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Southern planter. (Woodville, Miss.) 1832-1832, October 13, 1832, Image 3

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(^(tçdrfÉlîpomti d; hut I cannot be mot
Shoots I independent dlsduftgc of my du
iJf denunciation« ■ f rt* ,*.'4 ir
er er be governed by the Lest
^Lgexiun, in fortning ■»judgment'on «1«?
Ijg/lZhn seek oflk-u, without tear, favor or
L ind confidently rely for «apport on the
rLgufmy own Conscience. and the lirm
JLjor «ad intelligence of my fellow citizens.
iLmh, permit me to expirés my th inks for
QSehngs Itrtvutd* me, and to beg you to
itiie*» whom you represent tbit so Ion? as 1
In serve them in the, councils of the Na
bull never inUntiortally violate their trill, or
■si iha Slate.
great levmcçt, Oentletnen,
friend uud fellow citizen.
geo. Poindexter.
Sbl B. Marsh,
ift MP Sinilfi 1 ,
toh Dsake,
«it DiA,
k. P. Gee,
les R. Marsh,
les F. Dickson«
Imui Noble,
MWtfc Hudnull, ■
lliam Wode,
nue! D. Shackleford,
je« H. Ewing,
{asrriwaiii, *
H. Harper,
tries W. 4l!cn,
liait I McElroy.
From tin YalchrzGasetlr, Sept. 2G.
hhly Ip prirvioUs •rrnitgernent the politics!
df judge Ellis, nssemhloil on Monday the
kit Pnrkcr'H Hotel, in theci'y of Natchez;
by« public dinner, to testify their feelings
bitgentletn.it., as a man, and a public ser
j|e he represented this slat* in part-, in tire
jfthe UnTted States. Fountaip Winston
at. Governor of the slate, was chosen presi
I» day; Capt. A. Campbell, first vice pres
. M.Gaines Esq., Attorney Genera) of the
Sind vice president. The committee of
gant Waited on the Guesl of thedav.nt his
I and eondtictcd him to Parkers' Ho'cl
company sat down to a splendid
"WtfRkouattful table, loaded with a profusion of all
||«ad things produced by our fertile soil, and
klldisiate prepared and displayed on the most
pfollftrle, by Mr. Parker, whoisjustlv entitled
pwhpraitKj for his liberal exertions on this ocra
% The laines and other lt.|novs «ere of the
Uskniae kind. After the 6lh toast was drank.
It iccbftipaniments, Judge Ei'is r,.sé and ltd
asA tbe company in a la ', dignified and con
■ft Ann* r. well calculated to convey to th.
Mti.n sense of the high moral worth of the
■BU; it was explanatory' of his public coti
kgftS»8etiiito of the Iji.oed States; not a word
Éfttared <n|cttl|ii-l to gratify the dis'ctnpnred
Eflltic mere party partisan, and the calm,
P» yt:i feeling m oner in which it was recctv
Iggftéd tir o d en, interest his auditor« take in
JRtCconcevn s .J ttirir country. After the
liar toasts were drank, a greyi many volunteers
»given, expressive of the feelings of Individual,
«s indicative of the unanimity and bftrmnny
I prevailed on the occasion, there was not a
»tiling ayal I able expressed against any one of the
slay or volunteer tom s The absence of many
lens of the su trou tiding country, on account of
»(1081 lion, and previous epgagemequ, was great
vgreteil,and among the number,was the patri
:andgallant Gen. Hinds. Thecompttny
dàt in ettrly hour, wel' pleased with the events
div, with each other, with themselves, with
ir country, and a general fi-eljng of peace and
id will towards the whole human race. Not
l*tot away displeased.

