eufltcient room to tccom
modate those of each family in case of eickneas,
without thq necessity of a removal—I aay cropbal
ically, a removal. My reasons for this have been
rs? : ,
*d Inapire Jour staves with fortitude against,
»nd contempt for, a disease, winch they ought to
''«nude to belie, „only pruvea mortal to the dimi
l -,,e d, ,, *«b' l y. *"d die hlthy. By atrongly incul.
"'"»'b"* ""P*«W yon conquer the g.ea.mt
eX ^"1 CW#e t '° 1 #n , ";' ck - . ,
M. Let a vigilant observer, who ha. acutenem
c««u«h to do hi* duty without exciting enlwr the
»uspictooor alarm that his office me. ureuion, he
««'y «sotto watch over the etate of heel th of the
The ..„mgeat index to indiapoaition will
b,, found in a dianh.H.' or purging, alight or proluae,
« »'«y be, attended with more or le» pain
over the region of llie bowels. In aome cases,
)»bere the morWd accreimn in the bowels is mote in
f«*«» "'d cramp. 10 the logs, ft.c. will ensue,
'bn atale ot llie <ttae.se, not one ,n a nundred
ou dbl to die, except Che really mtemperale, whom
conatimuon. area home for lh.a plague.
1 he above ru«y be centered aa the premouito
ry or ralher MapKimU. aymptoms, and H will be
"«• *« «"•'''•«« »ccordmuiy. I'ke slate or th.
bowel«should therefore be daily inquired into and
, , ,,
pi*nfer« a* may not bt al'le lo obtain mad*
^ e jdiveicmn, I would edviee to procure,
«•»family mmlicine, the following powder: T«e
°f '«Unt* of potash, or soluble tartar, ten ouu
«••* Powdered jalap, at« ounce« Tlieee must be ,
«•*! mixed, 4t immediately put into • wide month
«1 bottle or jar, and kept a.oVp«l frotn the air. Un
««* «rat appearance of suspicious symptoms, • te»
spoonful of the p.wder may be administered every
lwo hours, till it haa produced a cathartic elfei-l.
Two ® r 'hre« doses will, in general, suffice This
• l 'nost invariably relieves the pain and puigmg,
«"ri seldom will a repetition of this, or the admit»-1
l » tr »" un of '"J other remedy be required. I
At all event», opium m any shape, is not essen
,lal ,0 ■ cu ' e > «nd "«gb' l ° be uaed in general only
by medical men aa a mers palliative. Builwould|
advise that each planter have a quantity of "liquid
laudanum" in h.i house, lo admimsier in partial
<»« 1 "*••« »«er a free evacuation
from tlao powder, an acute or torpid pain 01 aeosa
'">« should continue in llie bowels or at the pH of
«he stomach. In such case, give tsn drops of lauds
»um every quarter of an hour, till the pain. a allevia
*•«•• U P" n " recurrence of unfavorable symptoms,
I would udvise u recurrence to the use oftbo pow
der "- A pound ot the powder mixture co.itams
»bout silty doses. Plasters of mustard, warm
frictiori, 6lc. ike. hnve been rocommendcd.
I bave no hmh in tl«-in, nor in any thing that does
no« g« «t once to the fountain head of ihn malady,
and remove us exciting cause, 1 do not believe this
cai ) ^ ^uebed by any oxiomul mesne.
I ««II now nfose this letter with an admonition
«'» 'horn who have no tm-dicsl at aid hand, that cust-s
where liar disease baa assumed its worst or sinking
"age, where llie extiemit tea became cold, shrivr-ll
e<l, and blood lew, with or without nausea, v.miit
u„g and purging, they would, aa a last resort, and
»confident hope of auccess, a Intimster an emetic
For « h| s l>urp<wc I prefer the tatrtte of unlimony,
or tartar emetic in a full dose of four grains, or one
i rau> «»D ten mmoles, till it operates in a solu
,,0 1 u ' cu,d w " ,cr -. ...