elaborate and instructive speech oh the
(filiation, which Mr. Wilde, of Georgia, de
in Congres« at its Inte session, has been
dished it the National Intelligencer, and in the
»jddjtftnn We extract from it the subjoined
king and rhetorical sketches of eminent "par
wtitary character?"—Mr. Lowndes, Mr Flnck
I.Mr. Randolph, Mr Calhoun, Mr. Clay, and
debater. *
* had tbe honor to lie a member of tbe 14' h
•pen. It was ug. honor (Are. What it is now,
W nut say. It it what 'he twenty seermd Con
h have been pleptsed to «lake it. I have nei
Dime, nor strength, nor ability, to speak of the
pfttors of (hut day, as they deserve; nor is this
!& occasion. Yet the coldest or most ca rotes«
«« cannot recur to *uch associates, without
»«touch of generous feeling, which, in quicker
would kindle into big' ard almost holy en
fftetglininent—yet not more proudly than hurn
' prereminent—among them, was a gentleman
tt South Carolina, now no mon-; tho pure»!, the
Manat, the moat phihreoplrcnl of our Country's
Warn sta esmen. One no leas remarkable for
'tpttnnere, and kindness of heart, than
MWonlass,unclouded intellect^ which n-n
■Wd him deserving ef the pu ise —if ever tnande
N»d it-—of merely standing by. and letting rea
h« «rgne for him. The true pip riot, incapable of
P ««Ifisli ambition, who shunned office and dis
■ction, yet^erved Ilia country toil htujly. because
Moved her. He, I mean, who consecrated, by
[••kample, thé noble precept, ao entirely his own,
Nthe first station in the Republic was neither to
(Muught after nor declined—a se itmu-nt so jn»t
pdso happily expressed, that it continuas to be
Pf**l«d, because it cannot he improved.
There was, also, a gentleman from Maryland,
Bqashes now slumber in your cemetry.
ln °g since I stood by his tomb,'and recalled
,pMshu was then, in all the pride and power of
S ius. Among the first of his countrymen
temporaridti,as a jurist arid statesman, firs'
,n orztor.he wasy if not truly eloquent, the prince
rbetnrj*ians, Nor did tire soundness of his In.
suffer any thing by a comparison with the
^fhoMs ahd classical purity of the langusge
be. copiously poured forth those figurative
jpalwa of his argument, whicli enforced while
J*? adorned it. But lot others pronounce his eu
PM- I miist not. I fe<l a? if his might y spirit*
haunted the scene of its triumphs, and when
•kjjjjd to rkrong them, indignantly rebuked tue
^Tliese nanie.J have become historical. There
•*re others, of whom it is more difficult to speak,
yet within the reach of praise or envy —
vot one w|io was, or aspired to be, a politician,
It is
wouW be prudent, pertyips wise, to avoid all , Wt
tBa of these men. Thereto, tbdr words, their
thirnghts, vu» U** *v||qgome *,(**,,, lf
controversy. l| u , (* wffSe artdmo.nls of, hiSI*.
er . r a lower order, has no nee,) or such reserve.
I n is «I jui pi «y adusivetyVnor is justice.
sAmong ilmn, but not of them, it, fhe fe.irful
and solitary Sublimity <if genius stood a gentleman
rrom Virginia—Whom it were superfluous todesig.
nale. W hose' «peechfc. were universally read?—
" hose sstiye was universally feared? Upon whose
acrdMe did tins habitual^ listless and unlistoning
«l'tuntly, with wrapt attention?
" ideniifit'd wiih flviflwxii.r rx*...
accetM* did this habitually
House bang, so uequuntji
Whose fame was ao identified with^thTf body'f8rs 0
long a period? Who was» more dextermus deba
ter ? a ripe scholar? belter verood in die politics of
Onrown Country f or Peeper read in the history of
others? Above all, who was more Ihomuglilv im
bued with'tho idiom of the English language—
more completely master 0 f us strength, and beauty,
& delicacy? or more capable of breathing thoughts
ur flam* III Words of in igic and tones of silver?
" I here was, also? son of South Carolina, still
m the republic, then, undoubtedly, the most influ
entml member of this House. With a «emu* . mi-,
uently in. fiiphywal, lie applied to politic* his Iwh
its.if snalysts,ahstrqptinti, and condensation, sad
*""• K ,re *o thé prnhlema of t iavurnineiil some
thing of that gmndteur whicli the higher inatliemal
ica have borrowed from astronomy. Tim wings of
Ins mind wero rapid, hut capricious, and t liera
times when the light whieli Ikslicd from them os
they passed, glanced liliot mirror jrf (he sun, only
to dazzle the beholder. EngmsseA with his sub
ject—careless of Ins words— Ills loftiest
eloquence were sometimes followed by'
or provincial li.iibaiisim. Bui, though u'fteri
incorrect, he was always fmcniiitmg. Language
with him, was merely tue scsfll.ldma of thought
—employed to raise u dome. Winch, like Angelo's,
lie fus|ieinJed in the heavens.