As ""-re is somoumes in this disease an incessant
'birst, I hive isvanshly and Mcce«ively iiKiulged
W P®"«-** beel, and fully in the use of cold wa
1er, IB small, but repealed qusnUtim.
The Cotton crop, which a short tune since bore
• *«y prom.smg appearance, has, owing 10 the in
cessant rams with which we lia vo been visited for
the last twelve or fifteen days, become senou.ly in
jured by the rot. We have converti with planters
from different «.-Cons of the par,ah, who concur in
OM "" td "
least.—Baiun KougaUazttte.
- rh , marriago bëlwei-u the King of Belgium
an d one oftlie daughn-t. of Louis Philip .a pomliv 0 .
|y fixed for tlie 7lli Aug, wlmtovor may he the ne
^„„„ns on the Belgic treaty. The marr.age
wl || mko place at Competgne with the least puss,
b ,e display and expense. The Kmg of Belgium
wli | | eaV e Brussels for Compe.gnoon tho 3d of Au
glJt ,
The Prussian State Gazette contains the follow
i„g important paragraph -«The Brm.h Embassy
have declare , 1 ia a <e is piepar ng oenpoy
measures of r.gor agams. Holland, to obtain the
evacuation ol the citadel ol Antwerp, hut our Gov
ernmen. ,« strongly opposed «hereunto and has de.
C 4, the EngMt, shall ucwtpy the citadel before'«.
allait« he completely arranged."
PHKsiunÿiT Jackson was born on the Id March
1767-—r:nj«i > X* ill he 66 years old at the expiration
oif tho present period l-x wleeli Iki has been elected,
In-9 li 'btvs
almost invariably relieves the pain and pur
and seldom will a repetition of this, or the
istratton of any other remedy be required.
At all events, opium many shape, is not »seen '
ttul to a cure, and ought to Iw used in irtBl
by medical men as a mere palliative.
udvise that each planter have a quantity of "liquid '
laudanum" in Ins house, to admunster in particu
lar cases. 1 mean, when after a free evacuation
from tho powder, an ucute or torpid pain oi
tton should continue in (lie bowels or ui the
.. „ ... a . m
**"* «" «*» Juak
' n, ' U, ° 08 "
" " '
Mu Psxxnr.XT:—The Crimmittrfe to whom waa i
«»furred the Judicial Department ofthe Constitu
! , * on * Save requested me to prevent to tho Conven
i 'ion the (bHuwiug report of llie majority of Mid
| «'ommittoe, proposing amendments thereto.
Wrh Court of Frron n«d Aonml.
Reeled, That the fire. aecuSHf the fifth
article of the ('«natuuioui I» « rh»nn«.l um
reed thin • That the Judicial powers of «fa mate
be v."«l mon. riuproi^ citato lie rinded the
'Hioh Court of Errors sn.l aonoals* and such o.
thef courts of law and aquire aa hereinafter pro
aided for in this Conaiittui n ^
.h. ^ n d «*1,0« »f **
h" - -mended a. to read thus: That tho'
»I'Rh Court of Error, .„d Ap,*«la shall cm..« of of
th me Judges wlm «mil he clecmd by the qualified
elector, of the wlmle 8t.te, f„, ,ho Urm of aix
3 Resolved That the office of one ofaaid Jude
esahall be vnealod m two voars awl of one in four
roars nnd of one in sia ««is an ilui at the eanir r
elected a. aforesaid bv
4 Resolved That aaiA Court shall Poncas ap
pella.ejnrmlic'tion in law and equity, amino otheTt
Provided, kmrreer, That mm Court a hall here pow
grant mamdill .nd auxiliary writ«. p.1
* Reeolwd, The. all .aennems that may occur !
m sskI Court, from death, ms.gnnt.an or removal,
«hell be fille, I by election „ «Inromtd.
U Resolved, TImI no person shall he eligible
to the , «ce of judge of the High Court ofErrorel
,„d Appeal, wlm .hall not have attained hi the
time of hi. election, the age of—years, and who 1 mu
.lull not have practiced law—yoars, and —of thorn l
within this »Into * i
7 Resolved, That the Suprems Court shall be A
held twice in each year at the Beat of Oovevnmem
of ih« State.
g R^hlv.ol, That the election of Judge« of the »,
High Court of Errors and Appeals almllb. con- !
ducted in the same manner ne ihe eloctn.n of Rep
»»nt.tive. lo Congo-«. T '
». Resolved, Tim. die Secretary of State, on re
ceiving all the official returns of the first election,
«.II pro,-eed forthwrtb, in the presence and w,.h the
aasiaUnre of twi» Juaticec of the Peace, to ét if
m.ne by lot amon« the three condidatee hiring the
highest number of votes, whmh of said Judges eb ;
ectH «all serve for the term of two yean, and [
, which shall aeree f«w the term of fowv year», end
which shall mvve fov the term oî sis years; and ,
tbe vat^.t. .ball be lb. du- '
11, of iLuovermtrlo issue comm. strions accord mgly.
| 0 Resolved, That no Judge shall «I in the ire I
,| 0 f „„y c »uae, wlmn t he |mrues, or either of 'hem, '
lh »|| he connected with him by affinity or conaan
guimty, or where he n.ay bo interested m tbe scene,
«cept by consent ofthe Judge or of the parties;
I an< | ,h« Governor of tho State shall in such case
a ,*c in ||, commission two or more men of law knuwl
„(jge for the determination tliercol.
Resolved, That the Judges oftlis said High
c ,„ lr , ,,f Errors and Appeals «all receive, as
cornmnsilton for llieir seivnes, •( le»t Ibc sum of
lwo thousand dollars per anuuin, pay«ls quarterly, j
rittmii Court |
, a Thl , .. „„u-, dial the
. . ... Seit«ciod bv the
J^gwtol of ea^hyudiciul dtetnet; who«all
? y . ; n f , llB J lutro uf louI yow> an j m .
™ d , ' , . I o «1.» ncte
,,„.7, , shall heel,uibletolhe
n(H „ nf „r Court who .ball not, I
, t e |eciion. i*a*e aitaiued tii« in oi
and who «all not have practised law—
y "l. f |h n in j, m Siate. '
' R , , That section third of said article
, follows• The Stule shall be divided in con*
7,,ie,it d-tr^îs and escl, district shall contain not
, hlln lhr ,^ more Own eight connue..
. Rrm | vn j That t'e fourth section be so •
f . ... T h« Circuit C- urt altall
,„ VB iuriediclio« in ail mallef», civil and
j , within this Slat«- but in civil caaca only
whB _ |h i o„ n cipa| ef the sum in controversy a
muunll (0*% exceeds fifty dollar«
R_| ve( | That the fifth aoction of said articl«
be »0 ■n^ndod i. to read thus: A Circuit Court
.hull be lisld in each county of tlm Bute, at lenat
, . ■ e(|eh and , hu j u dgc of said Circuit
(Vnirt .„inchangé circuits with each oilier in
guch |nanner ug mu . ^ praiCr ,bed by Uw.
„ Rpio | tedi fbat the Judges of the Circuit
Court shall receive a comiN.-nution for their 1
mi(M a , i«,,, ,he sfim of two thoussnd dollsrs]
» nnutI , wya |,| e quarterly.
, Th« ^ Stare a Cnm of
*»ch ,county w"hm ... Slate, a Court of
SÄ-SÄTfor orphans' CtÄlSÄ Ä
Intmem of dower *
Iff. R,-Lied. That the Judge of Probate of end,
county shall be elected by the qualified electors in
. , he respectim counties in this State, for tho term
ycnra _
20 . Resolved, That the regular terms of the Pro
bate Court of each comm' and that the con,pen
of the J u d y0 0 f tfobat. shall be fixed l.y
| iw an(V lhat | lla uince aha u always be open (or the
despatch of business.