" It is equally impossible to forget or to omit, s
gentleman front. Kentucky, whom party has s ure
made the fruitful topic ol unmet.anted panegyric
and detraction. Of auuguine temperament, and
impetuous character, his declamation
fllgllts of
was Imp.,«
pinned, his retort« acriqiuriious- Deficient in re
finement rather than in strength, dps atylo win less
elegant and correct thanuniinaied and impressivo.
But it swepi away your (eeluigs with it like
tain torient, and the force oi the stream left you lit
tle leisure to remark U|ion its clesmeas. His esti
mate of human nature was, prubably not very high,
h may be Mut his past associations had not lende«
to exalt it. Unhappily, it is, perhaps, more likely
to have been lowered than nosed by Ins subsequent
exjierience. Yet then, sudevet since,except wIkmi
• but tu prudence sp natural to genius, prevu led o
ver his boiler judgment, h~e had, generally, the good
sense, or goodtuste, to .adopt a lofty one ol senti
ment, whether ho spoke of measures or of tnen, ol
tnwid, or adversary. Oil many occasions lie
noble mid captivating. One, 1 can never forget.
It waa the line burst of in.tig .aril elisjueiice with
winch he replied to the taunting question, "what
bave we gaiiiad by the war."
"Nor may 1 pass over in silence« representative
from New Hampshire, who has nlniost obliterated
all inemuiy of that distinction, bv ilresuper.or fame
lie has attained as a senator from Masaacfcuaelts
Though then but in the bud ol im is.litical life,
and hardly cunsemua, peihaps, of his own extraor
dinary powers, b* gave promise ol I lie gveatu
bus since uchieved. The same vigot ol thought;
me same force of expression; itie short sentences;
the calm, cold, and collected manner; the air ot
his most solemn dignity; tlie deep sepulchisl
iinpassioiied voice; all have been developed only
not chiiuged, even to the tmeiiae bitterness of his
frigid irony Tbe piercing coldness of hi*
casms van indeed peculiar tu turn; they seemed tu
be emanatuina from lire spirit of the icy ocean.-—
Nothing could be at once so novel and so powerful
—it was Irozcn mercury becoming as caustic as
red hdtifon.''
a uioun
Prime, Ward, King Ateo. of New York, for Bar
in, Brotheis dreu. of London, have negociated a
loan of $7,000,000 to the Slate of Lout-nuna. With
ihre capital the state will continence tHb "Union
Bank," an inaiilutiun recently established on a sys
tem of mortgage of individual proporty.

The pMsnntry ol the courues of Dublin,
Wicklow, #<'• in Ireland, seem to labor under
a strange illusion. In order u> arrest the rav
ages ol the cholera what is called "blessed
■turf," that is a piece of burning turf, is seized
by one person, who runs, ns it for his life, to
serve seven neighbors with it; the neighlwrs
nre euch bound to curry llte "blessed turf," to
seven others, that the live turf may, through
their instrumentality, touch every pluce and
ever soil in the lAnd! The fir carrière appear
like creatures beside ihemselves, and run wild
ly, bareheaded and bare-footedoil their benev
olent errand. Tliey appeared on the Three
Rock Mountains in the vicinity of Dublin on
Tuesday coining from the interior of Wick
low, they telegraphed the ulurnt to Kiusdale
aud Cork, by Wednesday—on Ute same day
the fire carrière uppeured at Cavan, in the
north, and they have reached Donegal and
Fermanagh! It has been altempted(says the
Dublin Advertiser,) to give a political com
plexion to this extraordinary and fantastic
movement. We imagine, however, there are
no politics in the matter. It is »une old su
perstition, to be truccd perhaps even earlier
than the introduction of Christianity into the
island, used with a view of arresting the pes
tilence which is now devastating so many
To all uihom it may concern —know ye that at
the regular Term of the Orphan«' Court nf the
County of Wilkinson, to be holden in Octoiber
next, I shall file my petition for my right of Dmver
the Estate real and personal of which my late
husband George B Newell, did', seized and pos
sessed, Vtzt— • .