CUrkt * '
ÿ| Resolved, That tlm Olork ofthe High Court
„f finira and Appeals be ap|Knnted for the term
(>f f(>ur .„Tch inammr as may I* prescrib
e( ,, , a ' w . mJ |1)n( cu , rk8 of „ c„cuit Court,
rol|(|i am| olhcf infcHor Obur.s, be e
lcC,ed - hy ''j 'V'"11 '^1°'°'* ffic "!T' r , **l' 0 ' " l,u
counties, and shall bold their office for two years,
. County Polire.
22. Resolved, Tint the qualified electors for
each county slralt elect — persons for 'lie term of'
t — years, who shall constitute a board of police for '
lea-:h county, a uiujority of wlmm may trunllauct bu
r R .
land tho Governor ofthe Slate shall in such case
' sneeinlly commounon two or more men of law koowl
' G,,|,rt iff Errors' and Appeals «all
ôf ^"73."^ **
Î8 R.wîUl, Thu ,he Judgoa of allZcourt,
of .hie State, and alio the members ofthe B^dof
County Police «mil in virtu, of their office,
eervator. of the po.ee, and .hall I« by law v «wT
with ample power, in thi. reaped,
f .t ,1. n
*0 RiwoUm/tw ^ !Î* ■ ,,
r * ' rdw £ 1 * i* *« 1*1 0o *"f > * t ® n * number of Jum :
bv the electors of the whole cLniT.. ml. h! ^
scribed hv law ■■_1-0 lji ! ** "*2 ***
îvmîm > oT two yeil7i tj*r kmÜÈXitaciwI
ccma aheUbe li« tedto cauaefbw^chUtTormS
p.1 of the amount mcon"^ Smf eS
git dollam-and » «I caZ trmd bv " jS
0 f ,be pe. c ., the right of appeal .ball be
cured, under «ich rule, and regulation. aTihaU bn
prescribed by law. * ™
30. Rcaolved, That the Ismi.Utam «all from
time to time establish «ich other inferior
mu y be deemed necemary
\tumvuu Urntral aa d IhttriA Aar _
xi A *<**y*
A t tornerUeneral aid DuUtcTAÎrmlL.*^.^
swTîhat tlS^ At Jm ■ K. TSSS/C.
n *" 8tod ^ lh *
», lllem b«« to Conmee- and'ilwi ThrSilt^Ü 1 ,"«!!!
bv the nu.l,iie,elJellli^
r^Mrive dmtriSs tha^ the conw!^« .'Ä
t"" At uTev. to omacriiLJv !-«.■ D
l.tureshsll by law^ovide for deiemtinm« erulXT
*SSSmot J^dïTo # £ cStdKEZ
ApoetW and ofthe Circuit Court ProbHi«« j„Hom
fndTtllr Mfficenü ProUto JudgM
w , 3
_ R tmoa alfi ram Oßaa.
. ... . . -
, 1 l,c "* lc ? urt * of ,hi * * Ut< •* *•*•' ««fii«)«
' ^"l^V*** , ~ < T bW <***'
cu,** n ' ^
I ^71° of , ,h * A T? nbl J''
' î° b *î' 3r ° f bo,h Ho "*' FpottWe^,
kowe * fT < Th" dm esuse of cause* for whlbh such
•«•" '•fititrod, «alt be staled at length
'"~ ch sddreM.sn'j on the Journals of Moh Hnuac :
rh *' ,h f »° t»t«nded
£ """J* 1 ? 1 •" d «**'"«1 to #
h ^' m * '? own d *™ nc ® b,r ° re '"X *»•• for such
''"ÎT'ii 1 ^ru . v.m— .
... X5 J te8< ' < T' -*«dge» of Frobetes, Clerkr.