One third of a Tract of I and situated on the wa
ters of Thompson's ('reek containing One Thou
sand Acres, more or less, (being tho,Land on which
my said deceased Husband last resided) to Unbrace
the Mansion V'iouse; one of the Gin Houses, the
itchen, Stahles, Bams and other out houses.--'
Also one child s part or portion of the Personal Es
tate consisting of 64 Negroes, a Stock of Horses,
Cattle, Hons, Sheep. Mules, <Vc.—also, of Farming
itensilx. Household and Kitchen Furniture, and
20 Shares oühe Capital Stock of the Planters Bank
of the Stale of Mississippi, at Natc!iez*whicli ;ior-.
„„a«»» " a "" d SKSt
4 efc
Presidential Election
ANDREW JAt'KXOy nf Tennessee,
HENRY ÇIAY, of Kentucky,
WILLIAM WIR't, of Maryland.
PHILIP P RARROT7R, of Virginia,
MARTI y VANRCREN, of An, York,
JOim SA RUE Ayr. of Prnnsvlrania
Marti y VAynvREy,
JOlty SA RUE Ay r, of Pennsylvania
A MUS KL t MAKER, of Maryland,
Tim following ticket, if elected, will vote for
Jackson lor President, and Barbour as Vice-Prosi
(lent : P Wt* (
Gerard C Rramlon, of Wilkinson,
David Dickson, of Hinds,
Tiot, Land, of \ azoo,
Tftoi, P. Falconer, of tVayae,
I'lio following ticket, if eleotnd, will vote for
Jackson for President, and Martin Van Buren as
Vice-President: - '
Col, Samar l Haktrr, of iMwrrncr,
(}rn H G . Runnels, of Hinds,
Grn Wiley P Harris, of Copiah,
Maj. Wm. Dowsing, of Lowndts.
W# «uthorioed to announta TiIeoDORE
JI Aflli. Km| «a • candidate for F. 1er tor of l*reaident and
Vice Hteaident. If elected he will voto for Anbrbw
JACKaoiv 4r P P. BftMOVR.
A\clociniu will be hnld'at llm s.-vnral precincts
-3 »bis County, viz: W.aidville, Mount Fieaaanr,
Upper* Honiochilto, Irnwer noiiiochittii, Percy'»
Creek, Fyt Adams, and Pinckneynlle; on Mon
day the fttfi day of November next, fur thu purpose
of electing four elector*, to vote for President and
Vice President of tlui United Slate*. The election
will be closed on the first day, and the polls will re
main upon during the hour* prescribed by law.
Liven under my hand and seal this I2rh October,
A. D. 1831.
Governor of the Stale of- Missiiaippi,
To th* Sherijf of Wihtinjon County,
WHEREAS, Gerard G Brandon, Esq., who
wa* returned by the County ol Wilkinson as a Rep
resentative io the Cotiveulmn now in Sereunikt the
town of Jackson, has resigned bis Seat—1 do
therefore issue this my writ of election, directing
and requiring you to hold an election at the sever
at election pieciuota in your County on Thursday
the lUtli duy ol Oclolieamil. and the day following,
for llm purpose of supplying the aforesaid vacaucy
—And moreover, i do enjoin you'lo conduct the
said election, in all i es ; recta conformably to law, Sc
tu make a true return thereof, aa too a aa (itactl ba
ille, to the othce of the Secretary of State.
Given under my h.tud, und tire Great Seal of
[L. S,] tliu Stale, at the town of Jackson,
the 6 h day of October, A. D. 1832,
By the Guvurnor,
John A. GsimSall, See' y of State.
y of
Sitciuv'a Orne a, 8th Oct. J832.
IS HEREBY GIVEN, that an election will be
held at tliu several preciucts in Wilkinson County,
to wit; At Wondville, Mount Pleasant, Upper Ho
nioclntto, Lowei Honmchilto, Percy's Creek, Fort
Adams and Ptuckucyville, on Thursday the I Bill
day ol Oct her l|i«tunl, and tire day following, for
tho purpose of supplying the vacancy of Gerard C.
Brand.ui, E*q, who was returned by the County a
foresind as a Kepreseniiiive in the Convention,now
ill session at the town of Jackson, and who hu* re
signed hta seat.
Given under my hand and Mat, this 8th day of
October, 1832.
Mr. Editor —Please to snnounce the name of
Win. Haile, Esq , as a candidate to fill tho vacancy
in the Convention occasioned by the resignation of
U . C. Brandon, and oblige a number of yuur
MARRIED—On Wednesday evening last,
by Duncan Stewart, Esqr., Cupt. SAMUEL
all of this county.
Doctor vl, Is. Ecu of y y
RESPECTFULLY tender* bis services to the
Citfteus of Wood «die and vicinity, in the diflbrem
branches of the Dental Department ,* nd feels confi
dent, that by hu knowledge and experience in the
profession— und having the advantages *f a Medi
cal Education, that ample satisfaction will he given
to alt wliti may favor him with a call.
He u ill extract, separate, preserve and embellish
tlieTecth in tire liest jninner,—Plug with
Silver, and insert artificial Teeth, of the
'■eruils. The discuses of tho Mouth, Gums A Teeth,
promptly cured.
I,ailie6 and Gentlemen will be waited upon in tho
country, if required.—lie will be found at the
Wondville Hotel.
Wondville, Oct 11,1832. 41 —tf
RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the 7th
inst. a negro fellow named Abner, 26 or 30 years
of age, about five feet high, dark complocted—small
red eyes—a scar over one eye— rallier slow speech
—has a very good capo—cotton clotKlng, now
alines, color of leather just currier). 1 think lie will
aim for Mr. Marlin Lewis' not far from itolmesville,
where lie lived before I purchased him; and two
s. A liberal reward will be given to any per
that will secure him in any jail, or % bring
Iiiiii to me, living four mil*) fron) St. Fraacist^lc,
ou the upper Jafkaon road.
lVrrt Feliciana, La., Oct. 101/r, 1832. * 41w2
THRTniateusofihis institution reform the public
thit tbt» dcVeufr ofth« lute Mij, Uollir^lt, hia pltrfd
the concerns of this seminary wholly »inlet their
control. Tliey feel esnfident (Ini they will be «.
blc, in the course of the ensuing winter, to réfuté r it
<x?ual to any seminary in tire South, for the means
and facilities of acqiiiViug a fimalied English, Claa
sical, and Scientific education. They consider
ihenraelvpsjustified in guarantying these assurances
to the public: and they feel confident, in submitting
the nimm« of dug seminary again to the public pa
tronage, that they will lie met by a correspondent
confidence in their best exertions to render it not
only one of general utility, but an ornament to the
They have engaged the terriers of Capt. Atmen
Partmdoz, whose ecientific acquirements, and
whoso experience in superintending such an instilu
lion are loo well known to require commendation
from them. He will lake charge of (ho institution
President, and Capt. T. B. Ransomo «ill be
asaoemted with hin» as professor of Malhemslics.
Competent professors sod Instructors will fill the
different dops'tiiients of the college ami of the pre
parstory school, The collegial year will be divided
into two sessions, of five months each. The first
session will commence on the first Monday in Octo
ber «ml terminate on the lost day of February: the
second will commence on tlui firgi mummy
Mardi, and terminate on the lust day of July.
OCrTho ensuing session will commence on the
first Monday In November.
Ni student will be admitted fora leka term than
one session.
Arrangement* will be made by the Tmstees
have hooka, stationary, military clothing, Ar , fur
nished at the college for the Now York coats and
It is desirable, for the better organization of tbe
claiwrs, that students should enter as oarly in tbe
nation as possible,
I MUMS—Are aa follows, one half payable in
advance, viz:
I. For reading, writing, mtfaagraphy
• R:lO per ann.
2. For I bu proceeding, together with
Arithmetic, English grammar,
Geography, Ätc.