»«•'•» •«««'•>« |orthe inferior Courts
j **. ^ mo T » "S' Ç* 8 ?*"« of «
| Grand Jury, and the finding orguilty of » petil
^ " a " , 7 ,n wh ichtheMid otneer may rm
,M,e: Lircerr, That (he chargee arttf
'1^. P '* M,n «'
^Id 0^1«^!/^ 7 1 b *wl! ?,* < ^f
^ removed, shall lie suffered and admrt
^ 10 » hoann 8 ,n h*» o"n defence.
I Th. fiük,.7. i- . 1- „/.w. .
m s.. n i.*r elurt^rm»« MnA 1° Conv f u , ,wn '
n ,nber el#c,ed fro » Matson is,,we believe, dead
' D Ad«mi—John A. Quitman,Stephen Duncan,
»i>eac« M. Grayaon
Hurst, Isaiah Ceio.
_ taliborne—1 horns* hroelsnd, Thomas Qalc,
Daniel I Or,Tl*.,-, . ». „
SJeib Granberry, VVilltsm P. Rose.
p T" n u i 1 *'
TronWin—UsnRI McMillan,
7,7*, VT, .
„ »tekson, Jatno* Scott, Vernon C.
'l/tlvw-i PH.1,,11,, n p
«««»WW n. Tnf.
• / '/'™"*-Puif , im T. Williams, Cicero Jeffw
* on : . ivni,,_r e„ .
, TO V V*- T V ' b '
ù' 0 **' , , „
M Joseph Pendleloo.
M p Tnifi J, , r
1 „ TV*« ... "fi 1 " 0 -
AJoaroe—»eorge uiggsson.
r rrrj—s.icoo J n. Morris
iA«-Jatw>s I. NcNabb, Laban Bscotl
RunA.n-N.lhanG Howard.
William J. Redd.
' notnaa r. t ^aiconcr.
F.n.hfwph Jolmren UwtrJ f
Voroe-lLwell W Runnels, Rich'd F Flovd
DitUict coêpotcJ of Ya-oo 'and Madiran W
. , m T J ozoo ana .Uoatson—>
'mlror, Lowndt, and ÄoaktW Darnel W
U'nrrcn and IVoirAwgten-Euccne Magee
CoirMandJtfoio «--BenSinm K-muedv
a _j _ r J rto "~ ocnjaminq nueoy.
Jonu, Ptnrij, (Irren, Hancock, Jackton, and
IVq.vneJ-John Black. '
JPft* and M^inn—lnmea Jones,
A Soluie*'» Ofi.viov.—"I nevet Could sco tho
justice ol denominating our Indian borderers -sat».
agrx." They npiiear to me to merit 1 very dificr
epI^appeUatiori, as wo Well know they arO not be
hind their civilized neighbors in die practice of ma
' ny ofthe virtues m-m dear to Immun u it ure."
sines», which body shall have full juriedictiea ever
roads, luglwvays,
mauert of county r ^„,
. 23- Resolved, Tbst tho mid Board of Count*
Folic, shall prMtde over the trad of titres in ill
fesses not capital
t4. Resol red, Tint die power and duties of »id
hoard be more particularly defined and prescribed
by l«w.
and bridges, and «II other
solved, That say vacancy that amyoa
' stell be supplied fey election as
id to fill «• MMpued term.
Resolute, Thst no person »ball be eligible
-mherof said board, who «all not bare re.
Avoided, kewsrap,
extend to auch new
aaa menaberof mid board, who «all not bare
sided one year in the
that this qualification
counties as may be
year after their
87. Resolved,
shall receive fo) their compMte*
be fixen by law for every dayteint
tho discharge of tho duties of their
lor 1-no
That tbs TiiViti
courts .3
Frankl m
—Richard A. Stewart.
and (.'ocinglosJ—Cliarlry
Col. Lce'i Memoirs.

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