3. For those branche* which conililutJ
a complete college coui*e,
The Spanish and French lorigilagea
extra charge, union subatituted for
Boarding, lodging, washing, fuel, lights,
Act £lt per month.
.Student» will have the option of hoarding in com
mons, or with their fneoda in the village,
Washington, Miss■ Oct 10, 1832.
$10 per ann.
$50 |ier inn.
will lie an
Greek and
(QrTIre odiioraef the following enumerated pa
pers, are requeated to glvnthe above uiitice three in
sertions in their respective journals and transmit
their Account« to the Secretary of the Bonid of
Trustees, for payment, via.- Plimnix, Bt. Fraiicts
Tillc; Olivo Branch, Clinton; Louisiana Advertiser,
New Orleans; Gazette, Baton Rouge; Soulbein
Planter, Wirndville; Gatette, Montlcello; Patriot,
Raymond ; Mississippian, Vicksburg; Watchman,
Port (Mbson; and Nateln«, at Natcliec.
T11È Subscriber re«|>dctfully inform* his fii nds
and customers that ho ha* just received and open
cd, in addition to bis liiriner dock, bis supply
Fall and Winter Gonds, consisting m part or
billowing article«, in the Fancy linn: French and
English Vorenn*, Blue 4 Black Bumbaacite, Cas
iinetl ,.ml Flannels, Dark Calicoes and Olngiiums,
Black Italian Lutatrmg, Hinchuws, Sc GrodeNup*
of various culnura, Poplins, Pongee Mandarine
Lawns, G ro do Orleans, Needle Worked Robes,.
Inftmts do., Ladies & Infants caps, splendid Crape
anil Thibet Bliswla. Fancy Crape Hundkorcliiefa dr
Scarfs, Blond Gauze Veils, luidtes Cravata Al Cuffs,
Satin Epaulettes, th'd jmd Bobbinett Laoes and In
sertions, pluin and iig'd. Bubbiuult, and a varrety
of Bennett and Band Ribbons, with a general as
sortment of
Super, ('loth mid Petersham Over Gouts, do.
Dress and Frock Coals, a few pr. Super. Cloth
Pam'a Cnsunett Coatees and Pantaloons, Mule
skin, Cassitnere und fancy Silk Veals. ' T
Super. Fair Sitch'd Boots, common peg'd do
Boy's and Child's Hrognfik; Ladies' PrU. At icalh
Shoes and Buotr-es, Yale's Boots.
Nails, Powder, Shut, Alc , Ac.
BONNETS made and trimmed, and old Log
horns whitened, Ac.
Daniel bass.
Wondville, October 12, 1832
TPE undersigned offer» for sale at the Yellow
Store, at tho corner of Mini Street and Public
Square a general assortment of
Dry Goods,
Suitable for the fall season, with a quantity of gro
ceries, viz: Soap, Candles, Tea. Sugar, Coffee,
Chocolate . pice, Pepper, Whiskey, Bruudy, Rum,
Gin, Hepar«, Ac Ac. Likewise, Hardware
sorted—Ready made clothulg, Bools, Shoes and
Bacon, Pork, Lard, Butter, Tobacco, Cheese,
with many articles too tedious to insert—All at re
duced puces, for cash only. '
N. B. Cash advanced on cotton, on delivery
either here, or with P. F. Gailree, Bayou Sarah,
Woodville, October 11; 1832
THE Copartnership heretofore existing between
f JS. U. McCarstU nnd Parker Smith,A» this dny
by mutual consent dissolved. Persons wishing to
'make settlement with tile above Firm, may call on
either of us.
WhitestilU, Mi., Sept, nth , 1832.
WHOEVER hits got a Spanish Saddle,
with Bra*t Stirrups, and Silver Plate on the
Putntnell, a Double Reigned Bridle, and
Blanket, which were lost in this place on the
night of thu. Barbecue, will confer a particu
lar fayorJiy I returning, or giving information
conreriiing''the»i.—Enquire at this Office,
WoodoiUe, Oct. 13/A, 1832.
■ 1 JL - -US
Bayou Sarah Sftrtm Boat
LEAVES New Orleans on Sunday, 10 o'clock,
A. M., and departs for that place from Bayou
Safah, on Wndnetwlay, It o'clock.
I-EAVE8 New Orleans on Thursday, lOnYJock,
A. M„ ind departs for that place from Bayou Sarah
on Thursday, 1* o'clock.
LEAVES New Orleans on Tne«day, 10 o'clock,
A. M., and will ran up at ftr u Fort Adams, and
will de|isrt Tor N«<V Orleans on Tb
This lifte of Packets have all
y evening.
repairs during the past summer, anWare inferior to
no boats on the River for S|a«d, aafetyfabd loo.)

Octobt r I ilk, 1832.
THE «. ihitanti.d and fast running StMro Bost
BrkoTui» G ur*, Matter.
WILL hereafter ply a* a regular packet between
rorl Adams and New Orleans, leaving Fort Adams
every Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. and 7b«fca
every Sunday at It o'clock For freight or
rejre, having good accommodation«, appiv on board.
Fort Adam«. October 12, 1832 4| m 3
Içr Fort Adams, Rayou Sarah, Fausse River,
Fort Hudson, Port Hicksy, Raton Rouge, Tla
twtndnt, Donaldsownllc, and all inicmedialt
landings m
The well ktvpwnp staunch Stearh-Boat
E. HaKOWICh, Matter,
WUI leave New Urteana regolarty t _ _
*?ay, for lire above porta, at 10 o'cldfck, A. M and
Fort Adams at It o'clock, on «very Tuesday, and
Baton Rouge at an early boor on every Wolnesday
morning, a« »« to enable pas-enger» on tbe coast to
gat on hoard during day light.
Fo« Factum oi Passacb, (AqHng superior
accommodations,) apply to the Captain on board.
New Otleans .Oct, 1832. 4lm2
IN consequence of the indisposition of two
the Commission*!» appointed to make parntren
tbe land namod in tire following notice, tli* day ap
pointed to meet for that purpose, is postponed until
Friday lire 14th Oct. lost.
October 10,1832.
THE undersigned having been appointed by
5 Mon'blo Thomas II I'uossga to survey, divide,
and make partition tglo two equal parts of a cer
tain tract of land adjacent to, andren part of which
tbe town of Fort Adams is located, containing by
estimation one hundred and two acres and 36 100;
tlio half part of winch is claimed by William
Jones, and tbe other half is reputed to belong—^
Ba brille, his heirs or proper representative«; hive,
in axecution of lire dfaarge, surveyed and partition
ed tbe same accordingly; and in conforthtty with
tire statute in such case provided, we have appnidt.
ed Monday the eighth of October (next month)
meet it tire store of Israel T I Browning, ti Fort
Adams, to ballot in bolialf of the reairective claim
ants for the shares into which said land h)s been
divided, whore thotre interested muy attend if they
think proper.
Sept ember 1, 1832.
INTENDING to he absent from the county, for
several weeks, the subscriber has duly nitborisad*
Hiram Singleton to Itteud to any business in which '
he Is, or may be entrusted.
September 15, IBM.
THE undersigned administrator de bonis
of the estate of Caloin Fo ter, deceased, will, at
the next October Tenu of the Orplmu's Court of
the Couoty of Wilkinson, present Ins account of
sai l estate fur final settlement and allowunc
August 23, 18321*35
THE undersigned administrator of tire estate dt
Samuel Harrison, deceased, will at tire nextOcto- -
bor Term of tho Orphans Court of Wilkinson court
ly, present Ins accounts with said estulo for final .
settlement and allowance
V*M, L. BRANDON, Aden,.
August 20, 1832.-35
NOTICE. », ■
THE undersigned administrator on the estate of
William F. Nicholson, dercasod, will, at tlieenst).
ing October 'ferm of tlie Wilkinson Probate court,
present Ins account for final settlement Jr allowance.
JOHN M. EVANS, Affair.
September 25, 1832. 39-4w .
, THE aubscfiber fillers for sal* fils residence in
Wuodville.—For particulars apply at lire premise*.
Woodvtlle, June Stilh, 1832. - 26

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